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  1. That magic trick was an awful idea. Although I'm kind of liking the Ecuador scenes with the huge family as it makes me think of my mother's family when she was growing up in South America. I also know they had live chickens!
  2. Oh jeez no one can keep a straight face, they know they're all lying! Also, Jihoon doesn't seem to even like Deavan that much, or vice versa, much less love.
  3. The friends are making sense.
  4. I think he stole money from her?
  5. The bus tour is only going well because the kid is not there. If she was there she would be climbing over the rails!
  6. The beach is beautiful. I went to the DR many years ago and loved the beaches. With all the Americans dying I won't go back though.
  7. "Here's where we did the boom, remember?" Gross. And then TLC blurred the hand motions.
  8. Here! Usually I have to miss the live chat, but glad to be here for at least part of tonight's show!
  9. tvrox

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Darn, guess I'm just unlucky. Thanks for letting me know!
  10. tvrox

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Agreed! Also has anyone else noticed that they no longer have new HH episodes On Demand? They stopped adding episodes for me a few weeks ago, which means I can't catch up on episodes the next day. Did they do this to everyone? I have Xfinity, if that matters.
  11. tvrox

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I have to admit I thought the engagement scene with the Minneapolis couple was really sweet! She was definitely completely surprised (I remember another HH where you could tell the fiancee knew the proposal was coming).
  12. tvrox

    The Bold Type

    I don't think the Richard wants kids and Sutton doesn't storyline is over, its going to continue to be an issue. I knew Tia was going to use the dinner party to ask for contributions, its a sad but inevitable part of politics.
  13. tvrox


    I live in a studio and couldn't imagine using the Deskview! As a desk space anyway. Maybe to hold things?
  14. tvrox


    Yeah they've invested in lots of not good for you/may cause obesity products before, that was BS. I liked Lori's idea of using the window thing at starbucks or other coffee shops. But the price would have to go way down.
  15. tvrox

    S08.E06: Episode 6

    So weird to watch the anthrax storyline-anthrax is so tied up now with the post 9/11 postal scares that it is hard to remember it was a health concern in other ways.