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  1. Yes! I miss seeing the audition process. The few videos they showed us were not enough. And I miss the bad dancers (they showed us the older ladies, but the young, bad dancers were much funnier). Poor Kelly! Warning Kelly, don't walk too much in that huge stadium. I broke my foot a few years ago and it took months to heal and then kept breaking again when I walked too much.
  2. Is your house guest Leondro? Do you have a secret love?
  3. Haha, his sister's prom dress?! How cheap can you get?
  4. That must be a painful injury. This feeding her thing is kind of sweet, I guess.
  5. Poor Liz. What a terrible dinner. She could not wait to get out of there.
  6. Hello all! I was in the wrong chat (usually don't chat on Mondays, but since its a holiday, am watching gross Colt and Ed).
  7. I don't usually chat on Mondays, but it is Labor Day. Anyone else on watching gross Big Ed?
  8. I'm colombian. This woman has been to colombia more times than my entire family combined (since they moved to the US). Aw we'll forgive you Angry Moldovian. Just send us some money!
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