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  1. Cold shoulder, married to South African gambler.
  2. So there was a tornado today in Frederick, MD (it was all over the local news) and I kept thinking maybe the tornado would fly Tiffany away to South Africa... I'm terrible.
  3. Oh I assumed it was Afrikaans that they were speaking. Interesting! He is. But still I would not want Julia to decorate my wedding (not due to English, just lack of style).
  4. Didn't her gyn end up giving her gas? Congrats!!
  5. She was sexually harassing him. So gross.
  6. Yeah what a weird accusation. Also, what about the neighbor that drove her back and forth to hotels?
  7. I agree with Mike that pie is the best part of Thanksgiving.
  8. Yeah I wouldn't go within 10 feet of that doctor's office.
  9. Julia, they have sushi in Virginia. I have been to many sushi restaurants there.
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