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  1. I was not sure about that closeup of his package.
  2. I just watched a second episode with the new DI Parker. He wasn't quite as bad this time. I am still not loving him. But I don't dislike him as much as I did at first.
  3. I read the live shows were set to start May 4.
  4. Carol hurt her tooth in the POV comp where they had to grab fish with their mouth. She also said the comps are way too hard on her.
  5. Carol has been wanting to quit ever since Nico left. They might as well just nominate her and vote her out to make her happy. Crazy season with 2 ejections and HGs wanting to quit. Then we add the fact they know about the Coronavirus. Does anyone know if they sequestered Michael or let him go home?
  6. I saw it on BBC Canada.
  7. I watched the first episode with the new DI Parker. I don't like him. I found him annoying. We already have Ruby. Do we really need more annoying characters? I miss Dwayne.
  8. Yes he was a former cop. I think what convinced me of his guilt was the trip to the hospital. At first he said she just needed stitches. Then instead of going to the closest hospital he decided to go to one further away. He then did not take the direct highway but a dark back road. He needed to stage the accident where nobody would see him. The entire trip to the hospital made no sense if he was innocent.
  9. I don't like the idea of the first 4 out of the HOH comp being have-nots. It saved Chris from being a have-not since he couldn't participate. I really wanted him to be a have-not. Plus I don't like that type of challenge. Too easy to gang up on someone. It does not give the people that need the HOH the most a chance to win it. Kyle really irritates me.
  10. Wow there are some strange personalities this season. At least it shouldn't be boring.
  11. I just heard that besides Coachella they may cancel Stagecoach because of the Coronavirus. What will Blake do? Is there a Blake without Stagecoach?
  12. I would guess magician or hypnotist. They are a strange looking group of houseguests.
  13. https://www.bigbrothercanada.ca/photos/sneak-peek-inside-the-new-bbcan8-house/#1
  14. The Frog is short so I thought maybe he is Apolo Ohno.
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