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  1. I wanted them to send Nathan and Holly home too. But I realized from last season that the big rule breakers are never really punished on this show. I kept waiting for someone to suggest to Holly that she leave with Nathan if she loved him so much. Of course then she would be off camera so she would never do that. I did not understand the attraction of several of the guys. Stevan and Gerrie? Plus why did everyone think Georgia was so perfect? I did read that since the show has been over that Nathan has not visited Colorado or has Holly visited South Africa. It is a good guess
  2. I swear Rachel was wiping her nose and tears on the curtains when she ran up the stairs. She grabbed those drapes and was crying into them. Steven and Kurt were on TMZ before the show. They would not tell the TMZ guys who was the rich one. Steven was doing all the talking and blabbing on and on. Kurt was much quieter. Steven talked about the bromance. The TMZ guys were trying to guess who was rich by their backgrounds. Steven was standing in front of a stone fireplace. Kurt was in what looked like a cheaply set up office. I just found it interesting how Steven felt he had to ta
  3. I believe Lisa would have happily locked her son's girlfriend in the closet to take her place at the prom. Don't forget Lisa's prom was just like yesterday. Lisa is always trying to convince everyone that she is so young and stylish. I just hate those little boots she always wears.
  4. LakeGuy enjoys this show and always wants to watch with me. He took one look at Jen's blondish hair and said she was getting ready to pull a Scott Pederson. She was going to take off for the border with her sibling's ID.
  5. Emily and her back cleavage. She looked horrible in the black dress at the restaurant. Then she had to be poured into her party dress. She could not bend over it was so tight. Why not wear a size larger so she can breathe and not look so silly. I truly dislike Heather. She is not near as clever as she thinks. Her actions are making the fans take Shannon's side. She might think she is taking the high road. But her own actions are turning the fans against her. She must be a very sad and desperate person. Shannon needs to laugh in her face and move on. Gina and Emily are path
  6. Brandon had met the parents before. He also told them he would be willing to move to Minnesota for Michelle. The parents made their decision and they liked Brandon. I actually felt sorry for Nayte. He was behind before he ever met them.
  7. I watched the entire season. My biggest problem was remembering their names and who was who. I was half thru the season before I realized there was a Tenielle in the cast. I wish they would have showed their names more often when they did their THs. Anne annoyed me the most. I did laugh when they had their conversations about proper clothing to wear for work and their cocktail parties.
  8. I don't think Shannon said anything wrong. She was trying to figure out who the "Nicole" was that Heather asked her about. Shannon mentioned to Emily & Gina that she must be thinking of the wrong Nicole because the one she knew had sued Terry. Shannon didn't believe Heather would be friends with a women that sued her husband. Then Heather told her it was the Nicole that dated Kid Rock. Shannon was surprised and told Emily & Gina that they should keep it quiet what she had told them about Nicole. That should have been the end of it. But Gina could not wait to blab it to get atten
  9. Mary has really done strange things to her face. I also think her hair looks bad at times. In fact several of the ladies have bad hair. I wish they would stop petting their hair. I finished the season. I noticed they often made it look like Jason was jealous when watching Chrishelle. They are getting ready for the next season and that relationship.
  10. I started watching the new season. I still don't like Christine.
  11. I was waiting for them to ask Jasmine about Kevin also. They really didn't want to go there. I did find it funny that Jasmine did not care for Mike and kept getting digs in at him. I did not think Jasmine looked that great. She looked much better on her season. I wonder if they are planning to do another Bachelor Canada season in the next few months. They were talking about who to cast. They did seem to like the idea of Joey.
  12. I have heard several men I know say that Michelle has a boy's body. She is tall and lean but no real curves. The guys on the show often seem to treat her as one of the guys. Maybe this is why she doesn't feel appreciated by the guys. She is heavy into sports and relates to the guys more on the basketball court than as a girly girl.
  13. We kept referring to Jamie as Crinkle Face. His expressions were hilarious. He had to pinch the top of his nose to try and think of something to say when the guys faced off against him. He was not as good at talking his way out of things as he thought he was. Did he really forget he was on camera for everyone to see? I wonder if Michelle ever found out about Peter throwing the jacket in the pool? Did he really think that move would impress Michelle? Why are these guys so stupid?
  14. I have never cared for Jeffrey Donovan. This news does not please me.
  15. LakeGal


    I am doing a rewatch of Columbo. I have watched all the seasons. I am now on the movies. I just finished Sex and the Married Detective. I love how Columbo was always touching the briefcase. He just loves to make the suspect nervous. The suspects get so frustrated with him. He always pops up and never leaves. He always has that one more question. I also love Columbo's dog. He showed up in season two. I noticed that in the final episode of the seasons we got to see Columbo in just his underwear. He had a pretty good body. I also laughed at the episode where Columbo had his hai
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