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  1. I am watching season 5 on Netflix. I enjoy this series. I have watched the first 2 episodes.
  2. I don't really like the camera angles they are using. Everything is always so far away. I don't like having to guess who is talking when they are in a room at the end of the hall and around a corner. Why did we see an entire conversation shot looking into a window with bars on it? It wasn't till they finally moved a bit closer that I even realized that there were 4 men in the conversation. Everything is dark and confusing enough without doing artsy camera angles to make it impossible to know who is in the conversation.
  3. Frank should have told the widow the truth about her husband. Instead of thinking he was a saint the wife could know the truth and maybe get on with her life quicker.
  4. I am curious if Jimmy Kimmel is making his guess of the Final One this season. He always seems to correctly guess the winner by saying his wife picked her. We know his wife reads the RS spoilers. Since there is not a certain F1 spoiler this season will he still pick the winner?
  5. I am enjoying this season even more than last. I feel they have settled into their characters. I love all the little jokes about it being a show. Harley always commenting on how it is done on TV.
  6. I really dislike Kary. She is one cruel person. Kary and D'eandra ruined everyone's meal and evening. Stephanie had planned a nice evening. The 4 were having a good time at the table and behaving. Then the gruesome twosome showed up and everything went to hell. They were not just hurting Leeann (which was their aim). They ruined the evening for the others as well. They were told to let it go. They played their joke on Leeann. It was time to move on. But they showed no class as usual and kept going. Kary and D'eandra owed everyone at the table an apology. That does not excuse Leeann's racist comments.
  7. I was happy to hear that the DA was the former DA. I blame him for a lot of the delay. Even the state trooper's boss wanted to get a search warrant. But the DA turned it down. Then he said he wasn't familiar with the guy but there were photos of them together. The DA was the reason this dragged out.
  8. Kelly will probably use this to over shadow Vikki's engagement.
  9. I laughed when Harris wanted to go back to Chicago. I think I would rather live in the Conner house than the Gallagher house.
  10. Leann's tiara was crooked on her head. It was bugging me. I wanted to reach into the TV and fix it.
  11. LakeGal


    My guess is Nolan is back. He was very popular.
  12. https://tvline.com/2019/10/28/dynasty-cast-elaine-hendrix-alexis-recast-season-3/ They have cast a new Alexis.
  13. I am losing interest in this one. I think I am out.
  14. Yes, two Ashleys. They only have 4 couples but found 2 Ashleys.
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