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  1. I have a hazelnut allergy so I agreed with them. I am fine with other nuts. But not hazelnuts. I always have to ask when ordering certain items that they love to put hazelnuts in. I was put off by how Erica acted. She was being very childish and it did surprise me.
  2. I enjoyed having this show back. I had forgotten how much I like this campy show. I knew it had been a long time since the show was on when I had to stop and remember what the character's names were. Who is dead in six months? Will it be Liam?
  3. I did not read the tweets. But I am sure you can find them. I heard they were extremely hateful. Jed's mother should have kept her feelings to herself. She really hated Beth and did not hold back calling her names that were disgusting.
  4. It is hard to stay invested in this show. They have so many weeks off. The news sounds like it will probably be cancelled. I watch and wonder if I will even get an answer to half the questions I have. I want to like this show more than I do.
  5. I enjoyed this season. It seemed to go quickly. I believe it was a shorter season. I did not really care which of the final 3 won. They were all worthy. But I found I was happy for Ty. I was surprised he got all but Tera's vote. I think Rohan and Tina surprised me the most. I thought they would vote for Breydon. Tera was probably still a bit upset with Ty for booting her. I am curious what happens with the Jed & Beth relationship once Jed talks to his mother. She was all over Twitter hating on Beth. It could be awkward.
  6. I really did not enjoy the reunion. I hate Kary. I have no sympathy for her. She is a mean bitch and a bully. I am only surprised her husband didn't leave her sooner. Andy kept going back to Kary and I did not want to hear from her. Kam came off horribly. She obviously sees herself differently than I do. I don't think I can watch next season if Kary is back. She has ruined this show for me. I think she is the reason the ratings have dropped for this RH.
  7. They all need to get Kiefer out if they want a chance to win.
  8. I hope Jed wins his way back in. I want drama. I think it provides the most drama if Jed returns. Kiefer looked the most upset with the news that someone was coming back.
  9. Kathleen was really an evil woman. She hurt so many people. She was stealing from Pete's father while mistreating him. She stole from her other job. She framed Pete. She killed her husband. She left her family in distress. She was just evil.
  10. They started this season with less HGs. They did not bring back anyone pre-jury. I want to know if anyone from the jury house will be returning.
  11. Brianna is bossy. I keep remembering that. She tells Vinny how to compromise. But I don't see her doing it. She wants him so go to bed and wake up when she wants. She is the one that wants him to go to bed early but he can't watch TV or his phone in bed. What was she compromising?
  12. Erik has said that he realizes he has to work on his delivery when he watches himself. I think it is good that he has realized this. Virginia does seem to bring out the worst in Erik. I don't know too many husbands that would be happy to have a wife that thinks drinking with her male friends is more important than spending the weekend with their husband. I think it would have benefitted the couples if after they saw the experts they had switched and then talked with the one that just talked to their partner. Dr Pepper tells Erik to talk to Virginia about her drinking. But it might ha
  13. I don't know why Ryan is worried about raising their kids in church. They have to have sex to have children.
  14. I had not paid a lot of attention to Beth. But she impressed me with playing her own game as HOH. She loves being with the guys. But she has realized they are playing for themselves first and her second. They will not take her to the end. She has to keep her eyes open and do what helps her own game. They want to save Vic because they can manipulate her. But Beth realizes that Vic will get rid of Beth to be alone with the boys. She did it to Latoya.
  15. I do not like Ariana. I wonder if they will have to only shoot her from her good side.
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