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  1. Bianca was so thin I was thinking she might have had an eating disorder.
  2. I don't like when the hustler doesn't seem to care if they make money. I don't think they are really hustling anyone. Of course the easiest way to not get caught is to never contribute to the correct answers. It makes it pretty hard to guess the hustler when they are just sitting there letting the game go on around them. LakeGuy had him pegged from the beginning. But I kept changing my mind, I never thought it was the woman in pink. She blabbed way too much and was loud. But the others all seemed suspicious at times.
  3. Amanda is boring. I wish they had cast someone with more spunk. She just seems so blah.
  4. I do wish Brendan and Pieper had asked Demi why she got a pass last season for doing the same thing.
  5. The reaction shots of Trenton's girlfriend annoyed me. She was just always there squealing.
  6. I expected a man to win this season. It has been female winners recently. Too bad it had to be Trenton. I preferred Megan of the final 3.
  7. I didn't think it was John because he talked too much. I was actually torn between 'Deena and Mark at the end. Deena talked the least which is often how the Hustler acts.
  8. I find myself bored when Sam & Culhane show up in a scene together. I just don't care about their storyline.
  9. This show is so high school. I watch how everyone reacts and it reminds me of teenagers. Girls grouping to talk about their crush. The men sitting at another table holding court. Dating several different people that your friends have dated. It is quite hilarious and sad at the same time. I wish this show would have something else for them to do. Maybe have competitions or scavenger hunts. Let the people win a date. The date cards are so random. I wish they had to work for the dates. Plus when are they having another rose ceremony? It is strange we have several episodes with n
  10. Brendon and Pieper wanted to be on TV. Get those instagram followers. They could have just continued dating outside the show. But they wanted to be famous. Brendon used Natasha to stay on the show till Pieper arrived. He needed a rose. He is a jerk.
  11. I still do not understand why females find Brendon attractive. I just don't see it.
  12. Demi obviously uses sex to get what she wants. Kenny turning her down is a shock to her.
  13. I admit I was bored this week. The show is missing something. They don't even show the plane bringing in the guests. That is probably because we only get one guest a week. I would enjoy more than one storyline per episode. I have not warmed to Ruby. Maybe this show is not working for me. I keep hoping it will get better.
  14. The experts thought Gil and Myrla were going to be the perfect sexy couple. Those guests with Kevin that were suppose to guess the success of the couples also thought that. I remember everyone kept talking about how hot and sexy Gil & Myrla were going to be. They all just knew that they were going to be too hot to keep their hands off each other. Well they were all totally wrong. Gil and Myrla are not even kissing.
  15. I was doing some surfing online. They have spoiled which male is the winner and gets the 3 wild cards. I didn't see who won for the females though.
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