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  1. Season 3 I just watched Season 3. I loved it. I liked most of the cast. I did not like Jonny and Tyla. I was happy when they finally left. Chloe also annoyed me. She ran around with all the gossip. But she always added details that never really happened. I would have preferred if Camilla and Jamie had won. But I did enjoy Kem so I didn't mind that he and Amber won. At least Camilla and Jamie got the love story. They are still together and expecting a baby. I was surprised that Dom & Jessica worked out. They are married with a kid. The Mike part was sad since I already knew he had died before watching the season. I was actually happy when he left so I didn't have to think about it. But then he returned. I liked Montana for most of the season. But near the end it was so obvious she just wanted to win the money. She started to turn on the others and make snide little remarks that others were not really in love and playing the game. When actually she was the one just playing the game. It did not surprise me when she dumped Alex right after the season. I was upset with Mr Blazing Squad when I heard he had cheated on Gabby. I did have hope for them. But I read Marcel cheated on her while they were on vacation. Poor Gabby. This was just a fun season and I looked forward to each new episode. Most of the cast were friends and they had fun and kept me entertained. The Kem and Chris bromance was funny.
  2. I did laugh when Bennett was so excited to announce that he was having sex with Amelia.
  3. https://tvline.com/2020/10/14/dexter-revival-showtime-season-9-michael-c-hall/
  4. Benoit and Clare had taped a clip for the show. But ABC ran out of time to show it. They are still friends. https://www.eonline.com/news/1198095/why-clare-crawley-s-ex-fiancandeacute-benoandicirct-beausandeacutejour-savard-was-left-out-of-lessigreaterthe-bachelorettelessigreater-premiere?source=email&medium=bachelor-beat
  5. Clare was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Jimmy was trying to get her to admit what happens. She was doing her best to avoid things. She did admit she had the list of guys and looked them all up on Google before she met them.
  6. I enjoyed the first episode. It has my attention.
  7. Nicole said Megan Fox and 90210. I said Brian Austin Green at that point. I was actually kind of surprised I was right.
  8. Where did Bennett get that blender? He came in the apartment carrying it with no box. He was also wearing his sleep dress half tucked into his pants. I kept wondering if he wore that to go shopping.
  9. The couples ended up in the final spots I expected. I really did want Cely & Johnny to drop below 2nd place. But I can't have everything. I also believe Johnny would have kept all the money if given the chance. I am sure it was part of "the plan". I am so happy I never have to hear Cely's laugh again. I was ready to shove a sock in her mouth by the end. I do not believe any of the 4 couples will still be together by the time next season rolls around.
  10. I saw Mac Davis in concert in Las Vegas way back when. He sang a lot of songs he had written for Elvis and others. I was surprised at all the songs he had written. Sad day losing him and Helen Reddy.
  11. I remember watching Melanie's case on Court TV back when it happened. I started out with an open mind. By the conclusion of the trial I believed she was guilty. But I do believe she had help. I can't remember if it was her brother or who that I thought did it back then.
  12. I think the husband did it. I also think he was strongly advising his son what he saw and remembered. The son would say things like both his father and himself saw her dizzy and worried she would fall. I do believe the son was remembering things as they were told to him. But as the prosecution asked questions he realized a few things were not what he knew but what he assumed. Dad did the thing that always makes me suspect the husband. He got someone else to find the body.
  13. Oh yes, there was Naomi in season one. She was the female that played Josh and Max. Josh had pretty eyes and hair. But he was just so dumb. I always laughed when the others had to explain words to him.
  14. I watched season one. They are just so much more messy than the US version. I can laugh at Jonathon and Hannah fight just because of the accents. I really was sick of Omar showing his bare ass. I just wanted him to go away and put on some pants. He was like the little puppy that jumped up and down around the big dogs. Then he would go and lean back in the chair and tell the camera all about how him and the guys saw the women. I was so happy when he was voted out. But he just kept coming back. Zoe was the female that I really disliked. I wasn't even sure what it was at first. But she annoyed me. I warmed to Jess over the season and was happy when her and Max won. Jonathon was hilarious the way he ran around with all the gossip. He was always giving advice and keeping his nose in everyone's business.
  15. Cely always has to have all the attention. She is loud in the morning. She laughs at everything SHE says. I also notice whenever they are dancing Cely is right in the middle doing her dance move that she does all the time. I didn't mind her at first. I even felt sorry for her when Johnny strayed at CA. But right now I just find her annoying. Yes, I loved the look on Johnny's face when it was announced that Caleb & Justine had won the public vote to go to the Hideaway. Johnny was doing that limp clap that was more insulting than congratulatory. Johnny and Cely have been all about the money. Proclaiming they are the power couple. Now Caleb is getting voted best in everything. Caleb and Justine get the big vote from the public. It is dawning on Johnny that he might not be getting the money and he put up with Cely's laugh for nothing. I do wonder if the other girls are now wondering what Moira is saying about them when she talks to the public. She was voted 2-faced. They were all surprised. But they know the public sees all. They have to be wondering if she is talking bad about them when she does her private talking heads. We know that is not why she got that vote. But they don't. I think Moira is more fickle than 2-faced. But her jumping from guy to guy and saying one thing and doing another has hurt her.
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