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  1. I wanted to know why Stewart didn't have to do one of the dates like the other guys did. The others had to do baby/kids classes. He just got to pretend to buy a nice house to impress her.
  2. Is Brett going to be our villain this season?
  3. I remember thinking Trista picked Ryan because she really wanted to get married. She knew Ryan would marry her. I don't know if she was as sure of Charlie. They just had this great sexual chemistry. I preferred Charlie. But I was sick of Ryan's poems.
  4. I enjoyed the rewatch of Alex & Trista's seasons. I remember that Trista's mom preferred Charlie. She just adored him. Then Trista picks Ryan. That had to be interesting when Ryan watched and saw how Trista's mom liked Charlie better.
  5. I read the show said they have already received some credible tips for the Rey and Alonzo cases. They are hoping as more people watch they will get more tips. It would be great if they could solve some of these cases.
  6. We watched the first season of The Single Wives (Australia) on Netflix on the weekend. Sheridan reminded us so much of Vicki that we kept calling her the Aussie Vicki. She was always dressed inappropriately and shrieking about something. It was eerie.
  7. Why why why did Alonzo's friends leave him at that party? I wanted more details on how they even found that party. Someone had to know someone that invited them. The party was an hour away at some farm. They didn't just stumble on the party. Who told them about it? There had to be someone who knew more.
  8. The first case was about Rey. The wife mentioned Porter Stansberry. I thought the name sounded obnoxious the minute I heard it. Or maybe it was how she pronounced it. But I took notice. I believe he is deeply involved in what happened to Rey. My suspicion is that Rey discovered something crooked about his buddy and the company he was working for. He was lured away and killed. The mysterious part is how exactly he made that hole in the roof and yet his glasses and phone never broke. I doubt the case will ever be solved.
  9. Wow she looks like she is holding Chris up.
  10. I watched the Brazil season. I liked the France and US one more. But I did enjoy Brazil. I did not get the appeal of Marina. I found myself always yelling at her to get up off the floor. Everything seemed to have her collapsing on the floor to hide under tables or do the splits or just show emotion by doing it. Lolo seemed to really hate JP at the end. Everyone else seemed happy and friendly. It was not a good look for her. For completely vain reasons I wish Renan had shown up earlier in the season. The order of the final 5 was a bit surprising. They had really rated each other in a way to try and make themselves rate higher and win. It ended with second place going to someone that I was surprised even made the final 5.
  11. This episode had way too much Mama Doris. She asked so many questions I wondered why they even bothered with the panel. I knew the final one because I had seen her before linked to the Friends song.
  12. Fran announced that her and Harry have split. He broke up with her saying he couldn't do long distance anymore.
  13. Season two is on. They are in New Orleans. I have watched about half the season. The first guy kept talking about his mother. The second guy was just very odd.
  14. I don't like the camera angle they use. It looks down on Stephen from too high up. There is too much space above his head. I always think he is sitting on a low chair and needs to be higher.
  15. I am having trouble just watching this season. I am bored and I don't like many of the characters left on this show. Why should I care what happens to Clay? He just annoys me every episode. I feel strangely obligated to finish out the series. But I am not even sure why.
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