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  1. I'm with Zoey when it comes to that race. The only thing worse than running on purpose is running on purpose in a costume. Nope, no thank you. While I agree with Zoey's therapist about her seeing Max moving to New York as another loss, I think she also still has feelings for him despite her denial, and clearly Simon thinks so, too. I'm kinda surprised at how quickly Max decided he wants to move, even though he almost certainly won't leave in the end. It's a shame about Mo and Perry since things were going pretty well, but Perry obviously has his own issues to work out. Happy fo
  2. The To Make You Feel My Love scene was really well done, with Emily moving in slow motion. I’m glad she opened up to David and that she’ll be getting the help she needs with her post-partum. Always good to see Bernadette Peters again. I like her friendship with Maggie as someone who understands what Maggie’s going through. Mo meeting Perry’s kids was cute and I love Mo getting a hamster to prove he’s responsible. It’s good that Zoey is also talking to a therapist now. I’m interested to see how the therapist reacts to Zoey saying she has a super power.
  3. I liked when Randall pointed out to Kevin how exhausting it is for him to have to feel like he should be grateful for being adopted. Also that they showed how microagressions can really add up, like the guy assuming young Randall wasn’t Jack’s son. Regarding why Randall pictures his life with his birth parents as a happy one at the end despite knowing it realistically wouldn’t be, it was just part of his ghost kingdom. Or as Daniel Tiger called it, it’s his “neighborhood of make-believe.” I loved that scene with little Randall talking to Daniel Tiger because he needed someone to tell him
  4. As soon as Zoey mentioned Emily texting her, I knew she was the one who the sad heart song belonged to. Hopefully Emily will get the support she needs. Loved Mo creating a whole murder board complete with red string to figure out the mystery. The young actor playing Perry’s son has such a good voice! I actually thought Zoey would tell Simon about her powers but I guess she still isn’t ready. But the longer they’re together without her telling him, the more upset Simon will be that she kept it from him. I know it wouldn’t be easy to just tell someone that you have magical powers
  5. I knew as soon as Miguel and Jack started rehearsing the proposal that the ring was going to get stuck. Miguel was a good friend, sticking up for Jack to Rebecca's father, though words cannot express how much I hate the whole sexist "get the father's blessing/permission" crap. That "tradition" truly needs to die. Nicky taking his issues out on Miguel wasn't cool, but I'm glad Nicky apologized and they talked it out. I'm hoping this means we get some actual Miguel and Rebecca backstory soon. Toby really needs to talk to Kate about how he's feeling. I'm thinking the end with Soph
  6. The “Kiss Me” scene at the party with all the different couples was my favorite of the episode. I like Mo and Perry, so even though him having kids was a shock to Mo, I hope it works out. Tobin and Mackenzie are cute, too. “You’re a Russian bot!” Max’s present for Zoey was really sweet. And yes, A Moment Like This is America’s song, lol. I was hoping Max and Zoey would actually get back together, but alas, this love square will apparently be continuing for a bit. In fairness, I did like the choreography for the Zoey and Simon scene. The look of horror on David’s face when he realize
  7. Leif tries my patience a lot of the time, but I felt bad for him that his date was just using him to get a job. That's a really shitty thing to do. "This is an indoor wig." lol Mo. The ending was really cute, everyone singing in the car and Zoey keeping her dad's memory alive while creating new memories with her friends.
  8. I felt so bad for Nicky when the snowglobes he worked so hard on broke at the airport. It was cute that he got the twins his favorite novels as a present instead. His "conversation" with Nicky and Franny was very sweet and I like that it showed the solar system mobile over the cribs given how much Nicky had loved the moon landing. Since he is wearing a ring in the flash-forwards, I hope that means he eventually meets up with Sally again. Echoing everyone who is pissed that Jack's friend encouraged him to continue lying to Rebecca about everything, especially about Nicky.
  9. I liked Kate calling her mom at the end; finally Rebecca gets the credit she deserves! Despite Kate and Toby seeming to be on the same page at the end, I’m sure there will be more tension about this. Could explain why they’re apart in the flash-forward. I laughed at Beth saying that Randall’s family has treated their house like a Ramada Inn, because yeah. Now that Beth’s mom is staying, Randall’s going to be spending a lot more time with his new friend the basil plant. Hey, Uncle Nicky!
  10. I love seeing how my favorite shows and movies are made, so this was great. It's almost strange seeing the 50s set in color, like when you see old black and white photos colorized. Clearly Teyonah Parris shares our feelings about Hayward; she was this close to calling him an asshole, lmao. Kathryn Hahn doing her witchy laugh was hilarious. I love how much fun she was having as Agatha. And all of the stunt work on wires looks like so much fun, honestly; I'm kinda jealous. It's obvious how much work went into this show in every single department. In addition to Elizabeth and Paul des
  11. The movie theater marquee in the last episode advertises a fictional movie, “Tannhauser Gate” which is a reference to Blade Runner.
  12. I loved the reveal of Wanda's new Scarlet Witch costume and that the hex contained runes. Agatha really did want to eat up Wanda's magic, but she messed with the wrong witch and now she's just nosy neighbor Agnes forever, whoops. I know people really wanted Pietro to be more than what he was, but I'm cool with the reveal that he was Ralph all along. And the Westview residents we thought were maybe in on it, like "Dottie" and the mailman were just regular people, which is also fine by me. The speculation was fun, but it really was as simple as Agatha showing up because of Wanda's magic.
  13. And not just Steve! A lot of the guys got second chances with their loved ones. Yeah, Tony dies, but he got to spend the last five years of his life happy with a wife and kid. Clint was so upset about his family getting dusted that he went full-Dexter but still got them back in the end. Steve straight up ignores the rules and creates a whole divergent timeline. If the men get some version of happiness but Wanda's the one who has to learn a lesson about grief and letting go, I'm gonna flip tables, honestly. Especially because she's already learned it by dealing with the loss of her parents
  14. Agatha was like an evil ghost of Christmas past, guiding Wanda through her history. And I KNEW that Pietro was a fake. It makes sense that Wanda created a sitcom world. They were a happy memory because she watched them with her family until the bombing. If I'm understanding correctly, Wanda had dormant witch powers her whole life and it was contact with the mind stone that woke them up, as opposed to her powers entirely deriving from the stone. When she saw that Scarlet Witch version of herself, is that supposed to be her in the future or her from a different universe? Wanda an
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