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  1. A lot to unpack with this one, wow. In addition to her demon vampire teeth, Lexis has a tail now. I guess that's what all the baggy clothing is about. It must have just happened, though, or someone would've noticed. There's no way she can keep this a secret very long, even if she wanted to. Poor kid. I really hope they follow up on this storyline. Kristen is in denial about Lexis' teeth being an issue, but it would be a lot harder to continue that denial if she saw an actual tail. The whole thing with the fertility clinic is even more messed up than they all thought. That doctor who
  2. Killmonger was really playing the long game here, ingratiating himself with Tony then killing T'Challa, Rhodey, and Tony and making the U.S. and Wakanda believe the other country killed their country's civilians. I like Shuri and Pepper seeing through it all and teaming up to expose the truth.
  3. It's a shame Leland killed and ate his demon goat therapist cause I found him hilarious. I guess this means he really existed and wasn't all in Leland's head? Sheryl and Leland together again is not good, unless she's messing with him somehow, which I think she might be because she's still got her shrine to creepy Eddy. That guy from the Vatican is definitely shady, being so quick to shut down the trip to Rome and having the brochure from the fertility clinic. I'm glad David, Kristen, and Ben are going to conduct their own investigation into the clinic; that'll be interesting to watch.
  4. Moral of the story: find yourself a guy who loves you so much he'll lure unsuspecting humans to a fake sanctuary to feed you if you turn into a zombie witch. I like the idea of superheroes keeping their powers after being turned into zombies. That adds a whole extra terrifying dimension to a zombie apocalypse. When Kurt started talking about Baba Yaga when they got inside the fence I knew Wanda was going to be a zombie. Marvel seriously can't let Wanda and Vision be happy in any iteration of the multiverse, can they? Give them a break, goddamn. Vision ripping the mind stone out of h
  5. And in the preview I wonder if Andy is lying, like maybe he's trying to catch Kristen in a lie, because the whole thing with Laura knowing about those drawings makes zero sense. Even if she saw Kristen making them, Kristen wouldn't tell her what they are.
  6. This show is so delightfully strange. It's telling that Kristen has to practice being happy to see Andy and that she can't have sex with him without wearing masks that hide their faces. That's about way more than just a kink. And poor Lynn is probably scarred for life after seeing Kristen with that tiger mask in the bathroom. I guess some of the demon goo from the monastery "attached" itself to Kristen somehow. Is it because she was the one who spoke and opened the cabinet containing the demon or is it because the demon is drawn to whatever "evil" is in her? Probably a bit of both. Krist
  7. The whole cast really played their parts well. I’m glad Shang-Chi and Katy will be back and hopefully Xialing will, too. Regarding the post-credit, my assumption was that she was creating the equal training space that she didn’t get growing up. Shang-Chi being told by his father that it was his fault his mother died was so messed up. What kind of parent blames a seven year old for not fighting a group of grown men? Holy shit, dude. Shang-Chi, Katy, and Wong singing Hotel California had me rolling. Honestly, if anyone deserves a night out, it’s Wong. The man leaves for five minutes an
  8. This was definitely the bleakest scenario of all the episodes so far. No hope to fix anything, just, poof, end of the world. I can see Dr. Strange going off the deep end if he lost Christine and stealing power from others, including himself, to save her. And all for nothing because everyone ceases to exist anyway. The Watcher actually speaking with someone in one version of the multiverse was a nice touch and it makes sense that it was with one of the few people who could sense his presence. Agreed that the voice work was really well done in this one.
  9. Ok, that pop-up sequence scared the shit out of me. I love the whole concept of a mostly non-spoken episode. And I’m not surprised it was Kristen who cracked first lol. She lasted longer than I would’ve, though. I loved her getting drunk with Fenna and leaving her the shirt. Ben writing WTF on the clipboard and David’s thoughts of “fuckity fuck fuck Kristen fuck” were hilarious. Definitely would not have been able to do that on t.v. My favorite episode of the season so far.
  10. Coulson's password, lmao #stevestevesteveilovesteve At first, I thought the person behind the murders of the Avengers was Loki, but I like the premise of it being Hank Pym taking down the Avengers Initiative because of Hope and Janet dying as agents. Though I wonder why Janet and Hope would be SHIELD agents, but not Hank as well. Good thing Fury still has Carol on speed dial in this version of reality. I feel like she could probably take out Loki and his army pretty quick considering she can destroy ships just by flying through them. Hank is shown enlarging Hulk's heart.
  11. Thanos becoming a Ravager is an interesting twist. I don't know that he would be so easily convinced just by having T'Challa talk sense into him, but I suppose he hasn't totally changed considering he's still proud of his idea. I like this version of Nebula and her plan to outsmart the Collector and the sorta flirty thing she and T'Challa have going on. I wonder what happened to this version of Gamora. Maybe she didn't want to be tied to the Ravagers and just went off to do her own thing. Perhaps she still meets up with Rocket and Groot somehow. It's nice that T'Challa got to go home and
  12. I liked seeing Peggy become Captain Carter, and I think the resistance she faced as a woman was realistic. Lots of men would probably not be happy that the face of the Allied powers and the strongest person in the world was a woman. I like that even without the serum Steve still found a way to help; that tracks. And it makes sense there’s not as much focus on Bucky here. He’s important in Steve’s story, but this was about Peggy. I’m not a Steggy shipper (I loved Agent Carter and I have Opinions™️ about the end of Endgame), but I do think it’s interesting and kinda tragic that no matt
  13. It was a really fun movie. I agree it has definite "The Mummy" vibes, but since that's one of my favorite movies of all time, it's cool with me. I liked the twist of Frank being a few hundred years old and that in the end he finally got to go see the rest of the world. All the adults at my showing were losing it at the scene when Lily had to pull the sword out of Frank's chest. I was (pleasantly) surprised at how many innuendos they fit into a single scene, especially for what is essentially a family Disney movie (albeit a PG-13 one). Just a headcanon, but I guess being several h
  14. This made my day! I was so mad about the show being canceled and left on a cliffhanger. Even if there are no additional episodes (though I hope there will be) a wrap-up movie is still better than nothing. That's what we got back when NBC canceled Timeless.
  15. I like that this show is pointing out the way cop shows can influence the public by making them complacent about cops. The director was especially gross when he was like, "We have to stick together *wink-wink*" to Kristen. And Mira was very insistent that she's a good cop and totally not racist, but had no problem creating a story about a black man in Kristen's yard to tell her boss. Not that I want Kristen to go to jail, because LeRoux was a murderous piece of shit and I have no sympathy for him, but this is a very good example of privilege. Kristen got away with killing him because she
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