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  1. Other people probably already noticed this, but all the "M"s we saw and thought "Ooh, Mephisto!"...it was the shape of her Scarlet Witch crown. This show was so tightly scripted and the set design was on-point. Well played, show. Very well played.
  2. I'm pulling for Will Ferrell to guest host for a couple of weeks -- AT got a kick out of WF's version of him, and I think Ferrell could do it. I mean, if Sean Connery, Turd Ferguson, and "Anal Bum Cover" don't prepare you for the real thing, what does???
  3. My guess: She tried to assassinate the president for giving Naird a trash assignment AND sending them to Colorado (the horrors!). I'm from Colorado and even I'd nope out of the eastern plains.
  4. Trish's arc actually made some sense -- even in S1, she wanted what she thought Jessica had, and when she finally got what she thought it was, it didn't make her who she thought she wanted to be. Tragic, but reasonably well executed. Throughout the whole series, Jessica was more like Dorothy than Trish -- she knew who she was, warts and all, and owned it. Benjamin Walker = yummy. For all that, the most underwhelming thing about S3 is that the Marvel TV universe went out with a whimper, not a bang.
  5. Dodgy CGI and makeup effects aside (good lord, was Lucifer's Devil Face mouth ever distracting ... uncanny valley distracting), Netflix pulled off more character development in 10 episodes than Fox managed to eke out in 3 seasons. And at long last, we're finally seeing shades of the graphic novel Lucifer. Sign me up for Season 5!
  6. Well. Bonnet's just as charming, scheming, and reprehensible as he is in the books. Let's hope we don't have to wait until the end of the next season for his drowning dreams to come true. I'm not sure I can take multiple seasons of him. Even if Ed Speleers does look uncannily Ledgeresque. Yep. He'd overlook the quitrent for a certain soldier-farmer who could take on the Regulators (mount up).
  7. No doubt, because the "I want to live forever to protect you and Alice" probably could've been mentioned two episodes ago.
  8. This may be an unpopular opinion 'round these parts, but...I don't miss Dolls. Was it the way the character was written? Acted? I dunno, but Dolls never did it for me. Doc, however, does. What fresh hell is this "Doc's a vampire" nonsense? It's Dolls all over again -- they need a narrative device, anything will do, doesn't even need to connect to literally anything else in the episode. Lazy writing, writers. Be better.
  9. Worse -- it's not ice, it's plastic. O.o
  10. As I always say, it's not an Olympic Games until Andrea Joyce has tried to make an athlete cry.
  11. If I was about to tramp off through the jungle with a man whose spirit guide is a coconut, I'd take anything I could find. Signal flares, stray carrier pigeon, anything.
  12. My best guess at Mom's dastardly plan? Something along the lines of an...
  13. "Serpentine!" always reminds of Peter Falk and Alan Arkin in "The In-Laws":
  14. Honestly, peeayebee, I remember everything from that 22 minutes entirely out of sequence. I'd have sworn I was negative going into the first commercial break. (Heck, watching the game two months later, I was convinced they'd moved a clue.) It's such a surreal experience. But I wasn't really nervous about being in the red. The way I see it, I had the Full Jeopardy Experience -- I was up, I was down, I was right, I was so so wrong, I was positive, I was negative. And I got a compliment from the man himself (which I can't remember, but no matter). But it's tremendous fun -- if Trebek ever ret
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