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  1. The part of the Letterman episode that had me rolling my eyes was her saying that Kanye flew to Paris for a few hours specifically because she sent him a pic of what she was going to be wearing to a fashion week event and he didn't like it--so he came to style her. I think we're supposed to find that sort of thing endearing, but it's beyond weird.
  2. I think the writers decided a ~triangle where two guys (Cam and Dev) fight over Carly Jr. was more interesting because, OF COURSE Joss is such a catch all the guys want her. Now you'll have to excuse me as I have to go find my eyeballs, that have rolled out of my head and out the door.
  3. That was a nice "Carrie" moment, ha! Yeah, that's exactlly my reaction, lol! I remember the first time I saw that movie that scene scared the hell out of me. Topic? Someone should run a blood test on Carly to see if she's doing steroids given that headstone must weigh 500 lbs.
  4. I mean, the writers have to know the writing is making her seem like the nosy neighbor who has no life of her own so goes around butting into everyone else's, right? Because it's just such a bad look, all. the. time. And KeMo makes it worse with her "I just sucked a lemon" expression whenever she's disapproving--which is all the time.
  5. Didn't Khloe admit years ago that whole "trying to have a baby with Lamar" storyline was bullshit? Because in last week's episode she said she did IVF in her 20's. Can they not keep their lies straight?
  6. I appreciated that BL and Valentin were actually very adult about the whole thing. No "OMG, what have we done!" no presuming it meant anything mpre than a ONS, just "hey, that was fun, thanks for a good time--wanna get breakfast?" Nina can take several seats with the lecture about how BL is fragile right now and Valentin shouldn't have slept with her. As I recall, didn't they bang the first time without knowing each other's names? Holy crap, a scene between Sam and Michael is like getting sucked into a black hole of anti-charisma.
  7. Yeah, still not great. He had such a positive attitude, though, gotta give him that.
  8. Carly's got some fucking nerve telling Nina to "get therapy" simply because she doesn't like that Nelle will be in the same cemetery as the empty coffin where Morgan's grave is and Mike. That's just being a bitch for bitch's safe. So friggin' entitled. Sam refuses to sell Aurora because it's "Scout's inheritance" even though companies go belly up all the time and Jax would, I'm sure, have paid her above what it's worth and THAT would be Scout's inheritance. But that would require a brain, which Sam doesn't seem to have. And why so weird when Jax offered to help her find someone to run the company? "I can handle that myself" said with that stink-face of hers. All in the service of given Richie Rich a new job. Ho. And hum.
  9. Also, really smart to get combative with the Pennsylvania detectives (fyi she has to talk to PA detectives because Nelle's body was found on the Pennsylvania side of the river. That's been brushed aside, so not sure if everyone knew that). Let's make them suspicious of you, you dingbat. Brilliant! Speaking of brilliant, oh look; here's Sonny threatening Julian for the 764th time. This year. I know I'm scared. The only thing that would've made Definite Vodka funnier is if under the name it said "when you absolutely need to get your drink on."
  10. The character never dresses like this and it makes me think this is Kirsten's personal clothes, which are definitely an improvement to whatever wardrobe normally puts her in. As long as they don't re-pair Maxie with Spinelli, I'm good.
  11. Last week when Kendall said something like "Kylie isn't around so much because..." and I thought the next part of the sentence was going to be "because she's busy being a mom and with her company," but no, it was "because she's out with her friends." Tells me a lot about Kylie (who I do think is a spoiled brat).
  12. I wonder if the writers googled what I just googled: https://www.biotechniques.com/cell-and-tissue-biology/not-so-identical-twins/ Honestly, if this gets the storyline resolved, I don't care if they used Dr. Seuss as their source.
  13. Having gone thru genetic testing, the odds of a person getting a gene from a parent is 50% (short answer, it's a little more nuanced as explained to me when I had genetic counseling). And even if you have the gene, that still doesn't mean you'll develop whatever the gene gives you a higher chance of getting. I don't get why Carly was so against Sonny getting tested.
  14. From his old pics, he did have an incredible head of hair! But, yes, let the poor man shave his head.
  15. I would rather the entire nursing staff show up at my door and sing "Welcome to the Nurses' Ball" non-stop for 24 hours over that "Ruin, ruin, ruin" drivel. In other news, oh how I love a good Scorpio Brothers scene. Mac chastising Robert for his treatment of Peter but qualifying it with "but if you're right, I help you beat him senseless" was *chef's kiss.*
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