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  1. But she has absolutely no recourse to go to Michael to enact some sort of coup to get Wiley away from Brad.
  2. I generally like Willow, but I wanted to drop kick her when she ran to Michael with her "WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING--WILEY ISN'T SAFE WITH BRAD!" crap. I know we're all supposed to root for her and Michael to get that kid away from him because EVUL NELLE/EVUL BRAD/MICHAEL'S THE REAL DAD, but I can't. As far as THEY all know, that child was legally adopted by Brad and Lucas, and the birth mother and friggin' godfather can't swoop in 2 years down the road because they've decided the kid is in danger. Literally, if CPS isn't involved, you pains in the ass have no right to any claim, so sit your asses down.
  3. It's called multi-tasking and you don't get to be the biggest crime boss on the eastern seaboard* without some skills. Sam: Nelle just married Shiloh for his money. Me: How did your head not explode from the hypocrisy of YOU, Queen of the Many Marriages to Wealthy Men to Get Their Money, utterly that? Carly is such a bitch. What did Gladys ever do to her to make her treat her the way she does? Oh, and I'm sorry, but Olivia acting like a Q since birth sits wrong with me. *Allegedly (tm Silas Clay)
  4. I'm still chuckling at Nelle's over-the-top widow ensemble. That was actually a good soapy moment, even if the second she spoke it was obvious who it was. Ned and Lois got married in mid-1995 (I remember because it was after Stone was diagnosed with AIDS and he and Robin had a 'mock' wedding ceremony after coming home from N&L's wedding), so I think BL was born in 1996. Clearly, they've aged her up because there's no way she's only 23/24. I'd put her late twenties (no idea how old the actress is) at the least.
  5. You're right, my bad! Speaking of, didn't Robert only agree to recommend a new parole officer for Sam (who wasn't "biased against Jason" insert eyeroll) and not "he agreed to get my parole reduced" as the Snoozer claimed yesterday?
  6. They'll never retcon that kid to not be Michael's. The show is married to the idea of spitting out Corinthii like candy from a pez dispenser.
  7. She looked utterly annoyed that, gasp, she had to go parent her children. MOM OF THE YEAR! Also, Michael can go to Hell with telling Jason that "Tracy is making her move on ELQ." I don't care how many times he calls himself CEO, he's a Q when it suits him and the rest of the time, aka most of the time, he's a Corinthos.
  8. Spinelli back full time is like 7th circle of hell time for me.
  9. So in the space of a few days Michael went from being deeply suspicious of Ned offering to help out at ELQ (in the job he truly should have and is trained for, but whatever) to saying he's taking a leave of absence and "Ned can handle things." I get that the show is trying to concuss all of us with the anvils about how connected Michael feels to Wylie so that when the bloody reveal that he's really Jonah happens we'll be further inundated with scenes about Michael telling anyone within earshot about how he just ~knew there was a bond with him and the kid.
  10. Dear god, we're NEVER getting rid of Bradford Anderson. He's the proverbial bad penny. No doubt he's in town to help the "fair Samantha be able to live in connubial bliss with Stone Cold." And of course since that will entail bringing Peter down, he'll get to gloat to Maxie that he was right about him.
  11. NuNik and Elizabeth had a nice easy chemistry together--once again proving Rebecca Herbst works well with everyone. But, yes, she let Nik off too easily. Michael was acting like a jealous schoolgirl when Brad suggested Willow help out with Wylie rather than him. Overstepping doesn't begin to cover the way he's acting.
  12. One of the only things I will like Jason for is that in 19-friggin-96 he told Robin he would never bang Carly again and he has stuck with that. Going on a quarter century strong!
  13. Speaking of, was that whole "Nelle maybe/possibly married Shiloh in prison" plot line dropped?
  14. "Brad said no to a nanny, but I don't care, I'm getting him one." Oh, do shut up, you smug Richie Rich. Diane contending over and over again to Robert that Sam's parole officer had a "bias" had me shooting daggers from my eyes at the screen. You shut up, too, consigliere, the woman is just doing her job.
  15. I'm no fan of Peter's, but if it's him vs. Jasam, I'm Team Peter. I loathe everything those two assholes do to the point I'd root for anyone against them.
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