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  1. And weren't Sonny/Carly/Jason-centric.
  2. I took it as him saying that SHE had to improve to be able to keep up with his oh-so-excellent skills and that she improved her game to the point where King Mo approved. Tool.
  3. I agree with this. The writing back then clearly wasn't stacked to make her the heroine-with-no-repercussions. She did really, really stupid things and they didn't always work out for her. Now, the show can't go more than a week of Carly-having-a-problem without fixing it (still trying to figure out the point of Donna).
  4. THIS! Everything about this is just so disgusting. Carly can forge Nelle's signature and there will be absolutely no repercussions, even though everyone, including the police, know about it. They all deserve every shitty thing that might happen to them.
  5. Especially because we're supposed to be on Carly's side. Just like we're supposed to not blink incredulously when Sonny offers to kill Nelle to "take care of the problem." Also, I'm pretty sure I had Joss's sweater, in black, in 1985. Maybe she thrifts...
  6. Carly wasn't carrying a purse--that coat she was wearing must have deep pockets to fit Michael's balls in. And, for real, how did her head not explode when she accused Nelle of using Wylie as leverage--onsidering Michael's name might has well have been "trump card" when he was a baby and she used him to keep Jason in her life? Also, lord, Sonny stomping into GH all pissed that Mike was in the hospital, as if Death's Waiting Room, aka Turning Woods, was abusing him or something. Then, naturally, because it's a day that ends in Y we have to get a "you're a great dad AND a great son" speech, where Sonny stands there accepting the praise like a king. God, I hate all Corinthii. On the plus side, liked the Cam/Neil scenes and Liz and Nik definitely have a vibe. More friendship than anything, but BH's chemistry record remains intact.
  7. Honest to god, those morally bankrupt assholes thinking Delores is the corrupt one can jump into the harbor, Kiki-style. They break the law EVERY. DAY and are judging an extra marital affair. Oh, do please fuck off, Fair Samantha and Igor.
  8. I think Lucy would at least wear better shoes. The shoes are TRAGIC. TRAG. IC. Also, how will Michael and Willow immediately getting married get Wiley his operation "today--it has to be today!" like they were all bemoaning yesterday. Honestly, no use for Nelle here (other than that she makes characters I can't stand miserable), but she has every right to want to slow things down and get a second opinion. Someone upthread mentioned how Michael in a crisis immediately dialed it up to 11 and they're right. JFC, get him an ativan.
  9. I had that same thought--watch them be siblings! Oh, Molly girl, trying to relate what you're going thru with what Sam is going thru having to stay away from Jason are apples and onions. For starters, neither you or TJ are felons...
  10. He probably faked labored breathing to at least get let out of the mansion. But, seriously, Michael and that buttinsky-in-bad-shoes Sasha (I didn't mind the dress, but the black sandals with it were hideous) wanting Nelle to, with not so much as having the surgeon explain the procedure, just sign, sign, sign away was really obnoxious. Speaking of obnoxious, LOLOLOLOL at Sam and Spinelli's grand plan blow up in their smug faces, especially after they both thought they had been so clever to get the goods on Doris.
  11. Maurice's tone when he and SBu first arrived at Jordan's yesterday was all wrong. So angry and confrontational! But, what else is new? MB plays everything like Sonny is the wronged person, no matter what the scene.
  12. I would love that. That little snot needs to be held accountable. When Harmony spouted that WTF phrase about Willow "coming into my life" not long after Nina was looking at that g.d. half a locket I thought "the story that never gets going yet never dies" is having its eleventieth ressurection. If laughing when Michael flew down the stairs screaming about getting Wiley to the hospital is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  13. And thus begins the Police Commissioner being in bed, so to speak, with Sonny. *Longs for the days when Mac or Robert would've rather cut off an ear than have that happen.*
  14. Putting aside that absolute WTF outfit she had on yesterday, could Sam be more low energy? She should get her iron checked.
  15. And then be indebted to them. So much better to be in that mob pocket than the Cyrus one...
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