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  1. Yeah, I'm guessing the big "they didn't really sleep together!" won't come out until Michael weasels his way into Willow's bed, so she can then feel guilty. Michael probably won't, as feeling guilty requires too much emotion.
  2. Gah, they're getting ready to bring back Spencer, aren't they? I just can't with that kid. And I still want him to pay for rigging the mayoral election a few years ago (never letting that one go). 15 hours later and I'm still laughing at the totally non-stereotypical blue-haired fashion assistant who just so happened to have a bunch of coke she was feeling generous with and offered to Sasha. Can't wait til they introduce the totally non-stereotypical sleazy photographer who will manipulate her to take nude pics that will threaten to destroy Deception!!!
  3. Willow picked right up on that smugness the second she said I do, apparently. Snots, all of them. I wish the show would pull a twist and have Nelle actually succeed in whisking Wiley away. Then, in 10 years, he can come back as a 22-yr-old recent college grad hellbent on destroying the Corinthii after having heard hears of Nelle tell him tales.
  4. Yeah, not my jam, either. I also don't like those giant shower 'rooms' where the free-standing tub and shower are all together. Seems like it would be a steamy, wet mess waiting for me to take a header on. Not impressed with any of the houses in the latest episode and Altman's client was a total ass. "Oh, I need parking for eleventy-seven cars--make it happen!" I did, however, want that cheeseboard. Nice work, Flagg--and by work I mean good job ordering it.
  5. He'll turn into Drew and make Sam wear skirts, thus making her ~sacrificing her children's voting proxies all in vain.
  6. Why is Willow dressed like Wednesday Addams?
  7. Both these cases made me very happy, as they were happy! Good for them. As to that ScarJo wannabe, give me a very large break.
  8. My all-time favorite was Nurse Epiphany, the Physical Therapist.
  9. Carly threatening Finn that Jason better be OK. Because that's what you want to do: imply the guy holding the scalpel to your ~soulmate's brain is going to get offed if anything goes wrong. Shut up, Carly.
  10. I mean, yes, but that ship sailed years ago when she was deemed healthy enough to be a surrogate for Lulu (not to mention they've already saddled her with two kids).
  11. Too bad if he did that, Jordan would come swooping in and tell Chase to stop harassing the poor mobster.
  12. So Jason, he of the eleventy different brain traumas, doesn't wear a helmut? That checks. I do think LH's face is very thin, but, man, she and NLG really have the same facial features. That's a good casting for mother/daughter, even if it is just temporary.
  13. Plus, talk about number obsessed. She couldn't seem to get it through her thick skull that she didn't have 1,500 ccs to begin with, so having 500 ccs now wasn't a 2/3rds reduction. And her breasts were still huge. I hope the kid with the ear deformity doesn't have any further keloid issues.
  14. Have to agree! I mean the usual conservative wisdom is that a 4% drawdown is sustainable. That's $600k per year! Ok you've got to pay taxes on that, but man.... I guess if you want a 15M home to replace it that changes the calculus LOL. Yeah, I figured the house they were interested in buying was probably a big chunk of change, so she was worried the rest wouldn't be enough to sustain their lifestyle which, oh, to have that problem. I found Altman his usual, super-obnoxious self in this episode. Bitching and moaning about losing a commission when, to that point, he hadn't even put any time into trying to sell the place.
  15. Seriously, show, you're so desperate for Sam and Jason to reunite that now Valentine is the great savior who is going to pull strings so Sam gets a ~better, aka one who will bend the rules, parole officer? Wow, that dress LW had on today did her no favors. Made her look like she had no waistline.
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