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  1. Is Rinna going for an Emmy with all these over the top facial expressions? meanwhile, Crystal, Garcelle, and Sutton have stone faces.
  2. How fucking insulting to every woman who actually has been in an abusive relationship and unable to get out because they actually have no financial means for Erika to portray herself as one—and for those awful women to nod in sympathy.
  3. And her conflating the Q's wealth with getting a child diagnosed--I just...shut up, Olivia. Being a big old meanie?
  4. Carly: "I really wish I could've known Mike." Me: You do. He's exactly like Sonny except he wore flannel and that cowboy hat you keep shooting dirty looks at. Michael is such a whiny little baby. Carly's "I hear you're taking Jason away from us" to Britt was so passive-aggressive. It's funny how it's barely ok for anyone other than her or Sonny to ask Jason for help...and by funny I mean predictable and territorial and dysfunctional. I really like Curtis and Nina's friendship. It's impressive that the platonic chemistry held firm even when MS left and CW stepped in.
  5. Not to mention, apparently Whitney had no clue either, even though in the conversation where she invited him she went on and on about "things are opening up now so you can come here." So, IF this wasn't a producer driven plot? Yes, Whitney, I do thinking, in your own words, you're a fucking idiot.
  6. It looks like some sort of Spanx undergarment. Also, interesting how he's only touching her in one pic. In the others, he's got his arms crossed or in his pockets. You know if there was something more ~romantic, she'd be posting that.
  7. OMG, LYING TO A PERSON IS NOT A CRIME! If it were, Carly would've gotten the electric chair 20 years ago.
  8. And pleaded his case and talked about how he JUST had to get to the States to meet this amazing woman. Sounds just like a rom-com plot, except Whit is no Julia Roberts and Le Blur sure isn't Hugh Grant. If you think of it that way, all their "but he made the effort--see, he really likes you" takes on the bend of "omg, please let this placate her so we can all have a decent trip."
  9. That displayed her pathological need to make every situation 100% about her. Oh, we're on this tour that my mother specifically wanted to go on? Let me remind everyone about my love life. Later, on the hike: Oh, this will be fun--but let's hurry up and finish so I can get back to the hotel and see if "the French man" called me. I wouldn't take a trip to Target with her let alone an actual vacation.
  10. Spare me with the “I crushed your dreams by leaving you a voicemail saying I’m not coming because I wanted to surprise you.” Ain’t nobody buying that. Also, LO-friggin-L that he needed a visa. This show is such an insult to the intelligence of anyone with an IQ higher than 12. And the whole “I win” to her brother—she’s pathetic.
  11. Robert says he has news about Drew and it's not good and Sam's reaction is to look irritated. Oh, KeMo... I really hope Drew is either faking or Obrecht can reverse hypnotized him when she comes to because if this story goes on for another few months I'm gonna lose it. Portia confuses me. Last time we saw her with Ava they were buddy/buddy and now she acts barely cordial, and coolly at that. Pick a lane, lady.
  12. And then she's standing totally exposed in a hallway, with her back to an entryway when Victor is telling her there are gunmen all over the place...and she casually puts her gun away. Great ending scene, hilarious "preview."
  13. LOL, maybe LWB can put in a good word for him. But, yes, I'll echo that I think he's really doing a good job portraying Spencer's entitled brattiness, but with a hidden vulnerability. And some scenes I think he's outright scared of Esme, which he probably should be.
  14. Kyle's got an interview in the LA Times today, mostly because of her Halloween role, but she says she really wants to get back into acting and gives Erika a tongue-bath. Blah, blah, blah, more of the same, but I was surprised to read she has not one, but two, live-in assistants.
  15. Plus, she said something on Tuesday's show that sort of implied that, which is why the person probably asked.
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