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  1. I think if we could see gritty reality Kevin he'd be every bit an abusive asshole that is played for ~laughs in the sitcom scenes. I like what the show is saying: that things played as 'hijinx' in the sitcom scenes are actually far, far darker.
  2. I know! It feels like the writing was supposed to show just how gracious Carly can be, when it's like WHY is anyone apologizing to that shrew? Hayden is a great guess for who is terrorizing Ava/Nik. Between Sean wanting to prove his innocence (eye roll) and Finn/Elizabeth getting closer, now would be the time for her to show up again.
  3. How dare you support the patriarchy and say they're married! They're domestic partners!
  4. That fucking brat should be in juvenile hall with all the other "townies."
  5. Next week: Willow: "I can't break up with Chase yet. He just found out he has permanent hand damage and won't ever play the violin...which he's always wanted to learn." Michael (constipated face): "Yeah, it would kill him to lose both you and the ability to learn a stringed instrument." Wiley (thought bubble): "These are two of the stupidest fucking people ever."
  6. Yeah, that was her reasoning, but at this point? I mean...
  7. Do we think they actually made embryos for baby #2 or that was all for the camera? Because why she'd want to have another child with him now is really a mystery.
  8. Dante is acting like a total asshole to Nik and Ava. I don't care what Corinthii Grudge he has against either of them, if he can't do his fucking job then he shouldn't be a cop. Dismissing their very real concerns over a serial killer? I thought he was better than that. Speaking of Corinthii, Michael had the mildly annoyed look of a man being told his DoorDash order was delayed, not that his supposed best friend was GOING TO LIVE. What a douche.
  9. yeah, if we're going to talk legacy character that deserve respect, the friggin' son of the most well-known supercouple of all time? THAT'S a character that's had the bus run over him a million times and the writers don't seem to give a fuck.
  10. Legacy, schmegacy. The day Michael was born should be a national day of mourning because that friggin' red menace ate the show for years.
  11. Please, he would've gladly thrown himself at said wolves. Dude would do anything for that sort of attention.
  12. Forgot to mention, but what kind of sorcery is afoot that JPS is vibing with EVERYBODY he's in a scene with? The Valentin/BL scenes have been an absolute delight--just the most recent in a long line of characters he's got chemistry with.
  13. Seriously. The look she had on her face today was a combo of suffering from a case of food poisoning and thinking "why won't you die before I have to say I do?" Best scene: Chase telling Violet how much he's loved being her Uncle. I welled up. JS has been doing a really good job of late, which makes me feel even more for the character. Gonzo may be 71, but damn, he's still a fine looking man!
  14. It’s not like Finn wanted to be Chase’s father, so not sure why he now needs to suck it. Willow is more upset not being able to boink the dullard in the next 24 hours than she is about someone she cares about dying. This storyline really makes her and Michael looks like assholes.
  15. Rinna definitely looked better. The dress overwhelmed Kyle. Plus with the hat? Was she cosplaying Alexis Carrington? Also, all the "my house" talk from her. Girl, we get it: Sutton is renting it from you. Geez. I laughed at Erika's dramatic entrance at the end. Very soap opera Friday cliffhanger.
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