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  1. He cant act worth a damn. I mean its easy for Hallmark since hes mostly always free for their projects.
  2. Saw this upcoming Harlequin novel cover and thought of this thread
  3. In2You

    UP TV Movies

    UP is playing It Had To Be You tonight at 9pm. It's one of my favorites
  4. So much pushing of Mal in the movie and the trending song is Aubrey's
  5. Wasn't it so nice all the evil adults stayed in their homes when the barrier opened. Descendants is a good concept at the basis of it. I would like Disney to revisit it in a YA setting in the future.
  6. Like the writers were trying to send messages paralleling immigration issues but this was not the movie for that. There were attempted murders on the other side of the barrier.
  7. Also one thing I hated about the ending was all this talk about them going back to see their abusive parents who treated them like garbage. We're going to pretend most of the villains on the isle weren't horribly bad people who deserved to be locked up? Audrey got a slap on the wrist when she needs therapy. She held onto that hate for a few years.
  8. Tribute could've been a little longer. I thought I was gonna end up crying over Cameron but I spent most of this movie annoyed. D2 was so much better. I felt way too invested in this movie after 4 years. There was again way too much focus on Mal. Everyone else was getting coupled up but there was no mention of Lonnie in this movie so Jay just got a bromance. Harry was clearly crushing on Uma but they have him flirt with every girl he sees and then she dodges his cheap kiss at the end and immediately tries to make a move on Audrey. Evie was wasted as peace maker for most of the movie. The fight scenes were lame. There were so many songs but most were not memorable other than the ending one. They should've had the OG villains return. Hades was so pointless. I didn't care about Mal's daddy issues and Hades wasn't even a villain.
  9. I was so disappointed for like 90% of this movie.
  10. Thus far we're not even 45 mins into the movie and so far there's too many songs and none of them are good.
  11. In2You

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Keeping the books to movie suggestions going. I'm hearing great things about Too Sweet to Be Good by KM Jackson. It releases this Tuesday and is described as very Hallmarkeque. Romance with familiar feeling characters, set in a quaint town and no sex scenes. Synopsis Between the bustling local bakery, helpful neighbors, and down-home wisdom, Sugar Lake is a delicious place to call home--and love is the sweetest risk . . . Alexandrea Gale put her acting career on hold to help keep her family's bakery in business--and gave it a few eye-catching updates while she was at it. To earn money to return to New York, she puts her designs skills to work with a job renovating a once thriving local vintage theater. But Alexandrea didn't bargain on the owner's business-minded grandson fighting her every step of the way--or proving so unexpectedly irresistible . . . As the new president of his family's real estate business, Kellen Kilborn feels that selling the theater is the only way to do right by the grandmother who helped raise him. He just can't take a risk on Alexandrea's inventive ideas--but he also can't walk away from her warm-hearted free spirit. As troubling decisions threaten to tear them apart, can they create a way to turn their dreams into the sweetest of futures together?
  12. So lifetime is sticking with Melissa,Tia, and Kyla again this year. I hope they don't become like Hallmark where we see the same actors over and over. Though at least Keisha has a lead role this time.
  13. In2You

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    A Princess in Theory was optioned https://www.fastcompany.com/90277042/frolic-is-positioning-itself-as-the-blumhouse-of-romance