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  1. I liked A Christmas Princess and thought the leads had great chemistry together.
  2. Her family annoyed me so much. Nkt even sure who my least favorite was. Probably her mom who was old enough to know everything needes to be a certain way for the magazine shoot but was too busy forcing her daughter adapt her traditions instead of create her own.
  3. Hallmarkfelt more diverse content wise years ago. I liked when they did that Partnership with Walmart and did the family movies because none were paint by number romance.
  4. I watched Christmas 9 to 5 with my sister and the entire time we were wondering two things: How the lead was played by an obviously Indian woman but the mom and dad were black and white. And how they expected us to buy the love interest as anything more than the gay best friend.
  5. For some reason when I did a search it was only showing the later airing. 7pm sounds much better.
  6. Checking the movies scheduled for this weekend. Why is ION premiering A Christmas Princess at 10pm on a Sunday? I got work the next morning so I'll DVR it because I like to be in bed by 11pm.
  7. Because people outside the US celebrating Christmas is too diverse for Hallmark. Ryan Paevey can't act worth a damn so his movies are automatic skip for me. Plus the only Christmas at the Plaza type movie I want to watch is Eloise at Christmastime.
  8. Some writers revealed that Hallmark requires them to throw in all thise Christmas activities
  9. I don't think ION is trying to compete with Lifetime and Hallmark.
  10. I liked Christmas in Louisiana. I thought there was a lot of chemistry between our lead couple, the boat parade was something I hadn't seen in a movie before, and I liked that it was actually filmed in the town it was set in.
  11. Even with the movies with black character leads they don't feel like black characters to me. There's a noticeable absence of black culture. On top of that majority of the actors they use are half white but that's a whole other fight.
  12. Tamera was not pregnant she actually announced early this year she's done having kids
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