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  1. He's also a very popular telenovela star and he's bringing the sexy to this movie
  2. I might watch this one even though I didn't read the book. Is this the first book they've actually adapted from their publishing imprint?
  3. Right? She kissed him and he kissed back but now it's Mark self sabotaging himself. What the hell! He didn't invite her into his home. My mom though Lola was waltzing around town in her pjs too. I had to explain it's a kimono
  4. He has Ken doll looks that I don't find attractive at all. And no charm onscreen to make me swoon. I only liked Michael Rady in It Had to Be You and Melrose Place.
  5. Ryan Paevy is such a horrible actor. Not sure why Hallmark saw his bad acting on General Hospital and decided he was their leading man.
  6. Oh no she's legit and I saw the full thread. I should've screenshot since I guess she deleted it since it was gaining traction. The gist was that she's the only full time employees of the imprint doing all the work from reading manuscripts, publicity, revisions, pushing book to movie deals, marketing,etc The replies are still up
  7. An interesting thread by the editor of Hallmark Publishing(which is an imprint of Simon & Schuster). Crazy they have one person doing everything.
  8. Oh I don't think anyone was pretending I think the writing was a little muddled and unclear. And Mark needed to put his big boy pants on and act like an adult.
  9. This episode was so oddly written that I rewatched clips and rembered yes Lola does know about Mark and Rachel's past and so does Amy. So why was it being danced around? Shout out to this twitter shipper for the clips
  10. It's clear Mark and Rachel have a past but it seems like Lola doesn't know about it. They were giving the impression before that she did. Mark and Amy are chemistry free but I'm not here for a cheating story either. Emily and her new man also have no chemistry. And it just makes no sense how quickly things progressed with them.
  11. Apparently the Hallmark Scholastic partnership was made in 2019. Again confused as to why they thought adapting these kid's stories but removing the kid's from being the focus was a good idea. https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2019/tv/news/scholastic-movies-hallmark-channel-1203411892/amp/
  12. The problem with Hallmark's "diverse" movies is that diversity doesnt extend behind the scenes to the writer so we get a Black character or Latinx character who is just a carbon copy of their white ones.
  13. What was the point of them starting a whole publishing imprint where they're actively seeking original stories and they're not even adapting the original books they're publishing? Instead they're reworking books for children about children and their first crushes. Who is the target audience? Because if you're a fan of the book you're probably 9-12 and Hallmark isn't a channel you watch. Plus they shift the focus from the kids to the parents. I'm 20 something and I don't understand how this is supposed to attract me. I don't even have kids yet and most of my peers who do have kids under
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