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  1. Okay, I stand corrected. Now I am not so happy for him. (Snerk)
  2. I choose to be amused as well. I think that geeky guy has cojones.
  3. Never heard it before, but then I am certainly not in Fat boy Slim's target market. But girl singer needs to enunciate better so as not to be taken for a cannibal.
  4. That Pepto soloist guy is Randy Rainbow. He does song parodies (political) on YouTube (I presume, I usually just see them on FB). I am thrilled he's making good coin on a national commercial. Like even though I think JG Wentworth is a terrible company taking money from financially-distressed people, I am glad some opera singers (again, I presume) are making money singing that ridiculously catchy jingle.
  5. There's a new commercial for Advil, black and white photos of women working, momming, exercising, to a soulful song with the last refrain, "I'd like to braise you like I should." Um, what? (I know, it's probably not, but that's what I hear.
  6. I say Cen tar. So I would have said Mo tar and I say this is a dumb commercial! And with that, I bid you wonderful watchers good night!
  7. Me again. They don't say MO taur. They say MO TOR. I might have gotten the reference if they pronounced it CORRECTLY. Gah. (Thanks for the explanation)
  8. So now Progressive is using a half-human half-motorcycle called a MO TOR, have I missed something in pop culture? Is a Mo Tor some kind of thing from,a video game now? Totally confused by this.
  9. And once again the Widow pissed and moaned about her critiques but this time didn't have a lip sync tailor-made for her. Too bad, so sad.
  10. He only has lawful permanent residency status at this time. He can't vote because he's not a US citizen. It can take years to qualify to apply for naturalization, depending on the type of visa he has. I do hope he voted in Canada!
  11. So I missed this episode last week...too many competing recordings, which I didn't notice til the next day. So why, Bravo, can I not see a repeat of this episode without Kate's commentary, and I like Kate as a character on BD but don't really need to hear her thoughts. BUT THEY REBROADCAST EIGHT YEAR OLD EPISODES OF THE VILE TABITHA TAKES ON show. Tabitha, who I CAN'T STAND. All week, not one rebroadcast of BDSY from last bloody week. Infuriating.
  12. Me too! That was MY first Buffy episode and I randomly hit on it while channel-surfing, and, like Buffy, puppets give me the "wiggins" to this day. I thought Principal Snyder had to be a demon of some kind, but I was wrong. On topic, loved seeing Guillermo slaying. And I heart Jesk.
  13. I don't want to see Widow any more. I am tired of her. I liked Jan, even if she was a try-hard. She is sporty and clean and pretty. I can't remember even one unique look that Widow has presented...she just...so...generic.
  14. These are bakers that construct elaborate cakes covered in fondant, which I think is gross! None of those cakes look good enough to eat. They are amazing feats of decoration, but I wouldn't want a piece of any of them.
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