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  1. Yeah, that's what I was calling her too, but where did she come from? Who is she??? I am so freaking confused by this season. Made worse by the fact that closed captioning does not work.
  2. I have no idea what is going on. Who is Calamity Jane? Where are all these separate people? Where did all the kids go? WHY DOESN'T MY CLOSED CAPTIONING WORK ON THIS SHOW???
  3. My closed captioning has given up the ghost on this show and I CAN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD of what these people say. My cc does not work for this show. Why do I even bother?
  4. Ian is well-preserved, indeed, but my cougar proclivities are raised by Brian Austin Green. Grrr, he's a good looking man. And his role here is that he's nice and a good husband and a little sad , come to me baby I'll make you happy...oh, I jest, but he is so much more tolerable than Ian or Jason. And I dislike Christine Elise and her nasally monotone voice. Don't speak every line through your nose!
  5. I agree, but I would start at a 7, because that's smack dab in the middle of the top half, and unless there's cold pizza and warm soda and stools for chairs and broken glass on the dance floor, how bad can a four hour event be?
  6. I wonder how desperate you would have to be to use a prostitute like Nicole for anything sexual. Yeesh...that's a scary-looking woman. I have (or used to have) family in Upper Darby and it makes me sad that it's the focus of this new season.
  7. So here's what I think is going to happen from the "Next time on Below Deck Med": Trevor hits someone. He's the "redundant" person Captain Sandy fires. Anastasia can't handle the stress and they find another chef. June goes on deck crew, Ana goes back to 3rd stew. Everyone lives happily ever after. The End.
  8. I have watched this show off and on for about two years, in daytime reruns while caring for my dying mother, which meant it never got my full attention. But now after a recent all day marathon I have started recording the shows so I can really watch and judge these years old weddings. I am single and my wedding days are mostly over (funerals are my jam now), and I realize that weddings have fads like everything else, but geez. I am so glad I missed mashed potato bars (the only thing I want on my mashed potatoes is gravy and lots of it), photo booths, candy bars, mascot appearances, bouquet pumping, choreographed dances, cocktail hours with signature drinks and way too much food. I am sorry I missed Viennese tables. As I look back at all the weddings I have been to, I don't remember the food at all. I remember my friends in their wedding gowns/dresses and I mostly remember the fun dancing at the reception. There was only one memorable wedding cake: a carrot cake back in the 80s before it was a thing and I still remember how delicious it was, but that's about it. Bad receptions have been forgotten. Oh, except for one: I was the ONLY single woman at a second marriage and caught the bouquet (a ridiculous ritual) and the "man" who caught the garter was an 8 year old boy, because there were no single men. Yeah, I won't forget that embarassment. But take heart in that, future brides. No one will remember the blan chicken or steak or tilapia (unless it's recorded for posterity on Four Weddings!), but your guests will remember a good time! (Still haven't seen Blan bride or Dracula Marie in reruns, but I have the series recording so I wait in breathless anticipation!)
  9. I thought the interesting reveal was when Mumbles came back home to Mom and DayDay with the document...and it wasn't the divorce papers that should have been served to him (why haven't they been yet? I thought the lawyer said they would be served by a Marshal or a Sheriff regardless of whether Cabbage Patch did it too) but surprise! Probation Cancellation! Then Mom says what's the first thing you're doing now you're off tether and he said (in so many words) I am going off to chase Meghan tail. What Mom SHOULD have said was, no dear. You are getting a JOB. You have wasted too much time on those skanky women and it is time to GROW UP AND BE A MAN. Those two baby girls don't need anything Mumbles can teach them: how to be a jailbird, how to juggle two (or more?) men (or women...I don't judge), and lie directly to their faces. Excellent life skills, Mumbles. They are so lucky to have you in their life. Also, Andrea...Andrea...Andrea. Lamar is NOT addicted to you. He will have any LA woman he wants because we all can see that many women have no self worth and will tolerate any amount of disrespect from a man, even one such as Lamar. Because, honey, you are the perfect example of them. He got in the car and left without even one last trip around the block to wave bye bye. You need to find a nice Mormon man who already lives in Utah. Though I don't know if there's a glut of AA Mormon men there, but that's not MY problem. Clint and Tracie: how sad to have to toss your "wedding bouquet" to a bunch of random street walkers (hee). Just dispense with that particular ritual, mmkay? Scott and Lizzie: that man needs a LOT of therapy. Lizzie is a survivor and will eke out a comfortable life creating all kinds of chaos in her daughter's and mother's life. Oh, and Brit and Marci: they had a great lawyer. Spoke harsh truths to Marci and got the best deal for his client. I don't care that the fairy godmother is a murderer, but I do wish Brit would cut about a foot off of her hair. It's too long and doesn't flatter her. Yes, I am that shallow. That's all I have. Can't wait for the new season with a new group of really skeevy lovebirds take center stage. Gives me LIFE!
  10. I was so excited to see a new episode and damn it was a repackaged repeat. Fast forwarded through most if it, so at least I saved half an hour of my life, I guess.
  11. So how do Pole and Kreeny pay for stuff? Doesn't Pole know that $1150 a month for that "fancy" house has to come from somewhere? Even the $260 for the "dump" has to come from somewhere every month. So Kreeny has online sugar daddies or sugar mamas to pay the rent? How does Pole not know this? And, I hate to say this but I will: pregnancy is not agreeing with Kreeny. She looks bloated and dull, so I don't know how she can figure into someone's online fantasies right now. And on another couple: Jenny and Sumit are both sad sacks who deserve each other. Sumit looks a lot older than 36, so I think they present themselves as a not ridiculous couple, unlike Aladin and Frowsy Blonde Lady. Yes, he acts like a teenager who can't speak truth to Mom and Dad, but he looks like he could be a grandfather now.
  12. I am so glad Vile Vickie is gone as a full-timer. I fast-forwarded through her segments when the other Howives were boycotting filming with her, so I guess I get to fast-forward through Kelly's segments now. God, she is a piece of work. So crass, so nasty. Gina has started hitting the bottle so she is falling apart. Emily...whatever. I think she needs to dump the dork, because he clearly doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Tamra looks horrible; whatever she's done has turned her face into a rat-face, pinched and pointy. Country club? Does she even know how to golf or play tennis? I do like Shannon; I am happy she's happy now, but please, honey, calm the hell down. You can be happy and full of life without acting like a giddy teenager. And who else? New howife? Lots of kids, but she has a good-looking husband who seems to like being around his kids and that's a plus. So I'll give her a few episodes before I make up my mind about her. Not on Twitter but reading about the "war" between Tamra and Kelly gives me life! Pot, meet kettle. One's as bad as the other.
  13. I thought Shannon looked great too. Very nice work. I pick and choose the episodes I watch of WWHL and I was very excited to see the BH90210ers but what a disappointment. Why Jennie and Tori felt the need after all this time to pull back from spilling the T makes me CRAZY. Seriously: who can they harm by putting it all out there? I want to know why Jennie and Shannen got into a (halted) fist fight outside the set. Maybe they were all on drugs and so their memories are hazy now?? But I swear I would remember a fist fight with a coworker til the day I died. They seem to be very protective of their show, but it's ridiculous. I'll pass if they're on again.
  14. So, what I don't understand is why Evelin and Kreeny coddle their mama-boys by speaking English to them, especially Evelin. Like, boyfriend, you have to speak Spanish/Portuguese. Period. So don't speak to him in English. He'll either sink or swim. Why didn't Pole understand the very simple question Mamacita asked him..."How's it going?" You need a translation for that?
  15. I also have a very mild case of hidradenitis suppertiva (can't spell it) under my arms and in my groin. Menopause seems to have reduced the frequency a lot, but the welts are so frigging painful. It's like if you can just find the right angle to pop the pimple and release the pus it could hurt for a minute but then feel so much better, but the welts don't work like that. They are hard and hot and the only thing I find helpful is Hibiclens wash (not a paid endorsement!). The welts usually calm down after two days of washing; sometimes I can head it off before it grows big and hot. I felt so bad for the brother and can't imagine having that visible and violent a skin condition. l
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