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  1. I had zero sympathy for double boon woman, she was just too stupid for words. Nose job woman looked fantastic afterwards. Fame whore...no idea. Fast forwarded. What I currently don't understand is why subjects say they hope Drs Dubrow and Nassif will fix their problem. Terry does boobs and Paul fixes noses. Not both of them together. Small thing, but annoying to me.
  2. Kate can't train someone who doesn't want to be trained. Simone doesn't realize that it's HER job to demand more opportunities to practice her weaknesses in order to strengthen them. If I wanted to be the best 2nd stew but didn't know how to open a bottle of wine, I would watch, learn, do, and redo and redo AGAIN until it becomes second nature. Yes, Kate doesn't like untrained help. I wouldn't like untrained help either in her situation. Simone is usually quiet and solitary which is great in the laundry room but not great in dealing with boisterous, fame hungry, drunken guests on a reality show. But I agree with the poster who said up til now she's been looking at Tanner as her escape from the mundane. That's not going to work in the long run, as previews "seem" to indicate. Kate values competence, period, and values anyone who makes her work life easier. As we ALL DO in our own personal situation. Simone does not do that for Kate and Courtney does. I am on neither side of the Riley/Kevin battle. Both are raging assholes and it seemed to me that neither was right but the crew sided against whichever one had been assholey to them. Riley had a valid point about Kevin BUT she ruined that for me when she turned on Tanner and Ashton for no good reason. Kevin's point was ludicrous though and he needed to humor Riley and just order the damn chicken wings or give her the menu so she could get something she liked. Both appeared to be spoiling for a fight with someone else (Kevin vs Kate? Riley vs Ashton?) but just took the first opportunity to swing their dicks to demonstrate they WILL NOT BE PUSHED AROUND. Well, great! Kevin is still seen as an asshole by the people who thought he was an asshole before, and Riley is still seen as an asshole by everyone she works with. Wonderful job, people!
  3. That saggy breasted woman was a fright! And for the LOVE OF GOD, they are BREASTS, NOT BEWBS. You are a grown woman. Use the correct words! Nose woman was so pretty. I thought her nose gave her face character...and personality. I find it difficult to believe that random strangers come up to her face at her restaurant to insult her nose and scars. Maybe they were family members of hers who were just a little too blunt. I agreed with Paul that her expectations were unrealistic and he did a much better job. And SHUT UP, Terry.
  4. Those kids didn't blink an eye. I can't imagine the home life they have to provoke absolutely no reaction from witnessing yelling and shoving and f-bombardment (Lacey: Watch your language in front of the kid you f*&^% piece of sh$%^).
  5. Who is the daddy, Lacey???? Do you even know? Ugh, Cheryl. My sister had a better castle??!! Talk about sibling rivalry. And the sister said she had to go home because she missed her kids...crickets from Mother of the Year Cheryl. Josh seems simple. Simple tastes, simple desires. Cheryl is twisted, wanting the American Dream but has no idea that her desires will never be realized because she wants what she wants when she wants it. I would commit suicide if I had to listen to Glorietta and her mother talk for more than one minute. OMG those baby voices. Angela, you creaky old broad, you should have listened to your sister. I do love Tony's CRAZY eyes in his photo. Serial killer looks, or what?
  6. Thank! I didn't know Ali had used...I thought Ry un was the only addict in the family...well, except for the whole Connor Clan's addiction to disastrous plot lines!
  7. Can someone fill me in on why sadsack Ali dumped Maria? I mean, they are the only two young adults with any kind of ambition and higher education (Ali, anyway).
  8. I just wish some Walking Dead characters would take lessons from Margaret Booth and other psychotic AHS characters and just KILL annoying people. How many times do I shout "Just kill him!" at random good guys, when geez, AHS kills off people right left and center. Even if they never stay dead for long LOL!
  9. Nope, I live in a border state. BUT I just checked and it's back up! I have missed a whole bunch of plot, but I guess I'll be able to figure it out (and ask all you wonderful Corrie lovers for some background if that's not too obnoxious of me).
  10. My cable company has lost its connection to the CBC satellite so I haven't seen any Corrie for a month. The last scene I watched has Beth notice a lump on Sinead's neck. Sounds like I am missing a whole tragic death plotline. Poor Bertie. Poor Daniel (though I often can't stand him).
  11. Morning, cat on my lap, coffee and Love After Lockup...the perfect beginning to the day 😉
  12. My two takeaways from trying to watch this show while falling asleep three...yes, three...times: Walking hunched over like Alpha does doesn't look anything like the stumbling gait of a real walker and ouch, her back must hurt after a few hours of doing that; and Beta's mask looks like a wasp's nest, not like skin. So that wasn't worth the effort of rewinding four times to get through the show.
  13. The major question I have is why would there be so many zombies at an abandoned wild west show at all? Why are there so many dead people? I can see a few ticket takers and character performers but there wouldn't be thousands of people there. How many people die in this god forsaken place? In my neighborhood, maybe one or two people will die from old age or drug overdoses, but there wouldn't be hoards of them wandering around my town every day. Also, I am very sick of Morgan's acrobatic stick-play. Just stick the zombie in the head and move on. No need for leaps and twists and wasting your goddamn energy to kill dead people. Still confused about Calamity Jane and her motivations. Tired of not understanding the dialogue because actors all talk in monotone. Isn't anyone ever joyful and excited about anything? EVER?
  14. Yeah, that's what I was calling her too, but where did she come from? Who is she??? I am so freaking confused by this season. Made worse by the fact that closed captioning does not work.
  15. I have no idea what is going on. Who is Calamity Jane? Where are all these separate people? Where did all the kids go? WHY DOESN'T MY CLOSED CAPTIONING WORK ON THIS SHOW???
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