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  1. Why didn't Bibi just ask Ari to show him her return flight reservation? As a rule, isn't it cheaper to buy a roundtrip ticket...I mean, if you ARE planning to return, that is.
  2. Ugh, Killer Clog was disgusting. Poor kitty, such a pretty cat in her pink collar. Loved the horrible landlady being dragged down with one leg hanging out.
  3. So can some kind person let me know how the last season ended? I have been watching this show on CBC and missed the final couple of episodes; was nearing the end on rerun...and my cable company dropped both Canadian channels. Curse words can be inserted. Please recap please!
  4. Some doctor on tv (maybe Dr Emma from Save My Skin?) asks the patient to curl their toes to concentrate on something other than the injection of anesthetic. That sounds like a good idea to me.
  5. Love it, too, but would it not be chat-pecheur (my keyboard doesn't appear to have the correct accent)?
  6. Well, then Antonio (?) turned the heat on the pan down way low in order not to burn or overcook the chicken breast and it was RAAAWWWW again. The last straw. ITA with an upposter wondering WHO would order chicken on steak night AND wait for an hour for it AND not order something else? DRAH-mah!
  7. Oh lort, Darcey never says even one interesting thing, even by accident. I can't imagine being stuck in an elevator with her or Stacey, for that matter. Why do I choose to spend an hour with these vapid, tacky, terribly dressed women??? What is wrong with me?
  8. I was convinced it was a "psych out" test with a twist in that the bottom five were actually the top five, with some weird conclusion to keep the "loser" but I was wrong. Bye, Keona. Reality Competition rules require at least one unfair elimination and you are the sacrificial lamb in this one.
  9. My God, TLC, we don't need 10 minutes of exposition to look at that poor man and listen to his problems. Get right to Dr. Lee. I don't need to see his niece and have him go on about how hard it is to breathe! We get it! Get that thing treated asap!
  10. Boy, real estate agents in North Carolina (?) have an interesting dress code. I guarantee, Nose Job Girl, NO ONE is looking at your nose when they can practically see your asscrack. Surfer Dude was fun. I liked the diagnosis discussion.
  11. Well of course I know that. I also laughed when the ridiculous party planner directed the chuckleheads to decorate the cake! Seriously? These dopes can't cook chicken and they are supposed to be cake decorators? Just no...
  12. One thing I noticed: he never went hungry! I was craving Mom's little butter tarts and those ginormous veal chops. Gah, my mouth was watering!
  13. I can't imagine any self-respecting 21 year old wanting to have her birthday party cooked by a bunch of sweaty youngsters who are being yelled at by her father. Who thought that up, Gordon? And how stupid was the "planner" ordering the kids to count out 21 purple and pink candies for the favor boxes? What, you couldn't order a bag each of purple and pink candies instead of a pointless effort in picking out each color from a rainbow bag? Dumb, useless and an idiotic favor box. Give 'em all nips of booze instead. Or gift cards for a fancy cocktail. 21 stupid candies? Are they ten?
  14. I recorded "new" Dr Pimplepopper shows over night yesterday. The guide said they were aired early in 2021 and since I am not a D+ subscriber, and I didn't recognize the cases from the description, I figured they were first aired on D+ so I recorded them. They were new to me so I figure if you are careful, you'll see the paid content eventually on regular cable. And that's okay by me!
  15. To tell you my truth, I didn't think either real (not famewhore) patient looked that bad compared with some of the horror show cases we've seen in the past. I know I am not living in their bodies, but I wouldn't have run screaming away from either one. The side-by-sides at the end didn't look that different to me. I agree that Triplet Sister had the potential to turn into a plastic surgeon's dream/nightmare. Color me surprised she was happy with the results. Or maybe she just needs more time to focus on her breasts...or stomach...or butt, especially if the sister's (fill in random body part) l
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