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  1. I am so glad that what started Jake out of his depression was an insult about Pebbles. Never insult my cat! He's the only thing that is preventing a major breakdown. Keep the cat happy. Clean the litter box daily. Know you are loved.
  2. I actually liked the Clap Back song. It has some interesting rhythms. Most of Rupaul's songs are forgettable, but this one is okay. I also wish Juju had won. I think she is the WHOLE package, and when she talked about the cat sanctuary, my cold black heart melted just a bit. Shae appeared entitled and she has had too many fashion failures (that uglyass picnic bridal dress, ugh. And the last outfit (freak out) looked like it had been created from a pile of scraps from Joanne's Fabrics). I mean, I get that she won, but I don't have to like it. And I still love Miz Cracker. Not her year, but I think she is the funniest of the final three and that goes far with me. I seriously dislike India, am "meh" on Alexis. Her look is terribly dated. Blair, bless her heart, gorgeous drag but so not entertaining to watch.
  3. Every time I see Tania I see that annoying woman in the credit company ad that denies the poor guy a loan, and I wonder if Tania got an acting job.
  4. Okst so this question may be a little obscure but it's driving me crazy. I am watching CBC reruns of SC for the first time. I recall, back in the days of The Soup a clip of an African American woman who would make her eyes bulge out. The woman was never identified to my knowledge, but I *think* it might have been Ronnie. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  5. Tacky tacky jewellery. The Jared Kushner look-alike primary seems okay, but what a punchable face. And why doesn't he exert some control over douchy jewellery guy? I would never admit to being that guy's friend.
  6. This is what I was annoyed about. If my lunch or dinner is late, I would just get up from the damn table and stretch out on a deck chair and read and maybe have a drink until the plates are ready. Because why would you sit there staring at your friends for over an hour for no good teason when you can stare at the gorgeous scenery. Except for breakfast. I wake up hungry and that can become hangry awful quick! There are some nice breakfast places where I live but the lines are too long so I won't wait around!!
  7. Okay, I stand corrected. Now I am not so happy for him. (Snerk)
  8. I choose to be amused as well. I think that geeky guy has cojones.
  9. Never heard it before, but then I am certainly not in Fat boy Slim's target market. But girl singer needs to enunciate better so as not to be taken for a cannibal.
  10. That Pepto soloist guy is Randy Rainbow. He does song parodies (political) on YouTube (I presume, I usually just see them on FB). I am thrilled he's making good coin on a national commercial. Like even though I think JG Wentworth is a terrible company taking money from financially-distressed people, I am glad some opera singers (again, I presume) are making money singing that ridiculously catchy jingle.
  11. There's a new commercial for Advil, black and white photos of women working, momming, exercising, to a soulful song with the last refrain, "I'd like to braise you like I should." Um, what? (I know, it's probably not, but that's what I hear.
  12. I say Cen tar. So I would have said Mo tar and I say this is a dumb commercial! And with that, I bid you wonderful watchers good night!
  13. Me again. They don't say MO taur. They say MO TOR. I might have gotten the reference if they pronounced it CORRECTLY. Gah. (Thanks for the explanation)
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