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  1. In the Jerry episode, Monica kept wiping her eyes as if she was crying but there were no tears at all. Her eyes were completely dry. She seems to care about these kids only insofar as they can help her coaching reputations. Once that purpose ends, they’re dead to her. I’m sure she was upset about how Jerry’s crimes impacted Navarro’s reputation and the team’s PR opportunities, but she sure didn’t seem to be shedding tears over him as a person.
  2. Cameo is just pre-recorded celebrity messages. I guess Candi is a 5-minute chat. I would never pay to talk to a celeb, but people love giving Cameos as gifts so I guess Candi thinks they can do similarly. I would think a 5-minute conversation with a stranger would be super-awkward. On another note, my husband and I were looking at the Cameo website and the most expensive celeb on there is Mr. Wonderful.
  3. Please explain why no one, including Miranda herself, has uttered the word “divorce”. She clearly had no affection towards Steve, finds him irritating and embarrassing and isn’t attracted to him. Their sex life is dead (which, if I recall correctly, was exactly why he cheated on her in the movie and she found it virtually unforgivable, but I digress). Just split up. It’s fine. It happens. No one cares.
  4. So what was the point of that oil tycoon guy they introduced early on that we saw Angela’s daughter protesting? He literally had zero to do with anything. I kept waiting for him to matter and… nothing.
  5. The wedding business is back to business as usual here in the south where the “pandemic is over” attitude rules the day. And wedding novelties never have repeat customers, but brides will buy 5-10 of them at a time for their entire wedding party. Yes, it’s dumb, but there are plenty of dumb novelties that have done just fine. The “inventors” won’t be rich, but they were supporting their 7 kids on their original jobs as a hairdresser and whatever he was before, they’ll figure it out now.
  6. The bouquet flask thing really isn’t meant for drinking while walking down the aisle. It’s meant for silly photos of the bridesmaids to show how “fun” and irreverent they are. I can imagine every 22 year old southern sorority bride buying one for all her attendants, taking those photos, and thinking the flask bouquet is the funniest thing they’ve ever seen (I live in the south). They’ll be a fine novelty business and their 7 kids will be fine now that the show have them good advertising.
  7. Most smart people know better than to take Fox News seriously about stuff like that (which the channel on The Good Fight is obviously supposed to be). I couldn’t imagine caring if they claimed my marriage was a sham.
  8. Are we supposed to believe that none of these professionals knows how to put their phones on silent or vibrate?
  9. I saw the “I admired your father” comment more as shade with plausible deniability.
  10. Did I miss an episode where Jane suddenly got an inheritance or won the lottery so that she can afford to travel the world on freelance-writer money? Letting her do that with a stable Scarlet paycheck would have been the smart decision, so of course she turned that offer down. The fact that Kat doesn’t realize she won’t have time to be both EIC and run her Don’t Turn Away vertical is a big problem. After all, we just saw that Jane as acting EIC didn’t even have time to pee. Who is going to run her oh-so-important cause now?
  11. If it’s only supposed to have been a year since the show began, the notion of making Jane EIC is even more laughable. I think this show really wanted us to think Jacqueline is this amazing boss/mentor who we should all admire and wish was our boss. Instead she just seems like a moron with bad judgment that she’s so delusional about Jane’s abilities.
  12. It’s like how Gawker (RIP) had separate sub-sites for different topics (Jezebel, Jalopnik, Deadspin, etc.). Those sub-sites were verticals. I will only be satisfied at this point if Jane gets demoted for her terrible mismanagement. She managed 2 people: one she treated like gold because she wanted to bone him and one she demoralized because she was distracted by wanting to bone the other one. She’s proven she isn’t ready and isn’t a leader. It’s also a shame that Kat’s failed run for city council didn’t motivate her to get more involved in actual community organizing rather
  13. I was sufficiently satisfied with the ending. I was glad it didn’t end with Charles and Liza together— he clearly wasn’t able to fully trust her and she would have spent the entire relationship walking on eggshells. She deserves to have some fun with Josh again instead of all that melodrama. As for Kelsey, she’s at the right age and time of work/life to be making big moves and stretching herself, so it makes sense for her to progress beyond the same old same old that would have inevitably happened if she stays in NYC. Lauren was always more of a “character” than a person so I’m fi
  14. What teenager in this day and age prints photographs? I don’t buy Erin having a print of the photo of the selfie she took with John in bed. It’s not like she was planning to frame it for the mantle. This series was mediocre. Great performances that elevated a not great script.
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