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  1. marny

    The Bold Type

    There is nothing worse than the guy who stands up at a panel to “ask a question” but actually gives a self-centered or self-involved diatribe. I’d dump Ryan for that, regardless of the cheating.
  2. marny

    S05.E02: Smithereens

    Ugh, yes. And when the guy is sitting in the car motionless, it's too risky for the sniper to take the shot. Yet when he and the hostage are struggling and moving around so that there's zero ability to be certain about your aim, that's suddenly the time to take the shot? Nice police work, guys.
  3. marny

    S05.E02: Smithereens

    Wow, I expected to see more people who thought this episode was as lame as I did. To me, it was virtually a long PSA about the dangers of texting while driving. Yes, phones and social media are addictive. Duh. They’ve done countless segments on the Today Show about this. This episode had nothing new to say. And Topher Grace was more Jack from Twitter than Zuckerberg with his silly new Age retreats and man-bun.
  4. marny

    The Bold Type

    Agreed. It was more of a digital story in the first place. And I get them wanting to relate it to the digital/print conflict story. But in doing so, it made Jacqueline seem incompetent (to me) for not understanding how magazine timelines work. Well, now there’s a big gap in the next issue that Jane can fill with her whining about her boyfriend and examining the question of whether a drunk kiss is worth ending a relationship over. Also, Pinstripe is a dummy for telling her.
  5. marny

    The Bold Type

    Why on earth would they confront the photographer when the story is still 3 weeks out from publication?? Did they think she was just going to shrug and say, "Oh well, guess there's nothing I can do."? Usually you seek response quotes from the subject at the very last moment for exactly this reason- to prevent the chance of being scooped or your story being manipulated. Are they new at this?!?
  6. I know it isn't the point but Kyra Sedgewick looked amazing.
  7. marny

    Season One Discussion

    I think it was more like saying a dude can chug a bottle of alcohol and choose to rape a woman or he can chug a bottle of alcohol and choose not to rape a woman. But if he does do it, he'll probably blame the alcohol.
  8. marny


    Honestly, the idea of showing the world that I eat enough fast food nuggets in my car to necessitate a specialized device to make it more efficient is horrifying. If I had it attached to my air vent and a friend saw it in my car and I had to explain it, I’d be super-embarrassed.
  9. marny


    I thought it was strange that Mark's interest in Somnifix was specifically about a sports application in that it seems like a product that REALLY wouldn't work for sports, even if they can figure out the adhesive/sweat issue. For most team sports, the players need to be able to talk to each other-- good luck doing that when your mouth is taped shut. Plus, a player would have to take it off every time he/she needs to drink something, which is constant throughout most games. So you'd be going through dozens of those strips per player per game. This is why those Breathe Right strips make way more sense for sports-- you can keep your nasal passages open for breathing without interrupting your ability to use your mouth.
  10. marny


    From what he said, I think the fee is always a flat $3. Since the max you can withdraw is $100, that's where the 3% language came from. It was confusing, but I think when he and Kevin were talking about the different fees between Spare and normal ATMs, they started talking in "percent" language and that just wound up sticking. But yeah, 3% would be great for the consumer if it applied to all small transactions, however the partner businesses would make no money.
  11. marny

    S10.E13: Episode 13

    Are people eating exclusively sub sandwiches these days? My husband and I were cracking up at the notion of a product designed for literally one type of sandwich. The bread aisle at the grocery store is 95% square slices of sandwich bread, which won’t fit in that dumb tube. But they got a deal, so what do we know?
  12. marny

    S10.E11: Episode 11

    I already do Dollar Shave Club subscription service and the razors are white. I’ve somehow still felt sufficiently feminine. Also the DSC subscription price is much cheaper than hers, so she is pretty much charging a “pink tax” after all.
  13. marny

    S07 E22 Chelsea & Lennie

    Tallulah showed more personality than Jim Carey’s daughter, but I think Nev needs a more cynical co-host. Max’s charm was being frank about these dumb relationships.
  14. marny


    Ugh. So much time wasted on characters who didn’t matter at all.
  15. Hee, "Zack Pizzazz". Complete with jazz hands.