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  1. I saw the “I admired your father” comment more as shade with plausible deniability.
  2. Did I miss an episode where Jane suddenly got an inheritance or won the lottery so that she can afford to travel the world on freelance-writer money? Letting her do that with a stable Scarlet paycheck would have been the smart decision, so of course she turned that offer down. The fact that Kat doesn’t realize she won’t have time to be both EIC and run her Don’t Turn Away vertical is a big problem. After all, we just saw that Jane as acting EIC didn’t even have time to pee. Who is going to run her oh-so-important cause now?
  3. If it’s only supposed to have been a year since the show began, the notion of making Jane EIC is even more laughable. I think this show really wanted us to think Jacqueline is this amazing boss/mentor who we should all admire and wish was our boss. Instead she just seems like a moron with bad judgment that she’s so delusional about Jane’s abilities.
  4. It’s like how Gawker (RIP) had separate sub-sites for different topics (Jezebel, Jalopnik, Deadspin, etc.). Those sub-sites were verticals. I will only be satisfied at this point if Jane gets demoted for her terrible mismanagement. She managed 2 people: one she treated like gold because she wanted to bone him and one she demoralized because she was distracted by wanting to bone the other one. She’s proven she isn’t ready and isn’t a leader. It’s also a shame that Kat’s failed run for city council didn’t motivate her to get more involved in actual community organizing rather
  5. I was sufficiently satisfied with the ending. I was glad it didn’t end with Charles and Liza together— he clearly wasn’t able to fully trust her and she would have spent the entire relationship walking on eggshells. She deserves to have some fun with Josh again instead of all that melodrama. As for Kelsey, she’s at the right age and time of work/life to be making big moves and stretching herself, so it makes sense for her to progress beyond the same old same old that would have inevitably happened if she stays in NYC. Lauren was always more of a “character” than a person so I’m fi
  6. What teenager in this day and age prints photographs? I don’t buy Erin having a print of the photo of the selfie she took with John in bed. It’s not like she was planning to frame it for the mantle. This series was mediocre. Great performances that elevated a not great script.
  7. I think John told Lori that Billy killed Erin and fathered her baby knowing she would tell Mare. He included the “Don’t tell Mare” instruction because he wanted it to seem like he wanted to cover up his brother’s secret. But he knew she wouldn’t be able to hide it from Mare. That way, when he kills Billy and makes it seem like a suicide, Mare will just assume he did it out of guilt for killing Erin. There was no other reason to tell Lori other than to ensure it got back to Mare.
  8. It’s hard to buy the sharks saying stuff like “5% doesn’t get me out of bed in the morning” when we watched several of them beg that other company for 3% of the business a few weeks ago. But consistency has never been strong with the sharks.
  9. It seems that Mark and Damon are the only ones who remember why this show started— to give entrepreneurs who may not be able to get investors or help any other way a chance to succeed. The fact that a company with $6.5 million in the bank and a $32 million valuation was able to get a slot on this show and get an investment grossed me out. I was glad to see Mark and Damon acknowledge that this show isn’t meant for him and the producers shouldn’t have cast that bottle company.
  10. As other have mentioned, the fact that the Matte gets placed over the sink would be a problem. I wash my hands throughout my makeup process, so I’d keep having to clear it off, move it aside, then set it back up. It’s really not so hard to keep your makeup in a bag and take out each item as you need it. To me, it seemed more useful for someone who gets ready in their bedroom but doesn’t want to get their dresser (or, let’s be honest, their bed) messy from all the loose powder particles and creams so it would work like a placemat. Maybe she should pivot to that as its purpose.
  11. Imagine spending $63,000 to create a dumb product instead of just telling your daughter to clean up after herself.
  12. I’ve seen Kendra Scott jewelry at many department stores— it’s usually the stuff on racks, not behind the counter. And always on sale. It’s not particularly special, but it’s a good price point if you want to sell high volumes of merchandise and it’s inexpensive enough that customers will be able to buy more of it as jewelry trends change. She’d be a good partner if your company wants to sell mid-level retail merchandise, but I’m curious what else she’d actually bring to the table besides money.
  13. Yeah, when Kevin jumps in to point out how mean your deal is, you know it’s mean.
  14. Agreed. The entrepreneurs claimed that it was good for situations when you don’t have refrigeration (like camping) but aren’t you putting the “slice” on something that would need to be refrigerated anyway? It’s one of those ideas that should have been dismissed after the entrepreneurs thought about it for more than 5 minutes.
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