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    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    IDK, Craig's eyeliner didn't bother me I just found it kinda of odd and a bit random
  2. Dirtybubble

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    Yes to all of this! More Pat, Michael, Whit, and less of everyone else. Hey what ever happened to the 2nd butler Patricia hired a few seasons ago? (S4 or 5 I think) Danni is a nice girl and her mom is lovely but when they started up with that freeze your eggs b.s. I got horrible flashbacks to Tinz and her mom on RHONY. Please GOD NO MORE frozen egg story lines!
  3. This is definitely a video to watch with the volume turned down. Visually I luved it but good lawd her singing and her rapping/spoken word oof. 🤢
  4. Dirtybubble

    Celebrity Family Feud

    I was wondering that too but LVP has all Giggy in front of the camera ALL THE TIME and in restaurant's, shops, etc. so I guess he's used to it *shrug*
  5. Dirtybubble

    Barbara Kavovit: The Pink Hammer

    So now that the season is winding down, what's the final word on Barbara? Should she come back next season? I've never been a big fan of her but last week's episode, the way Ramona treats her, I really felt bad for Baps. She's not allowed to eat at the cool kids table. And I agree with what Bethany was saying she just doesn't fit it. Maybe it's simply different personalities aren't meshing, IDK. Her only real friend is Lu and good LAWD Lu has proven she's not really that great of a friend. I know she's friends with Sonja and seems to be doing better with Dorinda but because she isn't tight with anyone she just seems to be out of sync with everyone. Like I said I mostly feel bad for her but enh if she isn't back next season I wouldn't be disappointed.
  6. Dirtybubble

    Celebrity Family Feud

    LVP and Giggy! WhooHooo! Boy I was a happy clam last night! The only thing that would have made that better is Ken playing along as well. The Vanderpump Rules cast can be fun to watch when they aren't being complete A-holes!
  7. Dirtybubble

    S15.E04: Week 4: Boston, Massachusetts

    Pete the Pilot: "Will you be my girlfriend?" Ugh what a cheese ball! And they way Hanna flip out over that!? Jeez what are they 12?
  8. Dirtybubble

    Bachelor in Paradise 6: Speculation and Spoilers

    I don't remember like anything about her. Nothing at all....
  9. Dirtybubble

    S06.E03: Slide Into Your Dms Like . . .

    I too like Cameron. She reminds me of a den mother. She's always the sane one of the group and a lot of times is the only one with any sense. Chelsea, Danni, and Naomi are all nice, pretty, likeable people but honestly they are all interchangeable. They all look alike to me and behave the same so IDK I struggle to tell the difference between the 3 of them. At least Katherine has some fire in her (and her flaming red hair helps). Craig is definitely the cat's pajamas...meow. I used to like Shep but lately he is just seems to be a bit annoying. Still missing T-Rav! He is reality t.v. gold.
  10. Please do! B is my fav on this show and she has briefly spoken about her childhood and her mom. I guess it would be verbal abuse she suffered but not 100% sure. ITA with everyone on Sonja's behavior towards Tej. Right now Tinsley & Barbara are the only ones looking good on this show. I'm not a Barbara fan but boy that burned me up the way Ramona treated her. I would have flipped Ramona off after she gave me that pity invite and gone out on my own. Gah these women are exhausting!
  11. Sonja getting upset at Lu and Ramona over these men is just stupid to me. She brought it on herself. You don't want to be treated like sh!t Sonja stop acting like sh!t. She's an embarrassment , a disgusting foul slob and she wonders why these women are more successful than her?! Ho puhleez
  12. My fear is what it's gonna take is one of these women (either on this show or another H.W. franchise) to drop dead and the family sue Miss Andy and/or Bravo for this sh!t.
  13. Dirtybubble

    What We Do In The Shadows

    I too am totally bummed about the season finale. "People love pinatas. Someone's got to breed those colorful donkeys." Oh hell Gizmo is 1% vampire slayer?! Laszlo better watch out; I predict he's going to suffer Guillermo's wrath first. I was sure Laszlo was a gonner when he was yelling about those wooden stakes. Who knew you could order those from Amazon. "Well you better drive back to the Amazon and return them!"
  14. Dirtybubble

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    IDK I kinda like this commercial. Him "storming" off staying he's going for a drive "AT THE SPEND LIMIT" is just too funny. Enh her eating in his apt. just seems like revenge too me. Bwhahaha!
  15. Dirtybubble

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    OMG I live just outside of Myrtle Beach (Conway) and of course we don't get commercials to vaycay in MB in general but we do get commercials for things to do in MB (Myrtle Waves, Broadway at the Beach, etc.) Please if you can post some of those commercials you guys see. I would luv to see that. Yup they're still there! Well actually Giants isn't really around anymore but oh yeah there are still a bunch of Eagles and Wings beach store and yeah they are still low rent souvenir shops. There's more upscale, expensive shopping to be had but unfortunately the cheap crap is still there too.
  16. Dirtybubble

    Favorite Commercials

    "Duncan no sleepies." Ha that's one of my favs too.
  17. Dirtybubble

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    I like Craig, I really do but this article just screams pretty, rich, white boy problems. I think he has the best intentions but hell if everyone could just pack up and go to the Caribbean for 2 or 3 months sure we'd all be a lot better. I don't think he grasps with seriousness of mental health issues both financially and physically. https://www.realitytea.com/2019/05/28/southern-charm-star-craig-conover-said-he-had-depression-after-breakup-with-naomie-olindo/
  18. Dirtybubble

    Bachelor in Paradise 6: Speculation and Spoilers

    Ugh Bibiana AGAIN!? There should be some sort of rule that if you were on BIP in a previous season you don't get to come back!
  19. I don't know how true this is but I can see it happening. https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/05/luann-de-lesseps-fired-rhony-probation-violation/
  20. Dirtybubble

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    I simply CAN NOT with these 2 people. If there is anyone I disliked more than Ashley it was Landon. Good Lawd she was insufferable https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/this-may-be-why-ashley-jacobs-from-southern-charm-wants-to-bond-with-landon-clements.html/
  21. Dirtybubble

    S11.E12: Luann Land

    I understand that but if that's the case she shouldn't have brought it up at all in front of Sonja and Dorinda. The fact that she even mentioned this 2nd bday party made it seem like she was rubbing it in their face.
  22. Dirtybubble

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    Not a lot to do, really? I'm 2 hrs from Charleston and I would say there's a lot to do. There are sooo many restaurants, museums, shopping, historical homes, old cemeteries, Fort Sumter, Patriots Pointe, sooooo much to see. Yeah it's not as fast paced as NYC or LA but enh that's why I like it. Yeah the traffic is stupid there. I highly recommend just find a parking garage and do a walking tour.
  23. Dirtybubble

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    Another point about Shep: the bike story just shows how selfish he really is. I'm glad Austen and Craig called him out on that. He's frat boy, man-child shtick was funny S1 thru S3 but now it's just tiresome. Yawn, show SOME growth or get off my tv b/c you are boring! As far as Whit and Kat goes, enh Ive always wanted to see them at least try at a relationship but this whole secrecy stuff makes it seem like Whitney is still embarrassed to be seen with her. :( I wish the editing wasn't so choppy when Kat was spilling the tea to the other girls about her and Whit. GURL! I wanna know if he's good in bed!! What is this he's not bad business ?!
  24. Dirtybubble

    Eliza Limehouse: Charm Skips the 16th Generation

    Enh, I don't hate her. I watch a lot of HW franchises so compared to some of those howling monkeys she's ok. IDK, I still feel like there is this desperate rush to replace T-Rav and nobody is going to come close to his sliminess