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  1. LOVE this one as well! Although I don't see the problem with letting the manager know when an employee has provided excellent service. It happens so rarely now and it's usually when someone (KAREN) is pissed off that anything is said so yay for positivity! Had to laugh at his astonishment to all the water choices.
  2. I understand they wanting a big, celebratory wedding and not keep their marriage a secret but PLEASE give your father some time to process everything. For him these are HUGE steps! Ari pissed me off with the couldn't we have just driven here comment! And then all of that was just to get Bini to see how much he deserves her?! Way to crap on his religion American! Why not at least try to experience a spiritual journey?
  3. I'm cool with the idea of her returning. She wasn't the most exciting person on the show but she was likeable and it will give Craig a new storyline maybe....
  4. Does this mean Captain Sandy won't be back for a new season
  5. I haven't seen this episode yet but I wanted to comment on the Lloyd situation because he has mentioned in previous episodes about having anxiety issues when fighting and loud angry voices (I believe is what he said). I adore him, he is a beautiful person HOWEVER if that is what causes his anxiety he does NOT need to be on reality tv! What the fudge was he thinking?? Again luv him but wow he is in over his head with this. And yeah he's really, really lucky he has a supportive, caring deck crew and boss. Any other bosun (Ashton, Joao UGH!), would have eaten him alive. Just sayin'....
  6. This is SO like my husband! No matter what amazing place we go it's the parking lot that fascinates him. When we speak to our friends about the trip he is quick to bring up the parking. The parking lot makes or breaks the entire day for him *face palm*
  7. See for me at least Mat apologized for his actions and seems sincere when he does so. To me he seems to show regret for his behavior. Lexi never gave a sincere apology to anybody except for maybe Malia and she obvs doesn't seem regretful. I guess it just depends on what you can tolerate. Yeah Mat poked the bear with his comments but when people throw rocks she threw hand grenades!
  8. Oof I was going to ask if there were any restrictions for Americans traveling to Eastern Europe. I guess you've had your vaccine so your safe in that dept. I pay all my bills online too so maybe pull up your acct for water, electric, etc and see if you can print past bills... I hope it works out for you
  9. ITA! Explore the world in comfort that sounds like my kinda cruise! Floating down the Nile while sipping wine and enjoying views from a nice balcony--yes please!
  10. Are the Viking Cruises the low key ones? I think I've seen ads on Antiques Roadshow and it seems like they are a little more for older adults, a little more educational than these Disney cruises which seem to be NUTS! I would LOVE to take a low key cruise like that somewhere fun.
  11. WORD! She could have verbalized her explanation of robotic sex we didn't need visuals 🤢 🤮 I don't understand why that question was even asked. We could have figure it out on our own. I guess the new girl is ok. Her kids are super cute though especially the young girl. I would rather listen to her silly jokes and inability to pronounce spices than hear Brooks whiny ass voice any day of the week! I hate that he is on EVERY SINGLE EPISODE and that HE is Meredith's story line! UGH! Go back to fighting with your husband or something!
  12. I was wondering that myself. Either she didn't actually sleep that long or idk maybe everyone else sat around and drank or wandered around before they sat down to eat. *shrug* I don't know if Lexi was drinking as much as Mzi but maybe she just wanted to take a break from them and fell asleep...idk. David seemed like he was sleeping a lot as well but I figured he probably didn't sleep well the night before because of his leg injury. Using the R word was not ok and then saying his parents should have aborted him was wrong on sooo many levels. This is what I've noticed about Lexi--w
  13. So I've been catching up on previous seasons of B.D. and Med. and I've seen PLENTY of deckhands have trouble tossing the heaving lines. A LOT of them miss the first couple of times. Why is this such an issue now?? Why has Malia got to dive under the yacht to fix a prop?? Just because Delaney wasn't able to land the heaving line the first couple of times? None of it makes sense. And why is Delaney getting FIRED and not the lazy a$$ resting on the job? Lets keep the toxic bitch that lashes out at everyone and has made errors in the past and get rid of the stew who is trying really hard an
  14. Ok I was going to post this. Who the fudge is this dude and WHY is he in every single commercial I see?? Tostitos, Verizon, Citi cash card, UGH! And I think he was on the Met Gala early this week. Why?? Ok, just Googled him and apparently he's on Schitt's Creek--never seen it. He's the salsa and chip guy to me =)
  15. It really amazes me how much I like these couples on P.T. compared to on their original seasons! Brandon & Julia, Andrei & Elizabeth, Asuelo & Kalani all of them are so much more tolerable on this show. And all had some pretty funny and really insightful comments.
  16. I think it's her elongated face that's a bit off. It's more noticeable when she pulls her hair back in a ponytail. When she wears her hair down she's much more attractive IMO. She has an AMAZING body, great skin, etc so she has A LOT going for her. She does seem to be a genuinely nice person but yeah I could never take her seriously with that voice. I too thought she might just be a I.G. model--I thought it was weird the way David and Mzi were going on and on about how attractive she looked in her I.G. pictures a few episodes ago. It seemed a little out of character for them and I wonder
  17. I had forgotten how much I disliked Brook's voice and in turn Meredith's voice! I can tolerate Meredith but I was praying Brookes wouldn't be on this season and jeez there he is first episode. Ugh God I hate this guy
  18. I think Courtney just likes to flirt. I've noticed her flirting a bit (a little bit) with Mat and to me it seems harmless fun just to pass the time. Maybe Mzi is taking this a little more seriously than her *shrug* ITA! I get they can't go to clubs this season because of Covid but I would rather watch them spinning around on the lazy Susan any day of the week than watch these ultra macho guys of past seasons (Ashton, Adam, etc.) act like complete a-holes! I will admit what Mat said to Lexi was extremely rude and he shouldn't have brought her parents into the convo but dan
  19. I don't understand Katie's constant stress over the Delani situation. What situation is there?? She seems to be a fairly decent stew so keep her. And ask the Capt. if she can fire Lexi. If not then she stays and everybody else (MATT) can STFU about it. I've stood up for Matt in the past but he really pissed me off this episode. What business is it of his to tell Katie what to do? Add extra pressure on her to fire Delani and for what? Just so he can get his cabin back? Yeah loosing the extra tip money sucks and yeah it does boil down to Lexi but dang give Katie a break will ya??
  20. Meh it may be fun! I don't despise them the way I do other couples so they should be fun to watch.
  21. So far I like all the couples on P.T.! All had good/funny comments and it's nice to take a bread from David and Annie, they can be so friggin ANNOYING! Andrei and Libby especially seem to be much more tolerable on this show than on their original season
  22. So my DVR didn't record Pillow Talk for the new season. Is it airing on TLC or is it just on Discovery + ?
  23. OMG Kyle NOBODY CARES about that crappy American Woman t.v. show! And I can assure you nobody saw it! That entire conversating with her Kathy is just pointless =(
  24. 😆😆😆 Thank God for closed captioning because I wouldn't be able to understand what she is saying either. I didn't know if it was her accent or what....*shrug*. Either way I still like her and she seems like a fun, cool, party girl. Having said that I don't think her and Z will last past this charter but cute flirtation on the job is a fun way to pass the time =)
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