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  1. I know who you are talking about.
  2. Ok, this will be my last post on the matter. Most of the people who have responded here have had good points to make and thankfully most have been supportive. However, I feel like I have gone from just trying to give an update on the situation and possibly get a little support in a place that I have found to be a safe place to talk about this to defending myself for posting. This may not be the place to talk about this in one person's view, but a lot of other people have posted here about similar life problems, and I have posted here before about it. My main point in my last few posts has been
  3. I agree that no one here is under an obligation to agree with or believe anyone. I simply don't believe it is the business of anyone here to decide who is lying and who is not. As I said, doubt all you want, but don't accuse people of lying when you are not in any position to know what is going on.
  4. It is not wrong to question what one hears or reads. It is hurtful to see a situation that is literally dangerous to an innocent child questioned. This situation is one I have talked about on here for a very long time. None of it is fiction. All of it is horrifying to be in the middle of and to watch. There are a couple of people on this board who seem to be determined to "prove" that I am lying. It has been done to others here as well. One of them has literally accused me of writing things that I never wrote. At one time I thought one or both of them was my niece because of the way some of th
  5. I remember Razing Ruth. I was on the verge of sending her some money when she was exposed. Looking back, there were signs that she was lying but she was very convincing at first. She is one reason I don't post that much. As Zoomama said, some of us have things going on in our lives that are so bizarre that it would seem they can't possibly be true, but sadly they are. The world is full of grifting, lying, abusive people who cause tremendous problems for their victims and create havoc wherever they go. All we, as their victims, can do is fight wherever possible and try to get innocent people
  6. @zoomama, thank you. Janet
  7. Dear @Mindthinkr, this is such a lovely post. You are right about the difference in laws. It isvery difficult to do this long distance. Yeah, I'm so sorry your brother was forced to eat gumbo (also sarcasm). I hope he ate plenty of pralines too. I actually make a pretty mean gumbo and I'm incredibly good at buying pralines. There is a place in the French Quarter where they make the pralines in the store and you can get them as soon as they are cool. They also have a place where they make fudge. Covid has kept me away from New Orleans and I hate it. I have started to get offers from my favorite
  8. @Mindthinkr, thank you so much. You are so right about the way I feel most days. I am exhausted, and I am dealing with a couple of major health issues on top of my fibromyalgia and migraines. Some days I feel like just giving up. I get botox every three months for the migraines. The pain from the fibro is never ending. I am trying to get into a study for one of the other issues but it is in a neighboring state so the travel is challenging. Tonight I went to bed with five lidocaine patches on because I literally was in so much pain just walking was painful. I have to sleep in a recliner because
  9. As far as being duped by people on this forum, I admit that I have been fooled by a couple of people who were outed by others but I don't see the need to be mean or aggressive if you doubt something. Simply put that person on ignore. Some of us are in situations that cause major stress, I wonder every day if this abused child has attempted suicide again or has been put into yet another mental facility for "observation" based on a bogus report from her mother. Yes, this has actually happened. I have literally been told if I did not take the child in years past that she would do just that becaus
  10. To@EVS, first I hope your cancer journey ends up as a successful one. I have not had to deal with it personally but my husband is a two time survivor and I know it can be done. I hope you have people around you to love and support you. Having people who believe in your strenght can often transmit theirs to you. I will add you to my prayers from now on. As to my situation, you are right. Some people on here seem to look for reasons to doubt the experiences of others. Believe me, I would prefer not to have to put up with this and I know you would prefer to be cancer free and able to just
  11. I did not get professional courtesy on the fees. I either took advantage of free telephone consults, which a surprising number of attorneys will do, or I paid for the consults. Professional courtesy was never requested. I talked to multiole attorneys about the case because of the complexity of the case and you can never know if a chosen attorney is appropriate for your case unless you talk to them. I'm not sure why there seems to be hostility coming my way. I was simply updating the situation for the people who have offered me support and encouragement about this matter. I wouldn't dream
  12. Not here to argue, this situation is stressful enough. When asked, several attorneys did tell me that they would not be able to represent my niece due to having been told certain details about the situation by myself. These details would have possibly given my niece a heads up about our intentions with the custody case and also could have given her an advantage. As a paralegal, this is what we always go by at the firm I work for. We prefer to err on the side of caution.
  13. Hi guys, I've just been lurking lately because of the situation with the niece. The latest is that I got a continuance of the hearing for the permanent restraining order by preparing and filing it myself. A couple of days ago I got notice that the niece had aked for a three month continuance because she had an out of state court date on the new date. It makes me wonder if the out of state court date has anything to do with the fact that the original place she landed, Oregon, is the place where she moved in with some random person and them got thrown out. On the other hand, it could have
  14. I have already blocked my niece from my phone. The problem is she sent the death threat via her daughter's school computer so I answered.i have no desire to see my niece again but I think her daughter deserves a better life.
  15. As far as the temporary order, we received it on the 21st, so a week ago today, at around 8 at night, so well after hours for attorneys. From the front of the document it seems to have been signed on the 16th, so it took five days for them to get it to me. Tuesday morning I called my attorney here and he looked it over and said I should have been served with a petition first, which did not happen. He advised me to talk to a local attorney there. I literally left messages with every family law attorney in Fort Collins with no result so I had to file a motion for continuance as a person withou
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