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  1. Me too. My Saturday night lineup was: “BJ. and The Bear”, “Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island”. In those days, we only had one T.V., so we’d all gather in the living room. I missed those days and my Dad. Most of these participants are fairly good looking and seem normal. I can’t help but wonder why they had to go this route to meet a mate. Clearly, Yolanda doesn’t know an English accent.
  2. When Meri asked Robyn if she could move in with her, the blood drained from her face and she became speechless. Kody isn’t buying his wives getting along. When he saw them playing in the snow, he said he wasn’t impressed. He thought they were being silly. He thinks only one of his wives does well with plural marriage, but he won’t name her. I will; Janelle. I found it rather interesting that no one took Meri up on her offer to gather at her house.
  3. I believe the only wife who wants to live in polygamy is the one who wasn't born in polygamy. Kody said he won't name her but I will; it's Janelle. Gee, I wonder why.
  4. I believe that's Leicester and Birmingham.
  5. I believe Varya is speaking from experience.
  6. Yolanda seems like a lovely lady. I have a feeling she is being catfished..
  7. I liked Katie in the beginning, but not anymore. I thought her very disrespectful to her mother. I would be mortified if my daughter announced on national television that I had to get married because I was pregnant. That was just plain nasty and rude.
  8. I just read a tweet from Kelly saying that she wasn't invited to the WTA. I was under the impression that all the memorable contestants were invited; and Kelly was memorable. Wonder what gives. Was she too outspoken? Is there more to her and Peter that viewers aren't privy to? Is she the mystery woman his mom is begging him to bring home? Does this mean she is out of the running to be "The Bachelorette"? I need answers.
  9. Tennison cracked me up. “I feel sorry for Lamar. See you later, Lamar. I hope.” Lacey must be the only woman in town; which is why John can’t stay away from her.
  10. I am starting to believe that Jessica and Austin might not be a perfect match after all. I don’t believe she is aware of how she speaks to him or about him at times. “I make way more money than him.” “This was actually edible.” “I will make up for both of us.” He seems to be going above and beyond to make her happy but at what cost.
  11. “I like a guy who is more mysterious than he is;” said the wife who found a ton of cash and a gun in her husband’s nightstand.
  12. Someone should probably tell Katie that 26 is still relatively young. She is behaving as though it's her last chance at love. This is what happens when you watch "The Bachelor" and use it as a template.
  13. I find it rather interesting that both Taylor and Mindy didn't want their friends and family grilling their husbands. If that's the case then perhaps they shouldn't have said anything negative about them. See the thing is, when they've forgiven and forget, their family and friends won't.
  14. I think Christine’s new tag line should be, “I no longer want Sister Wives; I just want the man.”
  15. Perhaps Janelle had a second job, because she also worked as an Accountant for the State of Utah.
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