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  1. Seems to me that Chris and Alyssa should have been cut. I am sure they had time to include another couple. I had a feeling Alyssa was a narcissist when she decided to walk down the aisle by herself. She was probably hoping fellow Bostonian, Chris Evans would be waiting for her at the end of the aisle. I was shocked to hear Steve’s father call him a “vagabond” on National Television. He is clearly fed-up with his lifestyle. I still don’t believe he should have been chosen. If Mark stays with Lindsey, I have a feeling he will spend the rest of their marriage life apologizing for
  2. Abraham is a cutie. I admire Shauna's confidence. She appears to have a loving, supportive family.
  3. This was Joseph's third straight week in the bottom. He appears to be a good baker, but it was really his time to go. Poor Ellora! Always the maid of honor and never the bride.
  4. I don’t think Kody had ever forgiven Christine for not welcoming Robyn into the family with open arms. I believe he has held it against her for the 12 years. It was intensely irritating to hear him gush about Princess Ari with Trudy, whom he has neglected, sitting there. I believe the reason Christine turned red was because she was boiling inside. It must have been painful to listen to him, knowing how he had mistreated and emotionally abused her and her children.
  5. Kody said that he and Christine had been having problems for the last 12 years. Interestingly, that was right about the time Robyn joined the family. He said he isn’t bothered by the divorce, just the culpability of his part in it. But then he went on to say he doesn’t feel culpable. It’s a good thing some of those moments were immortalized on tape.
  6. That wouldn't surprise me. Last week, Alina said that now they’d had sex, she needs to hear something from Caleb about their future. I believe her plan was to manipulate him into having sex and then using it as her leverage to get a commitment. I am convinced that she pressured Elijah and Maria to grill him about his intentions. I have a feeling she misled them into believing things were more serious with Caleb than they really were.
  7. I would bet good money that blabber mouth Meri was the one who told Kody that Christine wanted to leave. I don't understand why Kody is shocked, when he admitted that their relationship has been rocky for 12 years.
  8. I am glad that Christine and Janelle see the irony of the nanny testing positive. Chuckle away, Christine, chuckle away.
  9. Imagine Kody's reaction if it were Christine, Janelle or one of "their" kids that tested positive.
  10. Last season, Rachel basically said the same thing to Jose. And we all know how that worked out.
  11. Kody said the exact same thing. LOL. Christine stated that each wife brought something special into the marriage and celebrating Joseph Smith's birthday was hers. The year Robyn joined the family, Kody put a kibosh on that, and they opted to celebrate Hanukkah, instead. I remember this clearly, because Jewish posters were outraged.
  12. Pastor Cal said that they put Alyssa and Chris together because Chris is reserve and Alyssa is the life of the party, so she will bring him out of his shell. Clearly, he hasn't met Alyssa. Keeping my fingers crossed for Lindsey/Mark and Noi/Steve.
  13. I agree. I believe it was a combination of all the above. I know I bailed after seeing Lawson and Trace at the "Insurrection."
  14. Lisa lost all respect and her “Girl from New York City” street credit, when she allowed Jen to get in her face like that. If it’s one thing we don’t do and that is back down from a fight. Our motto is: “If you start it, we will finish it.” A real New Yorker would have put her foot up Jen’s arse and and kick her off the bus.
  15. Usman insisted on taking Kimbaaaly to meet Rose. He told his “crew” that she wasn’t to be referred to as “a super fan.” She threw a hissy fit at the video shoot because she felt his team was not up to the task. All this leads me to believe that Kim is the one who is funding this video.
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