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  1. Unbelievable! Truth be told, I don't think anyone should be giving relationship advice, because none of them has an ideal situation.
  2. Without Ari, Leandro would probably still be in Argentina. When they got married, he was able to receive a green card and move to the U.S. They've been married for over ten years, so he is most likely a citizen by now. I am willing to bet her parents paid for his education. Hence why he seems so beholden to her.
  3. Yawn. Two years ago, someone posted Corey and Evelin's wedding certificate on Reddit. They have been married for about four years. Her sisters are just as ugly as they are mean. Gee Ellie, perhaps you should have thought about whether it was a good idea to visit a hurricane ravaged island, before getting on three airplanes. I couldn't believe Ari had the nerve to be upset that Bini invited his ex-girlfriend to dinner, when she invited her (ex)-husband to visit her on another Continent.
  4. It would appear that it’s okay for the women to change partners, but not the men. Most of these people were in contact before they set foot on the beach, so they know where they can stick their moral outrage and righteous indignations. I don’t feel sorry for Jessenia and Tammy. Payback for how they treated Ivan and Aaron. Who the hell died and made Joe and Riley bosses of Paradise?
  5. Zack was probably hoping he'd get an easy going, chill woman like Vanessa (Atlanta), Christine (Philly) and Karen (NOLA).
  6. I can’t help but believe that something happened between Zach and Michaela to which viewers weren’t privy. And, given how adept Michaela was in lying to the other ladies, I am not sure we will ever find out what really happened. I believe what's bothering Johnny is that Bao doesn't shower regularly. He probably won’t admit it because he doesn’t want to embarrass her.
  7. I am not condoning Brendan and Pieper's behavior, however in all fairness, most of these people show up to Paradise with a list of people they’d already been in contact with or would like to get to know better. Heck, by the time Blake arrived in Paradise couple years ago, he’d already slept with two of the women. When Natasha saw the other couples kissing and canoodling, she said that she was jealous because her relationship with Brendan lacked intimacy. That should have been a sign that he wasn’t really interested in her and was just whiling away the time. As for wanting followers and clou
  8. Oh puhleeze! If Corey had $50k, Evelin would have already taken it. Sharp Entertainment will be footing the bill.
  9. Seems to me that Bini's anger is misdirected. If anything, he should be annoyed with Ari. After all, she was the one who invited Leandro and gave him a list of what she wanted him to bring. I agree with the poster upthread who said that Evelin saw the lavish, overseas weddings of some the other 90 Dayers and wanted one too. Can't say that I blame her. I wonder how much of the $5,000 Ellie's fiance actually spent on home improvements. So, rather than marry Jenny, Sumit is going to have her join Hare Krishna. Gee, what could go wrong?!
  10. Unfortunately, the “Dead Dad Club” appears to have one of the largest memberships. I too am a member. The pain subsides, but it doesn’t go away.
  11. I have a feeling there was more to Zach and Michaela’s story than what was shown. He just happened to fall asleep in the room with his dog, then got up the next morning and left for two and a half hours without saying a word. They clearly “yada, yada” through an important scene, because Michaela was royally ticked. I thought Myrla’s apartment rather basic. She made it perfectly clear that she likes the finer things in life, so, like Gil, I too was expecting something a little more extravagant. I believe Johnny isn’t feeling Bao and is looking for an out. At this point, anything
  12. Seems Erika Jane spent $156,600 at DNA Inc. Ronald Richards tells Radar, “We have no reason to believe those charges are for any other company than her friend Lisa Rinna’s daughters’ company. It looks like she threw them a large bone with these excessive purchases. Lisa and Erika have a close relationship including sharing business managers and Lisa has taken an active role in assisting Erika since she left Tom Girardi.”
  13. I can’t help but wonder how Ari and Bini can afford a three-bedroom house and a full-time nanny when neither is gainfully employed. Someone should probably inform Bini’s mouthy sister, that inviting your ex-husband to come and stay in the home that you share with your fiancé is not “white people sh*t”, but rather Ari’s sh*t. Based on the fact that Evelin/Cory have been married for years, it would appear that they are pulling a fast one on viewers.
  14. Our former President used to make fun of Cornell grads on The Apprentice. Something about them not being real Ivy Leaguers.
  15. Dorit has a lot of nerves calling Garcelle a bully, when she is friends with Erika and Lisa, the two biggest bullies in the group.
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