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  1. I am having a hard time understanding why Jess would confide in Cyrell of all people, about wanting to sleep with Dan. Especially since they appear to have a contentious relationship. I got a kick out of Billy showing up to meet Susie’s friends wearing a t-shirt with holes and cut off jeans. I cheered when he told them off and left. Susie is really horrid and her friends are enablers.
  2. Myrka has a lot of nerves. I can’t believe she expects Ethan’s parents to take care of them. What the heck happened to her parents? While Lawrence’s mom seems over the moon about her grandchild, he couldn’t be less excited. He seems scared to death.
  3. Dimitri seemed more into Chrissie than Tayler. I thought it interesting that he said he hopes the two ladies get along, knowing that the only person they need to get along with is Ashley. Carlton had a good point that due to the newborn and pandemic, it was probably not a good time to add another wife. That Tami and Sophia overrode him, led me to believe they don’t really like each other and want a buffer. Dannielle asking Garrick why she isn't enough for him, broke my heart. I don't buy his story that Roberta said if Dani isn't happy, she is going to bail. I believe Roberta felt
  4. Tiffany has two young children. I have a feeling she gets SNAP.
  5. Angela has two daughters, Skylar and Scottie. I believe the three bi-racial kids belong to Skylar and the other three belong to Scottie. I can’t stand Charlie, but I am going to have to agree with him about Andre. That guy had a lot of nerves asking Chuck for $100K. Who the hell does he think he is? Someone should probably tell that ingrate you have to learn how to crawl before you can walk.
  6. I believe Cyrell and Jess were angry that at one point or another, Nick and Mick wrote, "leave", so they painted them in a bad light for their families. Cyrell knows that her brother is a hot head, and yet, she informed him that Nick didn't have her back. Jess insisted on bringing Mick home so that she could make him feel uncomfortable in the presence of her family. On Season Seven, several participants walked away, so their partner had no choice but to leave. I think Mick, Billy and Nick should just bail.
  7. I have a feeling Virginia, Jake, Ryan and Vinny are going to say, “divorce”.
  8. Talk about misdirected anger. Danielle is not only stupid, but she is also delusional. I can’t believe she called Roberta a liar and blamed her for what was most likely Garrick’s idea. The irony is that Roberta seems to care about her and her feelings. Garrick on the other hand, doesn’t seem to give a damn. Ashley and Dimitri looked terrified when Tayler asked to stay. I am guessing that wasn’t part of the storyline. Can’t help but wonder why Tayler is in such a rush to move in. I have a feeling Tami is pushing for a new wife to spite Sophie. Given how well that worked for Meri
  9. Ho hum! Glad Simone won. Kandi had no business in the final four let alone final two. Thought Olivia was a lock for Miss Congeniality. Saw a post by Miss Kandi saying, "see you on All Stars". Hope not, but who am I kidding.
  10. Haley should tell the truth about why she doesn’t like Jake. He is a two pump chump, whose sweat because of his diet, smells like rancid meat.
  11. I haven't been able to stop thinking about Christine since this episode aired. I noticed that she hasn't been tweeting this season. I hope she is doing well. She is and will always be my favorite. A few weeks ago, she said something in her confession that I found rather interesting. She said that she regretted putting her kids last. I have a feeling her three adult children have been in her ears about how they were raised. It’s no secret that Christine and her kids were the least of the apostles, so it would hardly come as a surprise if her children were resentful. I have a feeling her fa
  12. Tayler seems way too eager to link up with the Snowdens. I have a feeling she is a scammer. I thought it interesting that she and Chrissie had coordinated when they were going to be sleeping with Dimitri. I think that is wishful thinking on their parts, because there is no way in heck Ashley is going to put up with any of that. Hearing Garrick say that he and Roberta got that quality alone time they both needed, made me sick to my stomach. The look on Dannielle’s face when he said that she wouldn’t be needing the “baby making potion” was heartbreaking. I don’t know what to make of Rober
  13. I just can’t get over the fact that two white American males, Brandon and Jovi believe that while travelling, the same rule applies to them as it does a half Egyptian female. Especially during a pandemic. The more Julia speaks, the less I like her.
  14. That some of the other cast members were so quick to side with Andrew, led me to believe that he had been communicating with some of them. I say this because Rebecca said that she reached out to Natalie and she didn't respond. I just can't get over the judgment. I hate to break it to them, but all of their relationships are doomed. Based on the mean things Natalie said to Mike, I believe she told Sarah that all American women are whores.
  15. I found it interesting that Meri was the one who comforted Christine instead of Janelle. I thought those two had a special relationship, given the fact that Christine raised Janelle's kids. Seeing her so unhappy breaks my heart. I hope she moves back to Utah to be with her family.
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