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  1. Based on the fact that Mike chose Caelyn over Oneyka, I can't help but wonder if Rachel believes that him being the Bachelor would change his thought process. Speaking of Rachel, this is the same woman who had two white men as her final two and actually married the last one standing. All of a sudden she remembers that she is black. Bitch, please.
  2. I can't believe Deonna said that if you are going on this show, do not set your expectation too high. Given that I believe she hit the jackpot with Greg, I was surprised to hear her say that. Just because it can't be said enough - Matt is a douche bag.
  3. Not only does Iris know what Matt was thinking, but she also seems to know exactly what they should have done to fix their marriage; too bad she didn't know how to fix her own.
  4. I believe Big Red and Jamie are going to be together forever, even though they are going to break up every other week.
  5. It was almost as if Iris was trying to shame Keith into staying with her. Girl he is done. Let it go.
  6. I got the impression that Karine was happy that Paul's mom was coming too. When she told her that she was beautiful, Karine responded that she got all dolled up just for her. Pierre is such a beautiful, chubby baby. I missed how much he weighed at birth. Aladin seemed happy. I couldn't get over how much he wanted to show off old lady Laura (Nicole must be dying). Can't help but wonder what's his end game.
  7. The fact that Jenny romanticized the ordeal, "they dragged him out of my arms", led me to believe that she knew Sumit is a married man. Most women would have been on the first thing smoking that was heading to the U.S. and yet, days later she is still there. Based on her account, I think she should thank her lucky stars that they didn't beat her up.
  8. Jenny needs to stop romanticizing the situation, "they ripped him out of my arms." That crazy fool doesn't realize she could have been hurt.
  9. Where were the cameras? Must have been a sight. Jenny said, "I didn't know what to do." Here's a thought; how about you pack your stuff and get out.
  10. Rebecca's story line is fake. Let me see if I understand this. Instead of telling Zied she is married, she blurted out that she had a lesbian affair. The tattoos and the three ex-husbands didn't "make him angry", so he passed those tests. Now it's time to pull out the lesbian affair. This should really rankle him. It is all a bit much. In the current political climate, there is no way ICE is going to allow her to sponsor another K1 fiancé in the near future and TLC knows it. So, given the premise of the show, she shouldn't have been casted. I am not enjoying this season. Only Avery and Benjamin's storylines seem authentic. The others seem way over the top and hard for me to believe.
  11. It's almost as if Rebecca is going out of her way to make Zied angry. She will deliberately tell him something that she knows will upset him and then asks him with a straight face if he is angry. Based on the fact that she still has a husband, I don’t understand why she was allowed to be on a show called, “90 Days Fiancé”. Unless it’s to manufacture drama. I am so glad that Benjamin is travelling with a camera crew, because Akinyi’s brother makes me uncomfortable.
  12. I had a feeling that Rebecca was going out of her way to manufacture drama, but now I am really convinced. First, she was still married and now it's that she had a relationship with a woman. I guess the tattoos and three ex husbands weren't shocking enough.
  13. No Fievel jokes, please. That little mouse was the best baby sitter I've ever had. When my kids were toddlers, all I had to do was slip "Fievel Goes West" into the VCR and I wouldn't hear a peep for 86 minutes. Loved that little mouse.
  14. Caesar, look on the bright side. Think of all the money you will be saving.
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