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  1. I’m pretty sure there’s still a lot of round food upthread left over from all of our many Zeros, like:
  2. I rewatched most episodes because this was one of the many series I would fall asleep watching on work nights with the intent of rewatching later. But the series did not hold up enough for me to continue to rewatch more than that. Not enough comic relief to counter too much Damsel In Distress along with too much Totally Depraved Nemesis as well as too much OTT Family Drama. Currently I’m watching reruns of Castle, which often include those same plot elements I don’t like in Rizzoli and Isles, but Castle seems to have a bit more comic relief to balance them out. Monk and The Closer
  3. conscious conscience But yes, I agree.
  4. Yes, but I doubt I would've enjoyed Monk as much if they spent any more time on the Trudy mystery than they did. The Mentalist was ruined for me by the focus on the villain who killed the protagonist's wife. Why not just cast a slightly older actress to be Trudy's daughter and have her birth year be 1978??
  5. I did not look at the funny video. I already know I do not find Americas Funniest Videos funny. Sounds like you have a "good" landlord, @Cloud9Shopper, who will likely handle other unforeseen issues knowledgably and fairly too. At my former workplace, there were not enough parking spots for the employees in the building, so if you were working a later shift or went out to lunch, you had to park in the student parking lot and then walk back to the building—–our cars then wound up with a lot of dings and scrapes of unknown origin. There was one designated handicapped parkin
  6. My daughter's college roommate and best friend briefly got involved in selling products that were part of a pyramid scheme/MLM. I bought a few items from her because they happened to be fragrance free, but I also told her I was buying them because I wanted to support her in any way I can. Within a year she had dumped the scheme and was in graduate school and discouraged me from continuing with the company's products. In other words, like Mary, my daughter's friend wised up pretty quickly. I think Mary got there faster because the product really wasn't her thing ("devil" lipstick colors).
  7. Yes, while the term "comedic license" does not seem to be as much of a thing as "artistic license" or "creative license" it probably should be, IMO. "Comedic license" would also cover: And, for me, in this show, the absurdities used for humor are done skillfully enough to also fall under the umbrella of "artistic license." Having both great writers and great actors makes such a difference. Also, I grew up watching TV ghosts walking through walls without falling through floors, including reruns of the black & white series of the 1950s, Topper. So these ghosts are behavi
  8. I recommend a hot bath, if you don't hate baths. And perhaps an anti-inflammatory like Advil/ibuprofen if your stomach can tolerate it. Hope you mend quickly @Browncoat! I'm glad it sounds like nothing is broken. I have my ICETrekkers Spikes Traction Cleats (amazon.com/gp/product/B00LDYIKFY) on an old pair of Walmart brand fake Uggs that would be easy to bring in the car and and into the building if I was still employed. They are slightly less expensive than the Yaktrax @Gramto6 has, but both are budget friendly. I haven't worn them this year because I finally bought n
  9. Yes. And if the facility is designated “Assisted Living,” the staff may be obligated to do a well-being check on each resident every 2 hours—–although in reality that doesn’t likely happen.
  10. I know little-to-nothing of symphonies and classical music in general, but was able to infer 2 correct SYMPHONIES responses of Georgia O'Keefe and Farewell (TS). OTOH, I'm a fair-to-middling bible scholar who lived for decades in the MOUNTAINS, but whiffed FJ because I looked at it as a natural history puzzle and came up with Mt. McKinley, trying to think of a mountain with wood(s) at a high elevation, taller than Mt. Shasta and likely (to me) explored in the western U.S. because of the relatively recent date of 1829. Not carefully reading the FJ clue and the "burden of knowledge" struc
  11. Given the high caliber writing for the show, no doubt they considered such a line and decided it added nothing to the episode's plot. As an older woman, I would like to know why they made this choice, but most likely in a 20+ minute show they didn't feel they could do that topic justice with a one-liner.
  12. Almost 20 years ago I stepped outside my duplex door onto black ice. My right shoulder still hurts at times. Last winter I finally discovered ICETrekkers Spikes Traction Cleats. They easily strap onto boots or shoes. Zero slipping. You'd probably want to bring along indoor shoes rather than removing the cleats: amazon.com/gp/product/B00LDYIKFY
  13. Ian Armitage looks a *lot* like young Wesley Crusher here!
  14. I was thinking the frequencies and lengths of the TOCs could be flexible, based on the occurrences of qualifying champs.
  15. How about a limit of 5 or 10 games (1-2 weeks in viewer time) with more regular TOCs, like every 3 months? Maybe the TOCs could air at prime time with Mayim hosting while the regular shows continue to air at the usual evening times with Ken hosting. Maybe once a year the TOC champs would have a competition.
  16. I can't be the only one who "liked" this post with a 😄 because I still picture a moving truck full of Rice-A-Roni being delivered to a "lucky" contestant. Didn't they also award these year's supply of Rice-A-Roni on Alex's Classic Concentration?
  17. Oooo. Right. So Sam is likely related to Elias. So if the maid was pregnant by Elias, an ancestor of Sam's who was into ancestry research could visit the mansion and potentially learn about their ancestor Elias from Sam.
  18. We saw George in this episode repeatedly trying to do the right thing for his marriage. Seeing Mary having a good time and choosing to not interfere or interrupt is not inconsistent. An emotionally immature or abusive husband would have interrupted Mary and the youth pastor's cigarette break chat with accusations or in some other way make things unpleasant.
  19. Mary Kay and Avon and Tupperware are pyramid schemes, right?
  20. Maybe the lucky groom just dodged that marital bullet. The bride was pretty insufferable.
  21. Oooo! And maybe the vault builder was a transgendered wiccan who was well-versed in ghost-resistant building materials! They and the maid lived Happily Ever After in western NY state. Did Hetty and Elias have any children? If so, the maid may have been pregnant with a child who would have been the half-sibling of Sam's ancestor.
  22. Or at least don't be surprised if you get yelled at for parking in a recently shoveled out spot.
  23. Jason Alexander would have been a much better foil-type character on the TBBT.
  24. Hetty assumed Elias had run off with the maid (or someone) and was surprised he was locked in the vault. So my guess would be that Hetty outlived Elias. If Hetty was a lot younger than Elias when they were married, since they appear to be of similar age in the episode, she may have outlived him by decades.
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