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  1. Harvey is described as a "pooka". According to Wikipedia: So Harvey is, perhaps, more like rabbit-adjacent.
  2. Me, too! I must have leporiphobia - fear of rabbits. For Monday's Final Jeopardy, I could only remember that it was that Jessica Rabbit film. Tuesday, I knew it was a book by that lady who wrote Peter Rabbit, that lady who was played by Rene Zellweger in the movie about her life...
  3. Week one: four of five. I could have sworn that John Adams (he's obnoxious and disliked!) was the one that started the Whig Party.
  4. Yay! The Final Jeopardy Contest continues, as does the search for Alex Trebek's replacement. (I'm betting the contest outlasts the search.)
  5. You asked -- here's your answer! I couldn't find anything about team fundraisers and Dots, but the marching band's fundraisers have included bake sales, car washes, Rada Cutlery, Avon, restaurant fundraisers, applied for grants, cookie dough, Christmas fruit, Thirty-One bags, coupon books, magazine subscriptions and rummage sales. Their latest was a GoFundMe account, to replace their 14-year-old uniforms and repairing and replacing instruments - some of them 50-years-old. (Yes, I was a band kid! I really understand what they are going through.)
  6. And the Poca, West Virginia, high school team is called the Dots!
  7. Week forty-eight: 1 (and a half 😄) out of five with no asterisk. I got Jaws and Susan B. Anthony (but with Carrie Chapman Catt - wrong suffragist!). Back to the Table for One. I want a Chocolate Cow - a root beer float with chocolate ice cream. It's too stinking hot and I've been stuck in meetings every night this week!
  8. He was still in charge when I was a contestant in late 2018. He was the one who called to inform me that I was a contestant. I didn't see anything of him during the recording day. There were a pair of 40/50-something folks who prepared us for the day. No 20-somethings hanging around at all.
  9. Week forty-seven: four of five with both asterisks! I had absolutely no clue on the Trimeresurus Salazar, not even that it was named after the founder of Slytherin House. I guess that it was some kind of dinosaur.
  10. I think competent is the right word for Mike Richards. But this is Jeopardy! We eat competent for breakfast!
  11. Week forty-six: three of five, with the asterisk! I may not know South American geography or opening lines from Shakespeare's plays, but I know who's on first.
  12. At my university (way back in the 1970s), RAs were Resident Assistants. Matt had one of the possible correct answers.
  13. Week forty-five: four of five with the asterisk! (Or four-and-a-half out of five, if I get the gimme that @secnarf mentioned above - I got the Big Island of Hawaii and some big island in the Aleutians of Alaska!) I just made a batch of lemon cookies for my church's rummage/bake sale. They were so-so, but I figured out what I did wrong (they needed to be baked four minutes longer than the recipe). So I'll bring the new-and-improved batch of sugar cookies to the Table For Four - the T44.
  14. Week forty-four: two of five without any asterisk. I'm too tired to come up with any interesting food items. It's been a long, long week.
  15. As someone who has seen most of The Clone Wars (just starting season seven) but none of Rebels, this episode was both confusing and boring. Who are these people? Why should I care about them? Where's the Bad Batch (and Omega/Omeega)? I hope this is a one shot and not an arc.
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