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  1. Week one: 2 for 5. That trip to Italy ten years ago and the not-quite-misspent youth watching 1960s television paid off!
  2. I swear I responded yesterday - and I'm not even on any interesting drugs! I'm in!
  3. As soon as he appeared on the scene, I suspected that Ludo was up to no good. He's played by Ryan Gage, who played the slimy King Louis in the television series The Musketeers and the smarmy Alfrid in the second and third parts of The Hobbit. He's always the bad guy!
  4. Thank heavens they are not showing the Celebrity Jeopardy episode with Wolf Blitzer. Worst. Jeopardy. Player. Ever!
  5. I was in the studio, awaiting my turn, and I still didn't remember the answer to Final Jeopardy!
  6. Week 38: three of five with the asterisk! I thought it was Polk and Angelou. Boo!
  7. Rebuke from a native West Virginian: The Blue Ridge Mountains just barely touch the state of West Virginia, at the easternmost point of the state, near Harper's Ferry. Lost River is about 80 miles away, to the southwest. Bad correction, Jeopardy writers!
  8. Week 39 (I think!): five for five, with the asterisk! Woot! Woot! I obviously should have been a teacher!
  9. Week 36: four out of five with the asterisk. I was apparently blinded by the Iron Curtain!
  10. Week 37 (or is it week 35, since we didn't count the GOAT weeks): four of five with the asterisk for Swiss Family Robinson. On Monday, I got hung up on the Federalist Papers (it's an Alexander Hamilton thang), and could not come up with the Articles of Confederation.
  11. So what will be shown this Friday? Ken's last regular season game?
  12. And also with you! Or . . . And with your Jedi spirit! (I'm told the first is the Methodist response and the second is the Lutheran!)
  13. Week 34: three of five, with the asterisk! I broke my many-weeks can't answer-the-bleeding-geography-questions streak by getting El Salvador. I guess the question didn't confuse me as it did other, because I thought, Spanish language article, um, la or el, oh! El Savador!
  14. Great minds flounder alike! That's exactly the same process my mind went through.
  15. Week 33: two of five. This week, for the first time in ages, I got the geographic locations right and screwed up everything else. Argh!
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