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  1. selkie

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    It depends on the star and the project. The brutal HBO prison drama "Oz" only paid SAG minimum but was able to get some high profile actors like Luke Perry because the scripts called for an actor to do things they'd probably never get to do in another acting job and there was interest in that kind of job experience. And there are some actors who pretty clearly strategically take the big franchise/big paycheck roles with the idea that afterwards, they will have the financial freedom to get to take the kinds of roles they're really interested in and still be able to make rent/mortgage payment in greater Los Angeles. Kristen Stewart selling a hunk of her soul to the vampire franchise comes to mind. It was pretty clear she hated 'Twilight' and just seems so much happier now when she's doing the promotional and guest appearance circuit.
  2. selkie

    TV Tropes You Hate

    There's the UK comedy series "The Detectorists" though they keep it real by having most of what the club finds be modern trash with no value;
  3. selkie

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    My sister got recruited onto Georgetown's crew team that way during freshman orientation. She's tallish (5'8") and athletic looking and after she was approached and she told them she'd swam competitively for parts of ten years, the people she met on the team were all 'Come and try it! If you were a swimmer then you already know how to love pain!' But yeah, not a factor in her getting into the school itself, and while experience is not required, there are other characteristics the team is looking for.
  4. The woman who tried to get 'Married with Children' taken off the air was part of the Romney political family https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Rakolta The 80s were also the time when Tipper Gore was trying to tell everyone what kinds of popular music they could and couldn't listen to. The rush to find something to be offended by in the 1980s crossed political and social boundaries. Speaking of the 80s, we tried to watch a few episodes of 'L.A. Law' the other week when our internet was down and we couldn't stream, and while there are some good intentions on this show, it just seems really clunky by modern standards in other ways.
  5. selkie

    Off-Season Olympics Coverage

    A CAS ruling has effectively established that there is a biological definition of female for the purposes of elite athletic competition https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2019/05/01/olympics-7-questions-caster-semenyas-appeal-loss-iaafs-rules/3637922002/ There was no easy way of deciding this, and there's a fair amount fo sympathy for Caster, who has put up with a lot of crud and innuendo with class and good sportsmanship over the past decade, even from people who feel like she shouldn't be allowed to compete as an elite woman at her natural testosterone level.
  6. I've only seen about four episodes of Burn Notice and now find myself wondering if he ever brought up how hard it can be to break a window in the Miami to West Palm Beach area due to local building codes strongly encouraging laminated impact-resistant glass as a way of protecting a structure against hurricanes. Just once I'd like to see a tv criminal try to take a baseball bat to a hurricane window and spend several minutes without managing to really get through the glass just like you see in the window company promotional videos.
  7. selkie

    "Hell Yeah!" TV Moments

    Werner Klemperer said that he played the character of Klink because he got to make him an universal idiot and if the writers ever tried to let Klink win for a change against Hogan, that was the day he walked off set and never came back.
  8. Also from SNl- 'And now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!'
  9. We're doing an ER rewatch and I hate how much of an overly needy energy creature her character is and how poor Mark Greene was lucky she dumped him when she did.
  10. selkie

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I loved Sense8 but it was costing Netflix $9 million per episode and I can understand it when the network says that they love the show too but the viewership didn't justify the expense of a third season. And I'm good with the wrap-up movie because it had a high happily ever after quotient while JMS has said some things about possibly killing off part of the cluster if the series had gone its original planned run so hey, at least Will lived because things got condensed.
  11. selkie

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    This was a league-wide memorial for Lindsay due to his instrumental role in the formation of the NHL players union and advocacy for better compensation for the boys on the ice.
  12. selkie

    Figure Skating

    Hockey gear also gets passed down as kids outgrow it. I think Play-It-Again Sports exists in snowbelt regions primarily to resell old hockey equipment. The down side to hockey is concussions, but these days you've got to get pretty deep into the game before they tend to be a more serious concern
  13. There was Delenn asking Ivanova about cramps in 'Babylon 5', which as was typical for the series seemed to be a throwaway line at first but ended up signaling things about key story arcs and events in the show further down the line. (Her biology had become human enough that she could have a kid with a human man) Same showrunner also had Sense8 many years later, and there's an episode where Lito is feeling both Sun's mood swings and abdominal pain as the cluster comes together.
  14. On a related note- jokes about people over 40 not really understanding The Internets (I'm looking at you, Lena Dunham) even though we were the ones out there using a VAX terminal or some clunky unix thing to check out e-mail before the WWW part of the internet existed, and then when Tim Berners-Lee cam along were handcrafting the first web pages by memorizing a bunch fo HTML tags.
  15. selkie

    Off-Season Olympics Coverage

    While I usually roll my eyes at NBC Sports' attempts to turn women's alpine skiing into the Lindsey and Mikaela show, I've got to admit I teared up a couple times over Lindsey's farewell in the downhill at the World Championships. They did a good job of showing not just how good she was for so long but how much she genuinely loved her sport and getting up and going to work every days despite the injuries, and it was cute how she was all fangirl over Ingemar Stenmark, who usually avoids the spotlights these days, coming out to see her.