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  1. https://swimswam.com/cas-publishes-full-sun-yang-decision-document-criticizes-suns-lack-of-remorse/ Sounds like being a rectal egress toward the testers did indeed play a role in length of ban. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, I guess?
  2. The Shout Factory DVD release from 2014 got the rights to more than 90% of the original music and a lot of the content that was edited for shorter syndication run time and is as close to the original as we're going to get.
  3. OLYMPIC CHAMPION SUN YANG HANDED 8-YEAR BAN OVER VIAL-SMASHING INCIDENT https://swimswam.com/olympic-champion-sun-yang-handed-8-year-ban-over-vial-smashing-incident/ In this case, it's not about whether or not there was any evidence of doping in the sample; it's the cover up and the need for anti-doping officials to be able to perform their jobs without being threatened. If Sun's group had made an official complaint to FINA about irregularities in testing protocol instead of creating a biohazard situation, then FINA, which has long sheltered Sun from any sort of consequences for repeated bad behavior as much as they were legally able to do so, would have likely quickly ordered any results of the test be thrown out.
  4. selkie


    Can we go back to it being okay to end a race under a yellow flag? The current NASCAR system just seems to really up the danger in the name of catering to the mouth breathers who like those kinds of restrictor plate crashfests.
  5. Who canon is that a Time Lord can regenerate into an appearance of someone they'd known before. Lalla Ward was first cast as Princess Astra in the show and then became Romana #2 when Mary Tamm (Romana #1) asked to leave the show.
  6. On the early seasons Homicide:LOTS, you know things were getting serious when Kay Howard (Melissa Leo) pulled her long hair back into a bun when she was in the field trying to find a witness or suspect. Kay also had the highest percentage of closed murder cases of any homicide detective on the squad. And then NBC forced the producers of the show to write her out because Melissa Leo wasn't conventionally pretty enough in the eyes of the network. (H:LOTS always had marginal ratings for renewal so the shows' producers couldn't really push back on that dictate)
  7. selkie

    Figure Skating

    From what I've heard around the edges, he's probably a really bad fit for a skater who has struggled with eating disorders.
  8. This helpful avoiding death guide showed up in my Facebook feed the other day: https://crimereads.com/your-guide-to-not-getting-murdered-in-a-quaint-english-village/
  9. selkie

    Tennis Thread

    I've been following tennis long enough to know the really good reasons why to limit the schedules of 15 year olds but I really wish Coco had enough points for a seed in the tournament because she shouldn't have been playing Osaka before the quarters.
  10. Homicide:LOTS has a great episode where Kay Howard goes back to the small Chesapeake Bay town she grew up in and finds herself drawn into a murder investigation because of her Big City expertise. The town is not a bad place to be for a lot of people even if the local seafood trade has been on a long slow slide, but it's also pretty clear why Kay left when she could and why she wouldn't go back for good during her working years. Damn, that show did nuance so well.
  11. selkie


    And we have American winners at the Dakar for the first time ever. https://gearjunkie.com/dakar-rally-2020-americans-win?fbclid=IwAR3E50UO2JWklkARisaBCYHSn0xltx4lW5j48cF_GagylILzduT5fSWT064 I try to watch every year for the scenery and Saudi Arabia really does have some amazing landscapes that were well shown by the rally.
  12. Robert Jordan essentially lost control of his own cast of characters around book 7. IMO, Sanderson did a good job of pulling everything back together after Jordan's death. I'm also looking forward to the tv series in part because they'll have to consolidate the heck out of a bunch of stuff in order to keep it moving along.
  13. A yoga studio is what? A largely empty room with nice hard surface flooring and a neutral paint job? Even if you splurge on the flooring, it's kind of hard to run up the tab for that kind of space. And 'expensive soundproof windows' makes me think the variation of laminated glass that's common in Florida tract housing because it's both secure enough to handle hurricane debris at high speeds and highly energy efficient. (We have those windows, and the soundproofing is a secondary benefit) And would make a good deal of sense to add in a palace setting because it take a lot of time and effort for an intruder to get through that kind of glass and a building that age is starting from a position of costing the taxpayers a lot to heat in the winter.
  14. And a show actually casts an autistic actor for an autistic character lead role. Finally. https://www.teenvogue.com/story/everythings-gonna-be-okay-screening I'm actually looking forward to the show- Josh Thomas has a real talent for researching and discussing very serious topics in a comedy without turning it into a Very Special Episode (see Claire's abortion episode from 'Please Like Me') and the early buzz is good.
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