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  1. Another good team. They bombed in their final chase, but played well otherwise. The Beast did not have a particularly good outing in the final chase, either. Answering part-way through the question burned him on the Queen's Gambit. I noticed what looked like tremors in the first Beast appearance this season, and I noticed them again tonight. I hope it's nothing.
  2. U.K. version stats. U.S. version stats and episode sequence. It's rare that I root for the contestants to win, so I'm fine with the Chasers winning most of the time.
  3. I believe the producers give the Chasers a range for the low and high values. That allows the Chasers to pick a number fitting the situation and their personality, while giving the producers significant control. The Chasers have commented on each others' amounts, so I think they have some latitude here. The Chasers are too competitive with each other (and themselves) to want to throw a game, even to well-deserving contestants like this last set. Between that and my suspicion they are incented monetarily by the producers to win, I think the Chasers always play to win. Brooke had an
  4. I liked the three contestants, as they were a fairly solid team. They had a three-step advantage and still lost in the final chase, so they clearly weren't solid enough. Even though they get no prize money, I hope they at least get some sort of appearance fee. The only knock against Sara in S1 was how slow she read the questions. That has been fixed. She's a great fit for this show ("I didn't know if Biggie was in your lane" to Ken), and while I liked Brooke as the host, Sara is better. I'm glad to have the Beast back. He's entertaining. We now have the Sunday Mystery Movie of
  5. I think it's a tight race in the who is more annoying category - Randy vs. Jane. They both annoy on multiple levels, but I still have to give the crown to Jane. I'm just going to sing this Pat Benatar song with the band, because I'm the star and the show must indulge me. And I want praise and affirmation from the band. If this show manages to get another run, I'm out unless they rework its many flaws.
  6. The show allowed the defeated team to play a "consolation" game worth way, way too much money, so I was glad when Ken cleaned the guy's clock. Brad's explanations as to how he derives his answers are pretty dull "I knew Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas because it's well-known that Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas." Oof. Ken's better and more interesting, but James is the best. The show is lucky to have Sara hosting. She still reads slower than Brooke, but she is a better host in every other way. I've mentioned before she is charming and personable; also, h
  7. Brad and Ken do this a bit, as did the Beast, but the window into James' thought processes is a true highlight of this show. His ability to explain how he arrives at answers he doesn't know outright is very entertaining and shows just how extremely logical his "guesses" are. I enjoy watching the expert reveal the secrets of their craft. The window to their genius. The last time I was struck by this was during the ten part "Last Dance" ESPN special in 2020 that detailed the Bulls last championship season. The three or four minute monologue/expert class Dennis Rodman gave on how to rebo
  8. I watched episodes 7 and 8 tonight. As it turns out, fast-forwarding through the banter between Jane and Randy, the rules, and the contestant bios help immensely. Each 30 minute match is a good 5-10 minutes of reasonably entertaining show (thanks primarily to the band). I appreciate the broad mix of music, too, from Tutti Frutti to Cheap Thrills.
  9. Brad had such a bad round in one of the lead-in games - missed a bunch of questions - and you could almost see the confidence drain from him. He tried to rally, but I just sensed he would not catch the team in the final chase. What I appreciate most about Sara's hosting skills are her reactions and asides. She banters so well with both contestants and chasers. She's smooth, funny, and charming. She'll subtly tease the chaser, too.
  10. In the first contestant's Golden Medley round, she missed #6, but had passed on two songs prior to that. The show didn't mention the names of the songs she skipped. Unforgivable.
  11. I like the close-up of Randy's hands for Bid-a-Note. It's probably the dramatic highlight of the show. He plays the exact number of notes bid, which I think is fairly impressive. It's fun to try to pick up the melody from that and guess the song. On the other side of the coin, I find it irritating that the contestants are clearly encouraged during Bid-a-Note to say the other contestant's name as part of their bid. It doesn't sound natural to say the name every time, but they do. Speaking of not sounding natural, Jane will be the death of this show. Everything she says sounds sti
  12. I like all three of the chasers, and Sara is growing on me, too. She still needs to go to the Brooke Burns School of Fast and Clear Reading, but she's otherwise a good host. The contestants are a real letdown. In the GSN version, even the weakest contestants managed three right in the cash builder, and I don't sense any difference in question difficulty with this version. A "good" contestant in the GSN version got five or six right (James, I believe, got nine right in his round). The average number of questions read in the sixty seconds may account for some of the difference, but I th
  13. I would've liked a "Be more specific" prompt after the one contestant answered "The Theme from Friends". Anything pre-1990 I've known in two seconds and known the artist. I'm impressed with the band and the set design. The band can mimic any genre, and the singers are all excellent. The lighting and white outlines across the set look cool against the dark background. Randy does a great job on Bid-a-Note, but he's otherwise filler. Jane is terrible. She's not smooth or entertaining, and her outfits are ridiculous. The contestants are all sob stories. Despite this I'll still
  14. The GSN version from 2013-2015 had only three contestants going against The Beast. I appreciated The Beast's wit and typically rooted for him to beat the contestants. The few times he did lose, he was always very gracious.
  15. At $25K, the cash builder questions are worth five times those from the 2013-2015 U.S. version of the show. That really ramped up the cash quickly, even though the contestants did fairly poorly in their cash builder rounds. Ken was a good chaser and as entertaining as The Beast from the previous version. Nineteen to beat in the final chase would have been a challenge for The Beast, as well. I think anything under eighteen was pretty much a given that The Beast would prevail; we'll see how that goes with Ken, Brad, and James. The key to The Beast's end game, that Ken already employed,
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