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  1. I do wonder if they are only going to do desserts and if doing a particular non-dessert meal is even possible while not giving it all away
  2. This was really good overall, but it was more than just the initial shutdown. It also included athletes realizing that they had a lot to say about social issues and pushing to be allowed to say it, as well as returning to playing
  3. The show just won a 2021 Peabody Award https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/2021-peabody-awards-winners-list-1234971284/
  4. It cracks me up that Stephen won't say Trump's actual name and they mask it when they show some print (or use an alternative)
  5. Most interesting PBS content coming up in July (check your local listings): The Latino Experience, 3 episodes, Tuesdays at 9pm starting July 6 Icon: Music Through the Lens (about live music photography), 6 episodes, Fridays at 9pm starting July 16
  6. I recently finished Gone Mom and thought it was pretty good. Annebeth Gish as Jennifer did a good job
  7. Not knowing any spoilers, I went into this thinking this episode was a continuation from last week and stuff with Edge and got totally charmed by Superman’s origin story and Clark and Lois’s relationship and marriage even though I’ve seen pieces before in the movies and previous series. Bitsie and Tyler continue to have great chemistry. Edge is clearly bad and his dad is even badder and a real piece of work So was Lois calling Jon Henry or John Diggle?
  8. I’m not fully clear why the gang couldn’t just decide not to learn the monster’s name after getting their memories back. Or would they have known the monster’s name from previous attempts?
  9. I was one of those and it was on my mind as one of several examples when I made the comment, but like you, I understand the reasons they did it. I’m not sure I understand the reason here
  10. When did Constantine tell his girlfriend he had lost his magic? So is this the “clean” version of Sara or the one mixed with monster? I'm glad Sara is finally reunited with the team. It can suck having a cast member stuck and isolated away from the others for several episodes
  11. The surfer woman surfed that board really well. Double Dutch Courage on Fire is just a bad idea, like their previous Fire Dragon hole
  12. DanaK


    I finally finished this tonight. I thought it was pretty good overall as a multi-episode biopic, but as said by others it still managed to overlook some things in Aretha’s career, including not doing a performance of Respect and not showing her petty feuds with other performers. However it didn’t completely whitewash her as, among other things, it showed her screwing her sisters out of songs and ditching some scheduled performances. One thing I had a major issue with was that, as I said earlier, it felt like Erivo was sleepwalking through many of the episodes, though I thought she came alive d
  13. DanaK


    Interesting finale with Chad accidentally making it look like he was a victim of a hate crime and getting a lot of positive attention for it. He gets elected class president and that girl who was running definitely wants to kill him. She will likely be his nemesis in Season 2. At least he finally got a lot of positive attention for once. I also appreciate that his sister, who at first wanted tonignore him, gave him good advice about keeping friends
  14. Isn't it also a problem that Rita is Brooke's sponsor and best friend? It seems like there's a conflict in being both and Rita needs to just be her friend and have someone else be her sponsor
  15. Good emotional scenes in Chase’s storyline today and I’m glad the writers finally got his parents on set and into scenes after being absent a few episodes. It is too bad Michael and Willow made eyes at each other throughout
  16. I enjoyed the episode, it was funny, sweet and a little sad. I too can’t help but think Vanessa may end up dropping her boyfriend in the not too distant future. He’s sweet but dim
  17. You aren’t weird. While they were out of the studio, I missed the audience and I’m glad they are back in the studio with an audience, even though I will miss the intimacy of the non-audience broom closet, Evie’s giggling, and long Zoom interviews with guests. They are different things and each has its own energy. I greatly enjoyed getting back with an audience because it feels like a renewal of sorts given how things have gone this past year and it feels so good. That will probably wear off over time but for now, I’m really enjoying the heightened energy
  18. An excerpt from Soap Opera Digest that has an interview with Jeff Kober on his exit as Cyrus https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-jeff-kober-on-gh-exit/ Interesting that he was originally going to be on for just 3 months
  19. Overall it was a mixed bag for me, but the Muppet Show sketch had me rolling and was the best sketch of the night and one of the best of the season
  20. Really fascinating how no one got the first dessert. I went back and forth on whether the coffee cup was important or a false clue. I didn’t anticipate it would be linked to the list. I also wasn’t paying enough attention to the list Good choice to send the Missouri mother and daughter home. The mother was cranky and the daughter seemed really uptight and a big worrywart (though I’ve been like that at times)
  21. Finale Jul 2 according to The Futon Critic
  22. Tuesday night's show. Loved the interaction she had with the band and they quite clearly appreciated it and some seemed a little gaga over it
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