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  1. Especially since isn't Henchi on shots for his illness?
  2. Sorry, thought there was a closer tie...but yeah the wreath factor certainly is a factor to be considered. Any way you look at it, it is a sad situation for little Evie. eta: I forgot about the meds for the embolism...could be a sad side effect.
  3. Yeah, I don't recall him visiting either. And by the way isn't Caleb Kooties's brother's son or a close relative? Maddie is his daughter, there are more of Kootie's genes in that sweet girl than Janelle's. Want to blame? Look in the mirror Asshat!
  4. Logan is the smartest one of the whole bunch!! Keep away Logan, it's the best thing you could ever have done!
  5. I'm well over 70 with a history of falls. I carry my iPhone in my vest/pant pocket at all times as my "I've fallen and can't get up device" for several years. It is my choice, if one of my kids forced something on me like the Twit did I'd be furious. I may have balance issues, but I am not stupid, hit Emergency on the phone, same as the 911 or the paid for app.
  6. I sure hope so! No chopsticks please unless the food is Asian.
  7. Well, they have been used when the food offered is Asian. I've seen them on Iron Chef several times, but only with Asian food and definitely not with ice cream!!
  8. I'll trade you for the ad for jarred Camel hump fat that I am getting!!
  9. That could well be a point. I've noticed on The Kitchen he often passes on some of the dishes or only eats a bite.
  10. The first showing of this shit-show is at 6PM, when it is a 2 hour episode I usually watch the second hour at 11PM. No way am I watching the Twit when I can have Mark Harmon on my TV screen (NCIS)! Last Night I fell asleep on the second hour...guess I didn't miss much. Maybe will watch if it repeats during the day sometime. All I can say is boring....
  11. As offensive as Meri, is she has gotten the short end of the stick all around. To her defense she is trying to make a life of her own however misguided it is, LulaNo is a $shit loss ...maybe the B&B will be her saving grace...at least she has an exit plan. None of the others are even thinking of the future. What really happens when the Kodoush dies??
  12. I have weird things going on on my laptop. My cursor keeps disappearing and I have to move it to the top of the screen to find it again. I am not the least bit techie...don't know what is up...
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