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  1. At least that irresponsible breeder had the grace to turn Chickpea over to the rescue that brought her to Amanda. I would guess other places would have just let the puppy die.
  2. Do you really think Ree cared about the local pizza place???
  3. I guess they gotta get their bucks where they can...
  4. My local grocery store does it too here in the boonies. But I'm sorry, I want to choose my own groceries. Even the few boxed/prepared few that I buy. I would never trust someone to choose fresh veggies/fruit or meat for me. I'm old, retired, but not to the point I can't shop for myself.
  5. This whole trip seems so odd to me. Something must be behind it. It is an awkward, basically seemingly unplanned trip. They could have done things so much more easily. The whole thing is odd.
  6. Someone is just throwing away money on this trip. Who knows what the real point of it is? I have traveled in Europe several times when DH was alive and we did 99% of it on an Euorail pass. You can get on and off the train whenever you want/wherever you want, get a taxi to the hotel or walk, whatever. Twit obviously did not do any research about this trip...they could have done so many fun trips/excursions without all the driving for Natalie and sleeping for Twit. The exploring and walking all over Europe is amazing, I have walked so many places there I never would have thought possible. As a stamp collector as a child I was thrilled to walk the streets of Lichtenstein. Loved the stamps from there and never in million years did I think I would actually be there!!
  7. So very true and I don't think she really has any idea how hard life is going to get for them as Evie begins all her medical treatments/asesments. Maddie is going to need to have that boy somewhat trained behavior wise or her world is going to be so out of control no one is going to benefit. I get it that he was the spoiled first grandchild/kid and the world revolved around him, but life changes and the adults in his life need to ease him into that knowledge. I do think he has some anger issues but they can be addressed and worked out if they get on it right now. If not, I fear their lives are going to be agony from all fronts for a long time.
  8. My mother was adopted and I know nothing of my heritage on that side of the family. I did order an Ancestry test a year ago, but it still sits on my desk for just that reason. TPTB are just gathering too much private inforrmation and that knowledge can go into the wrong hands so easily.
  9. This!! What kind parents don't report their children missing??? I guess they just didn't care and were glad the kids were out of their hair.
  10. COL/tin hatter here too. I will never have an Alexa, or the other company's similar devices in my home as I just can't believe they don't have some way to tap into the device and listen/record things that are going on in the home. /removes tin hat and goes back to the porch to retrieve her hose... 😊
  11. Right, he did say he has some serious bruises though.
  12. He was shot by the bad guy he was trying to catch. He had his vest on so not much damage to him.
  13. That's what makes me so sad. Yes, we will probably be seeing him in new shows for a while. I just wish they would post an "in memory of" after each of these new shows just to honor him. Freaking acknowledge his death!
  14. I had boiled my turkey bones to make stock and put in the fridge. Today I cut up delicata squash, garlic, onions, celery, potato, and some slivered sun dried tomatoes and simmered them in the strained broth and had a wonderful turkey veggie soup for dinner with garlic bread.
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