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  1. 11,748 steps yesterday. Yep, I think I am definitely back!
  2. My guess is not. I think they feel they are above any criticism and don't even read the negative posts... What negative posts?? Yeah really!
  3. No wonder she thinks she is the best dancer around! Her drug-addled hallucinations linger on....
  4. I finally saw it last night and it is funny. I like this "story line" some more than others but it is a really good idea.
  5. 10,528 steps yesterday. I did it again! Fingers crossed...
  6. Well of course...couldn't be because the Twit doesn't give a $hit about the business other than collecting the $$.
  7. I was wondering if she peed in it? 🤮 No wonder the dog won't go into it...
  8. 10,219 steps yesterday. Now if I can just keep it there...
  9. Bagpipes?? I haven't heard that one yet!...I'll rate after I hear that one.
  10. Not only the 504 but tonight I got 502 and 503 WTF??? This is really annoying!
  11. Left over meat loaf and mashed potatoes with green beans. Boring but it was good...
  12. And this is funny why? Walking is my only exercise due to health issues. I try to keep an accurate count of my steps daily. Think about all the walking you do in Target or Walmart or Costco...would you like to throw away all those steps in your daily count? It is not funny to me it is serious to keep myself healthy.
  13. Typo $hit end! ETA: In the long run the shirts may be worth more (ebay etc.) given the state of restaurants these days and TV can be fickle...
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