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  1. Yeah it does, I am getting to be very done with it.
  2. Those 2 ingredient cookies do look really yummy! I am going to have to buy some oats next time I shop. Thanks for sharing!!
  3. I hope Weatherly stays far away he was a dick w@d and I hated his juvenile jokes, Pauley on the other hand I would welcome back.
  4. I just don't think Hunter has the fire behind him that Guy did when he started his career as Food Network Star. If that show still ran, I doubt Hunter would last 2-3 eliminations. Just thinking, I wonder how Ryder really feels about all the focus on Hunter? Actually what I have seen from the Hawaii shows, I think Jules is the one with a presence that could be a tv host.
  5. I love the relationship between Maura and Jane. I can rewatch this show over and over just for that.
  6. If FN thinks this is a good idea, promoting Hunter all over Guy's shows, they are sadly mistaken. For my watching time, I will skip Hunter every time!
  7. Gramto6


    Yeah maybe, but it is still triggering to someone who has fallen many times with injuries.
  8. Thank you too! I had a dear friend that used to say that too. Boy was she right!
  9. 6,800 steps yesterday. A round number...doesn't often happen. My knee has overall been much better, but for some reason yesterday it was very achy. Today it seems better so far.
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