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  1. Still not a word about her yoga classes. How many attended, how many repeat attendees, nothing...radio silence. Speaks volumes.
  2. That is so sweet. True sister love. And I do feel sorry for Mariah not to have that in her life, through no fault of her own.
  3. Wow, that's quite a huge home for a single woman! Ostentatious is the Brown's middle name for sure!
  4. It isn't the same one, but it works so I am happy. Thanks!
  5. I'm not on Instagram so I can't access the "stories". Someone a while ago posted a site where you could get to them w/out being a member of Instagram. I had kept it open so I could look at Twit's stories when anyone posted about them. I accidentally closed it and can't find it again.
  6. I'm sorry, a while back someone posted a link to watch back door Instagram stories and a day or two ago it went wonkoy and I can't now. Can someone please post that link again? I errors out on me and I can't seem to find it again.
  7. I'm not interested enough to look up where the cruise is going, someone must know. But personally I would choose Paris with Twit over a cruise with Twit in a hot minute. At least in Paris I could get away, far away from her any time I wanted.
  8. Yeah, this was a hot mess. We don't know why the son died and what happened to belly flop guy? And the crazy a$$ shootout at the end WTF? I really used to like this show but it has gone off the deep end this season.
  9. As a breast cancer survivor I find that in very poor taste in fact offensive. The pink roses make me think it is for "Pinktober" breast cancer month.
  10. Maybe the Boo part is just LLHellNo"s Halloween shirt. I think Christine mentioned a couple of days ago she got her Halloween clothing shipment. But what do I know COL here too.
  11. Stuffed bell pepper and mac and cheese. It's been really cold here. 25° this morning at 9:30AM. Overnights in the low 20's. Winter food is on the menu.
  12. Thank you so much for this information!! I will look into it!
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