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  1. So true! We're fat shaming her! NOT!
  2. I live in the boonies and never lock my doors. I have been known to go away overnight, hospital stay etc, and not lock up. I live alone, 70yrs old and am not afraid. I have windows cracked in several rooms for fresh air, doubt any security system would allow that.
  3. Oh too bad, I'd love to see her try to wriggle out of that one.
  4. Gramto6

    Peanut Butter: Creamy or Crunchy?

    I like both, but with serious teeth issues, buy the smooth as I can't deal with the bits of nuts in the crunchy.
  5. Gramto6

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    Just voted, she's still in the lead!! Go team!
  6. Gramto6

    First Responders Live

    Yeah, I hear you. My son is a Fire Battalion Chief and daughter is a Police Captain. Both first responders. Sometimes it is just a little too close to home. Didn't watch first episode, was in hospital for surgery. Will check it out online.
  7. Gramto6

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    I can't seem to vote today. It opens on the result page. Maybe because no one voted after me?? I really wanted to get my last vote in.
  8. Fortunately for me you have to be a member of Instagram to see their "stories" so I was spared the misery of seeing it! 😊
  9. Gramto6

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    I think she said something like "you boys having a play date?" Lol it was so under key and in character that it was really funny!
  10. Yeah, the parents or TLC is paying them otherwise who would be there for her random "adventures"/speaking engagements?
  11. I think it is a big wheel. Like a low rider you lean back and pedals are forward, so it is for older kids. But then I'm 70 what do I know?😊
  12. Gramto6

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    I voted today and will vote tomorrow. I only voted for her as I don't want to give her competitors votes.
  13. Gramto6


    That ring is on her left hand, where is her wedding ring? It hurts just looking at it!!
  14. Gramto6

    The Great Food Truck Race

    I actually give them credit for sticking to their values. It was unfortunate that they had the accident, but the people seemed to like their food just fine. Yes, there probably will be other challenges involving meat that they may choose not to participate in. It remains to be seen if they can stay in the game doing that.
  15. Gramto6

    Unpopular Food Likes/Dislikes: Table for One

    Brussel sporuts, egg plant can't do either.