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  1. 7,534 steps yesterday. Another bad day stomach-wise. Pepto Bismol finally settled things by late afternoon.
  2. I haven't brought myself to watch it yet...one day soon maybe. We all know it is a scam...
  3. OMG those bebe pêcheur-chat on you tube (first video) look just like my feral "yard tigers" mama is so very protective of them just like this mama! I didn't see the show so I don't know how it applies to the patient's dx, but the video was so cute!
  4. 6,642 steps yesterday. Another upset stomach day, felt out of it most of the day.
  5. 8,503 steps yesterday. Feeling better but going to take it easy another day .
  6. OK I managed to stay awake for the second showing,,,,Why did I do that??? My question is in the preview of next week's torture Dadwee says XXX.. Died...who died? I couldn't make out the name...animal or person???
  7. 6,593 steps yesterday. Upset tummy kept me down quite a bit yesterday.
  8. And that stuff is orange all the other Plexus drinks we've seen are pink... who knows??
  9. I think she was yelling at the filming guy. You could see him a couple of times on the side with his boom and a stick with the bird on it. I think they even did a quick on screen credit to him that I didn't see on Saturday but did catch Monday.
  10. No one trick or treats around here, but I always buy a couple of bags the day after Halloween when it goes on sale.
  11. I think if Meri was pulling in anything like $70,000/mo bonuses, Kootie would be all over her. She may be doing OK for herself and Mariah but I really doubt it is that much!
  12. 7,969 steps yesterday. Some days peanuts, some days shells...
  13. Guess she has begun to spew the indoctrination given on her recent trip. Yeah sure Jan...
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