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  1. I'm beginning to think Buddy has a life totally divorced from this shit show. He is playing a part for the show and I hope that girlfriend is real and he can put the twit behind him forever.
  2. There are no Sonics anywhere near me (Like 2 states over) but we get their ads on the TV all the time... I don't get it why advertise where you don't exist???
  3. Posted this on the diabetes forum I belong to. Really fits here too!
  4. OK here is where I got the results: INFJ comes from my-personality-test.com I googled and went with that one. It is pretty spot on. ISFJ-T came from 16 personalities. I deleted it, I should have saved it.It too was pretty spot on...
  5. Yay! I was tested end of June also negative. Great relief at this point.
  6. I hated the whole Nicole series and if they never replay them I will be eternally happy.
  7. On this one I am ISFJ-T also where on others INFJ. Makes sense that how the questions are framed can make a difference in the result.
  8. Thanks for the reply...it still is not enough for me to sign up for IG. Just wish I could have read her latest missive. Maybe that is her plan, post her rants and they disappear in 24 hours...no trail left.
  9. Yeah, but in the greater scheme of life, is the Hellman's/Best Foods Mayo going to kill you or Covid/Flu/old age/cancer etc etc etc. How much mayo do you have to eat to kill yourself with it...I wager to think a whole lot more than you put on a sandwich or two in the course of a week.
  10. I'm not on IG, is there someone here that can link to that post? I'd hate to miss out on her "words of wisdom" we all need to heed. 😂
  11. I am sad that all these articles are behind a pay wall. I am not going to pay to read...
  12. I like Alex here, she seems to be having fun and is helpful to her recruits. She posted on Twitter for a suggesting for a name for the Blue team to rival Rocking Red Stars. I want (us) to come up with one as Anne has always thrown that in the face of all competitors. Let's put our heads together. I'd love to see an Anne/Alex repeat for several seasons. Blazing Blue team? Help me...
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