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  1. Yup, this has been happening before Ron (not a fan). Sami married her second rapist. The whole genre has a problem with this subject. I always thought it was gross.
  2. I think Tom or Wayne would be a good host. If they really are keeping NC, I think they should add a female Jewish cohost.
  3. dirtydi


    Never liked his "writing", all the way back to OLTL. Once he hits a show, I bail.
  4. I really liked the show the first few episodes, then I found it overwrought. I couldn't picture another season of this.
  5. It was good to see them on the reunion. The others reunions (not AW) have had better sound quality, less glitches. Speaking of Sandra Ferguson, she did not have kind words for RKK. She said, a while back, that she tried to reconnect with him or saw him after he left AW and he was not friendly. She didn't get into much detail. I also liked Jake and Amanda together when the red head? was playing her. I was never a Jake/Viki fan, with Jensen in the role.
  6. Solid episode. I liked the new grandson. Liked Jamie and Eddie's storyline too, although it was too rushed. I think it was a set up so you knew both were on board about having a (biological) baby. Glad to see Eddie and Jaime be affectionate and act like they were married this episode. Oh and I just love Anthony!
  7. Kenny Johnson (Luca) had hip surgery. Not ruling out face work too because it is Hollywood.
  8. I personally didn't want to hear about Ana and Callen (don't like her at all), but Sam was being a jerk. The writer likes to write men as jerks.
  9. I agree with everything you said, except for Fatima. I don't dislike her, I just don't care about her. Maybe they are starting the transition from the old guard to the new.
  10. Wow! Thanks for confirmation of something I have been feeling. I just don't feel a connection between Rio and Beth anymore. I thought I was just imagining things.
  11. Only really liked the Mama Deeks scenes. They were funny and had some heart. Not an Anna fan. I do wish we saw more of Arkady. I like Katherine for Sam, but how are they going to keep her involved in the storylines? They really have to deal with Hetty's absence. They really don't have an official boss. All the other revolving bosses are reoccurring characters on other shows.
  12. I've watched from the beginning and I just go with the changes. I originally thought the show would not overcome the absence of Stabler, but I was wrong. I wish Belzer and Dann F. were at the special because they are both funny, but maybe they didn't want to come. Still looking forward to the special.
  13. I wasn't fond of this episode. It was a downer for a Christmas Episode. The case in the beginning looked fun, I would have liked to see them all undercover on the case. And are Nell and Beale kinda over? Just Netflixing and Chillin? Not that I really care because I never wanted them in a romantic relationship. Maybe all the leads' contracts are up again and they are playing around with ideas if the show chooses to go on further. I won't watch if Deeks leaves. Have a feeling I wouldn't like it if Sam or Callen left either.
  14. What I wanted to say, but you said it better. WTF frick was this episode? I zoned in and out. And what the hell was that dinner scene?
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