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  1. Biscuit Tin

    S09.E22: Something Blue

    Who was the killer, in Danny's case? Yes, she was the date with long dark hair that the dead guy had before he ran in to the wrongly accused girl, but do we know who she was? Did she appear elsewhere in the story, earlier? I'm confused.
  2. Biscuit Tin

    Cohesive theme, this week.

    I'm not saying it was brilliantly done, but there was an over-riding theme of, "We can all have moments of weakness when it comes to family," this week. Jamie wanted to believe , for Eddie's sake, that her father is not a total user. That's why he didn't ask to see the letters, even though he had to know it was probably a con. Even Eddie wanted to believe momentarily. Frank told Garret in a past episode, (the one where he was invited to speak at Nicky's university, but then they wouldn't let him speak), that because Jack was an inconsistent father figure for Nicky, Frank has thought of himself as her father figure. She reminds him of young Erin, too. Anyway, Frank has always been a puddle of goo for Nicky. Henry is much the same way. You can see some logic behind his, "My granddaughter is making me proud and I want that for you, too," interference with the neighbor. The twins REALLY had a weakness for each other. The professor has a weakness for her brother. Frank let him into the academy (I think - need to look again) and Frank can throw him out, I guess. I enjoyed Frank's, "I am the string" line, but the premise of, "you treat Nicky right and I'll treat Carlos right" seems very contrived. I wonder why the show dropped poor Jack off the face of the earth? Let the kid come home for Sunday dinner every couple months, or something. Makes me wonder if there was a contract dispute. If Jack doesn't attend the wedding next week, I think we'll know. I wish Frank would bring Kelly as a date to the wedding. If we can't have Courtney Cox appear for the purpose of being Frank's love interest, then I'd like to see him get together with Kelly in the 10th season. And here's hoping the writing in season 10 really improves!
  3. Biscuit Tin

    More Anthony is Always Good

    I didn't think this episode had much to say for itself. I don't see what Frank sees in Officer Witten, and I don't see what the show-runners see in that actress. They had a perfectly good opportunity to bring a black character to the forefront with Maya, but no. They make her a dirty cop. I always enjoy seeing Frank interact with Sid and Garret and Baker. Blackmailing the union rep with his fat photo and his medical info was bizarre, though. It will annoy the hell out of fans that had gastric by-pass, as well. The notion that weight loss surgery is an easy out is completely wrong-headed. The Jamie-and-Eddie story line gets dumber every week. I have always liked them together, but this week I decided they should break up. Although next week, when Frank meets Eddie's mother, does look like it's going to be fun. The Anthony story was great, and I thought he and the kid were very believable together. And I learned that fennel seed is what I don't like about some Italian sausage. I think this has been the worst season of the show by a mile. I keep hoping the writing will bounce back, but it doesn't. Poor Tom Selleck looks so unhealthy. He has the "moon face" you can get when you are taking steroids for arthritis or other health issues. He hasn't gained weight in his body, but his face is a puff ball, which was incongruous with tonight's episode. Bless his heart, we didn't see a lot of him this week, and he never came out from behind his desk or the dining table. As Season 8 drew to a close last Spring, I was on pins and needles hoping there would be a season 9. That's not true this year.
  4. Biscuit Tin

    S09.E18: Rectify

    For real. I think we were supposed to believe that that was all about Jamie's fear that Eddie would come to harm, like Joe did, but it felt like he was just being controlling. Also, I don't get what their plan is for when the whole precinct finds out they are a couple and she is "a Reagan." Everybody is going to be mad and feel like Eddie was spying on them for the boss the whole time. It's weird.
  5. Biscuit Tin

    S09.E17: Two-Faced

    Total fairy tale. and it makes me sad. This is the worst season of the entire show. The writing in Season 8 was so great, I never dreamed Season 9 would tank like this. The fairy tale writing is lazy and an insult to viewers. Yes, we are here to be entertained and no, it's not a documentary, but we're not stupid. The Jamie and Eddie thing gets dumber every week. She is always engaging him in hushed conversation, and no one is supposed to make anything of that? Why, because he calls her "Officer Janko?" Ooh - great subterfuge! In other stories, I think commercial rent is a little high in New York City for a whole restaurant to be empty any time Frank wants to talk to Lenny. Wouldn't it have made a ton more sense for the place to be jammed, with the tables 5 inches apart, max, like they are in New York, and all the ambient noise and conversation would provide privacy? What, they don't want to pay for extras? Of course Lenny needs his pension. Of course Erin can't be all, "You say you poisoned your daughter out of love, so that's fine. You did it with a drug you thought they wouldn't catch, and you didn't confess until cornered, but still. It's not like euthanasia is a controversial subject for voters, or my boss, who's elected." On a positive note, I thought Anthony was cute as a button with the M.E. When she said, "Hello," and he replied, "I'm good!" - very cute. If she dates Anthony or Danny, the other one will have a lot to say about it. I also thought it was an entertaining moment when the girl's mother said, "Have you ever married someone and then found out they were a completely different person?" And Erin And Anthony both nod - "Yes." Also I liked how Lenny called Frank Frankie and affectionately cupped his head. I would probably stop watching, if I didn't have such affection for Tom Selleck and the Frank Reagan character. Tom looked extra puffy this week, which indicates steroid use for arthritis, to me. And I think he was sitting in absolutely every scene. Not only was there no walking, there was no standing. Poor guy. I bet a Season 10 hinges on his health. Regardless, I hope the writing improves after the basketball break. Whenever it ends, it should end on a high note.
  6. Biscuit Tin

    Marisa Ramirez

    I don't find her voice aggravating, but we all hear a little differently. She's no Jackie, but I think she is a good partner for Danny, as she seems able to tolerate his absurd bossiness. He always announces to her how they are going to approach things, where she should enter, (or not enter), a building, where she should stand, whom she should talk to, etc. How she keeps from saying, "Excuse me, I work WITH you, not FOR you," I don't know. Any nagging she does, he deserves. You know what bugs me, is the way Erin says "dint" instead of "didn't" That drives me nuts.
  7. Biscuit Tin

    S09.E16: Past Tense

    I liked this episode! I was surprised when the show was off one week followed by a re-run. Isn't there such a thing as February "sweeps" anymore? I guess not. There were 4 stories this week, which usually makes the show seem overcrowded and clunky, but I thought this episode flowed like water. Or whiskey, since it's Blue Bloods. Except it's still stupid that Frank is fine with Eddy working for Jamie. And no one in the precinct or IAB knows they live together? Please. I like that Eddy and Erin did an apology thing without hugging or rushing to a "sister" place. Speaking of sisters, I get that Voorhees' sister did the viral post and the anonymous phone call, but was she supposed to have vandalized Jamie's car, too? That seems completely different than the other two things, and unlikely. Still, I enjoyed the episode. I love Sid and Anthony, both, so it was a good week, there. And I like to see Frank be a genuine boss who sets limits with his people sometimes, instead of just being an irritable crank.
  8. Biscuit Tin

    S09.E15: Blues

    I liked each of the individual story lines; but they sure were individual story lines.
  9. Biscuit Tin

    Love for Frank - I Know What Must Happen

    Speaking of Friends, I was casually watching a "Friend's Funniest Moments" video on You Tube, when all of a sudden, wait - is that Garret? Yep, season 10, episode 11, there's Gregory Jbara playing Pyramid with Joey.
  10. I like the way Erin and Kelly met and talked - very natural, it seemed to me. And I liked the way Kelly and Frank later discussed his relationship with Erin - also very natural. I was having trouble picturing a manner in which Kelly could be introduced into the family group, if the writers decide to go that way. Having Erin work with her independently is a great idea. Erin could encourage Frank to pursue Kelly. That makes more sense to me than Frank saying one Sunday, "Here's Kelly. I have the hots for her, so...everybody adjust." Odd that Kelly was with the Attorney General's office all previous episodes and this week is a lawyer for NYC. (I had to Google "Corporation Counsel.") At one point early in this season, I thought she had *become* the Attorney General. Beats me. Maybe Corporation Counsel ultimately answers to the governor, not the NYC mayor. Besides, we're 14 episodes in to this season, now, and we haven't seen the NYC mayor once, or heard the mayor referred to by name or as "he' or "she." For 8 seasons, the Mayor has been integral to the way Frank does his job. I miss Frank having to answer to a boss. P.S. Shallow comment - Bebe Neuwirth is a 60 year old woman who looks more lovely with long hair than any other sixty-ish actress I've ever seen. It totally works on her. She's gorgeous, I think.
  11. Biscuit Tin

    Love for Frank - I Know What Must Happen

    Gah! Frank's funeral?! Yikes! I hope not! I'm still not over Dr. Mark Green's death on ER. Whenever I hear that ukulele version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," I think of Mark Green's death and feel sad.
  12. Biscuit Tin

    S09.E14: My Brother's Keeper

    I love Sid and Baker and Garret together. It's true Baker stands by the door a lot, but she isn't always a loyalist. I like when she looks at Frank like, "Don't," as she is shutting the door. If he were to ask, "Don't what?" She looks like she would reply, "Just DON'T."
  13. Biscuit Tin

    Blue Bloods and drinking.

    You know where else they drink excessively? Bewitched. Darrin, Larry and Samantha are always in need of a drink. ALWAYS. Check it out, the next time you see it on TV Land. Re: the Reagans drinking at Sunday dinner, I'm sure red wine films better, but they do eat chicken and fish, sometimes. And duck. Yet they never have white wine. That annoys me.
  14. Biscuit Tin

    Love for Frank - I Know What Must Happen

    I think Frank and Kelly are really neat together. I love their conversations. Sometimes they have a Nick and Nora Charles thing going on. I could see them as a couple if Frank retired and he and Kelly traveled the world. (There's a show I'd watch the hell out of.) I can't really picture Kelly putting up with how enmeshed Frank is with his kids. But I can't picture any Courtney Cox-based character putting up with that, either. Huh. Now that I think about it, I don't think Frank's going to find love.
  15. Biscuit Tin

    S09.E13: Ripple Effect

    They showed Frank standing and walking more in this episode than he has all season. At one point, Tom delivered lines while standing, which I bet you we haven't seen him do in at least 30 episodes, if not more. It sounds crazy, but if you watch season 8, you'll see that he almost never talks while standing and he never, ever talks and walks. This week's movement is possibly related to Tom Selleck's face being very big and round with none of the prominent cheekbones or jaw line of the past. If you are taking a steroid for arthritis, it allows you to stand and move, almost miraculously so, but it sure does give you a moon face.