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  1. It happens a lot more than one would think- at least in NYC. The space between the rails is quite deep and filthy. I hope they gave her a tetanus shot. Madame Gao showing up on New Amsterdam. Hee. But I thought she and the actress who played her daughter did an excellent job.
  2. Well, Ossie had a wife before her, so who knows what the rules are for that....
  3. I think, that back in the days of yore, it was customary for a a woman to be buried next to her first husband. So for George not to do so was a kind of slap in the face to the Poldarks.
  4. Is there going to be another season, or was this the series finale?
  5. MostlyC

    Figure Skating

    I am sure there are Behind the Scenes/Rules/Political Reasons why she chose a Grand Prix to make her comeback, but I wish she would have skated some smaller events- less pressure, less competition, less scrutiny- and time to figure out the new scoring system (and hell, I don’t quite understand it- it seems the judges are pretty arbitrary). But I salute her for coming back to skate, and I hope she continues, assuming her health is in a good place.
  6. In a very very weird way (that will never stand up in court), he has a point.
  7. Readin this article, I be hiring Alexis full time must have cost a crapload of money. They have a pretty large cast to begin with. Rather than cut actors from the Lead Family, you think they would cut the crazy niece, and a couple other love interests/guest stars. He was a pretty lackluster character, but I liked the actor who played him. I don’t blame him for being ticked off.
  8. I think Alexis is hilarious and fun in small doses, but if she is in every episode, she gets tiresome and whiny.
  9. Was pleaseantly suprised to see the saline shortage on the show. I liked last night’s episode, and I like the chemistry I see between the two leads, and Mina is one of my favorite characters. I want to start a drinking game: Everytime someone says “the raptor” they have to take a sip. Anything more than a sip and I’d be wasted by the third act.
  10. Good God, somebody take a weed-wacker to Deeks' hair. It is out of control, and not in a fun sexy kind of way.
  11. Or at least kept the one who wanted to stay on the show.* *Not a Crawford fan, but at least he wanted to stay on the show.
  12. Are you effing kidding me??? https://tvline.com/2018/10/03/lethal-weapon-damon-wayans-leaving-quitting-season-3-fox-murtaugh/
  13. MostlyC

    Figure Skating

    Zagitova's coach seems to like her more this season. That's good to see. At the Olympics, it seemed that her coach wanted nothing to do with her. She looked all alone in her victory.
  14. MostlyC

    Figure Skating

    I wonder what Evegnia’s injury is, and if it was something she was dealing with at the Olympics last year. After watching some of the clips of everyone’s performances, I think it’s safe to say that almost all the programs, long and short, are still in the early days. It will be interesting to see how they grow.
  15. MostlyC

    Figure Skating

    I liked Bradie’s short a lot. The long...not so much.
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