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  1. The food is probably enough for Jill, Shrek and Janessa. Jill will tell all y’all unwashed heathens that the older children, especially the girls, were voluntarily fasting. But don’t worry - there’s enough pineapple for everybody to have a bite.
  2. I wonder if the other girls will get wedding dresses of their own, or if they’ll be expected to re-use Nurie’s hand-me-down one.
  3. I wonder if after the wedding poor second class Kaylee will move up from (and Kaylee) to plain old Kaylee. She won’t know how to handle the sudden promotion, I’m sure.
  4. Sillies. Jill doesn’t have to worry about the cost of dog food. That poor dog will exist solely on human food dropped on the floor by the boys.
  5. Please! This is the woman who kisses her cats on the mouth. Probably right after they’ve cleaned their hinnies. The woman who made out with a glacier. The woman who puts some really disgusting things (pasta mixed with mayo and shredded cheese anyone?) in her mouth. You think a little bit of hay would stop her?
  6. I can imagine them following Nathan and Nurie, expecting Nathan to buy them a big ole house in Florida just like his folks’. Even if they have to share the house with Nathan and Nurie, it’d still be a step up from what they have now. And I’m sure she’ll expect his family to help out with money. After all, they’ll be part of the Keller family now. Can’t have part of the family living in poverty now, can we? Nice that they have this house to sell that they got for free. It’ll all be profit for them.
  7. The “we” who are lucky that Twit has Susan are those people (Tal, Todd and Heather) who no longer have to do those vile jobs in order to appear on tv.
  8. I’m sure Jill is hoping for a rock the size of Gibraltar for Nurie. Which Nurie will then trade for her mama’s ring, the way we’ll trainef girls do. And our Jill will be so shocked and awed when Nurie makes this request. And “Nurie” will claim online that she did this because her parents have the most loving and awesome marriage in the history of marriage, and she hopes by wearing her mana’s ring that that will make her marriage halfway as awesome.
  9. I got you beat. I shower at night because we had 7 people and only 1 bathroom. Also learned to shower in less than 10 minutes.
  10. Aren’t you the silly-nilly! You know the poundicipants don’t wear panties! It’s against the code.
  11. But remember that the last act an Unsullied commits before becoming an Unsullied is to take a baby from his/her slave mother’s arms and kill them. As long as Grey Worm said to kill them, they’ll kill them. And Grey Worm was leading the attack.
  12. That’s a whole lot of potatoes for two adults and two small children. And not very many carrots. For myself, I’d chop those onions a bit smaller as well. But it’s still the most appetizing thing I’ve seen in her kitchen to date. No cream of crap soup or mounds of sodium in sight.
  13. My weird question is why is Angie just plain Angie while Amy is always Amy Foster? Does Angie not have a last name? Or is she, being able to walk, not worth having her last name spoken of? Inquiring minds need to know the rules....
  14. Negan is still the pink ass bitch who let all the men and boys at Oceanside be slaughtered. Killed Abe and Glenn I. Front of their loved ones. And who know how many countless others. Coerced women into his harem by threatening to kill their loved ones. No redemption.
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