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  1. gibasi

    S07.E03: The Price of Admission

    Maybe it was my mood or something but this episode was a blah one for me. The crime was too convoluted for me to follow or really care about. I would have thought they would be concentrating on the Captain since that is the reason they came back and Sherlock went through all of his scheming.
  2. gibasi

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    I disagree. Personally I like Tyler's jokes and think he is doing it all in fun. I don't see mugging for the camera. I think he is more authentic than Becca. I absolutely agree. If they didn't want to lie they could have just been vague and said a little while or something.
  3. gibasi

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    I didn't read the spoiler. I agree the first season was perfect. I am willing to give the second season a chance but didn't think there was a need. And I don't want to see the lady detective obsessing over what she thinks was a murder. That doesn't make sense to me at all. If they want to explore guilt or the lack of guilt and how each woman deals with it I can get on board.
  4. gibasi

    S01.21 This Is Not the End

    I don't know how and yes the show is still ridiculous but I care about these people! I want Max to be okay. I want Kapoor to make up with his son. I want Reynolds and Evie to make it as a couple. I am not sure what I want for Helen but I want her to be happy!
  5. gibasi

    S31.E04: I Took Out a Polar Bear

    I am on the Philadelphia station too and no it did not happen to me.
  6. gibasi

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    I do. He said that he did not agree with the judges on the top team. He said "There was a better team with very chic clothes". Sorry, I did not see Hula-la's post!
  7. gibasi

    Mrs Wilson

    What a messed up family! To release information only after she has died when her sons cannot question her is cruel. And weak. She took religious vows to escape her complicated life and left her sons behind. I was disappointed in the end because I thought there would be answers to Alec Wilson's life. And then when Alison chose the Church. Blech. I just went to the link above and am intrigued at the idea that his disgrace may have been engineered by Guy Burgess!
  8. gibasi

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    I agree with everyone else who thought Afa was unfairly penalized for not making cold weather survival wear. It was not specified in the challenge and since Kovid's was a hot mess he should have been sent home. Most of the other models were cold too. Even the designers and judges were cold! I was underwhelmed by the challenge and the way it was carried out.
  9. gibasi

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I agree! He just doesn't sound very sincere to me. And if he meditates that much why isn't he more Zen? I also don't like Hester. So far I see her designing children's clothes and last night's runway didn't change my mind. I would have given it to Sebastian without question.
  10. gibasi

    S7.E13 All the World's a Runway

    Blech. I only turned it on for the runway and once I saw the winner I turned it off immediately. What a waste of my time this season was! I am most mad at myself for watching this mess all season.
  11. gibasi

    S01.E16: King of Swords

    This show. I just caught up. I have watched every show and even dvr it to watch at my convenience. But I never realized there were fans clamoring for a Max/Sharpe romance. Or that they hated Georgia. I just don't care enough and figured no one else did either. It is such old fashioned television for me. The stories are ludicrous and don't exist in the real universe. The actors are likable and the characters are too for the most part. So I keep on watching. But this snow storm episode really pushed the limits for me. And I keep forgetting about Bloom! I am not sure why she is still a regular part of the series. Someone upthread said the actress is pregnant and this is her leave. Maybe it would have been better for her to come in after her leave because I can't see a place for her back at the hospital.
  12. gibasi

    Lethal Weapon

    If it was the end it was an okay ending. I liked this episode better than last week's episode. Personally I like it when there are more interactions with Cole and Roger together. So I am not sure how much I would like it without Damon Wayans although I could see where they were possible setting it up with Trish as the DA but I don't know who they would have partnered Cole with. Maybe Bailey? This season started out really strong for me. But it suffered when Cole and Roger were at odds. I could do without the Natalie drama as well. The past few episodes were not as strong but I like that they tried to wrap everything up. Family, indeed.
  13. gibasi

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    I liked Anthony Ryan’s dress the best. I am not sure it was nighttime though. I liked the assymetrical lines of it and the contrasr of blue and red I hated Biddel’s. I cannot stand the dropped crotch pants. And I didn’t like Michelle’s either. So simple and not special in any way. It was an oversized tee shirt dress. And I was sure Dmitry would be in the bottom. That looked more costumey than others he has been crticized for as being costumey.
  14. gibasi

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    This whole season is tired and dated. I can re-watch Seasons 1-5 of Project Runway and they don't feel as tired and outdated as this one which is 2 years old. Nothing wowed me in this challenge.
  15. gibasi

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Who is Spencer and why is he roaming around alone? Isn't he kind of young for that? And did he really make it so Laura won the Mayor's race? Who was she running against? Baby Wiley has the most beautiful smile! I loved his grin at Willow.