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  1. I rented the movie. I don't think it is as good as the series. It lacks the heart and even the humor of the series. The addition of Ray's daughter was brilliant and makes us see him as more than a mob enforcer. And seeing his friends and his loyalty was another plus. Of course the movie was a different entity altogether. If I had watched the movie first though I don't know if I would have bothered with the series.
  2. It is the series finale not the season finale but that might make it more likely that they end on that note. I hope that it ends with Ray getting out of the business. I think Chika Yasumura is fantastic as Brittany. And the show absolutely captures that 12 year old brattiness which is impossible to live with. Then she wants to cuddle and Ray has his little girl back. So good.
  3. I am impressed with the nuance in this season. It is incredibly sad to watch Ray try to come to terms with his life. Kudos to Scott Ryan as writer and actor! With each season the story has very naturally evolved.
  4. So how long do you think it has been? Just a few posts upthread someone said Brit was 9 and here she is 12. But I I don’t know if Brit was 9 in Season 2. I have always loved Ray’s and Brit’s relationship. I felt his pain when she asked to be dropped off before they got to the school. And his frustration when he tried to make it up to her with her friend to no avail. He can’t fix everything. is he working for Freddy again or was this a one off?
  5. Ugh. These doctors. It is just common sense that you take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others. It is why the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first in an emergency before taking care of your children. And I thought Helen was smart enough to call for help before going to help Max. Dr. Reynolds broke it off with Bloom because he did not want to marry a white woman or even lead her on. But he is knowingly going out with a married woman? He is so rigid with his moral code and what people should do that I can't see him with her.
  6. What and when is the emerald ring story? I don’t remember it
  7. I will really miss this show. It really made me feel like it was the finale when they brought in Edrissa for that short scene. Everyone in the cast was terrific. Honestly there is usually one person in a show who I just don’t like or feel is a wast of time. Not so in this case. It always felt like to me that everyone was enjoying working with each other and they all had chemistry with each other. Well done show!
  8. I always thought Max and Zoey were old friends; I never realized they met at SPRQPoint. I did not like the episode as much as everyone else. The family dynamic was off for me. The parents and adult kids were entirely too invested in each other's lives. I would never have called my daughter on her first day to tell her I was going to have a stress test. As far as I am concerned the only time to call was when Maggie was going into surgery. And I thought they made Maggie and Mitch into some fairy tale couple that no other relationship can ever match. That would be cause for some thera
  9. I along with the rest of you am glad I stuck with this show. It finally seems to be finding its feet.
  10. I guess I am not the only one wondering if I want to pick this up again.
  11. Amen to that. The reactions of the poor people who come into contact with the Debris are never right. They are never terrified enough or angry enough. They are oddly compliant with whatever these two idiots in charge tell them to do. No one asks the authorities to explain themselves. We never see media or any blowback from any of the past incidents. It is just too stupid.
  12. That Harry killed original Harry and wants to destroy the human race is not a deal breaker for me. Neither is the fact that he tried to kill Max and Sahar. I can’t really explain why but it just isn’t that kind of show for me. I am having too much fun with it to care.
  13. I wondered if military lady is really another alien trying to find Harry. Either to help or hurt him. Just because she is so off the wall. I admit to being influenced by Paul in thinking that And I agree the mayor’s wife looked stunning. That dress was so sexy without being too much.
  14. gibasi

    S01.E03: Solar Winds

    That bothered me so much. It is a rectangle! I am disappointed in the show and don’t know how much longer I will keep with it. I have been disappointed in most of the science fiction shows of the past few years. They are all so forgettable once I stop watching that I barely remember them. in fact it is a good thing I have it dvr’ed and that they show promos on Resident Alien or I would forget Debris too.
  15. Are we really supposed to think that Gary might be the father? I didn't pick up on it if true.
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