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  1. Sharna Burgess was with Tristan MacManus at some event in Melbourne, Australia, relating to the upcoming season of the Australian DWTS - pretty sure that means she'll be a judge on that show again. And Tristan too!
  2. I just saw Karina in "Ballroom with a Twist" in September, performing with Tony Dovolani -- also there were Tristan MacManus, Anna Trebunskaya, Chelsie Hightower and Damian Whitewood. (a casino on the Mississippi Gulf Coast) She was great, as ever! Tony said he retired from DWTS because he needed to spend more time with his kids (his son is autistic.) Tristan then joked, "They didn't want him any more." Ouch! But I think Tristan was probably right - though he's one to talk, ahem. But in any case, the Australian DWTS is coming back, in February I think, and Tristan will be a judge again for its second season (of the relaunched version). I assume Sharna will too, but she wasn't in the promo ads I saw for it. But then neither was the third judge from last time, Craig Revel Horwood.
  3. I guess I need to watch again - I thought Lauren and especially Ally were both better than James. And Ally was underscored - it looked like Sasha agreed. James had a weird, strained expression on his face. But Emma looks so much prettier with her natural brunette hair so that was nice. I think she's mentioned wanting to start a family so maybe they gave her a ringer, expecting her to bow out, at least for a while. I can't help it - Gleb is my eye candy and I hope he sticks around on the show, at least till Pasha grows on me some more (I did like him and Kate was better than I expected her to be.) I'm going to try to ignore the neon cabbage patch doll there with poor Lindsay. I was willing to cut him some slack until the pandering tweet.
  4. No Emma or Sharna or Gleb? Sorry if this has already been discussed - I haven't been keeping up with the news or this board very well, but I'm shocked that Cheryl and Peta are there and Sharna's not (did any of those three quit by choice?)
  5. Just saw a bit of tonight and I guess I'll go back and catch up later - but Val looked about as excited to be there as someone at the dentist waiting for a root canal. Does the one who went home, Nikki, always yell everything she says? She was so assertive and/or aggressive acting, it seemed weird to me. Gleb looked like he already knew they were going home, standing there at the end. I've never seen a worse hangdog expression. I liked the blind lady and attentive Artem. I needed to see that because I've never really liked him before. She was nice and "real". Compared to Nikki, what a relief.
  6. Trent Whiddon has been around, during training. His wife said well-done to him (and Anya Garnis) in connection to the promotion advert now airing on BBC (with empty dancing shoes - I wonder if Trent and Anya danced in those shoes and then were erased out for the video?)
  7. They watch them on film on a monitor - not on the actual dance floor. That way, they can openly discuss what to say and score with the producers. Otherwise, it could hardly be kept a secret and their chatter would be a distraction to the dancers, director, etc. They also have access to all the rehearsal video but the judges wouldn't really need all that - just the producers, as they decide how to "guide" the show. I think they know who'll win before the show even begins (and also where everyone will place), or at least what their plans are, but as the show progresses, they make adjustments, depending on viewer votes, to some extent, but also how things unfold, injuries, personalitybehavior issues, etc. They don't leave anything to chance. No reality show does. Too much money riding on it.
  8. I'm pouting that they put Adam and Mirai on the same "dance off team." I'm assuming the loser in each dance-off team will be at a huge disadvantage and those three will go home - so they're setting up for a final of Adam v. Tonya v. Josh I guess (though it might be Chris but Foxtrots generally are duller than anything else.) Two theories, probably both wrong, but 1 Mirai and Alan aren't getting the viewer votes (though I keep thinking they aren't even counting them this stupid series) or 2 They want Tonya there to the end, for the controversy/redemption/shock/schlock factor. They did give Mirai that crybaby over getting a 7 edit which did her no favors. This is the most rigged season ever, and that's sayin' something!
  9. I just watched the second half and Sharna did mention Josh had training camp all next week, and then earlier in the show, she mentioned that's why this past week was so ridiculously hard for them (and that's why he missed the team dance rehearsal). Well, I'm 90% sure that's what was said - it was all such a blur. Maybe the show's making it up to explain why he's booted next week (assuming that happens). I hadn't really thought of what Tonya may have done as attempted murder either - but IF she was involved - a plot to hit someone in the leg with a lead pipe could lead to their death, through her recognizing them and the attackers panicking or missing or getting into a struggle with her and killing her - or infection... It could certainly destroy her career, cause permanent disability, and possibly lead to depression/post-traumatic stress disorder/suicide, etc. Anyway, I hadn't thought of it that way until Adam Rippon said it. I know I 'would' like her if I didn't always think of her possibly/likely being involved in that. Oh and her making the whole incident about herself. Anyway, it is what it is... If she wins, I'll faint.
  10. Oh wow - I'd love to live there and see that every day :) It's the coolest thing! I'm jealous - what a beautiful place!! and piece of art! I did go back and watch the rest of the show (minus most of the judges' crap and other extraneous stuff.) When I was watching and listening to Mirai, I imagined a 6 year old saying the exact words (at Disneyland) and I think they would fit rather well. But then, the rehearsal videos are nearly always stupid, and I think nearly always scripted to the very word, so ok - what's wrong with being cutesy? I did think Meryl's expression while applauding Mirai looked very cold, but then I didn't watch Meryl's season and shouldn't take that line of inquiry any further... My boy Nathan's smile was very genuine :) Oh and I think last week someone was saying Mirai was just doing the very common valley-girl stuff - I sought out some Kim Kardashian videos and I like the way she speaks - I like glottal fry (my son's every word is in it) - I like uptalk (I do it - and the fry sometimes). I think it's the baby talk more than those two characteristics, but maybe that's a southern California girl thing too (except not Kim). I don't remember ever being bothered by someone's voice this much - not even Fran Drescher or Marilyn Monroe or Judy Holliday etc... It just seems so, well, first-graderish (I had thought high school but I've backed her up, maybe due to Disney?) but also so phony as though she's ever ever so sweet and vulnerable (but not really). Anyway, I'm rooting for Adam first and Mirai second, and I don't even know why -- I guess because I knew them beforehand from figure skating, which I'm a fan of, and they're VERY good dancers imo. I'm not sure what the judges are seeing in Josh and Chris. (My perennial belief: the judges are seeing the producers' script, that they memorized that afternoon, in their mind's eye - and in the notes on the desk in front of them.)
  11. I watched for a while. Will make myself finish it – I guess. Anyway, I was more interested in watching Nathan Chen sitting in the audience than the actual show – and he wasn’t really doing anything but sitting there, clapping. At least that part was real and not overly manipulated. Anyway, I thought Josh had a back injury when I watched his Paso Doble. The weird way he was standing – it was like he couldn’t bend even 10 degrees forward. (I haven’t seen the team thing so maybe he was ok in that.) And there by Tom at the end, Sharna seemed to uber-emphasize what a hard hard week they’d had. I think she mentioned that a reason was that Josh had started practice. I assumed she meant football practice (that is the sport he plays, isn’t it?) Anyway, the judges were pleased – but though I liked him last week, I thought his Paso was terrible. If he goes home next week, maybe I’m right about his real job starting back up and it’s time to say adios. WTH was going on about the too-risque’ number that we’re too delicate to hear the name of, but which they were actually going to dance to for a couple days? What a gratuitous ploy to get family-values viewers to make all manner of assumptions and decide she’s their kind of woman, just in case we didn’t get the message last week with her children in the dance with her. It’s so disorienting, on a show that’s promoting Tonya Effing Harding, FGS. This is Orwellian or Fahrenheit 451... I feel like they're taking me for a fool or degraded or something. Anyway, it does feel like they want a skater finale. I don’t blame them. I’m a Tonya-hater just on principle (based on her handwriting on a paper the FBI found implicating her in the lead pipe assault), so like Adam Rippon said, uh, she tried to KILL SOMEONE folks (or at least that’s how I also feel about it.) If it weren’t for that, I’d like her 3rd best I think – her dancing is good, considering her age and shape and I like Sasha. I wonder if OJ turned out to be great at the waltz... well, never mind. But I’m almost ready to say what the hell, I’ll chow down on whatever gruel they put in my trough, it’s just a stupid nihilistic world and I’m watching a reality show because... well, to watch Nathan clap I guess. The pros seem more jaded than I am, except Lindsay I guess; maybe I’ll root for her next week, if she does a sexy strut with Artem or Gleb before a commercial break. This season is really awkward and makes me slightly nauseous (or is every season like this now? I was ok with it for a few years but now - blech!)
  12. They said only the East and Central time zone viewers could vote, with their online accounts, but would they really know if you were voting from other time zones, by isp or something? In any case, the voting system this time is such crap. I believe they somehow had it rigged and knew who was going home already - and especially knew who they were keeping, but then I always think that. But this series? The voting was open a mere few minutes after Josh danced? Is there any way in the world that could be called fair? (if you assumed it was all really as they 'said' it was - which I don't.)
  13. Why do women really 'have' to wear heels? When they want to overlook it, they do. I know I've seen some on DWTS in pretty shoes, but with LOW heels, if not even flat ones. Maybe it's been when the woman is injured or even just really tall?? or on the heavy side or old, like Cloris Leachman??? I'm NOT trying to compare Arike to her, but heels could be a problem for a host of physical reasons, especially to an athlete. I've taken ballroom lessons (and done some amateur comps) and there are plenty women in 1.5 or 2 inch heels, maybe even flats, though I haven't paid that much attention. Obviously, contemporary/modern dance doesn't require shoes at all! I just don't get why they 'must' wear heels - seems sexist and unfair to me.
  14. Alan had a tumor on his thyroid gland - it wasn't cancer but could have been a big problem if he hadn't had it removed. http://people.com/health/dancing-with-the-stars-alan-bersten-reveals-he-needed-surgery-after-finding-a-tumor-in-his-neck/ And I actually like Mirai, BelleBrit, and will bear in mind what you're saying and pay closer attention to what she actually says (and I'll watch out for sexist thinking.) I love her legs - I love her dancing - I think she's very beautiful. There's just something about her voice - I'm reading it mainly as fake and sort of high-schoolish/pretentious ? - but anyway, I'm new to following her and will pay closer attention and give it some thought. When Adam's outlandish, my read is different, like it's a honed strategy to get attention, and he being outre, like a comedian or a contrarian (and Oscar Wilde wannabe - he's not there but I sense he's always trying to get there.) I'll have to think about it... He's not like Patrick Chan whose foot-in-mouth disease makes me want to smack him in the face!
  15. That's interesting - I'm gonna watch for that as I might be subconsciously blaming her for what I'm fine with with him. But I 'think' she's less careful in what she says - like I think I remember her saying that the US was about to lose to Italy but then SHE came along and saved the day. I can't imagine Adam being so childishly braggardly. And her excuses after bombing in the individual event at the Olympics - I don't remember the specifics, but a lot of just plain out stupid comments, that an arrogant 6th grader might pop up with to cover for striking out and losing the baseball game for his team. Adam's more sophisticated - he doesn't brag like an annoying child. At least I don't remember it. You may be right about tone or intonation, but that doesn't matter if WHAT you're saying isn't as obnoxious. He's playful, may tease people - like his response to "Andy" - but he's not doing any Trumpian braggadoccio, and she is, among other dopey earnest crap. She's just not very smart - and he is. Women can be smart and funny (and even tease other people and get away with it.) But Mirai just comes off like a bratty self-centered self-righteous teenager - Adam doesn't. He's intentionally coy and smarter than she is, with his comments, though his jokes don't always work but you know they're jokes. She's SERIOUS when she says she saved the day for the USA. Blech.
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