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  1. My favorite q&a was when she asked Justina what her 5 year old self would say to her today - "You're old!"
  2. When I saw Tyra's get-up, I thought if Drag Race had a challenge to make the ugliest outfit, she'd win, hands-down. And that flaring bustle or whatever made her waist look like it was 50 inches - plus the length did not flatter her legs. Also hated Justina's black shoes - seemed like it was part of a plan for her footwork to be accentuated and then criticized. And Sasha's jacket should have had red stripes where it had hot pink ones... Skai seems more like 12 to me. A young 12. And Monica has the charisma of a dustmop. For me, Anne's not much better (but I did enjoy Keo's mini-skirt). Liked most of the guys tonight, but Jesse is so cloddish. I'm glad they weren't oohing and ahhing - and Sharna's hair might be worse than Tyra's. I laughed out loud when Sharna looked shocked when Jesse said he got his first break in New York! Imagine that - an American actor getting a break in that obscure city. Sheesh. But he's Fred Astaire next to Nelly, who reminded me of an 80 year old - or someone with rods in his spine. And our professional ballet dancer Kaitlyn looked shocked when someone said she had the best dance of the night? killin' it with her port de bras and I'm sure will keep on killin' it. Must be nice to take 20 years of dance training to the show with you. At least they stopped lowballing Johnny though his rumba was a bit staccato. I really don't think Britt is very good at teaching for this kind of show. It ain't easy. He needed Cheryl. And good riddance to the psycho - ha ha at them giving her samba with her, uh, hips (hard to tell she has any with that apple shaped body) And though I wasn't that crazy about Anne, I do like how she took the floor with her mike and shut Tyra up - and Vernon just took off running as soon as he got the scores. That's the way to give us poor viewers a break from those awkward questions.
  3. Dorothy really was injured though. I remember watching a fan video of her trying to walk into the dance studio, and her foot collapsed with every step - total foot drop or whatever they call it. It looked freaky! Poor Tristan. At least he got a job judging DWTS Australia - two years now. Good for him.
  4. They had a pro once, I think her name was Anna Demidova, and she was about 5 ft 11. Wish they'd kept her for the basketball players - they have a lot of them on the show.
  5. I'm confused about Johnny this season. I thought he'd be a big draw - yet they buried him in what? 3rd or 4th position in the dance roster. That's usually a bad sign (the best go last or close to it). Best DRAW, I mean, not best dancer. Also, I was watching Britt's Instagram stories, and in one, she was sitting in the dance studio saying, "Where are you Johnny?" Maybe it was a one off but not such a good look to be advertizing that he's late for rehearsal. And why did they give him an untested newbie who apparently wasn't brought up in ballroom dancing? If they expected a lot from him, I'd think they'd put him with Cheryl or even Jenna (she did win with another figure skater)... It's all so confusing. Maybe they think he's just too "out there" for their audience demographic - but that's hard to believe with Bruno and the success Carson Kressley had on the show etc.
  6. Thanks Annber03. He really bugs me - but I'll try to give him a break. Kinda sick of Sharna's multicolored rotating hair - but I'm the "get off my lawn" type so... BTW, I guess they were spread out enough but I was surprised they put all the couples together on the floor for the final part.
  7. I feel like I'm not on the same page with others here with the Metcalfe guy (what does he do again?) and also Nelly. Their dancing is horrible, to my eyes. Clunky, nerdy, hunchy, dorky, I could go on.... I also don't think Johnny is very good, and I really thought he would be. I'm watching this season because I was a big fan of his skating. OH, and his butt looks so big. (ditto Tyra ditto Cheryl....) Whose idea was it for Tyra to ask follow up questions to the celebs? And half the time, they don't understand her or are taken aback. It's so stupid when the judges are shooshed and rushed so bad. Tyra contributes to the fakeness of the show whereas Tom made it seem more natural and honest. My faves of the men - Nev and AJ. Of the women, Justina, Chrishell, and the one who was a professional dancer (the injured one with Artem) - but duh... would be pretty sad if all that dance career prep was for nothing. At least she fessed up for people who didn't already know, and I didn't.
  8. Sharna Burgess was with Tristan MacManus at some event in Melbourne, Australia, relating to the upcoming season of the Australian DWTS - pretty sure that means she'll be a judge on that show again. And Tristan too!
  9. I just saw Karina in "Ballroom with a Twist" in September, performing with Tony Dovolani -- also there were Tristan MacManus, Anna Trebunskaya, Chelsie Hightower and Damian Whitewood. (a casino on the Mississippi Gulf Coast) She was great, as ever! Tony said he retired from DWTS because he needed to spend more time with his kids (his son is autistic.) Tristan then joked, "They didn't want him any more." Ouch! But I think Tristan was probably right - though he's one to talk, ahem. But in any case, the Australian DWTS is coming back, in February I think, and Tristan will be a judge again for its second season (of the relaunched version). I assume Sharna will too, but she wasn't in the promo ads I saw for it. But then neither was the third judge from last time, Craig Revel Horwood.
  10. I guess I need to watch again - I thought Lauren and especially Ally were both better than James. And Ally was underscored - it looked like Sasha agreed. James had a weird, strained expression on his face. But Emma looks so much prettier with her natural brunette hair so that was nice. I think she's mentioned wanting to start a family so maybe they gave her a ringer, expecting her to bow out, at least for a while. I can't help it - Gleb is my eye candy and I hope he sticks around on the show, at least till Pasha grows on me some more (I did like him and Kate was better than I expected her to be.) I'm going to try to ignore the neon cabbage patch doll there with poor Lindsay. I was willing to cut him some slack until the pandering tweet.
  11. No Emma or Sharna or Gleb? Sorry if this has already been discussed - I haven't been keeping up with the news or this board very well, but I'm shocked that Cheryl and Peta are there and Sharna's not (did any of those three quit by choice?)
  12. Just saw a bit of tonight and I guess I'll go back and catch up later - but Val looked about as excited to be there as someone at the dentist waiting for a root canal. Does the one who went home, Nikki, always yell everything she says? She was so assertive and/or aggressive acting, it seemed weird to me. Gleb looked like he already knew they were going home, standing there at the end. I've never seen a worse hangdog expression. I liked the blind lady and attentive Artem. I needed to see that because I've never really liked him before. She was nice and "real". Compared to Nikki, what a relief.
  13. Trent Whiddon has been around, during training. His wife said well-done to him (and Anya Garnis) in connection to the promotion advert now airing on BBC (with empty dancing shoes - I wonder if Trent and Anya danced in those shoes and then were erased out for the video?)
  14. They watch them on film on a monitor - not on the actual dance floor. That way, they can openly discuss what to say and score with the producers. Otherwise, it could hardly be kept a secret and their chatter would be a distraction to the dancers, director, etc. They also have access to all the rehearsal video but the judges wouldn't really need all that - just the producers, as they decide how to "guide" the show. I think they know who'll win before the show even begins (and also where everyone will place), or at least what their plans are, but as the show progresses, they make adjustments, depending on viewer votes, to some extent, but also how things unfold, injuries, personalitybehavior issues, etc. They don't leave anything to chance. No reality show does. Too much money riding on it.
  15. I'm pouting that they put Adam and Mirai on the same "dance off team." I'm assuming the loser in each dance-off team will be at a huge disadvantage and those three will go home - so they're setting up for a final of Adam v. Tonya v. Josh I guess (though it might be Chris but Foxtrots generally are duller than anything else.) Two theories, probably both wrong, but 1 Mirai and Alan aren't getting the viewer votes (though I keep thinking they aren't even counting them this stupid series) or 2 They want Tonya there to the end, for the controversy/redemption/shock/schlock factor. They did give Mirai that crybaby over getting a 7 edit which did her no favors. This is the most rigged season ever, and that's sayin' something!
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