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  1. Roselyn Sanchez is stunning. I didn’t think her character was too bad and I loved the NE scenery and yummy food. Plus I likes the chemistry between the two leads and they must have been thrilled working together. I think Eric Winter is a great Hallmark lead and have wondered why he’s not in more Hallmark movies. Plus diversity hiring an actress with an accent- Hallmark is slowly progressing.
  2. I don’t think Rafael was supposed to be Jane’s first and only choice. This show showcased that you can be happy and love two people in different stages of your life. She chose Michael over Rafael and had a wonderful and full relationship with him prior to his “death”, and then mourned him and opened her heart again to Rafael whom she had a wonderful relationship as well. All would have been fine if they kept it like that, then they brought back Michael with the sole plot of Jane choosing Rafael this time. What was the point? She already was happy with Rafael. He didn’t even get to interact with the rest of the characters after he regained his memories and was isolated in Montana so Jane and Raf can have their happy ending. It was a disservice for his character to be a plot point, and cruel to his fans who were hoping for something more.
  3. twoods

    Romantic Comedies

    I caught a simple but sweet movie called The Park Bench on Amazon and was charmed by it. It is a movie about a girl tutoring a guy in American Lit on a park bench (that is where every scene is in) and I’m sure was super cheap to make, but both leads had such a nice chemistry.
  4. twoods

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    I would watch the shit out of this. Why haven’t they had a duel bachelor/ette season yet? It would be ratings gold and even more ridiculous than usual, especially if the two men fall for the same women.
  5. twoods

    Mulan (2020)

    I do see a scene with her hair up and covered so I’m guessing the parts with her hair out was after her troop found out she was a female. The whole premise of Mulan is her disguised as a male so she can take her dad’s place. I’m wondering if they will keep Mushu and the cricket and CGI them like they did Abu in Aladdin.
  6. How terrible. He was so young- I can’t imagine what his family and friends are going through. My kids are always watching Jessie and just watched Descendants for the 4th time and I was coming to post how much I still like that movie.
  7. twoods


    There was nothing on TV tonight so I watched Bounty Hunters on Prime. I still love that episode. Even though Kevin Sorbo is a certifiable political nut job I still enjoyed his banter with the boys. “Is he winking at me?” I do have to say that Shawn looked pretty hot in that vest.
  8. twoods

    The NBA

    In what world is D’Angelo Russell worth 117 million? Yes they are still stacked despite losing KD but he’s not worth that.
  9. twoods

    MLB Thread

    This looked like the score to a Jags-Raiders game, if both teams were lucky to score this much. At least the fans got their money’s worth.
  10. twoods

    Romantic Comedies

    Amazon is streaming Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams and I really enjoyed it. It had some romance, the comedy parts made me laugh and the story was interesting.
  11. Midnight Masquerade and October Kiss are two Halloween themed movies on Hallmark. I liked both of them.
  12. Honestly, how much money do people make when they sell crafty jewelry? I was in disbelief on Gilmore Girls that a married couple (annoying TJ and Liz) survived on the jewelry they sold at a Renaissance fair. Do people really make that much money? I had such high hopes with a Paul Campbell- Rachel Boston movie but wish they got a better movie to star in. Both characters were at times extremely unlikable.
  13. twoods

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    I thought it was hilarious and sad. The new characters were fantastic. Also cried the last ten minutes and am not embarrassed about it. What a wonderful franchise- thank you Pixar!
  14. twoods

    Murder Mystery (2019)

    I liked it. It made me laugh and was entertaining. Can’t ask for much more in a brainless summer movie. I’m so sick of all the serious TV series and movies that Netflix keeps coming out with so I was happy to watch something fun with a glass of wine on a Friday night.
  15. The lead in Love, Take Two was gorgeous. I was wondering why she looked familiar and realized she used to be on a cheerleading CW showed called Hellcats and was just as pretty in there. I enjoyed her acting and hope to see her in other movies. Her best friend was the antagonist in iZombie so I liked seeing her play a nice character in this movie.