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  1. I can’t believe Sisqo hasn’t aged in two decades. I still love that song, and it was hilarious watching Nate dance to it while he was fighting. Thank you show for continuing to kick ass. I am one of the few Nate and Zari fans so that sucked to watch them say goodbye again. Poor guy can’t catch a break, and while one ex doppelgänger is gone another one takes her place. That has to be brutal. I prefer OG Zari to the new one (still can’t get onboard with her and Constantine), but I’m glad they kept Behrad.
  2. I have loved Jesse for the longest time so glad he’s reminding people what a wonderful voice he has. He crushed it in the Finals but Night Angel has good in the past. I just thought the past two performances by her were weak, but congrats to Kandi.
  3. I loved this series, but I agree that this was definitely the weakest episode of the season. It would have worked better if it was a little longer like the premiere because everything felt rushed. I was also getting annoyed with Nora, especially her stringing along Byron while whining to Nathan how he’s immoral. I still love their chemistry, but she was so unlikable this episode. I like the actor that plays Jamie so I hope he gets more involved in season 2. I like that they didn’t make him or Ingrid the bad guys.
  4. Night Angel sounded awful. This is the worst she’s sounded. I guess the internet is always right- I rolled my eyes when they were guessing Barry Zito but here we are. I never knew he could sing and only thought of him as a very good pitcher. How is antivaxxer always right? She guessed Barry first. She’s guessing Kandi Burruss correctly (all the clues point to her) and guessed Jesse McCartney last week. I still think it’s him, but him and Nick Carter always sounded similar so who knows.
  5. I don’t think she has vocal fry at all and I usually get annoyed with it. Maybe it’s because I like the actress. I am really loving this show so far and the mystery surrounding Nathan’s memory loss. I am also enjoying the chemistry between Nathan and Nora.
  6. twoods

    Outer Banks

    Wow , the hair got more glorious as the episodes went along. It was fun. I did FF through some of the running sequences because I felt they were very long. I hope Rafe gets arrested because I can’t stand his entitled ass, and someone needs to do away with his drug dealer friend as well. I loved how Pope’s parents embraced JJ at the end. Maybe they will foster him? His dad sucks so hard.
  7. Poor Reade. That scene was brutal and probably haven’t cried like that with a character death in a while. I still don’t understand why writers have to kill off characters just for the shock value. And it’s not fun watching Madeline drunk with power and unstoppable. Blah.
  8. twoods

    Outer Banks

    Topper reminded me of David Spade, with the way he talks and all the white he wore. It’s crazy how he’s almost killed two of those guys, but then felt bad when Pope was getting his ass kicked by Rafe (who has no redeeming qualities). I just don’t get him. I’m at episode five and after seeing John B (why can’t they just call him John since there is no other freaking John) survive a five story fall with just a concussion and wrist injury, I’m just going to enjoy this ridiculousness because I’m sure it’s going to get even crazier.
  9. I’m also watching Isn’t It Romantic and am loving it. I love romcoms so appreciate how this movie made fun of all the tropes that I adore. Every time I heard A Thousand Miles I couldn’t stop laughing.
  10. My parents were arranged. It doesn’t happen much with the Indian Americans nowadays but I’ve seen it occasionally. Blows my mind at times, but I can see why it works since parents and families try to find people that have similar interests and personalities (and of course their “stars” have to align together). I’m glad that Kamala’s guy was very nice because the trope would be her shunning an arranged marriage because he was a jerk or ugly. Didn’t help he was pretty hot as well.
  11. Skylar singing Bye Bye Bye was so freaking hot. It sucks that Max got fired. He didn’t deserve that. I hate that Mo is nothing more than another person that Zoey can go whine to. She’s really been grating recently. I also didn’t like Mo getting upset at his boyfriend for wanting to take a good paying job. I missed Simon this episode. Poor Maggie. I still don’t understand that when he was diagnosed with the neurological disorder why they didn’t plan all of this together, but I get that a lot of people probably don’t. I did enjoy Maggie’s conversation with Deb.
  12. I’m glad we got this episode so we can see why Ben acts the way he does. I admit that I started to cry when he was crying at Devi’s mom’s office. And him and Devi bonding in the kitchen was also nice.
  13. Yes she is very irritating but she does get called out for her crap in the upcoming episodes so it didn’t bother me (and like you said, there is a reason why she’s focusing on this).
  14. I’m also hoping for a second season. It was very cute and had a lot of heart- I cried more than I should have after binging all of the episodes in two days. I’m also on team Ben, but I hope a dumb triangle doesn’t ruin this show like it usually does.
  15. I’m really liking this show so far. Bummer that Sendhil’s character was killed off so early in the show but I’m enjoying the flashbacks and Devi struggling with mourning him. Devi being so weird about Paxton is very cringeworthy but I guess that’s the point. He seems like a nice guy but I think she has better chemistry with Ben. I’m also liking Kamala a lot and hope she doesn’t go through with the arranged marriage.
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