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  1. One of my favorites, Dear Santa with Amy Ackler, is on Lifetime tomorrow morning at 9am. I’m sure it will rerun but it’s so cute and well done.
  2. @Callietwo Mistletones usually airs on Freeform, but it is on Disney+. I picked it for the kids to watch during movie night so I didn’t have to watch it after they fell asleep, and they both loved it.
  3. Lifetime movies have been a big disappointment this year (as others have mentioned) because there are usually a few every year that I love, and so far zilch. I usually can’t get past 20 minutes and end up deleting it.
  4. @Callietwo I have a few can’t miss movies, such as MistleTones, A Recipe for a Perfect Christmas (which never airs on Lifetime now), Nine Lives of Christmas, and Snow Bride. I watch these movies at least once a year and if they are on TV I will tune in. Princess Switch 2 dropped on Netflix so planning on watching it tomorrow night. I hope it’s as cute as the first one.
  5. I absolutely loved that Mindy’s friends weren’t snobby and supported her decision staying a nanny in Paris while getting cut off, and then pushing her to sing. I agree that it’s been my favorite scene on this show because it was lovely hearing her sing while her friends were cheering her on and Emily watching with a big grin on her face. Emily banging her friend’s teen brother was hilarious.
  6. I think they are showing what will happen in March, with Gibbs and Fornell doing some sideshow with the drug pins and going undercover, then McGee is there so Gibbs shoots him (non fatal shot of course) to protect him and their covers. Just a hunch.
  7. Yea! Emily is terrible and now Fornell is going to track down the guy that made his bratty daughter a druggie. No thanks. I’m still pissed he pulled a gun in the doctor that was trying to save her life. The main team doesn’t bother me as much as Fornell has. I like their banter and the humor is still there, but Sloane is starting to bug by being so flirty and creepy towards Gibbs. Please don’t go there show (so of course they will).
  8. Christmas on the Vine on Lifetime was decent. I like the lead in other movies (even if she was the annoying sister on the Resident) and it was refreshing that the leads weren’t hating each other in the beginning like the typical trope.
  9. Maybe he’s realizing that he can’t overpower every golf course. He came in super cocky and the Masters chewed him up. I’m sure he will win a green jacket one day. Congrats to DJ after years of final round choke jobs in the majors. He has been playing incredible golf the last few months.
  10. twoods

    NFL Thread

    The Steelers need to lose soon, but their schedule looks weak the next few weeks so blah. Hate to see the Bills lose but what a catch by Hopkins and throw by Kyler Murray. You can’t defend that. Arizona seems like they made the right decision going with Kyler instead of Rosen. What is going on in Seattle.
  11. twoods

    MLB Thread

    Congrats to Kim Ng, the first female GM in baseball. Kudos to the Marlins for hiring her. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/30310018/miami-marlins-hire-kim-ng-mlb-first-female-general-manager%3Fplatform%3Damp
  12. I saw Ashley the first time in the Snow movies on ABC Family and really enjoyed her in them. She wasn’t so bad in her first few Hallmark ones either but then she got too cute and smiley. That creepy smile would come out in the most inappropriate time and it would take me out of her scenes. Lucky 7 is also one of my favorite movies.
  13. twoods

    NFL Thread

    Yay I love The Weeknd! Some of his music has an 80’s feel to it so he may be entertaining.
  14. You guys were right- On the 12th Date of Christmas was very cute and entertaining. Tyler is always great, but the lead actress was also very natural. I liked how goofy and awkward she was, and the storyline was unique, plus there was no annoying significant other or ex to muddle things up. Definitely one I will watch again.
  15. twoods

    NFL Thread

    Yes we are! I donated to Dalton’s charity and it was for a good cause as well.
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