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  1. This episode was such a downer. Bipolar sucks, but I felt bad for the guy who didn’t know what he did wrong. It wasn’t fair to him and he seemed so sweet. I’m so glad she finally confided in her friend (who was awesome) and got some help, but I still felt sad at the end.
  2. twoods

    MLB Thread

    Happy Houston won but bummed out for the classy Yankees fans on here. If I wasn’t an O’s fan I wouldn’t hate them so much. Hoping for a Nats sweep.
  3. I definitely see hints of interest between Olivia and Asher, which I can get on board with now that he’s not a big douchebag. I prefer their scenes to depressed Layla. I feel bad for her, but I wish she would talk to her friend or boyfriend instead of lash out at everyone. I’m sensing a suicide attempt soon. Jordan needs to grow up. I can understand he’s mad at his dad but stop treating your mom like crap! There must be something more to the ex’s son story as to why he’s living in LA now. Maybe she left him or is sick? I wish Spencer heard the whole story instead of storming away, but then we wouldn’t get the drawn out drama.
  4. Thank you guys for doing all the heavy lifting. There are way too many channels and movies to keep track. No wonder we are Christmas movie fatigued by December! Bummed about the Mrs Miracle movies because I really enjoy them, and looking forward to Freeform airing The Mistletones because I’m due for a rewatch on that one.
  5. I liked this one better than the first episode. I liked the chemistry between the two leads and their storyline was interesting, along with the journalist’s. Looking forward to the other episodes- I like that they are short and easy to binge.
  6. Danielle is a fantastic crier. I was crying with her through that heartbreaking scene with Landon, and then with Alaric. I’m glad he finally knows so she has someone on her side, but poor Hope. Is Sebastian the same actor that plays Harry on the Descendants? They both have the same acting mannerisms, and of course Lizzie goes after the mysterious bad boy instead of poor MG. When is Raphael coming back? I miss his bro scenes with Landon.
  7. twoods

    NFL Thread

    It looks like he dislocated his patella- poor guy. Hope he didn’t substantially tear any ligaments so his recovery time is shorter. Maybe he can be back by playoffs, but what a big blow to the Chiefs.
  8. I still can’t believe that Scott Wolf is 50. Nancy could be 30 and it wouldn’t be weird, but he still looks like he’s 30. I want to know his skin care regiment. I will probably stick this show out to see how it ends, but it reminds me of a less interesting Veronica Mars living in a small town.
  9. Thank you! I forgot about how much I enjoyed the Christmas Contract and need to DVR it. My DVR got wiped out when I got a new one so I’m trying to find the ones I saved. I need Lifetime to air Recipe for a Perfect Christmas because it is an older one but one of my favorites, and the one with Brendan Fehr and Tatiana Ali.
  10. I wish that racist faux Richard Spencer died, along with racist friends. I hate people like that. I may be the only one that doesn’t mind the narcissistic doctor. It keeps things interesting. I did have a problem with Conrad being a dick to Devon for no reason. Vampire girlfriend was annoying. I hope she gets hepatitis. .
  11. Vanessa Hudgens in another Netflix Christmas movie? Yay! I loved the Christmas Switch one. I also love Rashida Jones so am looking forward to that one. Thanks Netflix!
  12. twoods

    NFL Thread

    Fuck the Packers. They continue to win games on the benefit of bullshit calls throughout the years.
  13. I loved all the fall stuff in Love, Fall and Order. Trevor Donovan wasn’t as bland as he has been in prior movies so that was a nice surprise, and the leads had good chemistry. I also liked that her ex boyfriend was a nice guy and they were just friends (plus I enjoy that actor and wish he was the lead in more Hallmark movies because he was good in Perfect on Paper).
  14. Those scenes in Paris were absolutely gorgeous. I was expecting Cara to suddenly blurt out that she loved Miles when she didn’t just to appease him, but was so happy they didn’t go this route and they were honest with each other. I like that they are taking it slow, and how understanding Miles is. I’m sure they will have some ridiculous hurdle mid season but I’m going to enjoy their drama-free scenes for now. The story this week was very touching. Early onset dementia is heartbreaking, and it really messes with relationships because of how hard it is to care for these people.
  15. October Kiss is one of the only movies I’ve liked from her. She wasn’t doing her weird grinning inappropriately schtick like she does in her other movies. It was also one of the only Halloween themed movies that does not involve an overly botoxed Good Witch.
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