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  1. twoods

    MLB Thread

    I think Ohtani is clearly leading the most impressive pitcher category, because with those HRs he also has a 2.7 ERA and plays right or left field when he’s not pitching. I honestly don’t know how he does it and am afraid he’s going to get fatigued, especially now that he’s doing the HR derby.
  2. Yes they all do their own singing. It’s a wonderful show and I recommend it. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is streaming it right now.
  3. twoods

    NFL Thread

    I thought drinking water and eating healthy would keep the mosquitos away? Isn’t that how it works in his world? I’m a Bills fan and disappointed in him. The coach is taking the high road but I’m sure he’s disappointed in his nonsense.
  4. twoods

    NFL Thread

    I’m confused. This dipshit has a problem having different Covid protocols than his vaccinated teammates? What do you expect would happen? If you don’t want to get vaccinated then you have to get tested every week because, shocking I know, you have an increase chance of getting it and spreading it to others. Sort of the point of getting vaccinated. Don’t whine when you end up getting it and have to go in quarantine, just to build up your own immunity. I just can’t with stupid people.
  5. I didn’t mind their mystery movie on Netflix probably because I had low expectations going in and was entertained.
  6. Dang it, now I want to go watch the Wedding Singer for the billionth time. That movie is pure perfection.
  7. Someone like You was decent until they ruined it with the worst onscreen kiss ever at the end of the movie. It was so awkward and yuck, as opposed to Bridget Jones which was wonderful. I don’t remember ever watching Catch and Release but saw it on Prime last night and may give it a go since you guys liked it. Has anyone seen the new one on Netflix called 2 Hearts? Didn’t want to waste my time if it wasn’t good, and I’m not very fond of fate movies (except for Serendipity).
  8. twoods

    The NBA

    Very impressed with the Clippers for hanging on despite not having Leonard. PG really stepped up along with Morris. Hope they keep it up in game 6.
  9. twoods

    The NBA

    I know that, but the CDC protocol is no testing or quarantine if you’re vaccinated and have been around someone, even if there is the low likelihood of you getting it. I’m surprised the NBA doesn’t follow it, but they may just be playing safe since the Suns are not currently playing. I’m sure he will back by game 1.
  10. twoods

    The NBA

    Usual CDC protocols is not having to quarantine when you come into contact with a covid positive person if you’re fully vaccinated so I don’t understand why CP3 needs to quarantine at all. If anything they may test him for a few days and if he’s negative he’s clear to play game one. If he has covid then that’s another story, and it seems as if they are pretty quiet at this point with why he’s under safety protocols so I’m guessing he tested positive.
  11. twoods

    The NBA

    I wonder how much of the pileup of injuries in the season and playoffs have to do with a shortened offseason. It’s a shame for the Nets because when healthy they really are the team to beat. Time for KD to turn it up a notch and get them past the Bucks because by then maybe Harden and Irving will be healthy enough to play.
  12. I’m wondering what the premise of season three will be. And an UO but I preferred Assane with Juliette instead of Claire. I know they (Claire and Assane) are written as soulmates but I liked the chemistry between Juliette and Assane better, and I liked that they didn’t make her a bad person.
  13. So far I’m liking it. Through the first two episodes, I figured out the twists but I still like seeing how everything plays out. Peligrino is despicable. I am hoping that Diop teams up with the detective because I enjoyed their scenes together in the first episode. I am also hoping that they don’t kill off his best friend for the season’s shocking death like they did with the journalist last season.
  14. twoods

    Big Shot

    I agree. It’s little things like that storyline that makes me like the show. They could have gone the usual route of friend finding out a big secret and keeping it, but Destiny was right there listening as well.
  15. Just finished the first part and it was really good. Watching the dubbed previews is jarring because I’ve been watching in French with subtitles and it’s a million times better because the dubbed voices do not match the actor IMO, or maybe it’s because I’m used to their real voice.
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