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  1. They aren't a collector of Bennett's stuff, they just love his music. I guess I should have put in that they have had various Bennett CD's on their various lists and I and others have gotten them over the years, but all of those items have been opened and unshrink wrapped and listened to. I don't know it's just something that I always notice whenever I go to see them. It's like people who say that they are going to watch or read (popcuture touchstone book or movie that EVERYONE else has seen at least once) but they just don't have the time, despite apparently having ten hours a week takin
  2. Screw giving the kids tablets, FIX THE GODDAMN BUILDING. Give me a break. That's why you have a locker, to put some of your books in. And please, it's not like these kids are dragging 40 lbs of books around. Christ, this really is a nation of whiny weak crybabies now. And since no kid is allowed to walk to school anymore because of gazzilliones of child molesters lurking in every bush and around every goddamn corner every kid either takes the bus and their parents wait with them at the bus stop or they get driven to school by the parents so they don't have this enormous weight of tons
  3. I think 'accomplished' is.....NOT the word to use. In fact it's a REALLY stupid choice of word use. Most famous? Maybe. Most successful? Perhaps. Eric from season one got his own show on MTV. The fat black chick from season one is I think still a DEE JAY on one of those hippity hop/The rap radio stations in NYC. the angry black dude from season one....Kevin Powell I believe is his name, he pops up on TV every now and then. he's a journalist/protester, I'm kind of surprised NOT to see more of him shouting inanities on CNN/MSNBC since Trump got elected. Trump seems ot be right in his wheelhouse
  4. So one of my blood relatives had a birthday a couple of years ago, and they continue to have at as they are still alive. Like just about everyone else they have a list of stuff up on Amazon of stuff they either want or will get, as well as several sublists Wish/XMAS/birthday. They like Tony Bennett A LOT. But who doesn't right? They have seen him live about 30 times and even have one of his paintings. Anyway, they had a particular DVD and CD Box set of Bennett's on ALL their lists, so I got it for their birthday and of course they oohed and ahhed and hugged me and said BEST PRESENT
  5. And when Radar got his Purple Heart. I also really like the scene where Hawkeye berates radar for deciding not to leave. the way Hawkeye says, "How DARE you!!", the vehemence and almost savagery always gets me.
  6. I think Margaret 'turned' as it were when she came back from her honeymoon early because Donald had turned into a bag of dicks and she talked about it with Hawkeye and BJ, and they were compassionate and sorry for her. I think Hawkeye ALWAYS liked and respected Margaret as a nurse, he always chose her if it was a tough difficult operation. What she didn't like was his utter and complete disdain and in her mind and eyes, complete DISRESPECT for the military and particularly the army, which hurt her even more because her entire life had been and was the army. She'd never been a civilian. And I t
  7. I was watching some episodes on POP, including the one where girls at West Beverly are getting attacked and raped and Brenda volunteers at the hotline and ends up being key to catching the dudes. In the original Andrea is talking to Brandon and she says admiringly that "She's (Brenda) a good listener". That got wiped out on Pop. Couple of things I've noticed about the high school years is all the stuff they had on the walls at West Beverly. Like seriously, they were covered with home/class made posters for a bullshit event or fundraiser or dance. Shit they had CHRISTMAS decorations in the
  8. Thankfully i haven't seen this particular ad on for about six months, STANKFACE!!!!! It's the look on the ladies face that does, and the way they repeat STANKFACE!!!! a hundred times. It reminds me of a bit from The Kentucky Fried Movie which is available online but dubbed into German. Those who have seen the movie will know what bit I'm referring to and those who haven't run right out, I mean rent it from the library or Netflix. I PROMISE you will love it. PROMISE. Have I ever let you down? I THINK NOT.
  9. They are more commonly referred to as "sportscasters/play-by play/color commentators."
  10. So, before I get into this, you should know I'm probably gonna ramble on a bit with some digressions which have no point and probably don't belong here, but it will be mostly maybe kind of worth it in the end. Possibly. OR WILL IT? But c'mon it's not like there's anything good on tv (don't you DARE mention Walking Dead, that show is garbage. Whatshisface* is FINALLY getting killed off after fucking over everyone else's lives for eight seasons, are you kidding me?! It took EIGHT seasons to get to that point??!) See what I mean about digressions? But hey, this is part of my style and
  11. Run away with me. It's actually a good factual point, that the truck or probably more specifically the engine/cooling radiator systems can stand being out in the middle of the goddamn desert all day and not blow the hell up. Which is something a friend of a friend had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with with no cell phones.
  12. Don't tease. ;D Now sure, you're right, that IS an oddly specific memory to share with the rest of the class, as it were. But of course, there has to be something more, right? Some twist or some hideously shameful thing that is actually intertwined with this "getting a boner merely by shifting in your seat in English class in high school. " Actually no, at least not shameful for me. But recall that bit about the horticulture teacher and marijuana? There was something shameful that occurred, although one of the people involved didn't really seem to feel what would be seen by many as a
  13. Am I the only one who finds this thing kind of weird/offputting? By "thing" I mean Joe Buck and other famous sportscasters using profanity. I mean, I know that they do it, there is more then enough 'hot/open mike' video of people like Chris Berman in a rage to be found on Youtube, but I don't know it'd be like watching Walter Cronkite curse. And no, I'm not an old fuddy duddy.
  14. So I'll post this and wait for walnutqueen. Look, I'm not going to try and diagnose you over the internet (although actually I kind of am), but don't you think you're whole watching nature and animal rescue shows where animals are being killed by other animals like in say Big Cat Diary or being rescued from abusive environments and owners who mistreat them like Animal Cops Houston, but not being able to actually watch the animals being killed and rescued is a sign of "something?" By no means am I meaning to imply or infer that you are batshit crazy, I lived two doors down from bat
  15. Don't make me thrash you. Saying or writing or using, GAH! I CAN'T EVEN GET MY FINGERS TO TYPE IT!!!! (Sighs and grits teeth) Sammches or samdwiches is fine and acceptable up until the age of 9. That's it. the day you turn 9, on that birthday you start talking like an adult dammit.
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