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  1. Which didn't even work in the end, right? Didn't Logan have to call and throw his name around? That said, I do think the circumstances were different. It's one thing for Lorelai to have the conversation with the guy that she's worked with for years and probably knows really well, versus Rory making her first call to the printer and diving right in. Also: Richard was in a completely different industry than Lorelai and while he might know "business" in an overall way, he knows "high-end insurance clients", which is different from the hospitality business which - at least back of house is substantially more informal. Like... orders of magnitude less formal.
  2. Eeksquire

    S10.E13: The Honey Don’t List

    Oh man, I'm glad Kia isn't back - I don't need a return of wallpaper borders in my life. I liked Vern's room - to me, you could definitely tell that a designer had done it, because most amateurs attempting to mix that many patterns would have made a disaster. I didn't mind Mikel's room, though I thought that the shelving/tv/fireplace unit looked better in the drawing than in the room - the proportions seemed wrong once it was in there. The drawing made it look like it would be the entire wall, which would have been really cool, but once it was there it looked crammed into the corner.
  3. Eeksquire

    Queer Eye

    I wish they would do MORE tie-ins, actually. There have been a couple of episodes where I would love to know where to source a couch or something, but I can't find the information anywhere.
  4. Eeksquire

    S10.E11: Training Spaces

    I couldn't even watch it. I think I got about ten minutes in and was like, "Nope." Couldn't even leave it on while I did something else!
  5. Eeksquire

    Tuca & Bertie

    Agreed - it got much better after the first couple of episodes. On rewatching, I found the pilot episode almost unwatchable given how much I liked the rest of the series and skipped through it.
  6. Eeksquire

    S10.E11: Training Spaces

    It's so random - he's only done one room on the reboot right? He always seemed like a nice person, but I can't say I ever really appreciated his style.
  7. Eeksquire

    S10.E10: To the Extreme

    I actually liked the slat-walls in Hildi's room - they looked like they needed to be painted better, but that's because they weren't done until day two (and probably should have been painted prior to assembly rather than after). Of course, that's probably because I am tired of every wall coming down in every other home design show. Those awkward posts in the living room were obviously left behind when they pulled down what was otherwise a load-bearing wall. The floor treatments in both rooms were appalling though. In Ty's because: splinter city and Hildi's, not because there was anything wrong with the floors, per se, but I'd be so mad if my brand new carpet was pulled up! (Why didn't they put that in the rider for the show? Other people in the past have "protected" various things!)
  8. Eeksquire

    S10.E09: All in the Family

    It looked like the entrance to her room was ... off the garage? When they were all coming in at the end, you could kind of see in the background.
  9. Eeksquire

    S10.E08: What's Old Is New Again

    I am shocked that I am about to say this, but: I liked Doug's original room better. Or at least the way the stripes were painted - something about the scale of them in this room seemed off. Like, they were too small or didn't cover enough of the wall or something? I liked Laurie's room, but then I usually do - even if what she does is not exactly your taste, it's usually not a total horror show like some of the other designers.
  10. Eeksquire

    S10.E07: In It to Twin It

    I think that's more apparent this season - last season, there were definitely some things chosen that stuck out like a sore thumb in the rooms. (I seem to recall a set of some kind of strange feather sculptures that were just kind of set on the floor in one of the rooms, but I honestly can't recall anything else about the room!) I've been rewatching the old seasons (like... Season 2) while I putter around the house and they are much more about the design process and work than the shenanigans. You could actually get some ideas about things to do in the old ones. Of course, that was back in the day when TLC was still "The Learning Channel" and now it's... not.
  11. Eeksquire

    S10.E03: Ferris Wheels and Pinwheels

    You know, I've been watching old episodes (like REALLY old -Seasons 2 and 3) that I DVRed as part of the marathon before the new season started and they've shown a couple of Hildi's rooms from early on that I really liked*. It seems clear to me that at some point, she decided she wanted to play the role of the wildcard. *Specifically: there was a show in Rhode Island where the families lived on two floors of the same house - she replaced the drop ceiling tiles with wood and made a very cute kids' table; and the show in California where she based the room off the couple's new dining room set and used a lot of wood planks on the walls.
  12. Eeksquire

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    I actually watched the finale live, which I don't usually do, but I wanted to see how they'd end it. I think they did a good job with the mess they wrote themselves into, but Rebecca's big revelation about how she sees the world through songs in her head felt very off to me since, as far as I can tell, the songs have been totally deemphasized since her diagnosis. Had this season included as many songs per episode as the prior seasons, the final realization would have worked better.
  13. Eeksquire

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    Plus when Rebecca herself did that (when she ran for Miss Douche), everyone was kind of horrified. Well, and especially under the specific circumstances - Rebecca stalked Josh and then he left her at the altar, after which he apparently believed that she was going to murder his mother. Nathaniel spent months negging Rebecca, then when they got together, it was costumes and sex games and then she spent months as his side piece, after which she pushed someone off a building at his party. SHE SLEPT WITH GREG'S DAD. You don't come back from that, I don't care how much of a cartoon the show is supposed to be. Of the three, Nathaniel has the least weird baggage, but to believe that Rebecca and Nathaniel end up together after their shared history still stretches belief for this viewer.
  14. Eeksquire

    S10.E03: Ferris Wheels and Pinwheels

    So even though I didn't like the quintangle (whatever) design, I have to say, I was impressed by Joanie's workmanship on the floor. Back in the old days, that tile would have been totally half assed by the homeowners and would have been even worse than it was. That said, who wants that kind of industrial tile in their bedroom? A finished basement? Sure. The master bedroom? No. Plus, I feel like whole idea of the design was ruined by the striped couch that "inspired" the colors. Um, if everything in each section is supposed to be the color of that section, that couch (and fabric) doesn't belong ANYWHERE in the room and made it look worse rather than better. I liked Laurie's room as much as I like anything that she does - which is to say that there's usually one element too far. In this case, painting the wainscoting the same color as the walls. And maybe adding that ferris wheel thing ABOVE an upholstered headboard. One or the other, lady.
  15. Eeksquire

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    Am I the only one that hoped that the taco delivery guy would be the man-bunned taco guy from Rebecca's first day with Greg? And she'd realize this whole thing was dumb? Not to mention: I'm happy enough to watch the concert, but I really feel like it's a cheat for them to have said "X episodes left!" when really there's X-1: the actual episodes and the concert special. And it REALLY highlights that they didn't have enough plot for the number of episodes they were given this season.