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  1. I continue to rewatch and ... Lorelai's "perfect" wedding dress? Is SO UGLY I cannot take it. It makes Lauren Graham, a teeny tiny actress, look lumpy and stumpy, and the "blush" looks like ancient, unwashed lingerie. UGH. And then she runs around wondering what's wrong with it? It's HIDEOUS, that's what's wrong! AND Sookie let you buy it! And Rory wasn't even there, right after the amazing reconciliation?! Nope. Nope, nope, nope.
  2. I'm just catching up and had to point out: I love that the baby's hat has pretzels on it. It's a very cute shout out to West Covina!
  3. I am rewatching (kind of - I put the show on while I'm puttering around the house or whatever), but I just hit the episode when Lorelai is deciding whether to say yes to Max and I have to say this: No way does Stars Hollow's newsstand have THAT MANY bridal magazines. Seriously, not only are there a variety of titles, but there are like, 8 copies of each! It's a SMALL TOWN. I know there are other things to nitpick about this whole scenario, but that one hit me hard today.
  4. I wonder how long it will take to make it to Netflix? I really love this show - if only because it's nice to have something to watch where the dramatic tension doesn't come from gruesome crime or terrible medical conditions. (There's a time and a place for that, I guess, but I'm so tired of it.)
  5. I was thinking that in some of the eliminations, the show could just require that one OG goes instead of just exempting the most recent newcomer from the first elimination that they watch. Mix it up - this time, one guy ("guy") must go, one OG must go, one new person must go, the person eliminated must be from the middle X number of people, whatever. They could still do the ranking the same way, but the top influencers are then given the parameters of who they are allowed/required to choose from.
  6. It's a state by state thing, but generally speaking, not helping someone isn't a crime. Giving her the heroin probably also wouldn't be criminal unless he forcibly injected her with it, thus the civil suit. This show though. I haven't posted about the end because I tried to take my time with watching the last episodes, but I'm dying to hear what people thought of the end. I will say this:
  7. I found this show over the weekend (after two weeks of being sick) and just wanted something I wouldn't have to think too much to watch (too tired for Peak TV!) and I LOVED this show. Like, to an embarrassing degree. I'm so excited there will be another season with more episodes, although I will probably wait until all of them are available - I would have been so annoyed if I had to wait a week in between eps.
  8. I think Grace could cut him out pretty effectively - she seems more than capable of cutting someone down to size (and I wouldn't mind seeing it!)
  9. Can I just gripe about one thing? What do Grace and Frankie think they're going to do with that much cash? It's not like they can just deposit it in a bank and no one will raise any eyebrows. Hell - I had a hard time depositing my own money back into my account when I had taken out a lot of cash to go to Cuba. The bank gave me a hard time about depositing cash, and that was only like $1500, not $50k.
  10. I cringed through this entire episode. I don't know why the secondhand embarrassment was so striking to me here, but every time they cut to Shark Tank, I wanted to hide under the couch.
  11. This was possibly the dumbest plot point of the episode - it wasn't there in the beginning of the episode; Grace moved the statue into the bathroom so she could use the tied-together towels, rope them around the statue and then pull herself up off the toilet. Because if the GIANT BRASS STATUE is heavy enough to be used for that purpose, I'm sure: a) Grace could definitely move it on her own; and b) Nick didn't notice that there is now a giant statue in his bathroom? That's too cartoony, even for this show.
  12. Eeksquire

    S03.E05: Coup

    Agreed. I am struggling to talk myself into continuing to watch.
  13. For the second time this season, I was too bored to watch the episode all the way through to the end. Coincidentally (or not), both were Phillip-centric episodes. I like Tobias Menzies much better than Matt Smith in the role, but this season is just not living up to the first two. I might have to give up watching more until The History Chicks catch up in The Recappery.
  14. Also, not for nothing, but if all you have is one giant room and your kid needs quiet to do their homework, then you cannot watch tv or have a podcast or music on while you cook dinner. There's no acknowledgement that sometimes separate is a GOOD thing. And I would bet that most of these people entertain once a year at the holidays. It's ridiculous.
  15. I think part of the issue in the Revival is that Rory was pretending to everyone (including herself!) that everything was fine and this is just how it goes for freelance journalists and everyone couch surfs and blah blah blah, faux-bohemian-cakes. Personally, I think it would have been a great thing for her to take the job at Chilton - she never seemed to really love journalism, but she did really love school.
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