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  1. @Stowaway beat me to it, but still...
  2. What is that shirtless action figure on David's headboard???? Also wouldn't the cops make sure Noah had a license to have a gun before just handing him a gun? Sure it's America but it's California!
  3. I went to private school, so we have a reunion every 5 years because they're fundraisers. Even so, the 5th was at a bar instead of on campus because it was super casual, and there has certainly never been any kind of book, even pre-Facebook. AND WTF WITH THE CORSAGES?? THAT'S NOT A THING!! I've generally found that as we get older we all really like each other. I've made new friends with people I knew but never really talked to in high school. Only hanging out one night every 5 years is plenty, but still. Like I'd never have been friends with a Steve or Dylan in high school but I imagine we'd
  4. Prop Cop needs to know what's up with that water damaged diploma.
  5. Also I honestly thought that Dramatic Cop music cue was the beginning of "Baby Merchant" from Cop Rock.
  6. The wall of that interrogation room is giving me RuPaul's Drag Race workroom realness.
  7. Bless you for posting the link to the recipe. I want to make it right now!
  8. Katharine McPhee and Jack Davenport are currently making their Broadway debuts across the street from each other.
  9. I plan to finish it too! I just didn't manage to before the podcast. There's a LOT of TV and internet out there...
  10. “Chlamydia is not a flower” was the actual title of a brochure in my college health services office that my friends and I reference to this day. Now I wonder if any time I’ve said that since 2005 people thought I was quoting VM!
  11. Is that a Zip disk drive on the desk? 100 whole megabytes on a disk that weighed half a pound and required special equipment to read!
  12. My college commencement experience is somewhere in between you guys. My class was about the same size as Sarah's, but we definitely had to sit through everyone walking across the stage and a fucking speech and all of that. It was SO tedious. I don't remember how seating worked but I feel confident I was with some friends or I would have killed myself? It's possible it was coincidence; I think maybe someone was sitting behind me (I'm a G and he's a K). It wasn't by department. In high school (class of 120 or so) we got to choose who we walked in with (in either pairs or trios), so we had a dea
  13. I know it's not, but I buy that it could be the same guy plus 20 pounds and minus some hair? Maybe he's pregnant too!
  14. If you were really dedicated you'd render it yourself. :)
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