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  1. Yes! I understand he was trying to show his It factor, and that Mia thought it was minstrelsy, but WHY that song? So weird. If it was supposed to appear to be a surprise tribute to Alex, shouldn’t it have been like, I don’t know, a nice song about a woman, or a welcome back, missed you type song? It just didn’t make sense to me.
  2. I gleefully yelled “It’s AC Mallet!” when I saw him. I loved him on GL.
  3. Is it bad I still find him really handsome? Lol. My husband said “You know, they would’ve known he’s been taking pills for two months if they’d just noticed the red eyelids and big dark circles under his eyes.” I think his circles got darker just in the time he fell on the steps and his friends found him.
  4. Re: the original music, I listen to the Beverly Hills 90210 Show podcast and Charles Rosin (original producer/writer) has talked about it a lot. It sounds like at this point nobody has the original music anymore. (Although I have not checked Pluto, which some people were mentioning above.) Apparently years ago they did not negotiate the music rights past a certain point, so some channels (like Soapnet and Pop) did have some of the music for a while, but over time they lost most of it. Rosin said he’s working very hard to try to get the music rights restored but I guess it’s pretty complicated.
  5. I just listened to the Christmas special from the Beverly Hills 90210 Show podcast. They had some fun guest stars; they found Gil Myers! He looks great and seemed to have fun. They also had Mrs. Teasley and it was nice to see her. I get a kick out of seeing the supporting actors, it’s fun to hear their perspectives.
  6. So, Jennie and Tori started a podcast. (90210MG) I listened to the first episode, it could be interesting. They’re going to rewatch the entire series so the next episode will tackle the pilot. The first one is just a intro. Seems like they will get into some behind the scenes stuff. The only bad thing is Jennie keeps saying she doesn’t remember anything. But as she watches hopefully it will jog her memory. Tori apparently remembers everything.
  7. Sounds like someone probably told her that to mess with her. I’ve been watching the podcast referenced up thread and one common thread the guest stars all seem to say is that the guys were welcoming (especially Luke) and some of the girls were stand off-ish at first but gradually warmed up. Most of them have said Tori and Gabrielle were nice. But Jessica Alba was on in the later seasons, so who knows.
  8. That was so fun to watch! They had a few technical glitches here and there but man that must’ve been hard to coordinate all those people popping in and out. Jamie Walters was a highlight, I hope they can talk to him more. Also Doug Emerson seems so nice and grateful. While it’s always nice to see the main cast I have REALLY enjoyed seeing all the supporting actors they’ve brought on. Ann Gillespie (Jackie) looked fantastic.
  9. Here’s a little snippet from the latest podcast I posted about above. The focus of this episode was the Scamily so they had the actress who played Suzanne on. (She still sounds exactly the same!) Also James Eckhouse; so nice to see him. Here they are talking about Luke.
  10. There’s a pretty good podcast that started not too long ago called the Beverly Hills 90210 Show. It’s hosted by a guy named Pete who seems like a big fan, and also Charles Rosin, who was the main writer for the first few seasons. Also Larry Mollin (producer and writer) is on a lot too. They have had a lot of fun guest stars like Carol Potter and Michael Cudlitz, who played Tony Miller. (He was on the Donna Martin Graduates episode and I really enjoyed his insights. He had a lot of nice things to say about Shannen too.) Anyway, I haven’t listened to all of the episodes yet but the ones I
  11. I haven’t checked in here in a while but just had to pop in and say I heard “Battleflag” on the radio yesterday, aka the song they played when Carter got stabbed. Gosh, it still brings up weird scary feelings when I hear it!
  12. Agreed. I don’t think they would have a kiss in a play at that age. It was quick and innocent but it wasn’t necessary so I don’t they would make the kids do that. I thought Delilah sounded very French in this episode, like more than usual. I could really hear it when she was calling the kids down to breakfast.
  13. Agreed! I do wish she would wear pants once in awhile. Just because you look great doesn’t mean you should wear booty shorts/ body suits/ whatever the heck she wears all of the time. And Kelly looks cute on her talk show but they are dressing her terribly here.
  14. I thought Ricky was really good, sorry to see him go. I just don’t think it’s fair to allow duos to compete against individual performers. The other night Kelly said to Hello Sunday, “Nobody in the competition can do what y’all just did!” Well, yeah. They sang amazing harmonies because THERE ARE TWO OF THEM. Kinda hard for anyone else to do that by themselves.
  15. The only thing I remember from Luke hosting SNL is Phil Hartman appearing in a bubble during the monologue in an Obi Wan costume saying “Use the cue cards, Luke!” Heehee. (But now I’m sad thinking about how they are both gone!)
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