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  1. Here’s a little snippet from the latest podcast I posted about above. The focus of this episode was the Scamily so they had the actress who played Suzanne on. (She still sounds exactly the same!) Also James Eckhouse; so nice to see him. Here they are talking about Luke.
  2. There’s a pretty good podcast that started not too long ago called the Beverly Hills 90210 Show. It’s hosted by a guy named Pete who seems like a big fan, and also Charles Rosin, who was the main writer for the first few seasons. Also Larry Mollin (producer and writer) is on a lot too. They have had a lot of fun guest stars like Carol Potter and Michael Cudlitz, who played Tony Miller. (He was on the Donna Martin Graduates episode and I really enjoyed his insights. He had a lot of nice things to say about Shannen too.) Anyway, I haven’t listened to all of the episodes yet but the ones I heard have been pretty entertaining and there’s a lot of interesting tidbits that come up. (Did you know the actor who played Gil Myers was originally considered for the role of Rick, but Aaron Spelling wanted someone manlier so Dean Cain got it instead.) It’s not a rewatch podcast, instead they’ll pick out certain episodes to revisit or do a theme, like the music of 90210, or focus one one character, like Valerie. Anyway, I figured you guys would enjoy it so check it out if you get a chance. There were some sound issues in the first episode but it seems like it’s getting better as it goes along. You can listen as a podcast or they have videos on YouTube as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-22w2BYWDFaHsFAyvaB6IQ
  3. I haven’t checked in here in a while but just had to pop in and say I heard “Battleflag” on the radio yesterday, aka the song they played when Carter got stabbed. Gosh, it still brings up weird scary feelings when I hear it!
  4. Agreed. I don’t think they would have a kiss in a play at that age. It was quick and innocent but it wasn’t necessary so I don’t they would make the kids do that. I thought Delilah sounded very French in this episode, like more than usual. I could really hear it when she was calling the kids down to breakfast.
  5. Agreed! I do wish she would wear pants once in awhile. Just because you look great doesn’t mean you should wear booty shorts/ body suits/ whatever the heck she wears all of the time. And Kelly looks cute on her talk show but they are dressing her terribly here.
  6. I thought Ricky was really good, sorry to see him go. I just don’t think it’s fair to allow duos to compete against individual performers. The other night Kelly said to Hello Sunday, “Nobody in the competition can do what y’all just did!” Well, yeah. They sang amazing harmonies because THERE ARE TWO OF THEM. Kinda hard for anyone else to do that by themselves.
  7. The only thing I remember from Luke hosting SNL is Phil Hartman appearing in a bubble during the monologue in an Obi Wan costume saying “Use the cue cards, Luke!” Heehee. (But now I’m sad thinking about how they are both gone!)
  8. Overall I enjoyed this reboot; I wasn’t crazy about every storyline but it was very worth it to see the cast interacting and all the funny little callbacks to the original. It wasn’t perfect but it was really fun and a clever way to bring them all together. I will watch a season 2 if it gets renewed. I loved Steve’s dream advising his younger self to cut the mullet and lose the midriff shirts. So funny!
  9. I imagine they all said stuff about each other at some point or another, but I’d like to believe that Luke’s passing helped jolt them into a new perspective. I believe them when they say they are enjoying being together again, just because losing Luke probably helped them to realize the drama they had years ago just doesn’t matter anymore. Also they probably helped each other grieve. Now I’m not saying they will all be best friends and hang out together everyday from now on, but I can imagine this time together was important to all of them to heal and grieve Luke.
  10. Oh wow, I don’t think I ever made that connection. I wonder if Cole visited the set at some point and met Jennie. Or maybe they just thought it was a randomly funny actor to pick.
  11. There probably is a specific reason she’s always eating but I will continue to believe it’s a little gift to the handful of us who remember her always eating peanut butter sandwiches in the original episodes. 😂
  12. There seemed to be a lot of scenes in the original where she was eating....probably not that noticeable if you didn’t watch it over and over, but if you did (like me) there were some funny moments to discover. There was one where she was eating with her finger out of a peanut butter jar, and they leave for a ski trip and she is still carrying the peanut butter jar as they head out the door. Lol. I imagine there were some behind the scenes jokes about her eating so maybe that’s why they referenced it. Oh my gosh, I love that Jamie Walters came back for this and that Shannen had no clue who he was. So funny. Although I think it would’ve been even funnier if he sang “Hold On”, since that was the one he sang over and over on the show. I loved Brian’s dream, too. I notice he sang the song that he did in the later seasons, not an early goofy song like Precious. That would’ve been gold. Oh! And I laughed out loud when Brian listed Vanilla Ice as an enemy, and when asked why he said “He knows.” Great delivery.
  13. Sadly, I know this stuff still goes on (even today), but I would’ve thought the TV and network execs would’ve been past worrying about representing an interracial couple by then. I guess movies were starting to show it more but tv lagged behind.
  14. @allienc Thanks so much for all that info! Must’ve been such a fun event. I really love that Doug Emerson came out, he looks great. That is CRAZY that Gabrielle couldn’t touch the actor playing Jordan. It was the 90’s for God’s sake, how was that still an issue?! I remember liking them together and excited for that relationship but then it fizzled out.
  15. I just saw this on the Instagram page for Brian’s podcast. I may have teared up a little. And Nat!
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