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  1. The one thing I liked from the Dakota/Eddie storyline this week is that she really thought she was going to get to make an album exactly the way she wanted it with absolutely no input/criticism/feedback from the label and had a hissy fit when the money guy started suggesting changes. Eddie, on the other hand, knows how this works. At the very least, you don't mouth off to the record execs before you've even released a single. You smile and say, "We'll play around with that," and at least give the appearance of listening to their suggestions. Knowing how to play the game doesn't make him a sell out though. Unless you want to keep making youtube videos on your own, this is all part of the process when you get signed to a label. Sure, they think you're talented but the real reason you're here is because they think they can make money selling your music and they are providing resources like a professional recording studio, collaborators like Eddie to write with you, producers, sound engineers, etc. that you probably can't afford on your own. I'm not saying that means you have to acquiesce to EVERYTHING they want, but it's a business. They didn't sign you you out of the kindness of their hearts. I don't think Dakota had an inkling of any of that and this was a much-needed wake up call. Most unknown artists aren't given the freedom to record whatever they want without any feedback from the label. They haven't proven themselves yet so the label is going to keep an eye on what they're doing to make sure that their music is commercially successful.
  2. Sergio said he wanted to highlight onna-bugeisha who were female warriors in Japan. Foot binding was done in China, not Japan. Two totally different countries and cultures. Geisha did not have bound feet. Mulan was Chinese, not Japanese. The onna-bugeisha were women who were trained to fight alongside men. Mulan was a woman who disguised herself as a man in order to fight in her father's place when he was conscripted to serve in the army.
  3. Luke Cook (Lucifer Morningstar) guest starred on this week's episode of Katy Keene as a designer named Guy LaMontagne.
  4. Same. I think they did a really great job at establishing these characters and making us like them in such a short amount of time. It's only episode three and I feel like I know Katy so well already. Ha, totally. How can I be expected to choose an outfit before I know the destination?
  5. It cracked me up that when Geoffrey was bleeding and asking someone to fetch a band-aid, he was running to the back with his fabric to get the blood out. Priorities! To paraphrase Zulema, you can bleed but you better cut and bleed!
  6. Please make this happen, show! And all the movie characters will refer to Plain White Tees as P.
  7. Promo: Original air date: 3/5/20
  8. Promo: Original air date: 3/5/20
  9. Promo: Original air date: 3/5/20
  10. First a point of argument from my 12 year old self: the Cabots do NOT make Flowers in the Attic look like the Brady Bunch. Alex and Xandra are step siblings who dated before their parents were married. They were not raised together as siblings and they are not blood related so technically there is nothing icky or gross about their relationship. Chris and Cathy, on the other hand, were full blooded brother and sister. That is clearly way worse. I loved Katy singing Dirrty. Sometimes you need to just be silly and dance around in your pajamas with your friends. Jorge really needs to deal with his insecurity. People are going to look at/pay attention to/give free drinks to/hit on his hot firefighter boyfriend. If he can't handle that, it's not Bernardo's fault. That's all Jorge's baggage and jealousy. On a related note, Katy needs to get her shit together. I get that she's depressed about her breakup, but when you're letting it affect your job it's time to do something about it, even if that means taking a few days off to pull yourself together. I hated that Mr. Cabot only offered to record Josie's record if she kept Alex in line. That's not her job, man. Ha, OF COURSE the first thing that got made at Pepper's is porn.
  11. Katy: I thought I heard the rumblings of a friend-tervention. You guys, I appreciate it, but I'm fine. Truly. Pepper: Honey, you're wearing ballet flats. You're clearly not fine. Katy: I'm not allowed to wallow. I'm the one who broke up with KO. Francois: Doesn't make it any less painful. They say it takes half the length of your relationship to fully heal. And twice as long for women. Katy: So twenty years. Pepper: So you're roommates with KO. He has mentioned in the past you're at Tisch. Raj: Yeah, I'm working on a thesis about the intersection of organized crime and homoeroticism in American cinema. Pepper: Uh, Raj, this is an art film, n'est-ce pas? Raj: An erotic art film. The Rodfather, Part II. Katy: Hey, Pepper, you know Guy LaMontagne, right? Pepper: Ooh, do I ever. We were both on the same 30 under 30 list. Josie: What is this? Alex: It's standard. It's just an NDA. Josie: Just an NDA. It just feels like I'm signing my voice away to Ursula. Josie: Let's just say the Cabots make Flowers in the Attic seem like the Brady Bunch. Bernardo: You were so great back there. Jorge: Yeah, and yet you're the one who keeps getting singled out. Bernardo: So I look like a porn cop - great.
  12. I do not need to watch an entire season of Maggie and Gary pining for each other.
  13. Gary: Are you going upstairs? Are you going to talk to Sophie now? Put me on speaker. I want to be on speaker. Delilah: No, I'm not going to have you eavesdrop while I talk to my daughter about finding her pot. Gary: Yeah, you're right. Facetime? Delilah: Don't you have to get to work? Gary: That is the beauty of my new freelance gig. Cause I'm working from home, I'm already there! I don't even have to wear pants. Delilah: Thanks for the visual. Rome: A big shot movie star calling me on my personal cell phone! Okay, my only phone. Maggie: I can't have my first date since Gary be in front of Gary.
  14. Ugh, I seem to remember Teddy being a rational and responsible adult before she came back from Germany so it seems ridiculous that her reaction to Maggie's lack of denial was to run straight to Koracik and sleep with him. Like seriously? How about talking to Amelia to confirm that the baby is Owen's before blowing up your relationship with your child's father? And I say this as someone who has hated Owen since his days with Cristina. I still think he's a jackass, but he doesn't deserve this. He didn't cheat on Teddy. He doesn't even know that Amelia's baby might be his (apparently Teddy is better at math than Owen is). Instead of talking to him or Amelia about this, Teddy decided that the best thing was to sleep with her ex? Meh for everything else. I don't care about the fight that Jackson and Vic had on Station 19 because once again I WILL NEVER WATCH THAT GODDAMN SHOW. Bailey took that kid home as everyone guessed as soon as he was introduced. McWidow continues to be The Perfect Match for The Sun. Schmitt and Nico continue to simultaneously bore and annoy me. I think that covers the entire episode. Wait, except for fake Dr. Tess! She was more interesting in one episode than all of the other new doctors combined (as always, Casey is exempt from my complaints about this uninteresting group).
  15. Tess: Haven't you done like a million of those? Why are you practicing? Richard: I'm experienced because I practice. Tess: I can't. I'm not ready. Richard: Do you know how many of your classmates beg to do procedures when they're not ready? Tess: By the way you formed the question, I assume it's a big number. Cormac: Yang spoke a lot about Karev. She used to call him the devil or something? Meredith: Evil Spawn. Linc: Misery loves company so I brought donuts and despair.
  16. She said: "I definitely didn't think I was going to go home. I was so close. Do I feel like none of the people that are in the top four deserve it? Not necessarily but do I feel like I deserve it more? Most definitely."
  17. It always cracks me up when people on reality shows are so delusional that they truly believe the other contestants are afraid of them because they're soooooo talented and/or intimidating. Sometimes people avoid you/pick you last/talk shit about you because they just don't like you, which has nothing to do with your level of skill at anything. I give Brittany points for being upfront about avant garde which I respect more than when people try to sugar coat a task or challenge that they know they aren't experienced or good at. I laughed when Sergio asked if Marquise was having a fancy breakfast that morning and Geoffrey said, "You mean on a plate?" I loved that Christian told everyone to stay out of the duchess satin aisle that they've all been living in this season. I SUPPORT THIS. I totally cracked up when he started yelling names of different fabrics and pulling out all kinds of colors. Ha, the short conversation between Geoffrey and Thijin about lube was hilarious. Pros about this challenge: two days and $600! Seamstresses to take in/adjust the other two previous outfits being shown on the runway. Cons: having to be in the workroom at 3am the day of the runway show. That is fucking insane. Poor Brandon. I'm afraid of heights too so I get it. Like if I go to the mall and look down at the first floor from the second floor, my stomach drops and my heart starts pounding. Having the runway show at the Vessel was interesting in an artsy way, but if the judges are using opera glasses to view what the designers have made, maybe this isn't the best venue for a fashion show. The two things I liked about Brittany's look were the very bold, vibrant shade of pink she chose and the volume. Other than that, it was kind of a bust for me. The butterfly print she used for the dress underneath was too juvenile. It looked like something that you would see in the toddler or kiddie section at JCPenney. The plastic butterflies looked really cheap and tacky. Nancy's black and gold look was very dramatic and sculptural. I liked the graceful curves that she created. My favorite thing about Marquise's outfit were the chain pants. I didn't love the silver jacket with the shoulders. The shininess made it look cheaper. But at least Christian talked him into changing the giant shoulders. Geoffrey's latex look didn't blow my mind, but I still really liked it. Thijin looked like a superhero and the entire outfit was so flawlessly executed. I loved all the other judges' bewilderment when Brandon said that it looked very Land Before Time. I had the same reaction as Geoffrey and the other judges: "The dinosaur movie?" Sergio putting his Asian model in that hair and makeup was not just cliche. It was like putting a Latina model in a poncho and a sombrero. Like REALLY? I found it very off putting. Victoria's top did not fit the model well at all. It wasn't just that she might pop a boob out. It just looked so ill fitting that it looked like it was made for someone else. I thought that the textile she created worked better a little more spread out on the skirt because it looked lighter. Having them crowded onto the top made it look so heavy. Brandon's description of it as a fish hook breast hammock summed it up for me pretty well. My biggest issue is that her look was weird but not really avant garde. Once it was down to Brittany, Marquise, and Sergio, I knew that Sergio was going to the finale. Between the three of them, Marquise is the one who I would want to see a full runway show from. I feel like I know what Brittany and Sergio would make (the same stuff they've made all season). Thank goodness they're back to reasonable parameters for the final runway show ($10K, 10 looks, 5 months). I remember some of those super short time frames that the finalists were given in some seasons and it was just cruel.
  18. Carmen Cusack played the boss character in the original pilot. I would have loved seeing her in that role, but I would happily take Laura Benanti instead of Lauren Graham.
  19. S4 promo - season premiere is March 5!
  20. SPRING FINALE! Promo: Original air date: 3/5/20
  21. Original air date: 3/5/20
  22. Promo: Original air date: 3/5/20
  23. Evil Todd has an accident: The Dark King's secret is revealed:
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