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  1. Worst episode ever. Nothing happens. Cindy is miserable and non compliant for two hours. Her life plan is to lie in bed and ear herself to death and anybody who attempts to help is only giving her grief. The path of least resistance is to eat and die and that’s what she’s going to do. Skip this episode. Tedious, annoying, dull.
  2. That first home health aide was over feeding her to keep her passive and helpless so she could have a steady job. It’s frightening when medical workers act against the patient’s best interest for money. I know hospitals sometimes keep people as long as the insurance company is paying and doctors will order tests as long as there is reimbursement, but that action of Denise, the aide, isn’t just squeezing out money, she also poisoned her patient.
  3. That eating a whole bucket of KFC with all the sides while laying in bed has to be a death wish. Plus KFC isn’t that good after about half a piece.
  4. So Denise is telling her not to go because she doesn’t want to lose her rice bowl.
  5. Does the aide answer to the patient or the insurance company? Could the insurance company instruct the aide to feed a low calorie diet? Or is the aide somehow required to kill the patient with food if that’s what the patient wants? Also does the lady in the Geico ad with Tag Team look like TheDerick’s mom?
  6. Danger signs—the title card says it only covers six months and Denise, the nurse, does some of the narration. This was the warning sign when Robert died.
  7. Carrie has a job and a husband and only minor childhood trauma. She gets on Dr Now’s program and makes steady progress, including surgery and Dr Paradise. There’s nothing circus-like or shocking about her episode. Just a steady success story.
  8. Two tickets to Paradise or Cheeseburger in Paradise
  9. Weird that Dr Now puts them in competition. He’s doing better than Carrie, proportionately. Especially a problem given that her mother compared her unfavorably to her younger brother. Dr Now has used this competition scheme before.
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