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  1. Isn’t he a little old to be stuck on mom likes his siblings better. Can’t imagine how Cillas wife feels with a job and three children and a bum for a husband and now his weird mom in the house.
  2. When she’s under 200, she’s going to find somebody who ha higher standards.
  3. Tiffany is pretty young and her boyfriend seems seriously depressed.
  4. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time was to contribute financially to my family — what a catch.
  5. Cillaa was the one who implied the children were his when they weren’t and we wondered about the deliberate misspelling of his name.
  6. I guess she counts as a success story because she lost more than 300 pounds. Took the efforts of Dr Now, Dr Paradise, the Rehab facility, the hospital and massive amounts of paramedics, nurses, and aides. She also seems to have alienated her entire family. But she used to be a selfish witch who weighed over 600 pounds and now she’s a selfish witch who weighs less than 300 pounds.
  7. A walk in the zoo. Don’t let the elephants throw peanuts at you. Her daughter found all the weight that Angie lost. Why is she using a scooter? Well, it a six hour journey, but a success story.
  8. Girls Just Want to have fun was released 38 years ago. Wonder if she knows Tag Team. Sprinkles.
  9. What another guy? Justin, Dave now James. She must do something sexual that guys really like.
  10. This rehab guy is pretty interesting, has a good approach. She’s a hard case, though.
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