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  1. People just couldn’t believe that those kids were killed by one of their own. The Klan had been monstrous, but accepting that a Black man had killed those kids was difficult. It’s like how Muslims have a hard time accepting that Muslims flew into the World Trade Center, killed 50 people at an Orlando gay club or bombed the Boston Marathon. It’s easy to accept that outsiders are evil, but much tougher when it’s one of your own.
  2. Pretty shocking that 19 year old Cameron Boyce died before 101 year old Baby Peggy. The present day boy illustrated that the cycle is continuing, but the kid was bland. His dad, however, could find work as a character actor. Noticed that kids chosen were often emotionally fragile to begin with, due to family situation or just temperament. Thomas weeping in the audition did’t seem emotionally strong. Maybe later problems result from the quality of child employed. Wil Wheaton was interesting. He might have been the first victim of cancel culture, when bullies on the Internet battered his Star Trek performance for no particular reason..
  3. How low is Aaron’s self esteem that he has this walrus as a girlfriend? Online dating would provide many better choices. Tiffany is another one from a family where everyone is morbidly obese, and she’s just the super morbidly obese one.
  4. This show was filmed in 2016 and Neiko was 14. I hope he’s joined the Navy by now and left this horrible family behind. There seems little online updates so likely Kristen is heavier then ever.
  5. I never understood Christian’s motivation to be with Maja. She was rude, immature, barren, unhealthy and all round nasty. I did notice in the rerun that Dr Now baited Maja and Christian into fighting in the office. Perhaps they had already broken up and Dr Now tricked them into having their Waterloo in the office.
  6. The show has long been the lowest rated of the three and Twitter has resurfaced devastatingly racist Kimmel in blackface and sexual assault segments from the Man Show. Jimmy probably had enough being dragged through the mud. He’s going to fade away and spend his life counting his money. In today’s Me Too and Black Lives Matter culture, there’s no room for Jimmy Kimmel. He said he wants to spend more time with family, but he’s been at home 24 hours a day for months. His show was killed off by low ratings and political correctness. He tried to he a politically correct hero, but his dirty past caught up with him.
  7. The actor who played Lonnie, Kristopher Kent Hill, died last June. No cause of death was given, but the young actor may have taken the same exit as Glenn Quinn. He was the third actor to play Lonnie, but with his wild haircut, he was known from playing young Joey on Full House and many other rolls in addition to Lonnie.
  8. Steven lives with a woman who is threatening divorce, is estranged from his family, is addicted to drugs, is again super morbidly obese, his ticket to fame has washed his hands (and likely everything else), and he’s over 40 so no longer cute or funny in his failings. What’s left? Why go on? Nobody cares about him. This is what he created.
  9. We wish him the best is corporate speak for get lost. Mr Smith has left the company and we wish him the best means he can get stuffed.
  10. Dr Now telling Steven how to preserve is marriage and avoid divorce is ironic.
  11. How many pizzas do you eat a day? Great question. Like how many bottles of vodka do you drink every day.
  12. Why the hell is Dr Now comparing Justin to Steven and providing Steven’s private medical information? Is Dr Now aware that he’s pushing Justin’s buttons and violating Federal law?
  13. Why do they blur the wife? Is she in witness protection. Justin was smart to get rid of Steven. Now he should dump daddy.
  14. I remember drinking Manhattans at the Copacabana in NYC. Many years ago. Was a high point of my drinking/clubbing life.
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