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  1. I would not be surprised if the entire thing was scripted and faked for the show due to the risks of putting a 37 year old woman with a BMI over 60 on fertility drugs in the first place. It's advertising and product placement for the fertility clinic, which does not even appear to have an office in Greensboro. Their website indicates they're in Charlotte and Asheville only.
  2. I'm questioning the ethics of a doctor who put a woman with a BMI over 60 on fertility drugs.
  3. That would be hilarious because Whitney is 100% bullshit. "in this friend circle we tell each other things immediately except when I straight up hide Buddy from Heather because the rules are for thee and not for me." They probably go out on their own during one of the ten thousand naps Whitney takes. Buddy was fucked either way on that one. Tell her now, tell her later, he was going to be wrong. All he did was choose which grenade to throw himself on.
  4. If you look that one up on AllTrails, the total trail is 2.4 miles and has an elevation gain of around 130 feet. The big slippery climb up the waterfall is not part of the trail.
  5. Not sure anything at Lane Bryant would fit her. 4. Buddy found her in her car eating a half gallon tub of ice cream as "Parking Lot Time".
  6. And stop visiting the lash extension place.
  7. IQ is literally set up so that the median and mean are at 100, with standard deviations of 15. More than 2/3 of the population falls between 85 and 115. An IQ of 110 is not really anything to brag about precisely because it is within one standard deviation from the mean. It's not even Mensa qualifying. You need a 132 on Sanford-Binet for them. Her bragging is unwarranted.
  8. Looks disgustingly dirty from both sides. Seems it's Zied's turn to use all the shampoo...
  9. Looks like "immediately gratifying" is the rest of it. Yes, Whitney. Self care is controlling your diet so that you can actually walk up and down a flight of stairs. Immediately gratifying is ordering and eating 3 pizzas from different shops!
  10. I died with that one. She goes on about how she's wet the bed multiple times and then blames the nurses because she's in her own filth.
  11. It's not what she's had... but it is what she wants. Remember her getting all worked up about that dude at Will's gym? The one who is actually Jessica's boyfriend...
  12. She's correct that she can take her brand and her trademark and leave, and he can't use it. She is absolutely wrong that "anyone else" could do Ryan's actual part of the work in the business. The man has a degree in exercise science and it has been his career field ever since. He is actually qualified to write exercise plans, adaptations to exercises, and meal plans with balanced nutrients. None of Whitney's friends have those qualifications. Not even Jessica lists what her certification actually is - NASM or ACE would be the accredited ones - and there's no degree listed either.
  13. That's probably why her pants split open so easily.
  14. Whitney typically wants a fit, athletic guy. She generally doesn't go for anyone whose BMI tips into obese. Overweight at most. That is unrealistic for her.
  15. Weight loss surgery is as close as it gets to my origins on TLC... when they would literally show a nonstop six hour heart bypass surgery while the surgeon explained how to do everything. Maybe they can televise Whitney's inevitable surgery. She's going to need some very soon watching her try and work out with Jessica.
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