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  1. cherenkov

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    Fresh. Twerking. LOL What? Also that shit with the cataract surgery was so over done. There's no reason, ever, for Whitney to not only be present at her mother's doctor appointment but to answer the doctor when he asks Babs a direct question like that. Babs is not incompetent. She can speak for her damn self.
  2. cherenkov

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    Did I catch that Shitney had to have her specially made fully customized fatass harness shipped to Alaska for the rappelling and then got all upset with the spotter because he did not instantly recognize how to work a piece of equipment that had to be re-engineered to fit onto someone who is literally the size of two obese people Shitney's height rather than being grateful that they were willing to accommodate her at all? And yes, she is the size of two obese people at her height. She's 5'2" tall and weighs (if you believe her) 350 pounds. Someone her height at 175 pounds would have a BMI of 32 and be clinically obese. That's how huge she is.
  3. LOL she wouldn't make it 3 miles. None of those listed would.
  4. PMG please do a very special episode where Whitney, Ragen Chastain, Mirna Valerio, and Erica Schenk do literally anything for a continuous distance of more than 3 miles. Please. You can make that shit pay per view, I'll watch it.
  5. Because in all of them she just looks like a fat, braying jackass?
  6. A reputable trainer would refuse to work with Whitney. Not only has Jessica not done that, she's the one holding the camera for these videos. As long as she participates, she's part of the problem.
  7. But on an RDL you don't set the bar down every rep. So I'm still wondering what the fuck she's doing.
  8. WTF is that? It's not a deadlift because there's no knee movement. It's not a good morning because it starts on the floor. So what the actual fuck is that lift?
  9. cherenkov

    Small Talk: About Big People

    There's been some talk in other threads about women not wanting to go to the doctor because they don't want to get weighed, especially really fat women like Whitney, and how doctors need to stop having patients weighed at every visit to remove that fear or whatnot that keeps fat women out of the doctor's office. I disagree vehemently with this. The scale is nothing but a statement of fact. Being told when you're fat to lose weight for your health is a statement of fact. An adult who is in denial of and angry at the facts needs to grow up and learn that the world does not exist to prop up the misguided feelings of someone who cannot handle reality. I used to be fat. I used to try to pretend that it wasn't that bad, and that I wasn't really that fat because I wasn't the completely immobile, My 600-LB Life variety of fat. Every time I went to a doctor, or an urgent care, or anywhere for anything vaguely medical they weighed me and told me to lose weight. They told me the diseases I was setting myself up for, and I didn't want to hear it because they were breaking the spell of denial I had put myself under. They told me that the road I was on leads to one place and - though they phrased it more kindly than I will - that place is the cemetery. Yeah, I was ashamed. Yeah I hated being told I was fat and called unattractive and gross by people. I was angry at doctors for telling me repeatedly that I needed to lose weight. One day I woke up and accepted that the only way to make it stop was to do what I should have done all along and focus on being a healthy person of a normal weight. That none of those things I was so angry about were the fault of anyone but me, and the responsibility to change fell on me, not them. I lost more weight than I currently weigh now through a complete lifestyle change that includes eating a calorie controlled diet that meets my nutritional needs and doesn't offer me a surplus of calories on which to get fat. Instead of dead, I'm now a multiple-sport endurance athlete. Don't like it that you keep getting told to work on your weight at the doctor? The solution is literally in your control.
  10. Oh it is weird. I have anything but a dull life and I have never gathered my friends together in a rented mountain house to watch a guy take his clothes off just as a "What can we order for delivery?" kind of event. Did she say weeks? I thought she said she's been training for six months. Yeah she pretty much just said that every time we have seen her in water whether it be previous hot tubs or the swimming pool scenes, she pisses in there.
  11. If you're getting medication that's dosed by weight, then yes. But the message that Whitney and all of these other fat-acceptance people put forward, just look at her comments on Instagram, are that weight is not related to how much she eats. That is the entire premise behind all of her "work out" posts.
  12. Holy shit she is foul. Not able to bathe herself in an actual bathtub or shower, so she goes into the hot tub. And then pisses in it, right before insisting that everyone get in with her. The constant screaming, the treatment of the stripper, the absurdity of the witless bike and hike, that was all bad enough. But she deliberately pissed in the hot tub that she was using to bathe herself, and then had her friends marinate in her filth and piss with her.
  13. Donna is her friend/other roommate/suspected caretaker/bare breast massage giver/travel companion person who has not been seen since last season's trip to Hawaii.
  14. cherenkov

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    Maybe they're willing to buy every one invitee two seats, but she's got to put her giant ass in both of them?
  15. Definitely not me. I'm very much not in the business of cross-site shit stirring.