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  1. I do appreciate when idiots leave a trail. Never learn morons, never learn. (See also Josh Duggar)
  2. My first reaction was “did I miss Indiana Jones 4?” Then I remembered that sadly, I did see it, I just want to pretend it doesn't exist (even more so than #2).
  3. Yay indeed. I want to see if the defense tries to blame it on someone else, specifically another Duggar male who had access to the car lot. The defense wouldn’t have to prove definitively that someone else had done it, just that Josh wasn’t the only one who could have done it; in other words convince the jury that there was reasonable doubt that it was Josh. Would JB and Josh drag another Duggar into this mess to save Josh? My money is on yes. Better to taint another Duggar with the possibility than make Josh take responsibility for his actions.
  4. It’s all so random! I mean I suppose it’s all things that Jill and Derrick love, but would even they eat them all at the same time?
  5. Oh, poor Cosmo, and poor you for being so worried about him. I hope that he gets back to his former ways.
  6. Among many of the lessons I’ve learned over the last year is not to put off things that you want to do. I say go for it!
  7. Am I the only one who makes an extra piece of bacon for the cook?
  8. I think that a rational person would agree with you both, @Hpmec and @Scarlett45, but is JB that logical? Plus, if Josh is convicted I think that is the death knell for the TLC show. So does he spend the money on the trial and hope that Josh isn’t convicted and they keep the show, or hang Josh out to dry and go for the forgiveness/redemption/it happens in all good families angle? Whichever way they go, it’s going to be a wild ride.
  9. I think there are a lot of women out there who identify with Meri’s spin - she was a victim (of a catfish), but now she’s a strong, independent woman who is going to fight for her marriage. Not saying I agree with Mer’s characterization, but I can see how it would appeal to some people who are desperately looking for a role model they can relate to. Just like the people who sign up for Strive with Janelle, despite her stunning lack of success at being healthy.
  10. I wonder how much of a betting man JB is, if he lets this play out in court or tries to force Josh to take a plea. I can’t see either JB or Josh going for a plea deal, they are both too invested in the good Christian family image (and Josh is too arrogant). I think they will ride the Josh is innocent line as long and as far as possible.
  11. They really shouldn’t have those essential oil bottles in reach of their toddler.
  12. @jcbrown, I’m so sorry for your loss. May your happy memories of him provide some comfort during this difficult time. I’m glad you have love and support to help you.
  13. Is it just me, or does it seem like there is a little shade thrown Jana’s way in here?
  14. Oh they are all awful, but Nuri’s is even worse than usual. That weird long cardigan vest, and the god-awful pattern on that dress are even more terrible than usual.
  15. I can’t get over the SEVERELY UGLY outfit that Nuri is wearing. What IS that?
  16. It’s hot here so I made Black Bean Confetti Salad (added roasted corn because I had some in the freezer). I usually serve it with tortilla chips, avocado slices and some cheddar cheese on the side. I also made pasta salad with smoked mozzarella, salami, cherry tomatoes and bell pepper. This should last us several days so I don’t have to cook.
  17. Most soups can be made ahead so it’s really nice for inviting people over. It would be fun if Amy’s group of friends took turns hosting, I’d love a soup club!
  18. Oh, I think it might require screws, at least mine does. But, this kind doesn’t require screws. My neighbors got one for their big air conditioner, and I asked about it because I’ve had one of my brackets for years (like 15) and was thinking of replacing it.
  19. I admit, I have a pair of those flowing pants (not LuLaNoe, though), and wear them with a t-shirt. But I wear them to the grocery store/running errands/out to lunch. Cute shoes and a necklace help to make it look less casual. Also wearing the right size - it’s a very fine line between flowy and baggy.
  20. Oh Amy, really? It’s not a hard word to spell!
  21. That makes me wonder if any of the $$ they get for SM posts featuring their kids is set aside for those kids. I doubt it, but shouldn’t it be, by Derick’s logic?
  22. @emma675, one of my college friends was from Texas and was the first person I heard say “fixin’ to.” I love it. I went to college in Memphis more than 25 years ago and still use y’all regularly (originally from the Midwest). When I talk to coworkers based in the South I have an accent that I don’t normally have. What I find weird about it is that I don’t have an ear for languages at all but picked up that accent.
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