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  1. This is years later and shouldn't even matter, but as I'm watching the Premature Corkulation ep (2014), it's just all brought back to me how manipulative Amy is when it comes to her drippy brother. Harassing Jennice to go out with him even though she still (IIRC) had a boyfriend at the time, making it sound like Kelley is the best thing to ever happen to women, and then later, running to tell Kelley about Jennice's vague assumptions about them hanging out post-show. "He's not ready for that!" All that manipulation so your brother can get laid. Way to be a pimp, Amy.
  2. One of the things I loved was that it finally made sense why Stamets called Tilly “Captain,” back when he was first showing the more troubling effects from the spores. At the time, I’d just thought he was out of phase and seeing into the future—a normal future.
  3. I figure it’s personal to each person, and I’ll find out mine as I’m dying, ha. This ep was rough. Schwartz seemed on more than just booze, and Sandoval was reacting as if this was going way off script, the way he was trying to get Schwartz to stop talking. A real dose of reality? Maybe Stassi just doesn’t have the oomph to be the Queen Bee anymore, so didn’t check Lala. And everyone else standing around stupidly in the kitchen was ridiculous. What happened to Scheana’s assertion to Raquel that she and others would support her? I was hoping James would thank Raquel in the car after his session, for helping him get to this alleged place in his recovery. Charli remains interesting with her devastating insight. And Brett, poor guy, there is no combination of words you can use to wipe Scheana’s territory piss off you.
  4. Jax seems like the kind of person who has no compunction at weaseling out of every situation he doesn’t want to be in, so there must be some gains (material or otherwise) for him to go this route. He’d detonate the scenario otherwise. Or so I think!
  5. I wasn’t fully paying attention out of disgust at her walking it back, but I thought I caught Dayna referencing his “big dick” as a reason why women let him get away with everything. I can only assume he also knows how to use it. But then, don’t try to slap on an emotional connection! That type sees no reason to change and will just sit back and let you cater to them.
  6. I have no researched opinion on Beau one way or another, but this picture to me just looks like somebody told him how to stand, how to smile, took a ton of shots, and went with this one. It’s like a movie still to me. if the Lala-Rand association has any truth to it, I appreciate her trying to assure him that he looks fine when he’s concerned about it. I miss the old Kristen-found-therapy storyline and hope she got a pay boost in having to continue the character we instead keep returning to. Bah.
  7. Mind you, I have never forgotten Kristen’s and Scheana’s matter-of-fact “preventative Botox” on one of the reunions, but not knowing Raquel’s laboratory substances status, it looked like she was just trying really hard not to cry and it was coming out anyway. James continues to check off all the boxes in the abusive continuum. Chilling. I hope, if this isn’t all just heavily exaggerated for the show, that Raquel breaks free. Hell, I’d rather see her than him, period. As others have said, if we still have to have Katie...
  8. Charli was more amusing than I’d anticipated on her date. I was thinking of dates I’d suffered through in the name of Being Nice and Not Hurting the Guy’s Feelings—never mind that the guy in question had no problem not taking any of mine into consideration, including boredom—and she just straight up told whatshisface when he was droning on and stuff. I felt glee.
  9. Just rewatched the latter half so Mr. HouseofBeck could see Captain Lee storming off. Then just kept watching because it was dinner time anyway. 😀 And I wanted to see what chilled me to bits the first time—the expression in Brian’s eyes when he looked at Kate as the yachtie remembrance wore to a close. As others have noted, this guy seems seriously if not serially unhinged. Ashton is the shout where Brian is the whisper. *shudder* ETA: Just read that Cohen post linked above. I should probably get caught up on Twitter. In the meantime, this: ”Cohen asked the production team throughout the reunion if he was being hard enough on the guys. ’We shot for over two hours and I kept saying to the control room full of women, ‘Hey, you guys. Am I being tough enough on the guys?’ Like, I want to make sure that I’m being tough enough on the guys. And they were like, ‘We’re good. We have enough stuff.'” If we take his word that this conversation happened, this so does not mean what he’s trying to tell us it means. At all.
  10. She was pulling out tactics from her Manipulative Makeup Bag, switching from one to another at hyper speed in an attempt to fool yet another person who was also relatively new to her. Including the couple apologies she threw in to disarm! Props to Dayna for holding tight to the actual thread of the conversation she wanted to have. Maybe that scene was majorly edited, but I enjoyed it.
  11. I took it as just the kids not knowing exactly where to put it and so they put it where they thought it looked pretty—or they did know and thought it looked pretty anyway. 😀 I found myself more on Georgie’s side while Mr. HouseofBeck leaned more toward George’s. To me, George and the other coach’s conversation really showed the unfortunate aspects of George’s upbringing and where he still hasn’t gotten away from it to do better. He could have handled Georgie offering him money much better, as the adult in the situation, and if his pride was really that injured, turned it into a teachable moment. At least Connie helped after, though I don’t agree it was an altogether dumb move on Georgie’s part.
  12. They’ve still got a few years out of the Lenny Bruce character, though I guess they’re not going to pursue any romance regardless. That look of his at the end! So much more there than not getting involved with Midge. Even knowing it’s better this way for Midge’s character development, that was a delectably sensual scene that I wouldn’t have minded continuing. And that song—I already loved “Crazy Love,” and this just blew me away. YouTube is only serving up what seems to be the sole recording from the source movie. This ep’s version seemed to have more oomph, unless it was just that it was wrapped up with the mood and decor. Completely unexpected and amazing. We watched/listened twice.
  13. Oh, that’s a shame. I loved the unexpected yet matter-of-fact way he made improvements. And ironed! I love those ensemble character developments. I think at least a week passed between this and last episode, so I am assuming that Joel and Mei kept seeing each other in some capacity after that dinner in the restaurant. And I also thought, Damn, when did he get so appealing? I like them together (and I suspect she runs her whole damn family, the building, the block, the town), yet I also like him and Midge back together. They click so well...when he doesn’t remember that she is pursuing her dream above all else. I adore Jane Lynch in this role and I want to see a mad clash between her and Gavin Hawk.
  14. Cringey episode! I'm still Team Kate while recognizing she's neither a one-dimensional character nor faultless. I enjoy her. Most of the others are just so vile. Tanner and Ashton whining about being held accountable for their actions (without actually using those words because that would admit knowing they're fuck-ups)--cue Smashton thinking that just saying he's not responsible for his actions means he magically isn't, and any Tannerisms at all with the exception of "Jiminy crickets"--and the whole bro code where they desperately think they have the right to talk out of turn and it's all Rhylee's fault for bringing it back to the person they shouldn't have been talking about in the first place. Arrgh! I forget sometimes how young these people supposedly are, yet they're on a reality show which means they've been exposed to media and, you know, learning opportunities... Simone has trouble articulating what she's really feeling and thinking and she ends up falsely portraying herself and her needs. It may take the season ending for her to disentangle herself from Tanner. Or to learn second stewing. Kevin continues to be vile and getting support for it, and WTF Brian?? Courtney...well, she didn't overtly support her boss, which is interesting, but was right to call out Brian even in her mild way. Brian, you don't necessarily get unconditional support for being an ass even if you think you're being righteous. Looks like Ashton was just waiting for this opportunity to rain his beady-eyed hellfire and brimstone on Kate while saving enough energy to keep Rhylee an outsider. Gotta keep them wimmen in their place!
  15. That is a brilliant pun. (If the previews are to be believed.)
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