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  1. HouseofBeck

    S06.E06: A Salt and Battery

    Yeah, I'd call him a misogynist by this point. He's getting worse through the seasons. I know. Craig has such frustrating behaviors. But what the hell, Shep. Everything about that was wrong. I did think Craig started calling out Whitney for almost nothing or comparatively little--or I didn't catch all the comments--but it all got so weird. Was Craig supposed to be responsible for ALL the furnishings, from cords of wood to Whitney's 'plant-based' food? It sounded like they were insisting he was...but I'm sure the producers would have flashed back to a scene with them telling Craig, "Okay, you're getting the RV and the food and Whitney's food and all the wood and and and" and Craig nodding and saying he wouldn't forget. Yes. And it should be okay to take a break from another person even if it's just to sit in a chair and flip through your phone. Cam has the means to arrange for good care. I'd like to think it'll all work out soon. I agree: He stayed immensely strong against all bludgeoning. Good for him.
  2. HouseofBeck

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    Eh, so she's more than single-faceted. Last season sounded like she didn't want to catch feelings and tried not to, but did anyway. I've been there. And she's certainly not forcing any of the dudes who find her attractive to do anything with her. Jack freaking shaved one of his legs because he felt so starved for female attention and would still bang Mila despite everything. But he's an unrepentant reprobate with what seems like the inability to catch feelings other than the very physical kind (for himself). That pic of him with his most recent girlfriend--she looked gorgeous!--but god forbid he "stay loyal." Must be nice never to hold yourself accountable for anything and be enabled to do so. That said, he's amusing and I love how they always have subtitles for him, even if I wouldn't want to date him myself (those types, I've found, are really good at getting themselves off but not so much about paying attention to the other person with them). I would have matched him up with Aesha, but she's Olympic levels above him and he has the sense to recognize it. I do wonder what the pairings will be this season... ...and I say all this as someone who thought I'd never watch BD:Med again because of the shitshow that was last season. Oh well. 😄 Colin and his talking about "more signs" that tell him he shouldn't be doing this. Foreshadowing?
  3. HouseofBeck

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    Shep seems ecstatically over eager to dump all the heartache of the world on Madison's head, doesn't he? That scene where he called her diabolical because she showed Austen's mean-ass texts or whatever to Chelsea. Not a word about Austen being a mean-ass in the first place! I therefore assume if Austen was in possession of mean texts Madison sent him about one of her exes, Shep would applaud Austen showing them to said ex. Bah.
  4. HouseofBeck

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    My take on Cameran & Palmer was that we zeroed in on this one segment of her entire day. I figured that she had gotten Palmer what she needed, played with her, settled her down, and then thought, "Okay, now I have time to get a little career-work done." And then she didn't. It wasn't the most comfortable scene to watch, but I did think she handled her frustration very well, all things considered. And I find it refreshing not to see the glossy pap we're fed of how taking care of completely helpless tiny humans is one long sunshiny smile. Struggling with reality, even with all of her privileges, and loving her little girl are not mutually exclusive. Similarly, either because she got her script down great or it was actually sincere, Kathryn responding to the women's repetitive "Why didn't you" and "How could you" not-an-attack at dinner was pretty good. Paraphrasing, I thought she acknowledged that she has issues that she is currently doing things to address and fix, including being late, and how her development was sidetracked, hence she's trying to catch up while still doing everything else. Then there's Cameran completely blowing past that with her TH of "No more excuses, pull up your big girl panties." Which of course could be taken to heart with Cam's own need to be in control, or so she says. I still just want to see Whitney, though maybe too much would become too vile.
  5. HouseofBeck

    S06.E03: Slide Into Your Dms Like . . .

    This. Mr. "NEW SHINY!" No. His mom knows him too well. Ha! I cannot stop myself from immediately thinking of the Gentry business every time his name is uttered. And considering the name itself means "good social position" or even the aristocracy... "This is my boyfriend, Social Position." I can't stand seeing it anymore. Every time I see it, I see Austen's hand go immediately to cover his package. I don't know if that package is supposed to be aroused and/or he's drawing attention to it. Or adjusting it. Gah. But for someone who was purportedly unaware he was being filmed, why bother fluttering your hand down there in the first place? I also hate his "You're insane!" at Madison, even though Madison, meh, I don't care about her. Actually what bugs me even more than the Oh, Don't Look At the Package maneuver is how every time Austen would see Madison, he'd fall over himself saying how cute and adorable she is. Like a diminutive doll. That would get old really fast, a grown woman like that. Craig likes to talk as if he's insightful. Maybe it's the slow, measured tones that take forever to come out. People think it's worth waiting for. He does provide some good comic relief and it does seem that his heart is in the right place. I found it hilarious that he had all the good gossip. Shep totally forcing him to be the one to break the Madison news to Austen was shady as hell. Sheppers didn't even bother to hide his ear-splitting grin of glee, either.
  6. HouseofBeck

    What We Do In The Shadows

    I absolutely loved this episode. Every time I picked my jaw up off the floor, it dropped right back down. Bravo. ETA: Shame bats.
  7. HouseofBeck

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    I also had the impression that Danni didn't even want a tall-as-Shep guy, assuming her bf isn't, and was thinking Shep was trying way too hard to stay relevant and coveted. I'm really not liking Shep this season so far. This started for me last season, but his continued sexism and now his WTF-ery about homeless people has soured me on him even worse. Didn't he used to say somewhat intelligent things? Whitney, alas for me, I find myself wanting to see more of. Whether or not the hookup is true, he probably would be a "not bad" time if not bonafide good. He's funny, too. Perhaps not having the good ol' boy set of Thomas and JD around has helped showcase Whit in a different way. I think I caught Cameran saying to Chelsea, when Cam walked in to her new place, that Chelsea was a skinny-minnie. It made me think that Cam is self-conscious of her figure after the baby (which is a shame). She's dressing a bit differently, too. Yet from my point of view, she, Chelsea, Naomi, and Danni look about the same size, just distributed differently here and there. Same as how Kathryn's size works for Kathryn even if the clothes and hair don't always. The implants, well...if they make her happy, then good. I did wonder if her reticence at answering Austen about the cost of her rental was because she's not the one paying for it. Bravo money or benefactor. Eliza, we'll see. I did feel for her about her family situation...but then not so much about not getting invited to parties (I do realize there's a definite social high class set) and definitely not when she continued her on No Empathy track for Kathryn. Even if she doesn't like Kathryn as a person, she has to realize that what Cam was coaching her on made sense for anybody.
  8. HouseofBeck

    A Discovery Of Witches

    Yeah, I really would like to see a show made from the books. /only half-kidding I did like seeing the control Baldwin had over the Congregation, and even though Juliette is a petulant pain in the ass, I liked her walking out of the church (and her outfit). Otherwise, take a hint, lady. And Matthew and Diana just talking is preferable to the "strong sexual content." How is it they have more chemistry discovering things than when they get in a clinch? I found myself yelling at the screen, "Okay, we get it, you're going down on her and she's in instant raptures, and it's still boring!" But still a yes to Diana's blue wardrobe, chiseled vampires, and location porn. And the aunts. 😁
  9. HouseofBeck

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    I found myself thinking he actually looked appealing, which I never expected to think. Erg. So now I want to see whatever Whitney/Kathryn story there is. It would be horrifically fabulous if it ended in an actual marriage. Chelsea can stick around, Danni just for the upcoming spat, and Patricia's butler for his veiled snark. /Flight of fancy I'm not looking forward to Shep once again harping on Craig, Austen trying to be the next big thing, Naomi transforming herself into a two-dimensional cartoon, Cam's attempts at witty talking heads...or the birds of a feather twins, Eliza and Ashley. None of this will stop me from recording the series, alas.
  10. HouseofBeck

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    I like that. Let it be okay to see all sizes. Any fillers/other laboratory substances, well, it seems to have taken a firm grip with some (all?) of them. Preventative Botox!!
  11. That's how I took it, too. And perhaps it's not really a breakdown, just warranted sadness at not achieving a dream, and some acting out. And until Connie, nobody knew that what he really needed was a hand full of sub atomic particles reaching out to prove he wasn't a neutrino. That ending got me good. Just hang on, Sheldon!
  12. I agree. Had there been an "X years in the future" ending, I think it would actually have pleased the fans even less, just through looking at the different endings people wanted here in this one forum. Fading out with the couch scene leaves it all open. Maybe the cast had input into that (it would be nice). I was a little torn at Raj leaping to change Amy's look. Instead of assuring her that everybody has angles they perceive as unflattering and it's just one photograph, he starts in on her glasses/hair/wardrobe/makeup. He was nice about it, but she's no stranger to not conforming; why now? All her achievements and she still didn't feel completely viable. Thanks, society /rant. But then she did seem so happy and she's probably my favorite character, so I don't know. Thanks to the person upthread (I neglected to grab the quote) for mentioning other shows that didn't succumb to the pregnancy trope. (And thank goodness for syndication and YouTube for making it possible to see them no matter when you were born.) I didn't want to tear up at Sheldon's speech, but it got me good. I don't think I'll miss this show, but I'm glad I stuck with it.
  13. HouseofBeck

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    Argh, tried to edit my above comment to fit this in and it would only open a new one. To me, the men are acting exactly like those kinds of men do. Great for them that they've helped perpetuate the stereotype that it's "female behavior." We're not fooled, dudes.
  14. HouseofBeck

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    I wasn't sure at first but then figured Metul had switched into a Workout Coach persona, and was still leaving it up to her to continue. "You can do it," he said, and he was right. We shall see... I appreciated Chelsea calling out Shep's double standard early on. It's like he doesn't hear or care what was coming out of his mouth. But then I did also like how he, Austen, and Cam were struggling to tell Eliza to shut up already without saying it directly. They tried so hard!
  15. HouseofBeck

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    Another poster had brought up Brit's future extra poundage from having kids and what it'll mean for her relationship. Speaking generally (not targeted at you or anyone else here), I find this sentiment disheartening, both due to the pressure women who have children seem to be immediately under to lose weight while trying to raise and nurture a whole entire new human being, and also because Jax cheats on all sizes. Brittany's weight and shape aren't going to matter. And I don't even like most of these people anymore. Though I'd watch a Stassi/Katie spinoff.