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  1. I know I’ve harped on this before but this Bev is worried about Adam growing up is so done to death. I feel this was already done this season which is the height of lazy. This show is just bad now and I loved it so much early on.
  2. I've read some stories that she actually wasn't prevented from sitting. They shoved her back against the wall, but she got to be there. I get the point of that scene but knowing that bothered me. They could've still gotten across the point with the truth because she was still treated terribly. I guess I'm in the minority, but I liked Jim Parsons in this. I'm not even a fan of his, but I thought he did some good work with the lackluster writing. The turn around for his character was a bit jarring but I thought he did really well in the last scene with Rock. You could actually see his humanity. I can't imagine another season unless they just do a totally different decade or something. Maybe keep the same cast in different roles. They need to rethink the younger actors though. I like Samara Weaving in other things (Ready or Not is amazing) but she was so blah and Darren Criss was so bland he blended into the wallpaper most of the time. I think a large part was the writing for them but the older actors got crap writing and made it work.
  3. Yeah the dream was weird. Why would Bow dream about her mom and grandfather talking at work? I thought it was a good opportunity for the characters to have some fun but they didn't take advantage of it.
  4. They specifically said the Hayes code didn’t allow interracial couples so curious to see how that goes. Even if it’s an alternate timeline, it’s still a product of the time. Rob Reiner was great in his small role and once again I care more about the older set. The Mira Sorvino/Patti LiPone scene was good. As was the casting scene. Can’t wait to see if Jim Parsons leaks those photos. I read in real life Rock Hudson needed 37 takes to get through his one line in his first film. So this tracks. Wonder where his story will go since he didn’t get the part.
  5. I think most everyone associated with Ace Studios is made up. Jim Parsons just got his Emmy submittal here. I find myself caring more about the older characters than the younger ones. I’d rather watch Joe Mantello and Holland Taylor verbally spar all day than some of the other stories. Although I like Archie a lot. But I don’t really care about Jack or Claire and even Darris Criss is kinda boring. It’s early though.
  6. If anyone is into podcasts the show Mobituaries hosted by Mo Rocca has a great episode about Anna Mae Wong. The dialogue is so stilted. I assume it is intentional to mimic the way movies were done as an homage or something. I need a couple more episodes before I really judge.
  7. Agreed with most of what people are saying. The fact is Jonny was much more "mainstream" and his items will sell better on Amazon. It's odd to me that the Making the Cut store is gone from the site. It's like the other designers have been wiped away. I think they could easily make money if they continue selling some of the other winning looks. But I guess they are all into Jonny. Although it is nice that Ester has some looks available too. Should this show come back, they need to rework some things. I like the music but too much focus on it. They really need to highlight the clothes more. I feel like they took a back seat to the "look" of the show and that was not a good thing. We come to see the fashion, not the camera angles. And I think Joseph Altazurra is cute but he looked so tiny standing in that group with the ladies.
  8. In the last episode, Rose talks to Sophia about moving in with Kirsten. And Dorothy's money issues always annoyed me. One episode, she has $1200 to pay for Sophia to go to Sicily or pay for one of the many trips they took, the next she can't scrape together a couple thousand to pay off taxes. I know money situations change over time, but it seems like she had money issues only when the story needed it.
  9. Bryan Callum was also an (I think) original cast member of MadTV. His pool boy in the Dixie Wentworth sketches was....titillating(?) I did like the mean girl clique but CB is never going to be a good Principal. He's too nice and I don't think he can really make the hard decisions.
  10. She's like Nikki and Paolo from Lost. Yeah I feel like they maybe had a plan to integrate Ren better but then forgot to do it. Maybe a cut scene or something? Or maybe they just decided Barry needed someone and they remembered the random blond girl from a few episodes prior. I actually like Ren but her presence has been jarring. I kept waiting to see Glascott pop up and glad he did. I love it when Bev scares him. The actors play well off each other.
  11. There is no way a research job through a university will bring even half of what Alex is getting at her other job. Maybe if this had happened a season ago, I could get on board with the sudden switch, but it seems so rushed. I assume they want her and Arvin as the endgame which I am okay with but I don't like how they got there. And I just couldn't get into the stair story because I don't know why Claire couldn't just ask them to stop work for an hour while she had her meeting. It was at 1:23. Take lunch then. I get it, it's farcical, but it was just ridiculous and stupid and I hated it. I'm going to assume that DeeDee was secretly wealthy and left Mitchell millions of dollars because that's how much that house would be. I could sort of justify the duplex but there is no way a high school coach and a (I think) DA could buy that. Again, I know it's fantasy but it's so out there, they might as well have unicorns and dragons around too.
  12. I imagine it will pop up again in the season finale and we'll get some kind of cliffhanger. I like CB and don't actually hate Lainey (well maybe this episode a bit...) but I don't know if I want them together. I like everyone being friends. Bring in a new love interest for them. And I love Wilma's voice. They need to find a way to have her sing every episode.
  13. I thought they did say it was going to stop but you are right, he had been listening to that for months and they never commented. And Debbie Gibson rocks. That is all.
  14. Yeah they've been playing with him moving to more "normal" clothes. He is actually wearing jeans (acid wash but...) sometimes so I guess he is assimilating. And on a shallow note, I don't mind the tighter clothes.
  15. When this first started and they were talking about Maggie not being understood, I thought we may get a return of Homer's brother Herb since he created that Baby Translator. But I did like the way this went. I laughed a few times, which is a rarity with the Simpsons now. Loved the Tapped Out reference and liked Werner Herzog voicing the evil rehab director. Also, I may be the only one, but I love Little River Band's "Reminiscing".
  16. Curious to see where the Debbie story goes. I'm secretly hoping that she is doing it to set up some sting and get glory or something and is not just evil.
  17. I feel like we’ve had an episode where Adam tells Gramps he doesn’t need him and then comes back groveling later before. I do like the Bev cookbook stuff.
  18. OMG, I had that Sylvester tie that CB wore...I'm not sure how I feel about that...
  19. In agreement that Parasite was good but not ground breaking. Not mad that it won, but I preferred 1917. I think that film was just well made all around - acting, directing - visually just great. Parasite's change in tone halfway through was a little jarring to me and I felt disconnected from it. I tell people Renee gave a phenomenal performance in a mediocre film. Her voice didn't sound like Garland, but she had the mannerisms down pat and there were times I totally forgot it was Renee playing the role. But her speech was...odd. I also really liked Marriage Story and that scene in the apartment between the 2 where they finally get it all out was, to me, the best written and acted scene in any movie the entire year. I wanted it to win screenplay because it was good. My biggest complaint is the over attempt at diversity. We did not need people to present the presenters and most of them were minorities so it felt like pandering to include as many POC as possible. Also, having the woman conduct the score segment was terrible to me. It only pointed out that they didn't choose a woman in the first place (and nothing against the actual conductor).
  20. I know this has been discussed a lot, but it was just so odd I had to chime in. They don't fly someone out unless they are a finalist for a job. I could understand maybe not saying anything after an initial phone call but there is a good chance he will be offered the job (one that starts in January!). It's just stupid to not discuss that. And I really hope they have a Lily plot where she doesn't want to go. No 13 year old wants to move to another state especially mid-school year. I thought this too. MF is always at its best when it is farsical so I was expecting some twists and got none. I wanted it revealed that Gloria was spying for Phil (which would have made her stank attitude towards Alex less terrible). I guess there was the thing with Jay needing the help with his company but overall, meh.
  21. I agree. Maybe it's just because it's refreshing to have an out gay guy playing out gay guys but I think he really shined this week. There are several actors on the show that repeatedly play the same type of character - I just think Bowen stands out because so many are over the top. And I think the Santa choreographer, the Chinese weekend update guy and the choking guy were all different so I don't get the criticism. And I am in my 40s and love Niall Horan. Besides the fact he is so darn cute, I think he has a great voice. I'm rooting for him to really break out. Of course he is doing a stadium tour, so maybe that's moot. I actually enjoyed this episode and laughed a lot. Maybe I just needed something funny, but it was one of my favorites of the season. The hot tub skit was very funny.
  22. Yeah, her kissing Homer goodnight before leaving to join the hippies was so sweet. That was such a good episode. But glad to get Glenn Close back. Kinda wish it had been "How to Cook for Forty Humans" from the THOH episode. Hans fretting over a 4-star Uber rating is very funny to me. Agree this should've been a 10-years ago episode but considering mostly no one ages, who know how much time has actually passed in Springfield since Maude died. Speaking of Maude's death, I don't remember Homer pushing her like the choir sang. I thought he just bent over to pick up something and the T-shirt form the cannon hit her and knocked her over the edge. He has done many crazy/dangerous things, but I don't think you can blame him for this one.
  23. Okay, this show is fluff. Silly and harmless. And I am enjoying it. EJ is right out of the secret Disney Genetics lab (those eyes!) and the rest of the cast is pretty good. I assume we will get to know more about the other cast members. I am especially interested in Seb, who is playing Sharpay. Maybe he and choreographer can have a showmance? One question - have they shown who is playing the Ryan role? I may have missed it and was wondering if they will make it a girl since Sharpay is a boy now.
  24. I do enjoy sometimes when Family Guy calls out the problems with source material it is parodying. Like the fact that Romeo and Juliet were 13 (which I guess wasn't as odd back when life expectancy was 35) and when Peter was killing Glenn Close Lois and said something like "I blame you for all my bad choices". Fatal Attraction is kind of a sad movie. Did Meg appear? Maybe Mila wasn't available or something. I did think it was funny Lois played both female roles in Fatal Attraction.
  25. Yeah Martin was especially off to me. And I did love Lisa's wig. I actually choked on my water when she came out. Not to mention the voices Marge did in church. I love the extended lesbian montage at the house. So many things. And I love Portlandia so great to see the spoof/tribute.
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