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  1. The minimum requirement for NYPD is 2 years of college or military so I always saw Jake getting an associate's degree and studying much harder for the entrance exams than he ever did for school.
  2. Isn't this Amber's second or third Christmas special? Good for her, I'm ready to update my Xmas playlists!
  3. Quirky, Voodoo-esque donuts (The Gold Job) Wine (The Corkscrew Job) Chocolate (The Boiler Room Job) I'm sure a whole mess of food was mentioned throughout the French Connection Job, but truffles were the star of that episode.
  4. Another series so soon? Let's hope the franchise isn't overextending itself.
  5. Katy Perry gets $25 million per season from American Idol. I'd guess Ariana's making at least that much.
  6. I wanna say that was Obscene, which also had the Howard Stern character.
  7. I imagine (hope) they'll highlight Indian beauty standards by having her be equally good looking by Western standards but lighter.
  8. All I will say is that Number One is entirely correct.
  9. Surprisingly, the biggest cliffhanger for me was who's inheriting Lord Featherington's estate. That's the number one thing I'll be tuning into next season for. I also hope Anthony's mum chews him out some more because I like watching him get dragged.
  10. I slapped together a ranking poll over on polljunkie if anyone wants to take. HERE
  11. I can't believe this kid is almost college age already! I refute it!
  12. Sadly, I can't really see Carisi holding his own against Barba in court (or against any of the other long-term ADAs SVU has had, but that's another matter...)
  13. Protocols for most television sets include regular testing prior to filming. They are probably already doing non-distanced scenes together and are not near anyone else. This is fine.
  14. New York got like eight minutes out of a forty-minute episode, kinda hard to get into a groove when you're basically a Quibi show within an actual show.
  15. Between food poisoning and ringworm, Gene is not having a great year, gastrointestinally speaking.
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