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  1. Fergie will never be "out" of Black Eyed Peas.....at least never permanently because groups don't officially break up anymore......they take hiatuses away from each other....sometimes for extended periods while they do a solo thing or a tv project or whatever. Or just rest and be normal people for awhile. But they always return.
  2. It's curious to mention that when Simon, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson....the original Idol judges reunited on Kelly Clarkson's talk show....(she talks a LOT).....Simon didn't rule out working with them again. So might we at least see Paula again?
  3. It's nice when they listen....but I hope they don't listen to everything fans say because from what I see..... yeah......Gabby and Julianne gathered plenty of complaints on this board.....there's too many singers....too many kids.....too much sobbing......too much of Simon's influence .....too many semi professional ringers brought in for boosting ratings......other than all those things.....this show is great! So maybe it's good they don't listen to everything.
  4. TV Line has put out a list of the 40 acts for Champions ll that you can view without seeing any potential spoilers.
  5. AGT Champions ll will be formatted a little differently. This season.....40 acts will compete in 4 preliminary episodes...... 10 per show, 4 advance to the new semi-final round.....1 via golden buzzer......1 via judges save......and 2 by audience selection....or the "superfans".....for a total of 16. I then believe there will be two semis, and then a final for a seven episode run.....one more than last year. It debuts January 6, 2020.
  6. Shin Lim is doing ok for himself these days. He now has a permanent Vegas residency and is looking at a 7.5 mil mansion. Good for him.
  7. Some AGT information......Makayla Phillips was a singing 15 yo contestant on AGT season 13 winning a golden buzzer from Heidi...you may remember, y'all complained about her. Did you know she's season 14 champ Kodi Lee's "significant friend"?.....and did you know Kodi was there to support her and led to an impromptu singing session that producers couldn't help but notice and put him on the next season.....you know the rest. Anyway Makayla, now 17 is auditioning for American Idol and she could very well be there in the end. Terry Crews wants to host "China's Got Talent so badly that he is learning Mandarin to prepare for the opportunity should Simon actually grant it to him.
  8. Sounder

    NFL Thread

    Is anyone gonna beat the *patriots? The Ravens this week seems to be the best hope.......if that doesn't happen,. they have Dallas at home coming up......there's the Chiefs maybe if Mahomes is back....but that's a home game too. Buffalo might have the last shot at them ....I can't handle them going undefeated ....if the '72 Dolphins are to be topped.....please let it not be the *patriots......we don't need the record book scarred with ****asterisks*****....... The Dolphins get the absolute last chance to defend the franchises honor when they visit the *patriots the final week of the season. But that too is in Foxbourough......maybe *bellichick will rest the starters assuming they are 15-0 not wanting to get anyone hurt? BAHAHAHAHA!......he'll turn things up and beat the hapless fish silly. He's gonna put a stamp on this manufactured legacy. But wouldn't it be some kind of poetic justice if it were *bradys former backup Jimmy G who should've assumed the starting job there who gets it done?
  9. I don't necessarily believe Kelly's "rock is dead" comment.....it definitely doesn't feel well right now though given it's place in mainstream music right now. The music industry is just more fragmented than ever. Rock still has it's following. So I hope Will.i.am does record the rocker Jake win or lose. But clearly....Katie Kadan has this season pretty much in the bag. Doesn't mean she'll be a star.....but she's dynamic none the less. And Marina to me is more a voice for the Broadway stage rather than as a pop singer. I thought Cali did a solid performance. Jake Hoot is so throwback that if this were 40 years ago he'd be a "Hee Haw" cast member. Pure country voice.....how did only Kelly turn for him in the blinds?
  10. Ok lemme say something......I'm not a country fan......but I know a little something. I went two steppin' once.....mostly for the gals.....but anyway......how can anyone call Zach Bridges and Corey Jackson mediocre? I'm in such a zone on this that Kelly said exactly what I was thinking all during the battle......as a duo......they can be absolutely big and sell lots of albums,. I'm serious. But they won't be one so .......forget it. But I know Kelly and I are right.
  11. I knew I wouldn't be the only one who didn't like Blake's song choice. And they have to show the rehearsals..... because it's about showcasing the coaches......we have to be witness to their greatness in making song choices as bad as Blake's. I think I liked Gwen's choice.....don't remember it now ....because Blake's bad song got stuck in my head .....it went away when I fell asleep. Maybe this is Gwen's season to win since she won't be back.
  12. Wouldn't it be funny if Gwen were to bring in Adam as a guest mentor? No surprise that Gwen won't be there for spring......I like Nick Jonas as a choice and it keeps the show fresh to have new faces in the chairs. Because there's really nothing else that keeps it fresh.
  13. That would be ok and actually it's good to not have the same judging panel on Champions. I'd like to see Hasselhoff brought back for a champions season,. maybe Piers..... you can give the regulars a break. And I checked..... the proper spelling is "Alesha" Dixon and I'm not unhappy she's gonna be there. Kinda surprised since she'll be a new mum..... you'd think she'd get time off.
  14. Ok.....some news concerning AGT Champions II. Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union will not be judging the champions series.....Host Terry Crews and judges Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel will be joined by the returning Heidi Klum and.....if you watch BGT at all you know her.....it's Aleysha Dixon making the panel once again all non American .....except for our adopted child Howie.
  15. Its turns out.....that Detroit Youth Choir is going to really receive one million dollars..... Mr. White gets a key to the city..... Each member of the choir recieves a mini repleca of that key...... Gee thanks....... But the best part is that ten local Detroit foundations, businesses, and a couple local bank banded together to award the choir the million. So they'll easily get a larger haul from their AGT experience than champion Kodi Lee. But don't weep for Kodi...... he's gonna make a fortune that will make the AGT money look like the real chump change it is. How does NBC benefit from stretching it out over forty years? Just give the damn million like you try to have us believe. I know they got it.
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