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  1. Marvin

    S06.E04: Bitch in Charge

    Kate is a b*tch, but she doesn't hide it and knows she is one. She does side with certain crew members and she does bully others for petty reasons. I think that is why she gets on so well with Josiah as he is essentially a male version of her and she sees him as safe because he is gay. I think she is one of those women who get on better with men than other women. However Caroline is far too sensitive to deal with her. Other stews in the past have managed because they give as good back, but Caroline just hasn't got it in her to do that. As for Chandler - how does he get away with all the naps and sleeping in ! He hardly seems to do any work ! He is a very bad bosun. Ross can't handle stress very well, but at least he has the sense to realise when he is wrong and apologise as well as compliment Rylee on her work. He does have the qualities needed for a Bosun, Chandler does not !
  2. Marvin

    S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Ross and Chandler just can't handle a strong independent woman ! In the last episode - Riley didn't disrespect anyone, she just questioned Chandler's dubious actions, and he saw that as a major sign of disrespect. She did it in a loud drunken way, but there was no hostility or disrespect. I bet if it were a guy questioning him, he wouldn't have taken offence. Also on the caves trip, Ross was very panicked. As Riley said, even if you are worried, you don't show it to the guests. He also chastised her for talking to the guests as though that was not her place. So since when are third deckhands not allowed to talk to guests ! Then he couldn't trust her to do her job and left the wheel in rough seas. And if that weren't enough, once back on the main boat, he takes his insecurity out on her telling her not to question him etc. Even Ashton has got in on the belittling of Riley. She was asking him what to do etc and he snapped at her for asking for clarification. Then once again blamed her for him loosing his cool. She is the novice on a yacht so needs to ask questions and have things clarified. They just get annoyed at this and belittle her at every opportunity. She has no option but to talk over them as they don't listen to her. You can see Chandler's disrespect for women as he ignores Caroline's request for help in a very rude manner. Riley has more gumption than any of the male deck crew. I doubt they would survive on an Alaskan fishing vessel !
  3. Marvin

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I thought it was going ok, until they threw the cancer in at the end for the super doc. That was one step too far after all the previous crazy stuff. It also means that the show will probably focus on him doing as much as possibly in as little time as possible and not really caring about the consequences. Although it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up with some miracle cure !! However, i can see this getting canned quite quickly by the network !
  4. Marvin

    S03.E01: Ciao, Napoli!

    Did anyone notice that the big yacht that they approached had an arabic name. As such the owner was probably a Saudi and therefore a muslim - so what do they do, approach waving a big bottle of alcohol !! Yes - a sure fire way of getting onto a yacht like that !! Idiots ! I can understand them doing that if they owned the yacht they chartered (even then you save the socialising for the yacht clubs) - but considering they were in effect renters, that was just so common ! They say they have class and are use to the finer life - then do that ! They are just cheap boozy broads !
  5. Marvin

    Good Girls

    I think them adding the issue of the gender confused / undecided teen on top of the entire plot (Mae Whitman's daughter as played by Izzy Stannard who appears to be a gender fluid actress) is a bit too much. It makes the story too busy and is not relevant to the main plot. Such a storyline would be better suited to a family drama rather than a sideline in a comedy about three women robbing a store.
  6. Marvin

    Undercover High

    All i am getting out of this show is how bad the school is ! The principal or administrator seems to pretend to be everyone's best friend but knows absolutely nothing and comes out with stock replies to every question asked. The teachers have no or very little control in the classes and don't seem to have the respect of the students. In addition, the teachers dress as though they are attending a weekend barbecue ! No wonder the school has a bad record. The students have no role models or decent teachers to guide and educate them and the classes seem under subscribed. I wonder if they have tried to spread the curriculum too far ? There is nothing there for the students at all ! The only sport shown is basketball and there are no practical classes for students who are not into learning. I don't know if this is a problem with US schools as i am from the UK, but even our worst schools have more discipline and guidance than this one !
  7. Marvin

    Undercover High

    I agree - that girl said she was lonely, so what else is she going to think when a guy purposefully takes time out to be with her and devotes attention to her ! If a high school guy did that, his motives would be obvious ! So the guy is a bit of an idiot for behaving that way as no high school guy would do that. And with the bi student and the other girl - why would a fellow high school student invite you out for dinner - at a Japanese restaurant or otherwise - just the two of you ? That is the behaviour of an adult being social - again not a high school student ! But it too felt dodgy and a little uncomfortable to me too !
  8. Marvin

    Undercover High

    They do seem to be obsessed with this minority group at the school. The hispanic brother and sister keep going on about segregation - whilst segregating themselves by hanging out with predominantly hispanic students. The school boasts diversity, yet it looks very very segregated to me !
  9. Marvin

    Undercover High

    The bit that got me was the latin girl who wanted to be a school supervisor. Her intent was to study the latino population in this school. However since she grew up as a latino in a school - wouldn't it be more educational for her to integrate with other factions in order to learn the other side of the story ? Especially since she wants to be a supervisor and should therefore have an understanding of all cultures within a school ? The discipline in this school shocked me though - there was a complete lack of it- and to be allowed to use phones so freely !
  10. Marvin

    S05.E06: 100 Feet From Catastrophe

    I agree - Nico should go. I think the deck crew would work better as a team with him gone as he just can't accept not being the boss. He keeps going on about how EJ's ways are wrong - well clearly Nico's ways weren't working otherwise Lee wouldn't have brought EJ in ! I think she is an alcoholic - she has that look about her. That is a good point. He said the waters there were known for their currents. The Maltese Falcon is old now. The new "Sailing Yacht A" is twice the size of the Falcon !!
  11. Marvin

    S05.E05: Cool Beans

    Considering he says Cool Beans - i would say he knows the difference but prefers the weird way of saying it as Lazy Dasyical. I liked the way he handled it. How else was he supposed to - flip and and start shouting and swearing ?? Any real chef would not touch such a thing ! They rely on their knife skills for chopping, dicing and slicing. That is why they each have their own set of knives that are often the most expensive items in the kitchen. A good chef keeps those knives pristine and super sharp. The knives they have can cut or slice anything much better than any mandolin. One executive chef - Eric Ripert - even had Louis Vuitton make a custom knife carrier for him ! I think Nico is being a bit of a baby. No-one has questioned his skills as a sea man, but he has always been known for not being very good at managing people. He just doesn't have the people skills needed nor the organisational skills.
  12. Marvin

    S05.E04: Kate Goes to Church

    I think Kate was unfair to Bruno asking him to dance with the guests at her rubbish party. It is not his job to entertain the guests but hers. She just wanted him to do it as he was the best looking and most available male on the boat - he had every right to say no, especially after he demeaned himself for the guys in the previous charter. Kate is as always very hypocritical and is of the mind set - do as i say, not as i do ! I think the casting is very poor for this season. I think the crew was chosen due to their lack of experience rather than their personalities or characters. As such i think that the producers thought, "hmm how can we make this season entertaining ??". " I know - lets through a bunch of complete novices on the ship and watch disaster unfold - it will be fun !!".
  13. I noticed that behind the Breakfast Club truck there was at one point another food truck not associated with the show. It was parked on the street by the looks of things. It was a white one with an associated pick-up and the name American Food or something like that.
  14. Marvin

    Meet The Putmans

    Interesting how all the positive comments read the same !! The abuse allegations make a lot of sense with the man being so controlling !!
  15. Yawn - that was a boring final. None of the challenges were difficult in the sense that they would allow the teams to struggle / swap around. In the past series of TAR the finals have had some brutal challenges.