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    The story is loosely based on a real event - the sinking of the fishing vessel Antares by HMS Trenchant. It snared the nets of the trawler and dragged it down. All 4 crew members died. However the accident meant that submarines now operating around UK waters have to remain visible in areas with a lot of fishing traffic. The family members of the Antares crew are not happy with the series as it hits too close to home and reminds them of the issues they had with getting the Navy to admit responsibility. Also many submariners are critical of the show due to its lack of realism in just
  2. I really don't see the big issue with switching cabins. Considering it is often done before on previous seasons and they are tiny cabins, and therefore they only have a bit of luggage to move - it really isn't the big issue it is being made out to be ! As for Matt - his only concern is his cabin ! Geez shut up already and stop whining !! WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER BELOW - ONLY READ ON IF YOU ARE NOT TOO CONCERNED. They actually gave away the decision on the sneak previews for the next episode. Normally they ar
  3. Lexi should have been sent packing. She is one of those people that will bring down the whole team with her actions - and they will only get worse not better. Her dad dying is not an excuse for being a spoilt entitled brat.
  4. I have a sneaky suspicion that they are gearing up for Malia's ex to come back as the chef to create some drama. They seemed to focus on her relationship status with him in the earlier episodes. Also Lexi ......... woah ! If she is as well off as she states - why is she working on a boat ? She is just an arrogant brat. She thinks she is better than everyone else !
  5. Captain Sandy is back with a new boat - the Lady Michelle - and an almost new crew. The crew are as follows: Sandy Yawn — Captain Mathew Shea — Chef Katie Flood — Chief Stewardess Lexi Wilson — Stewardess Courtney Veale — Stewardess Malia White — Bosun David Pascoe — Deckhand Lloyd Spencer — Deckhand Mzi "Zee" Dempers — Deckhand The crew feature some experienced and some not so experienced crew members. The first charter of the season gets off to a shaky start as an injury sees the crew having to cope without a chef for
  6. Barrie and his family are constantly selling their stories to the media. They love the attention - so it is no surprise to see them on Below Deck. He also cheated on his husband when his husband was battling cancer, so it is well known that he isn't a nice person ! He is now expecting more children with his new partner through a surrogate (the daughters ex.). As for the crew - they all act like they are on Love Island when they have time off ! If i wanted to watch such antics - i would just watch one of those shows instead !
  7. I am surprised no-one has mentioned Rachel's stint on America's Top Model ! I wonder how many other reality shows she has been o? Also rule number 1 when working in food or food service is that if you have any sickness or diarrhoea - you do not set foot in the establishment until a few days after your symptoms have cleared up ! It is a strict health breach if you do - so to see her still cooking with such a diagnosis is very wrong !
  8. What I don't understand is why are the crew allowed to keep serving obviously drunk guests alcohol ? In most bars, the severs have to refuse guests if they get too drunk because they are legally responsible for those guests. I would have thought, that considering you can't take drugs on a boat, and with all the safety rules, that similar restrictions would apply ! Even then it is just common sense to cut guests off when they have had too much - just from a health and safety point of view ! We see it time and time again on Below Deck !
  9. Chef Tom aka Tom Checketts - used to be the head chef on the Super Yaught Aquijo. But i suspect there was more than one chef on board since it takes 12 passengers and 17 crew. There is very little about him online, other than what you get with the show !
  10. Exactly ! And Kiko was booted off for one bad meal ! Well Chef Tom has just equalled that - so why isn't he being booted off !!
  11. That is what i thought. You only have the paperwork when you need to pick up the medication at the pharmacy ! If you have enough with you, you don't need the paperwork ! If he were so worried about the cake being warm - he could have just done a warm chocolate fudge cake ! He is one of these chef's that is used to having an army of under-chef's to boss about while he cooks the odd dish or does the plating ! He is struggling to go it alone !
  12. I find it funny that Capt. Sandy doesn't allow drugs on board, yet allows the crew and guests to get blind drunk - so much so that they are often working hung over !!
  13. I have only heard the terms sunny side up and over easy in the US. In the UK a fried egg is a fried egg and you just describe how you want it if you don't want a runny yolk. That is probably why you don't hear it in Oz either. I agree. I think a lot of what you see with Lana is just because she is Italian and they are very straight talkers who don't take any stick. Hannah's problem is that she is not very accepting of anyone who isn't a native English speaker and on a boat with an international crew, you have to have a lot of acceptance for behavior that is caused by cultural differenc
  14. In the UK we call that Egg and Soldiers !!
  15. I think Pete uses the tern sweetie in a generic way. A lot of guys in the UK will call women Love or all guys, Lad etc. Duck is another common regional one as is Babe. It doesn't really mean anything derogatory, it is just one of those things you say. It is probably just an English thing which is why Hannah also does it a lot ! The meeting at the end between Malia, Sandy and the deck crew was the worst way to handle Malia's grievance ! It just showed her up as a weak woman who needs to run to her boss to sort out problems. Instead she should have just laid down the law with the lad
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