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  1. I agree with this 100% and like at least Cody and Derrick had a final 2 since day 1. But Paul taking Nicole instead of James made no sense to me what so ever
  2. I did NOT want Nicole to win by any means, but looking back at this season overall, the reason big brother fans did not want Nicole to win the game was because she didn't play the game the way we wanted her to play. I think we all wanted Nicole to really work with Fatal Five, and not get into another showmance like she did with Hayden. But Nicole got into a showmance with Corey who no one liked because of the goat story earlier in the season. People that don't like Day are gonna find any reason to blame her for anything that doesn't go there way, but I think Day voted for Nicole because Nicole did a great job at answering her jury questions, Nicole bringing up her move of convincing Natalie to turn against her allies and sitting back watching things go the way she wanted and only being nominated once in the final 4 was really brilliant game play. I love Paul but like him reminding the jury he was nominated 6 times may not have been the best thing for him to say sitting next to Nicole. This Paul vs Nicole thing really just comes down to a matter of taste there was no right or wrong decision. If you like the underdog vote for Paul if you like someone who was more in control of the game vote for Nicole. And really Day and Nicole were the only two female vets so despite their differences that was still a bond those two had from day 1 only two female vets I guess Day said let me suck it up and just award Nicole with the win. Overall I think this has been the best season since season 14 but that's just my opinion.
  3. If Frank or Bridgette won the ticket and come back into the house then we will STILL have 12 players in the game omg
  4. BB 18 has been very similar to Survivor this year. The team twists, now we have everyone scrambling for the tyler perry idol
  5. Now that we know of this twist. I doubt there will be a juror buy back
  6. There are 12 envelopes. Paul can ONLY take ONE. That means all the other houseguests can enter the secret room to take one.
  7. Julie said this twist was in play for the next four weeks right? If Frank or Bridgette dont find it someone else could still benefit. Just thinking out loud
  8. I was supposed to take a shower like 2 hours ago but Im afraid to leave my feeds. I cant believe no one has gotten this yet!!!
  9. Paul was told to exit the phone booth now and return when the coast is clear, or else it will open. That's when he left
  10. Paul is the one person trying really hard to figure this out i hope he gets it
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