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  1. Apparently, Jenny does a lot of research on celebrities for her podcast. At least that's the excuse she gave on the aftershow a few weeks ago.
  2. Yep. He had The Unicorn pegged as Tori Spelling pretty quickly. Ken's whole deal is that he's just playing the fool. He's not even trying to guess the right answer, except once per season when he knows for a fact who it is and wants to throw everybody off who assumes he's gonna guess it wrong. And sure, I can see why a lot of people think his act is wearing thin, but it's actually kinda growing on me.
  3. ....Okay, Ken thinks it's Chilli, so I must be WAY off....
  4. Lot of references to TLC songs in that package. The Night Angel must be either Chilli or T-Boz.
  5. The last hour is a post-show. "After The Mask".
  6. Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill are making a Voyager podcast! They said in the replies that it'll be an episode-by-episode breakdown of the show.
  7. *sigh* Wish it surprised me, but the Kangaroo was the weaker of the two. And I have no frikkin' clue who's under the mask. ...And I STILL don't have a clue who this is.
  8. My brother just walked through the room. Though The Astronaut sounded like Richard Marx. Yeah, I don't see it, either.
  9. I like the Kangaroo, but she's not gonna beat the Night Angel. Unless the song choices screw with 'em.
  10. YES!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!! THE WHITE TIGER'S GONE! THE WHITE TIGER'S GONE! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The worst kept secret in reality television!
  11. My god, the judges are actually doing something tonight!
  12. He and The Banana are still miles ahead of The White Tiger, though.
  13. Not surprised. Rhino was the weakest of the three.
  14. If there was any degree of fairness in this show, it would come down to The Kitty and The Night Angel.
  15. Man, if I didn't think that Beyoncé was too big for this show, I'd swear she might be the Night Angel.
  16. I thought all three of them were really good, myself.
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