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  1. When Andy picked up those texts and started reading them, two ideas came to mind. One, either he’d seen them before and his studying them was for show OR it really WAS his first time seeing them—but either way, whatever was there, he was taking it seriously (or else he would have gotten after Ramona AGAIN); and two, they helped him make a decision about Dorinda’s fate. It irks me that he uses Ramona as a whipping post, but I’m guessing he also realizes that for all her superficial sorrys, she’s not as heinous as many of the housewives (even across franchises), and she wouldn’t produce “receipts” if she wasn’t concerned and/or aware that Dorinda would completely deny whatever Ramona had to say. I’d rather be one of Ramona’s fifty friends than even have ONE “cool” friend like Dorinda.
  2. Completely! More wacky rich-people antics, fewer trashy gossip storylines that carry on for an entire season. And yes, those SMEG toasters are trendy items, and it was a great gift in that respect. When Rinna implied that Sutton was getting downgraded from a tiara to a toaster, I wanted to yell, “Rinna, call me when you get ANYTHING from Dolce gratis.”
  3. Sutton’s birthday party was the best part of this. And I have food allergies, so I can relate with her talking head! I’m good with anything, just don’t surprise me with a walnut-crusted fish or pecan cake.
  4. Is this the episode with all the leftover belly laughs and glamour? Lisa Rinna said there was a lot of belly laughs and glamour we didn’t see this season.
  5. Exactly. I work with legitimately certified personal trainers (not that you’d know it by looking at me, LOL) and as they explain it, weight loss is a calorie-in, calorie-out deal. You need a certain number of calories for your body to function in a healthy way. Above what you need (based on what you burn daily) and you won’t lose weight; below, and your body rebels—your workout won’t even be as effective as you hope (for a bunch of metabolic reasons I’m not equipped to explain... but they can!). And your diet isn’t just about eating LESS, but eating WELL (which means primarily healthy food, with the occasional treat). The InBody (which Tamra had at CUT) is actually a very useful tool in this regard, when used by the right person. Plus: the people I work with are POSITIVE and encouraging, but don’t hesitate to get after you when you are off track, LOL. No shaming involved. Just multiple LEGIT certifications and good people skills. And kadooz to everyone here who has worked so hard, in a healthy way! GOODBYE, TEDDI!
  6. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t help but be drawn to Ramona. She does many appalling things (everything from haughtiness, to glass-tossing, to gross negligence traveling around to Mar-a-Lago et al during COVID times... WHILE SICK)—NONE of which I excuse—but for some reason I find her “character” to be one of the more amusing across the franchises. Like one of those characters that novelists used to add into their books as the bad-example-comic-relief, who demonstrates the weaker aspects of human behavior. Ramonaland is an interesting place to visit, but I don’t wanna live there.
  7. I was watching tv with my mom the other day and she said “Real housewives? We don’t need to watch that garbage.” I wish I would have listened to her. 🤣 Re the “2014” photo of Erika, it’s almost like they found footage from around the time she started filming the show, and dated it that way. I think her kid was already a cop when she started filming!
  8. In response to Rinna’s “Are you insinuating I’m a bad friend?” I wish Denise had said “I’m not INSINUATING it, I’m SAYING it.” Because seriously, I can’t see any world in which a true friend acts anything like Rinna did toward Denise.
  9. “I believe half of what I hear in life and all of what I see,” indeed...
  10. Thank you! 🙂 Someone should edit her “CLIP! CLIP! CLIP!” together with that clip...
  11. Fronting funds for Madame Paulette cleaning discounts on Coupon Cabin!
  12. Ok, I can only go by what I saw—I believe they were there, but Bravo showed the home ones, hence my initial reaction.
  13. Believe me, I’m not excusing Ramona. Those would have bothered me too. I’m referring to the ones Ramona filmed at home—Leah seemed to have a problem with those in addition to the less benign ones.
  14. I watched early this morning and thought it appropriate that, while Dorinda was on one of her Deflect-athons, the garbage truck showed up and instead of hearing her tirade, I heard the dulcet sounds of the dump. Count me in with those who could have done without the ten minutes of COVID shaming. I get as upset at people misbehaving and taking stupid risks as anyone (and I live in a highly impacted area myself), but shaming Ramona for her silly in-house family videos—when so many others were doing the same thing—was completely over the top. COVID is a serious matter—but it’s also unhealthy to doomscroll and otherwise keep yourself in a completely negative mindset. I’m not a Pollyanna (you should hear the music I’ve been listening to), but I also think you need to focus on SOMETHING positive and fun or else your health goes down. Note I am not speaking of people grieving losses, or dealing with illness. Or even about taking this whole thing seriously and doing everything you can to soberly care for yourself, those you love, and by extension your community. Just that in general, as we try to cope, we need occasional encouragement as well as a little fun and distraction. And speaking of shaming... Wow. Dorinda. Admittedly I used to find some of her antics funny, but season by season she’s gotten worse, and this season she was SO horrible. If Tinsley was like “a mint in her mouth” or whatever, she must have been an Altoid because apparently that mint really overpowered her. And did nothing to clean up her foul mouth. I also caught LuAnn’s comment about Leah being “younger, but a mom like us.” Another dig at Tinsley and Carole? She could have also said “younger, but she has a mug shot like I do.” I’m also kind of over the dissection of why people choose to get married. None of them actually care about Tinsley, so why make a fuss over her being with Scott? I mean I have my assumptions about why they do, but it just looks petty. The berating of Denise about whatever she did or didn’t do with Brandi is worse, but both are equally tiresome. I will say, I like that they did this in person rather than Zoom style. And I agree with whoever mentioned the rugs! What a weird arrangement. They spent all that time decorating the set; surely they could have found a more elegant solution than what they produced. On a completely separate note, My sincerest condolences, @thesupremediva1.
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