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  1. And it looks like she used to bleach her eyebrows... that really changes your appearance too...
  2. ivygirl

    The Facts Of Life

    MeTV recently showed “Front Page,” the episode where Jo gets angry at her journalism instructor for being tougher on her than the other students, so she writes a hit piece for the school paper based on a rumor that he’d been busted for coke. The episode has always bugged me and I finally figured out why. I understand the concept of giving a talented or advanced student more of a challenge. But usually as a student, you FIRST know that the instructor believes you have potential and that they’re being tougher on you for a reason. Or, that you have a particular goal and NEED a serious push, like a sports coach training a young athlete who wants to go pro. Not that they’re being highly critical just giving you C’s in order to push you harder with no indication that that’s what is happening—and in a way that impacts your GPA! Jo was certainly not in the right by pushing that story through. But that teacher really should have let her know that he was challenging her with a purpose (and done so in a way that penalized her for having talent).
  3. Erika is not amused by our joking.
  4. Or maybe she’ll buy dresses from AliExpress and pretend they’re hers start her own line of clothing.
  5. “And she used WET N WILD, can you believe it? Couldn’t even spring for the NYX! I’m so hilarious! Hahahahahahaaha!” ETA she can use a CVS receipt to write Rinna an epic thank you thuck you note. Or incorporate it into her choreography. “I don’t need no coupons/and I don’t use no Groupons/I’m always on the go-go/‘cause now I shop at Costco!/It’s less expensive to be me-eeehh-eh-eh-eh!”
  6. I agree—there’s a lot more “dialogue” in fitness classes these days. I take both in-person and app-based training. I also think the instructor includes more verbal cues in a digital class, both to help you out, and keep you engaged. I loathe it.
  7. ivygirl

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    You’re right; at least 1% of the time she’s in Bryn’s pajamas! OK. So, given that we got a full segment about the Great Table 62 Controversy, we now know that Andy can ask questions about bald-faced lies. And given the inquisition about poor Tins’ finances, we know he’s not averse to having those conversations on a reunion. So what are the odds that we’ll get any kind of follow up like this on the RHOBH reunion?
  8. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    A couple thoughts about this. One, she had a lot of support from people who watched this edit. It wasn’t as though she was nearing the brunt of a Rinna, Teddi, Dorit, or even Camille-sized negative social media response to her behavior. She doesn’t have cause to be that embarrassed, at least from a public-image perspective, because—like it or not—this made people come out and cheer her up, and on, not shame her into quitting. Two, as I’m sure you’re aware, grief—and especially grief over the sudden loss of a loved one—can really throw off your decision-making process. Perhaps she stayed on the show because of both the contract issue, and the hope that it still might offer some form of “normalcy” in a life that had been thrown upside down. I’d wager that she was also stunned that this whole thing had gone down the way it does. To have a friend stab you in the back AND have people poking at you AFTER your brother dies so suddenly—while you’re also trying to run businesses... it doesn’t seem like a recipe for normal rational decisions. Staying or going from the show was one thing she had control over, and so she kept it. Three, it wasn’t “one unpleasant day.” She’d already had enough unpleasantness, and given the unpleasantness enough time. I have to wonder if she also knew that her mother was sick—maybe not dying—but sick.
  9. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Mostly they’re asking Dorit what the F she’s wearing.
  10. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I’m trying to figure out the actual qualifications of these “coaches” that Teddi has hired. Right now, I got nothin, other than that Teddi inspired them and/or they forked out the dough for All In(TM) coaching. $1K is a lot to pay for the badgering of someone who’s similarly paid $1K to be badgered by Teddi. It’s like a badgering pyramid scheme. Real footage of Teddi’s Badger Bootcamp
  11. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    And with friends like the RHOBH crew... Of all the women last night, I think I’m most irritated by Dorit, who continues to feign innocence as if this whole thing was SOLELY about Lisa “selling stories” and hurting her dear, dear friends. I know many of you have been saying how pretty she is, but I can’t agree because her phoniness creates a veil of ugliness that I just can’t get past. That, and just looking at her head full of hair pins gives me a migraine.
  12. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    This may sound funny, but Denise’s reunion look may be one of my favorite looks from any reunion, ever. She looks “herself,” pretty and together, without looking like a school supply, a victim of a taffeta & satin takeover, or the mirrorball girl from the “Dance Hall Days” video (DORIT).
  13. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I find it hard to be moved by someone “taken aback” by someone else’s comment or gesture when they’ve smashed a glass toward people at a table in a restaurant.
  14. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    “She was left behind, and sour/and she wrote to me equally dour/she said in the days when you were hopeless and poor/I just liked you more...” Erika as Morrissey at the Countess Cabaret. No freaking joke! I looked up the cost of her “accountability” package, for work (not kidding) and I was stunned! $1000 for 6 weeks of someone badgering me by app? I’d rather pay a REAL ACE or ACSM-certified trainer to badger me for a fraction of the price in person.