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  1. In terms of the Internet, this is old news, but: Taylor’s a meme. Examples
  2. It physically pains me to look at Gina—I get a crick in my neck watching her slump and strain all the time. I’d call her the Hunchback of Notre Drama if it didn’t take forever to type that out.
  3. That’s just it; most trainers list all those things in great detail because they’re very valuable professionally. It’s weird that Eddie wouldn’t list them. I am, however, stuck on “Bikini Competition Expert.” I get that it’s a thing but it just reminds me of those cheesy/trashy T-shirts you see for sale in beach towns. You know, “FBI: Female Bikini (or Body) Inspector.”
  4. I edited my reply while you were writing. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But we don’t know unless Eddie himself spells it out. I mean, I’ve worked out at Equinox but I’m not going to put that on a resume.
  5. I took that to mean that he trained others. I could be wrong. I don’t find Eddie to be a shyster, as I do Tamra. So perhaps I’m less cynical. I work with personal trainers and he does and says a lot of the things they do. He even reminds me of one of my coworkers quite a bit. As I said, I find it odd that he doesn’t specify the certifications, but I don’t know that it necessarily means he doesn’t have them.
  6. It’s weird—Eddie’s bio on the CUT site says he has many certifications, but doesn’t specify what they are. I do, however, see he’s worked at places like Equinox and Sports Club/LA, and I am 99% certain they would never hire a trainer without a nationally recognized certification (e.g. NASM or ACE). Tamra? Isn’t listed on the “team” so who the heck knows. An MRS isn’t a qualifying accreditation ... that I know. It gives you BMI, but it’s more than that. On the InBody, you grab a hold of the two handles, and you also stand barefoot as you would on a scale. I don’t know the science of it, but it reads fat mass, muscle mass, water mass, skeletal mass... and tells you fat/muscle in your limbs and torso. You see all the results on the printout. Ideally your trainer would walk you through everything, and my guess is that “in real life” Eddie would do just that. It’s a legit thing and it’s REALLY helpful in the hands of an expert. Like anything it is imperfect, but I’ve found it to be more accurate than (the dreaded) calipers.
  7. I can’t be the only one who was happy to see Sour Shane after nasty, tacky Braunwyn and her shiny, benecklaced husband. Re: the CUT scene: a) The thingy Eddie used on Tamra’s butt is a Theragun. (Or something like it.) I’ve heard mixed reviews about their efficacy. I’ve also heard that they HURT. b) I’ve been on an InBody and I’ll be honest: the report is SUPER helpful. It opened my eyes to where I needed to work, and my continued “check ins” on it with my trainer have been helpful in guiding me to a better path of wellness. I have a feeling that partly it was awkward because cameras were rolling, and also because Tamra was there.
  8. Watching this episode I really reflected on why, exactly, Tamra made such a huge show about becoming a “new person” a couple years back. Nothing seems all that new about her. I was holding out some hope, but at this point I don’t think I’ll see much, at least until she’s off this show and not “performing”. And not that Christians are supposed to be “perfect” but I’d have hoped that she would have steered further away from her crap-stirring ways... not leaned into them. She and Eddie could have a really nice life IF she backed off. Maybe it would even help her rebuild her relationship with her kids. So if she’s doing that just for an orange, that’s really depressing. I’m also reflecting on why, exactly, I’m still watching. 😉
  9. My guess is that someone /someones complained about fake and irrelevant reviews and Apple purged them. I’ve seen that happen on occasion... not really on Apple because I haven’t paid attention, but on sites like Sephora when reviews are centered on complaints about the company that don’t have to do with the product (e.g. people who give a product one star and rant about Kat Von D and antivaxx, Nazi-sympathizing ways on her foundations and stuff).
  10. Botox is running a commercial right now that shows people in their 20s and early 30s, worrying about the lines their faces make when they show expression. It strikes me as sad. And my first thought, at that or any age, is not to shoot myself up with Botox... I’d first try out retinol, if anything. (Because how bad can wrinkles be at 30?) Plus, as @Sun-Bun said, our faces are designed to move! Expressions used to be considered cute! Is Lala deliberately trying to look older?
  11. Super bizarre. Of any RH she’s one of the last I’d turn to for celebrity news and discussions. Considering that her first podcast is about open marriages, swinging, and toe sucking... hard pass.
  12. Hey @KungFuBunny over the last few posts I’ve gathered that you don’t care for Gina? I don’t know what gives me that impression though...
  13. Hilarious. Filed under “Love is Dead” and titled “Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute and Her Bearded Loafer Boyfriend Brian Carter Broke Up.”
  14. Aaron sure looks thrilled to be there.
  15. “Automobile? Vrooommmmm vrooooommmm...” —Gina Long Duk Dong
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