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  1. Hahahaha! A real “I wish I thought of that” moment! And would that it were true, as it would mean that Sutton and Kyle’s purchases were helping the victims more than Erika and Tom ever would… Tap the +” and it will collect all the posts you want to quote. Then, in your response, click or tap your cursor in between the quote boxes, then type. I hope that helps! 😊
  2. One would think that, as a soap opera veteran, Rinna would know how to act out amnesia in a more convincing manner. Also: Yes, Crystal. It’s clear you don’t like “fakeness” and “phoniness” that some attempt to call social graces. Much better to be a dismissive, snobbish, cold jerk who acts like she’s above anyone she “doesn’t know” and/or is beneath her station. 🙄 It’s always the Crystal types who define their harsh snobbishness and rude commentary as “hating fakeness”. Finally: I want to take Occam’s Razor to any and all of Erika’s stories.
  3. Grease III: Super Unctuous Edition Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee Lousy with liquidity Don’t give a crap, I’m not taking the rap DORIT, PLEASE LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE Watch it—Hey! I’m not a crook DON’T YOU DARE GIVE ME THAT LOOK I’m a tough broad but I’m also a fraud* WHY ME, WHY ME, WHY ME! *Allegedly
  4. That’s the part of Kyle’s persona I like best as well—her parties seem the most “comfortable” and therefore, if required to choose, I would attend her parties over most of the other housewives’ (though Garcelle’s family dinner runs second—that seemed pretty natural, too). And my assumption, too, is that she wanted to feed the crew. My guess is that she’s the RH most likely to think in those terms, both because she’s been on sets her whole life—and likely knows that treating the crew well is important to a good outcome/edit—and also, because it just seems like her personality to want to fe
  5. My guess is that due to his “profession” he needs to be a pretty good people-reader. LOL (sorta but not really). The burn victim’s plight hits close to home for me, literally. I remember the night that gas line exploded—I’m a few miles south and the helicopter action in the air was crazy. The news footage of the plume of fire and smoke was terrifying. And it was horrific imagining that your friends and family may have been involved and lost their property and lives. It was years before you could drive on those streets again. I can’t imagine that poor burn victim. The Girardis’ fra
  6. You’ve all covered Rinna’s gall so well I don’t need to go there. So: Dorit. Garcelle didn’t say only brown-skinned people work at your house. She asked if the only brown-skinned people in your home were working there. There IS a difference.
  7. That IG cartoon makes me nauseous on numerous levels, but Erika Jayne as SCAPEGOAT? (ETA self-proclaimed scapegoat?) Please. What, pray tell, is she the scapegoat FOR this season?
  8. Hahaha! I was just about to post that when I read your comment 🤣 Total Toonces. Each time I watch this show, I’m reminded that I need to put an asterisk after everything. Like: “I like Sutton”* * Though yes, I can see she knows how to work tears, which is annoying ”I’m liking Dorit this year”* * But considering how much I disliked her in the past, I don’t know how much of an improvement that is ”Crystal and her blank look/side-eye, sitting there with a jar of spice in front of her was fantastic”* * But I still don’t care for her “Kathy is pretty funny”*
  9. I know Dorit said something about the CRAFTSmanship of the clothes, but it sounded like “CRAPmanship.”
  10. So far, not a fan. I don’t enjoy her smug attitude. I mean, for sure she’s not heinous like Rinna or Brandi. And she’s not an (alleged) accomplice to pilfering and bilking, like Erika. But still, she’s off putting. I admire a HW who tells it like it is and manages it all with a smile and a roll of the eyes. But she just seems too impressed with herself. Bleh.
  11. I for one am glad that Kelly called out Braunwyn on her lieabus statements.
  12. Braunwyn’s sanctimonious pronouncements and rants exhaust me. And I would never call her a “fake alcoholic,” but I do think she’s a fake. (The way she kept petting her fall felt like a “tell” to me.) And the way Andy continued to defend her? Ugh. “I’m not a narcissist. I have a large ego.” 🙄
  13. LOL MVP once again, Gina is MVP of the episode. “I cwaught myself!” and Fish Heaven.
  14. I’ve never really heard of Pentecostalism, in and of itself, being labeled a cult (super conservative with some non-mainstream attitudes about dress, behavior, and beliefs... even compared to other Evangelicals? Yes)—but there are definitely some offshoots that are cult-like, and (perhaps) like what Elizabeth (says she) grew up in.
  15. I feel a little bit bad saying this (on the OFF CHANCE she’s telling the truth)... but when she says “I can’t talk about this anymore,” my brain completed the sentence: “...because I haven’t figured out the rest of the details in the story.” I too am skeptical about her backstory. With all the drama she infuses into each retelling, I half-wonder if we don’t eventually find out that she grew up within a completely unremarkable context and spins tales to make herself feel better about it. I doubt that is REALLY the case, but it’s impossible at this point to tell what is true.
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