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  1. I for one am glad that Kelly called out Braunwyn on her lieabus statements.
  2. Braunwyn’s sanctimonious pronouncements and rants exhaust me. And I would never call her a “fake alcoholic,” but I do think she’s a fake. (The way she kept petting her fall felt like a “tell” to me.) And the way Andy continued to defend her? Ugh. “I’m not a narcissist. I have a large ego.” 🙄
  3. LOL MVP once again, Gina is MVP of the episode. “I cwaught myself!” and Fish Heaven.
  4. I’ve never really heard of Pentecostalism, in and of itself, being labeled a cult (super conservative with some non-mainstream attitudes about dress, behavior, and beliefs... even compared to other Evangelicals? Yes)—but there are definitely some offshoots that are cult-like, and (perhaps) like what Elizabeth (says she) grew up in.
  5. I feel a little bit bad saying this (on the OFF CHANCE she’s telling the truth)... but when she says “I can’t talk about this anymore,” my brain completed the sentence: “...because I haven’t figured out the rest of the details in the story.” I too am skeptical about her backstory. With all the drama she infuses into each retelling, I half-wonder if we don’t eventually find out that she grew up within a completely unremarkable context and spins tales to make herself feel better about it. I doubt that is REALLY the case, but it’s impossible at this point to tell what is true.
  6. That LA Times article is something else! To add insult to injury... he was appointed to choose judges! Why am I not surprised by the company he keeps.
  7. I was kind of excited to see that they’ll be going to Skypark. I just watched a webinar about how that place came into being. The emphasis is on enjoying the outdoors and being active... and part of it is a restored/preserved Santa’s Village. The couple who put in the work poured a LOT of heart into it. I mean, all these women will do is drink and fight, but it’ll be a cool backdrop 🤣
  8. Loved Gina’s overall look in the orange shirt talking heads. Makeup was a little pink, but on the whole, she is looking so much more polished! And she is now the Unlikely Voice of Reason.
  9. Could be, it was late and I may have grabbed the lyrics from a website that had it wrong.
  10. Everybody says that there’s nobody meaner Than the little broke lawyer from Pasadena He lies* really fast and he lies* really hard He’s the criminal* of Coronado Boulevard He's the little broke lawyer from Pasadenaaaaaaaa *Allegedly
  11. Not to defend her choices about... anything, but I think she was just at a Vons or something — grocery stores in California sell all manner of liquor.
  12. Re Brawnwyn bringing others with her to meetings: I know some people who just CANNOT do anything alone, on their own. They need a support system to do hard things, and they always want someone they know along for the ride. I don’t think that’s always a bad thing (on the other hand, I don’t think it’s always good...) but I wonder if some of that is at play, too. These women are the ones she’s “with” at this period of time, so she’s inviting them to be her personal support system in the process. Again, good or bad—not really making a call on that. Just an observation. I did think it was weird that they were hanging out with their daughter in their “adult party room.”
  13. Elizabeth reminds me of the Far Side “What People Say to Dogs/What Dogs Hear” cartoon, except instead of hearing “Blah blah blah Ginger blah blah Ginger blah...” she says “Divorce divorce divorce Me Me Me divorce divorce Me Me Divorce...” I loved Gina at the market, except Mars Capone made me cringe a little 🤣
  14. Shannon’s egg moment made me super uncomfortable. Like, just eat the eggs and go back to your regular diet when you get home later in the day. That kind of reaction should probably be reserved for true food allergies. Unless you have an egg allergy or some other medical reason not to eat egg or egg yolk, a single whole egg will not kill you. I get that it’s frustrating not to get what you ordered, but THE DRAMA. GEEZ.
  15. That little ketchup bottle was my MVP of the episode. I saw that and, somehow, it became both a harbinger of what’s to come (Quarantine! No travel! No hotels!) and a reminder of something I haven’t had in far too long... hotel food. There’s just something about hotel fries and those squat little bottles of Heinz... Goodness knows how many I’ve snagged from the buffet lines at sales meetings... It was a weirdly nostalgic moment in the middle of a weird, yet boring episode.
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