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  1. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Mostly they’re asking Dorit what the F she’s wearing.
  2. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I’m trying to figure out the actual qualifications of these “coaches” that Teddi has hired. Right now, I got nothin, other than that Teddi inspired them and/or they forked out the dough for All In(TM) coaching. $1K is a lot to pay for the badgering of someone who’s similarly paid $1K to be badgered by Teddi. It’s like a badgering pyramid scheme. Real footage of Teddi’s Badger Bootcamp
  3. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    And with friends like the RHOBH crew... Of all the women last night, I think I’m most irritated by Dorit, who continues to feign innocence as if this whole thing was SOLELY about Lisa “selling stories” and hurting her dear, dear friends. I know many of you have been saying how pretty she is, but I can’t agree because her phoniness creates a veil of ugliness that I just can’t get past. That, and just looking at her head full of hair pins gives me a migraine.
  4. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    This may sound funny, but Denise’s reunion look may be one of my favorite looks from any reunion, ever. She looks “herself,” pretty and together, without looking like a school supply, a victim of a taffeta & satin takeover, or the mirrorball girl from the “Dance Hall Days” video (DORIT).
  5. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I find it hard to be moved by someone “taken aback” by someone else’s comment or gesture when they’ve smashed a glass toward people at a table in a restaurant.
  6. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    “She was left behind, and sour/and she wrote to me equally dour/she said in the days when you were hopeless and poor/I just liked you more...” Erika as Morrissey at the Countess Cabaret. No freaking joke! I looked up the cost of her “accountability” package, for work (not kidding) and I was stunned! $1000 for 6 weeks of someone badgering me by app? I’d rather pay a REAL ACE or ACSM-certified trainer to badger me for a fraction of the price in person.
  7. ivygirl

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I said this elsewhere but geez, those dresses throw off the color balance on my tv!!! Side note, best popcorn ever: Holstein’s at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas!
  8. ivygirl

    RHoBH in the Media

    A little something for my Mad Men buddies
  9. Yes very much so! However... At this point I find them a little more likeable than the Shahs, which I stopped watching due to their nastiness to each other 😉 I’d say the VPR crew has more fun together. LVP chose the chuckleheads well... at least for this purpose!
  10. I think it’s a lot like the Housewives—you’ll get a lot of different answers about who’s fun to watch and who’s horrible. Some love Sandoval because his OTT dedication to style and his own “uniqueness” can be funny; others find him to be a hypocritical phony. Same with Schwartz—he has a puppy dog appeal to some, while others find him immature and irresponsible. Some get a kick out of Kristin while others get frustrated because she’s so CONSTANTLY over the top and—as the kids say—extra, *especially* when she’s getting her nose into others’ business. And on and on. I hold the unpopular opinion of liking Katie—I have a soft spot for her, and I can’t really articulate why. And I call Ariana “Grumpy Cat.” On VPR Lisa really is the Grande Dame—and conflict arises when people don’t kiss her ring—but the lion’s share of the drama is around the “staff.” It did take me a few episodes to really get into the show—I didn’t love it right away—but really, they’re all such characters, I just eventually got sucked in. It’s like RHONY where they really DO have history and interact outside the show—which makes interlopers like James and Raquel stand out even more. Most of the setups are less contrived than, say, that stupid lunch at the end of the RHOBH finale. I’d love to see RHOBH have a few triads of people who legitimately know one another. Even if they brought back Joyce, and brought in one more ally for LVP, that would make things more tolerable than what is apparently on deck next season.
  11. ivygirl

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    If LVP were to come back, her tagline could be: “Revenge is best served like a fine rose. Cold and with a side of ‘Shut up, Rinna.’” Definitely part of the “Beyond” 🤣 You’d think that Kyle would be hip to all the beauty tips and tricks. Heck, maybe she should take some style tips from Sonja Morgan, who knows her way around a roll of beauty tape.
  12. Dorit is shocked, SHOCKED that you put any blame on her.
  13. I 100% respect this. Especially because when VPR started, I thought it was going to be horrific. Now: 7 seasons in. I have semi-withdrawls when it's not on. I follow most of the cast on social. And I flipped out when I saw castmembers Katie and Schwartz on Hollywood Boulevard. But the best part is the boards. Come visit us! We have cookies! And GIFs!
  14. ivygirl

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    How does Bethenny keep finding all these dudes who are so amazingly and immediately devoted to her? Geez Louise. I swear the other women aged during that interminable Dennis segment. Seriously. When the show started I stopped to think about how good Luann’s skin looked, and towards the end of the segment, I saw wrinkles like nobody’s business. What KIND of substance? *BadumPSHT* It reminds me of the ads for cheap perfume and “designer” jeans, from back in the 80s. No joke. That ad for the Beverly Hills reunion threw the color balance off on my TV.