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  1. Um, like, we must be SOOOOOOOOO OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD. LOL! I’m totally with you on Charli’s ageism. (Do people who age shame really never reflect that they, too, will become, like, OLD?) Personally I find it an unfunny bid for relevance and camera time. Did she bring anything to the table besides her snide comments and fear of pasta? I did find it ridiculous that Britney said she’d never met someone so disrespectful. Um, take a look to your right and who you’re married to… I think the “incestuousness” on this show is gross. But WHY is the Kristen/Max thing any of Stassi or James’ business? And why is it cool that Max sleeps with anything that moves but for Kristen it’s like KrISteN YoU R teRRibLe? The double standards, they kill me. Raquel is really cute without 59 pounds of makeup and fake lashes.
  2. I, too, can’t look at this season’s Ariana without thinking of previous seasons’ Ariana. The smug, Grumpy Cat demeanor she exhibited while LYING—especially when acting so above it all—infuriated me in a way that others’ didn’t. Don’t get me wrong—they’re all pretty terrible to varying degrees—but she never walked back her behavior in any kind of honest way. Can people change? Absolutely. But the Redemption Tour (“My dad died! I have depression!”) wasn’t marked by any change in humility, or much of anything. To be clear, with regard to lying, I hold Sandoval just as responsible. And of course he was the one dating Kristen and thus the one cheating. I guess he was more tolerable as a “character” because he was less sour, and did some things with a wink and a nod. I never thought I would say this, but I see James, and to me HE is the one example of someone on this show who is genuinely trying to change.
  3. The hats were new to me! I think on the show they said to “protect your head” but I don’t know from what...
  4. Ah, the banya. it is a big deal in Russian culture. My great-aunt had a banya in her backyard (obviously not fancy) but yes, it was where they’d go (in single-sex groups) to talk, relax, steam, and beat themselves with eucalyptus branches. for their health. Never tried it myself but I’d lie if I’d said it didn’t intrigue me. In community centers where large groups of Russians congregate, they have to post signs saying “no eucalyptus branches in the steam room.” (I work in one such place.) Lots of people don’t get it—if you’re unfamiliar it DOES seem to be an oddly specific request—but I got it immediately. The world is their banya; we’re just steaming in it.
  5. Can I just quote this and consider it my contribution to the discussion? I got nothin.
  6. I don’t understand why you would shoot premium tequila (or at least, pricy tequila). I guess... because you can? Or maybe it’s just the last thing Jax “borrowed” from SUR.
  7. My relationship life is about as far from these folks as anything, so maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to comprehend how it’s OK for Janky High Horse Max and Poet, Philosopher, DBag (Hold the Poet and Philosopher) Brett to sit there and debate who gets to date Hot Dayna RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER? The whole thing was just... weird, uncomfortable, inappropriate, selfish, and piggish. I also never knew that there are, you know, Emotional Feelings and Sex Feelings and that announcing Sex Feelings is one thing but announcing Emotional Feelings is something else entirely. So I shouldn’t get upset if a guy announces loudly, to our friends and all of TV Land, I DID NOT HAVE EMOTIONAL FEELINGS WITH THAT WOMAN. That should not embarrass me. Got it. I get it—you’ve been on a few dates and you’re still getting to know one another. You aren’t necessarily going to be all gushy. At the same time, I’d be completely hurt if a guy said out loud, during an argument about me, that “I DON’T!!!1!!1!“ have feelings for me and that making out with me is “nothing.” You two dudes argue it out, I’ll go look for someone human. Scheana made the most sense at the table. File under Clocks >> Stopped >> Right twice a day. Hot Dayna was also Unfunny Dayna. If they showed THE BEST of her routine, I don’t know what to say. I just watched an episode of Barnaby Jones where Ed Begley Jr played a crappy comedian and his totally banal set was more funny than Dayna’s “comedy.” Stassi looked genuinely concerned and pained for Jax in a way I don’t usually see her. James looks good and I hope he keeps up his sobriety. I’m glad that so far it’s not Countess LuAnn “Sobriety.” I never need to see Charli again. All I can think of is little coronaviruses all over. And then washing their hands and clogging the sink.
  8. I’m so embarrassed for Scheana at this point, my embarrassment is embarrassed that it still has to be embarrassed at the sight of her, em... barr-ass.
  9. The thought occurred to me that this was an intentional escape hatch from her current modeling lifestyle. And, she probably has a Model Mom Influencer plan in place. If that’s the case: on one level I can understand; and on another, I feel badly that she believed this particular route was the way to go about it. I wish her and her baby the best of health, and Zayn as well.
  10. Walks outside are OK but we here in CA aren’t technically supposed to be socializing in person with anyone outside our household. But it’s OK for Kyle and the Kardashians 🙄 Anyhoo, I was just watching a Beverly Hills 90210 rerun, and who pops onto my screen? And ironically on an episode where there’s a lot of sister drama.
  11. TWO casting surprises! Kevin “MY juice!” Rahm. And Kyle “I’LL show you 90210 sister drama!” Richards Umansky!
  12. WOW That was obnoxious. Pretending for a second that it wasn’t drama for the cameras: Who does that? “Hey, just calling to see ‘how you were’ as I’m celebrating the engagement of someone that, within recent memory, I hated with every fiber of my being! How does it feel to miss out on this party AGAIN? Wait, what? You doubt my sincerity? You are SO ANNOYING!”
  13. Finally saw this episode... All this time I thought the title referred to Dylan 🤣 ...Or DOES IT? 🤔
  14. Ha! For me it was the previews for next week. “Wait, who’s that? Oh—Britney! That’s right... she’s on this show! Er, right? Or am I conflating 90210 and VPR again?”
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