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  1. Just wondering who gets paid first in bankruptcy - Tom's clients who were victims or the lenders who fronted Tom money. Yikes what a mess. Why haven't criminal fraud charges been filed yet? And where's the IRS? The Guidices went down on taxes too I think?
  2. I agree - Kathy is playing the dimwit. She came on the show I read bc she was bored. She is shrewd - takes after her mother Big Kathy. She's the real sniper from the side with Thomasina, sitting Sutton next to Erika, bringing up "Why is not seeing color a problem" in reference to Sutton- she wasn't bringing it up out of the blue. "I never heard of Sutton." She's friends with Crystal and is backing up Crystal. Also her nonsense about not wanting to be associated with unsavory people (like criminal Erika). She cut off Kyle for years for bringing up Kim's alcoholism. Then she cut her off bc sh
  3. I haven't posted in forever but a couple of things: Rinna with the fish comments at Garcelle's beautiful dinner - you all ate Caviar Pie last week at Kathy's and not a word about not eating fish. And Kyle made some burnt Salmon. You had trips to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cabo and Hong Kong - all known for fish and we never heard anything about fish. Are you going to tell me she never ate sushi before. I would love for someone to find a snippet of her eating fish. This lying harpy. Kathy Hilton sat Sutton next to Erika at the table and did the Thomasina nonsense - she's a grade A shit
  4. As for the HWs doing charity work - all of them - no matter what it is, I applaud them. It may seem half-assed to some, but at least they are doing it. Luann has been doing outreach since season one. We cringe with some of her words, but she does it (thinking of her giving tips to the girls about walking and modeling). Bethenny, as much as I can't stand her, raises a ton of money for victims of natural disasters. WTH is Dorinda doing? Nothing. I am glad Luann is raising criminal justice reform. Especially seeing that so many posters have different ideas about what issues are involved.
  5. I think Kenya did the Barbie Dress first a couple of season ago on Atlanta!
  6. WTF with those links? OK I still cannot get past BRYN PLAYING THE UKELELE ON A PLANE. Lord have mercy. Where is Flight Attendant Karen calling the police to haul away an unruly passenger when you need her.
  7. Maybe Kyle and Dorit had a falling out and this is Kyle's way to draw attention to it again. lol.
  8. I don't think I have ever seen Kyle look so bad. Her face looks terrible - inflated and puffy. Her hair looks like a wig - so black and fake looking. She doesn't even look like Kyle anymore. Walk away from the plastic surgeon/fillers etc Kyle. I don't know who she reminds me of - a country singer? Cher? Reba McIntyre in a wig? Joyce DeWitt with long hair? I haven't even gotten to her outfit yet. I think Erika is wearing too dark a contouring blush. Meh on her outfit. Too Hank Williams, Jr. for me.
  9. Wasn't Sonja putting her vibrators in the dishwasher?
  10. When I look at the birthday flowers photo, her outfit reminds me a little of Elton John (just saw RocketMan)! Elton on a tame day to be sure, but it's a little costume-y. Like manufactured. Sure it's cute and all, but glasses, fur-real coat, rainbow sweater, lizard hip hugger a la Jim Morrison pants, (that bloated too thin belly), and the Birkin du jour, Do we see the shoes? Take one thing off Bethenny. She's like a big gimmick/trend here. BTW I like the flowers too.
  11. It was really rainy here this week. I wonder where they were?
  12. Getting dumped at or near 60 for some/many women is devastating. Starting your life over when you planned on golden years and memories with one life mate is heartbreaking and soul crushing. Starting over? Creating a new life? It can be overwhelming. While I don't like Ramona at all (I do find her amusing on the show) I have to give her and Luann credit for picking up and moving on with a lot of dignity (well as much as these two sows can have). They don't bash their exes. They basically aren't drunken messes a la Sonja and they aren't bitter angry spiteful shrews like Bethenny. I am not saying
  13. That's a lot - 5.25 to 3.995. I wouldn't think the new SALT taxes would impact buyers in that tax bracket at all. So was it just overpriced to begin with?
  14. Maybe her anxiety <cough> botox <cough> will cause her eye to droop again like it did last season!
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