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  1. Yeah, I remember more references (on the show) to Lisa Rinna as "Rinna" and Lisa Vanderpump as "Lisa," and I do recall Kyle calling her "Vanderpump." Hearing these ladies call Lisa Vanderpump "LVP" so frequently this season makes me just think that they're obsessed with reading these sites, gossip sites, and other blogs. That may or may not be the case; maybe my awareness is just heightened because of all this "leaked story" stuff.
  2. Question. I know we (and obviously others online) have called Lisa "LVP" for quite some time. And I know it's on some of her stuff (e.g. the Sangria). But I don't remember the cast calling her "LVP" as much as they've been doing this year. Am I misremembering?
  3. Well it would certainly bring new meaning to Skinnygirl Wine & Spirits...
  4. So obnoxious. She’s suddenly the expert on addiction, so patronizing and wise in her own eyes. Tinsley’s there bawling her eyes out, and Luann’s busy lecturing her about the nature of alcoholism, while also talking about food allergy as “just an allergy” and her own disease as something that puts her in a special category for sainthood or something. Yes, Tinsley’s analogy was not exact, but Luann was so dismissive that she missed Tinsley’s overall point, as well as the broader one that she was deeply hurt and affected by her father’s alcoholism and his choices.
  5. Anyone (going to admit that they’re) reading Next Level Basic? I have a ton of Audible credits so I “bought” the audio book. I’m through the first three chapters and it’s kind of wearing as her self centeredness isn’t tempered by the other VPR folks. She says “AF” wayyyyy too frequently. And yes, she reads the book but it almost doesn’t sound like her because the tempo for reading the book is kind of slow.
  6. ivygirl

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Don’t forget her paparazzi-prone daughters, Berlin and Vicki
  7. ivygirl

    S07.E19: The Exorcism of Stassi Schroeder

    Not for me just yet, but I don’t think it can go on too much longer. My favorite part of the episode was Schwartz and the money. It was totally ridiculous, but so is he, so it’s in character. At least it was entertaining. James getting second, third, fourth, ninth chances is precisely why he never *really* changes and only skates by on lip service until he gets what he wants again. Until an actual consequence sticks, he won’t address his crap behavior. I think that’s what Sandoval was getting at, but you could tell that James believed his petulant toddler behavior would get him back in Lisa’s graces.
  8. ivygirl

    RHoBH in the Media

    LVP was going after the others’ comments about bots and stans on Twitter today. https://mobile.twitter.com/LisaVanderpump/status/1117383878912684033 https://mobile.twitter.com/LisaVanderpump/status/1117391174451511298 https://mobile.twitter.com/LisaVanderpump/status/1117404369090224133
  9. Really? It Depends. ...I’ll see myself out. Twitter has a really strange way of deciding which tweets I “want” to get notifications about (half the time, it’s Elon Musk, which—meh; the other time, it’s political junk I don’t want) but anyway, today it decided I want LVP’s tweets. And she has been having some fun times with the bot stuff on Twitter today as well. I’ll post it in the Media thread.
  10. I totally agree; I was bothered by Bethenny’s self-comparison to Jesus. We know she’s given to hyperbole, but that was obnoxious. (Not that this crowd, aside from maybe Ramona, cares much... wasn’t it Luann that made devotional candles with a picture of herself and a sacred heart?) And I don’t like the Halloween decor either... it freaks me out, except for the silly inflatable Dracula that popped up from the coffin. I thought that was cute and kind of funny, especially how it was edited into the scene. Overall though, I also agree with the poster who said they’d take the dead fish decor over the Halloween decor. In other news, I learned that the MORGAN Library has 3 copies of the Guggenheim Gutenberg Bible. Too bad it’s not as unique as the Morgan papers; there are *50* extant copies of that, yet only one of the vaunted Morgan grocery list or whatever it was. (PS my guess is that they don’t normally have those out, and brought them out for Sonja’s sake.)
  11. Well, Jacques did always call her his “Wild Indian”... I’m thinking too hard about this, but—it doesn’t make sense to me that she wouldn’t have any on hand. I get that things happen (like whoops, got this mid-day), but if you’re traveling... wouldn’t you know it was about that time and plan ahead? Or, if she’s at the perimenopausal “unpredictable” stage, wouldn’t she ALWAYS have them on hand? Either way, why make it a thing on camera? (Because: Bethenny. But still...)
  12. ivygirl

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    I don’t know the context, but... Was he thinking of *AL* Bundy? Who was not cool, but at least didn’t murder anyone. Good job on the students’ part.
  13. I did learn something important from this episode (and from the last 10 minutes of the NJ reunion, which I watched while waiting for something else to start): Highlighter looks terrible in HD.
  14. She can’t be any worse than Jax! And maybe we’ll be treated to Dorit’s Dinner Party. Monday nights at SUR! Get ready for dilly sushi, Lucy Lucy Apple Juice Martinis, and DJ Boy George on the ones and twos.
  15. I agree. It wasn’t a very nice thing to say, but it wasn’t on the order of, I don’t know, saying someone definitely sold a story because it “sounded like them” and they’ve been guilty of being manipulative in the past.
  16. ivygirl

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    Trashiness is earned, my friends....
  17. ivygirl

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    As much as I loved this... I can’t be the only one calculating how expensive that was in hotel prices. ($6 per chip pack, $5 per bubble tape... lol) “It’s SUR’s first white party!” Awesome if it was 1990, but 2018? Might as well have a donut wall and mason jar cocktails if you want to be trendy.
  18. ivygirl

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    Who does she think she is, Countess Luann de Lesseps?
  19. Feels like the GIF is in order! I’d love for Dorinda to “CLIP!” Rinna.
  20. ivygirl

    RHoBH in the Media

    Did Dorit delete hers? I’m not seeing it. If she did a video, she’s got to be even more tone deaf than I ever imagined... and I already thought her to be as tone-deaf as a jokey first-round American Idol contestant.
  21. A turd turret, if you will
  22. Just saw this! Sorry! No, she didn’t look fat AT ALL. She looked beautiful and well proportioned. I find she is a little bit of a Seinfeldian two-face on camera, but in person she was really, really pretty. And you’d only call her “fat” if you had a skewed view of what a healthy weight is.
  23. If you liked Teddi’s petty speech, you’ll LOVE Teddi’s petty Bravo blog! I know “hubris” is not the word I’m looking for, but the ancient Greeks must have something that would work. ETA I love the ad I’m seeing on the page. “Have your dog trained and safely contained in seven days.”
  24. Well, this was an uncomfortable episode to watch. Dorit ordering Chicken Paillard “well done” was the capper and almost as nauseating as anything else in the episode. I adore Chicken Paillard, but there’s really no reason to order it “well done” because it IS juicy but very well cooked. “Well done chicken”? Does she want jerky? Exactly. Teddi didn’t look like she was really consoling Dorit in that moment. I’m very happy that in “real time,” LVP is opening yet another bar/restaurant and basically took over the casino to promote it. The contrast of Dorit whinging (another British word! I must be LVP) to LVP running what I assume are solvent businesses says a lot. Or do you mean, a two-person tent mauled by a bear? 😉 But no, what do you mean? Kyle had one more thing to say! And that one thing would have solved everything! LVP and Ken should have heard her out! Well, she may still have some Depends left over from her days as their spokesperson? 🤷🏻‍♀️ ITA. I’m a mess when I’m angry, especially when I’m accused of something false. I either turn silent or start angry-crying. Maybe he’ll take a Tumble 4 Dorit? What was the other nickname they called Lisa? Dorit said it, but the wording was all Rinna. It reeked of “aren’t I clever.” In sum, Because it can’t be said enough.
  25. ivygirl

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    Sometimes I think I get a contact buzz from this show.