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  1. I watched Halloween Kills on Peacock. No additional charge
  2. Please get rid of Candiace, and bring back monique samuels. I think candiace has more then shown that she is the problem.
  3. Saw No Time to Die today. Loved it. Worthy ending for a 007.
  4. That bothered me too that Sandy had Lloyd go up and down stairs when he was possibly having a heart attack. Sandy should have let Lloyd stay where he was
  5. I think Tommy not sliding is exactly what reza needs. I think more so the fact his friend could have died giving birth and reza is only concerned about his own problem. Not a good friend. Tommy aint budging
  6. This makes me like Tommy more. Reza screwed with the wrong guy and he aInt budging
  7. Reza knows he messed up and is desperate to get back to where he was before. Reza thinks were gonna sympathize with him 'cause hes crying. Wrong!
  8. Reza needs to own up to his shit stirring. Thats why you havent met shams. Its your own damn doing, Bitch
  9. Tommy had the line of the night 'she looks like the count 1.2,3,4' omg i died on that one
  10. I would have killed my mother if she had done this
  11. Basically Sandy expected everyone to suck up to malia. Bullshit, you dont put two ppl from the same department to room together too. Sandy sucks
  12. Oh good. Sounds like andy asks some good questions and lets hannah and sandy hash it out
  13. How many parts is this reunion? Anyone know?
  14. When Malia has no one else to screw over (hannah and jess) Bugsy will be next. Im looking forward to that
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