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  1. After spending so much time with my in-laws over the years, Kate Winslet is the only one who has the accent down consistently.
  2. Toya counseling Anila on money management, just no. Although I’m surprised the hair/makeup services weren’t prepaid, it does seem like something you’d pay for immediately afterwards. Loved seeing Anila and then later Kary putting Heavenly in her place. I can’t stand her cackling and of course she made Alaura help clean the plates. I think everyone should help but women’s work talk is tiring.
  3. That meth ain’t gonna deliver itself...
  4. Mine too but with Bingo and free donuts in the morning. It will be sad to see all the buffets gone...
  5. I have never seen a medical assistant in a tube top or a surgeon in a chest-bearing kurta. What kind of office is this? Do they get funny with the gas like on Seinfeld?
  6. Oh yes he does (not paying, did the Reddit rabbit hole). I didn’t recognize his wife at first from that angle....
  7. And the fried bits and the cream cheese...my favorite
  8. I don’t know who runs these ad agencies. I think they’re all high...the Skittles commercials, the Emu, the one where they’re singing Petshop Boys...um you’re singing about insurance fraud. I get saving money.
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