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  1. Robyn out here making proof of life videos
  2. This is going to be like that scene with Eddie Murphy and Ertha Kit in Boomerang where she claps to turn the lights out and he tries ti make it even darker.
  3. Same. I feel for her. It looks like she’s going on a date next episode but how does that work without thinking the man should be on the To Catch a Predator show?
  4. Memphis just seems joyless like she’s just checking off boxes like she went to get Hamza from layaway.
  5. I’ll only go if work or a vendor is paying for it and traffic is light. My friend OTOH has passes and would go every weekend if she could. I hate lines.
  6. Is it a short flight? Why wear the suit? Why not do a Darcey and change when you get there?
  7. I get the most judgement from my younger dog when he’s the one who does it! It’s really funny if it’s loud and he scares himself and runs away. Does not get old.
  8. 90 Day. Funny run Pole…German shepherds Brazil…is that haiku?
  9. That was like the Paul/Karine stuff…I’m like, I can’t watch y’all now..
  10. Everything you guys say is making me crack dafuk up!
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