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  1. My DVR cut off mid-way through Sis Cation and I tried to record the rerun but only got the latest episode. I went on Bravo's site to try to catch up but it's not available to watch...did something happen to cause this episode to be pulled?
  2. Mine just tooted and scared himself off the couch. He’d never survive in the wild.
  3. Bwahahaha!!! I can only hear Cartman singing that just like Heat of the Moment.
  4. Ya’ll if she has her ladyparts removed, she ain’t gonna be able to tote nothin
  5. Yes and they are illegal here. We were up al night with our traumatized dogs. They weren’t going for a nice light show, they were setting off professional ones that sound like bombs.
  6. Were they all Skyla’s eggs or do some belong to the jailbird?
  7. 3 Day Suit Broker type..there are probably gators somewhere in there...
  8. Well that’s personal but yes... Please don’t me mad! I couldn’t resist! Teehee
  9. And they are dirty and don’t clean up after themselves.
  10. And 90 Day Cray Cray...all these podcasts are my coworkers now while I’m working from home. Much better than office noise.
  11. Thank you for this! I’ve been lazy getting mine (Gotta go to Walgreens) and then Covid hit...maybe I’ll keep waiting a little longer. I mean, I’ve heard shingles is bad but....
  12. I watch via the 90 Day Gays podcast. They are hilarious. I refuse to give TLC the ratings.
  13. Oh Rose, while I’m on your side, I know you’re not naive enough to not know what a bra is...
  14. They’re all stuck on that ranch. That family doesn’t know from good...
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