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  1. It does not snow here…it does not snow in Altadena…what the what?!
  2. Steven almost sounds like he has a cleft palate
  3. How does she go from, “I never want to be married,” to “I must have the best of everything !” bridezilla?! She can hardly be bothered to brush her hair most of the time.
  4. Bini, this is your future, except she won’t be asking you to shop for her…
  5. Why can’t Dr Pimple Popper be on a special channel? Oh wait…this IS the cringe network.
  6. Yeah I’m just gonna put in my order for my Amazon wish list and have you stay here with me, my baby, and The Who knocked me up. Okay thanks!
  7. Present! Our road trip was a bust so I’m back home and ready to snark! I really want Jenny to have to shave her head.
  8. Now that’s a couple that I’d like to see return (although they are smart not to). I’d like to hear more of her explaining how that child is Josh’s. Definitely possible but not probable.
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