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  1. Can someone explain to me how or why Bethenny ever decided to help Luann so much? She’s hated and been resentful of Luann since the beginning of this show, has had horrible explosive in-your-face moments with her in the past, and they have never had a true friendship. Why did she get so involved in her life? I hate to say it (and this is coming from someone who actually doesn’t hate Bethenny) but I feel like Luann became Puerto Rico part 2 for Bethenny - a charitable deed that she could give herself a pat on the back for and publicize her good work to others. Except she forgot her prior str
  2. Brienne: Dear diary, I am the first female leader of the kingsguard, I am a badass fighter and one of the most honorable people on this show, I have earned my effing stripes. I’m also okay with being reduced to a deflowered pathetic girl by the producers with my last story arc to be fully secondary to and at the service of a fuckboi. burn it with fire.
  3. Burn it with fire. thank you for the score, alfie allen, hardhome and battle of the bastards, and the queen in the north. Dracarys to the rest of it.
  4. Brienne and Jamie already had a deeply intimate and frankly beautiful scene two episodes ago that established their deep friendship and platonic love for each other. It just did not make sense to me that they needed to have sex. This show in its last season continues to rewrite female characters as stock stereotypes - now Brienne, a KNIGHT FOR GOD SAKE, is a mewling baby crying after the man who left her after deflowering her? God, end it already.
  5. Too bad the doctors who told told Carole that she has a huge hippocampus didn't also tell her that she has early-onset dementia.
  6. Before the cock crows, Carole will deny being friends with Tinsley 3 times. Carole was SUCH a bitch for that (even though it was clear how jealous Bethenny was of their friendship by listing one by one the places they vacationed together, WTF). These women are too old for this shit.
  7. I'm like a moth to a flame watching these assholes.
  8. Pretty certain that everyone who watches this show has either had a Bethenny or Carole in their life, or has been a Bethenny or Carole. This is why these Bethenny vs. Carole debates (that’s putting it nicely) are so wrought with anger. There has been so much name calling of both of them by posters (gaslighter, narcissist, bitch, even see you next tuesday, yikes!) that it’s clear many of us see their fight through a highly personal lens. Friendships (and the end of them) can really hurt deeply.
  9. Kelly Bensimon must be popping champagne right now. Bethenny is SUPER messy/messed up.
  10. This reunion is amazing my lord. Throw Rob in the fire!
  11. I absolutely NEED someone to find this hospice patient and interview her.
  12. Erika is completely insufferable. Heinous bitch.
  13. Yikes at Stassi. Never date your heroes, especially if your hero is a z-list mansplaining vocabulary-misusing podcaster with a ton of baggage and a manbun.
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