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  1. Whatever happened to just doing magic? Why does it need to be tied into sob stories/overcoming adversity/personal growth? I want to see a show, not a pitch for an MLM.
  2. Only four more episodes of the true hell that is Mike + Matt. Matt just annoys the fuck out of me. His use of "What is" for people, the counting the syllables on his hands, his smarmy bemused expression... just yeah..... but yet I must continue to watch because I'm a fucking completest and an apparent glutton for punishment.
  3. Sorry for being late!!!! 5/5, 2 *.
  4. I'm sorry if this was mentioned already and I'm sorry Matt, but... IT'S WHO IS XXXXX... WHO..... IS.... WHO IS!!!!!! Pet peeving but it's driving me nuts.....
  5. It's also not good television anymore when it is a fait accompli that basically every act gets through, with four YES' even!!!! I'm not saying we go back to full on humiliation porn of a 4X act that is also reminiscent of the awful bad singers on American Idol in the early years. Just make things interesting again. Give us actual amateur acts and not producer plants or already known people like Josh Blue, Sklar Bros., or Bello Nock.
  6. The reno show is over. No new episode this week, next is July 8th as noted above. There is at least one more episode after that, which brings it to 10 episodes. MDLNY usually has 12 (although last season had 14). So hopefully there is more.
  7. I love The Shadow. 4/5, with one *.
  8. I'm pretty sure he was on an episode of KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS w/ Tiffany Haddish a few weeks ago.
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