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  1. No, I can't see the good in Alex's exit, and it's not as a Jolex shipper, but as an Alex fan. He left everyone and everything without goodbye, lied about where he was going, disappeared for weeks, and then sent these cowardly, horrible letters. And yes I would have been equally angry about it, if they had killed him off. But I'm tired of hearing those were the only two options. They had the easiest and best solution right in front of their eyes. They said Alex went to Iowa to help his mom. Why not stick with that and say he needed to be there for her or his siblings indefinitely? The
  2. Flashbacks to the past and dead wife of a character who isn't even a regular? Are you kidding me? But in 16 seasons we couldn't even meet Alex's sister once?
  3. I have never read a single bad word about Justin from cast or crew. The silence is weird and suspicious, but I won't believe Justin made problems on set unlesd I read something that is credible. I don't even remember any rumours that were mentioned on this board and I usually read this board pretty throroughly. I don't think I missed something as big a juicy BTS rumours.
  4. What behind the scenes rumors? This is the first I've ever heard about that. If anything it was actually the opposite. Justin was a very beloved among the cast. I've never heard anything other than that he was an absolutely generous, laid-back funny and humble guy. Can you tell me where you read that Justin wasn't getting along with people?
  5. But there were options! There were several at the beginning. It's just lazy writing that we ended up with ghosting everyone or death. They could have said he got a new awesome job offer elsewhere. Since Catherine bought Pac North and he got fired from Grey Sloan previously, it would only make sense that Alex would finally want to escape the Seattle doctor mess. And since they started this story by saying Alex was visiting his mom, they could have said he decided to move back to Iowa to take care of her. Either way he and Jo could have tried a long distance relationship for a while and then the
  6. So Jo is still thinking Alex left her? For weeks she's been riding the he left me/ is cheating/ ran off with another woman train and not a single thought that maybe something terrible has happened to him? Seriously Jo?? I get that the ghosting/cheating thought would be the dominant one after his cryptic text (voicemail?) about going through something and needing time, plus the radio silence after, plus finding out he's never been visiting his mother. But I would hope she knows him well enough and trusts him enough to realize that all this is so off and doesn't make sense for her husband to do.
  7. So you've said before. And being a fan of Justin and knowing that he was never not supportive or loyal to the show it wouldn't make sense to me either. But it's just so weird that there's been complete radio silence from TPTB + the cast about his departure that people probably jump to conclusions. What's more is that I can't come up with a reason why Justin would not be willing to do a goodbye arc, or hell, just a goodbye episode. Especially because I know he's a decent guy who has always been loved by all the people on set and he's never complained, not even about his character having be
  8. Easy! Just give him a new awesome job in a different state he wants to take. After Catherine hijacked Pac North it would make even more sense for Alex to want a job away from the Seattle doctor mess. Then he and Jo can fight (off-screen or via phone) about whether Jo wants to leave too. I think it would make neither of them a complete asshole for wanting to go/stay. Well, maybe Jo would look a little worse for not going, but I don't think it would do too much damage to her character. And frankly, the top priority in that situation should be to give Alex a half-decent exit. He's an OG and that'
  9. That's fair. I did think maybe he wanted to deflect. I do wish him the best and he needs to do what's best for him. But I am also super sad this is the way it ends for Alex. I was so invested in this character.
  10. I'm more and more confused. Obviously he's not gonna tell the public if he had/has to face some severe tragedy in life, but all of his statements sound like he was just done with Grey's and is looking to do other projects. But why not do a little good-bye arc then? And how was he left out of his contract so easily, if it wasn't for personal reasons?
  11. As far as I know that was because TPTB didn't think he had the right chemistry with the female lead.
  12. Yeah it must be really severe if he decided to quit altogether. Now I'm worried he or his family might be ill. I wonder if we will finally hear something from cast & crew once the show comes back. I'd expect them to wish him well and thank him for his work at the very least.
  13. So maybe a new project was offered to him that he didn't want to miss out on? Regardless, if this story is true I'm disappointed in Justin that he didn't care enough about the character or the fans to give Alex a proper ending. I don't blame him for wanting to leave, because the lack of screentime and storylines was insulting, but this? This is not okay.
  14. But who would turn down a spin-off that will give your character more focus? If anything I could see Justin demanding more of something (Storylines? Screentime? Money?) and TPTB refusing. Because I could absolutely see those people having an "Do it our way or get out" attitude. It bothers me that we will never know what exactly went down. I feel so disrespected as a fan by this curveball. I'm also not sure that story about his mental health issues is legit. So far there has only been one site that wrote about it. Not a single other media outlet has picked it up. That makes me wa
  15. Things still don't add up to me. Like some others suggested, if Justin needs to take care of his health wouldn't he have opted for an extended leave of absence instead of quitting the show so suddenly? Especially, because there have been so many seasons in different stages of this show where Alex was treated like a side character. Justin certainly must have been annoyed about it, but if it didn't make him quit before, why now? He always seemed to enjoy that he had a steady gig that brought in good money and a daily routine. But even if it reached the point where he couldn't take it anymor
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