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  1. "Top Chef Boston had a F4 elimination challenge. The challenge was to be paired up with an artist, and visually represent (color/shape) of their artwork." I like these art-themed challenges (Project Runway does them as well), although I know they can be problematic. When I used to read the Wall Street Journal, I enjoyed the Flower School feature (do they still run this?) where floral designer Lindsey Taylor does an arrangement inspired by a work of art. Her arrangements were beautiful without being too literal.
  2. What you describe is my childhood home. We called them tri-levels. (Because they have 3!) And we always called it a split-level if you had to go up or down as soon as you walked in the front door. Here in the Seattle area, split-levels are often a great deal - good space for the price.
  3. When my son boomeranged back home after college, watching Parks and Rec together on Netflix was how we bonded. We had time to watch every episode before he finally got a decent job and moved out. I will always love that show!
  4. I can't bear to see Anthony Bourdain in any rerun. It is still too raw and painful. I have a boxed set of A Cook's Tour - I don't think I will ever watch it.
  5. Apulia Italy. She says "I work in the resilience sector. We always prepare the governments for the worst case scenario". I'll bet she has her hands full.
  6. Portlandia and I have been spending many quality hours together the last couple of weeks - it's all there on Netflix! This episode from Season 5 is a hoot! (Don't miss their explanation of escrow.)
  7. I'm a recovering high school librarian. Maybe that's why it bugged me so much. And don't get me started on the alphabetizing!
  8. So they gave the New York bride the pimp spot, and we got an extended look at her groom chewing gum with his mouth open as he watched her walk down the stairs to him. Ugh.
  9. They weren't all trainees - I immediately recognized that first dude in hair/makeup from multiple seasons of Project Runway.
  10. Looks like Tournament of Champions is the only sporting event left for us to watch.
  11. Even in Kirkland, the epicenter, we sometimes allow ourselves a little chuckle.
  12. I hate that. As soon as I see 'fan fave' in the title I delete it. Yep, "fan fave" for HH and HHI. And "Our little secret" in Home Town. And "Hilary and David tell all" in Love it or List it. They all started with the new year. HGTV, we see what you are doing.
  13. Yes! I grew up in the ‘90s and also watched a lot of Dick Van Dyke reruns! I grew up in the 60s watching the originals. They still show reruns and I have a couple dozen saved on my DVR. The content is so dated and does not hold up well to contemporary standards, but I love all the actors and can still enjoy an occasional small dose.
  14. I always FF through the commercials, but couldn't help noticing the one for Juvederm. The sight of Darcey and Stacey must be opening up a big new market for plumpers and fillers.
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