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  1. (I don't know if it fits here, but) I just had to share this - from a local satire site - about a certain Sequim couple and OnlyFans. https://theneedling.com/2021/05/01/kitchen-dick-woodcock-roads-finally-join-onlyfans/
  2. I'm wondering about spice kitchens. Are they allowed?
  3. "I twitched every time the narrator said Geneva lake." The town is Lake Geneva. The lake is Geneva Lake. It does sound odd to hear them say both. I know it may have been impractical, but I loved the house in Williams Bay. This episode brought back memories of going to church camp there. We could walk to Yerkes Observatory (which was visible in one of the shots looking at the view across the lake). And the college campus was pretty appealing to me, as a preteen in the early 60s!
  4. From the Sunday Seattle Times: “Top Chef” contestant Shota Nakajima opened Taku on Capitol Hill in early May, though this is technically a reboot. Taku, originally conceived as a street food, meat-skewer concept, debuted in 2020 just before the pandemic hit and closed shortly after as a safety precaution. Nakajima has pivoted with a fast-casual, karaage-chicken-inspired concept. You can order five pieces or a bucket of Japanese chicken. Or get the fried chicken as a sandwich or in a rice bowl. This is Seattle, so of course there are teriyaki dipping sauces offered with that bird.
  5. All I could think was, why didn't they keep the trailer for themselves to live in - rather than moving their stuff from house to house in that ridiculous shopping cart and wagon - that gimmick got old fast. In the unlikely event that they don't own any property where they could put the trailer, maybe the guys could harness up and pull it to each worksite.😉
  6. By contrast, Amanda looks like she has been spending the pandemic relaxing at a very nice spa (which I'm pretty sure she hasn't).
  7. My son gave me a Boston Fern for Mother's Day. This child of the 60s thinks it is begging for a macramé plant hanger!
  8. I swore I would never pay for D+, but I'm not too proud to use my cable -cutting daughter's login. So I did a quick search, didn't see Chopped Next Gen listed yet.
  9. My pet peeve! It appears that all the channels under the Discovery umbrella subscribe to the same cut rate copyright-dodging "original" pop music service. Familiar beats and slightly tweaked tunes, random vocalizing with occasional yelps. I amuse myself by picturing minimum wage vocal artists in the studio wearing headphones and laying down those 10 second tracks, one after the other. What a way to make a living.
  10. I realized that my interest was flagging during the last part of the show. Then it occurred to me that I have never really thought about the different approaches taken by competition shows. Some begin with a preheat, with an advantage to the winner and no one eliminated, followed by an elimination challenge. Some start with a competition resulting in a bunch of people being safe, followed by a play-off among the people at the bottom. (I imagine there are other iterations I haven't thought of.) Perhaps ending the show by focusing on the worst performers is not the best way to hold the v
  11. I fangirled embarrassingly when Marcus came to the Swedish Club in Seattle in 2014. What a charming man! Got there early, got a seat right in front of him. Got the handshake, got the book autographed. Got the photos.
  12. It depends which route they chose. If they took the ferry crossing, they would need to drive south through Seattle to get to SeaTac. If they took the longer drive with a bridge crossing, they would drive through Tacoma and north to the airport. Of course, either way, an airport hotel would make much more sense. But I have given up trying to apply logic to these episodes.
  13. Where could a Spring Baking Championship cheftestant find inspiration? I doubt that they are allowed to consult their smart phones, where a quick image search provides ideas that should surely satisfy Nancy's need for springiness. More inspiration?
  14. Since Nancy Fuller appears to be the Authoritative Arbiter of Spring - perhaps she can take over for Punxsutawney Phil? I think that poor groundhog deserves a break.
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