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  1. The episode is available on demand, so I rewatched the beginning. The house is in Villa Rica. I looked it up, about 35 miles from downtown Atlanta. I did find the original listing online: "Fantastic Opportunity for Downtown Living!! Minutes from Shopping, Food, or the Interstate! This Historic Craftsman home features: 4Bedroom/3Full Baths, Hardwoods, Tiled Baths, Beautiful updated kitchen with large, sunny breakfast room, separate dining room, Living room with wood burning stove and charming built-ins. Covered, rocking chair front porch, Detached 2-car garage, outdoor patio, backyard wit
  2. The title of the episode said Atlanta. I think they were looking outside of the city limits however.
  3. I was waiting for someone to comment on that episode. I was struck by two things. First, not by her hair color, but by her clothing - quite a unique personal style. Second, wrapping my head around living in a place where you could get a 2300 SF Craftsman house for $250K. And the realtor said the price was a little high. And hubby griped about it. I know, everything is relative, but a comparable Craftsman in Seattle would come in at $1 million.
  4. I want to believe that London Richard knows the difference between a daffodil and a forsythia. I will blame the production crew.
  5. After they explained their business plan, I was even more appalled by way they interacted during their house hunt. They were so dismissive of each other's wants, and neither seemed willing to budge. Their apparent lack of harmony as life partners searching for a home did not bode well for their success as business partners helping others navigate that process. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but I can't imagine someone hiring them after having watched this.
  6. I liked Stephanie's Elvira look. And I had just seen this interesting news story about the Original: https://www.nbcnews.com/nbc-out/out-pop-culture/elvira-mistress-dark-comes-new-memoir-rcna2171
  7. Surprise! Betty defends Sumit, because he doesn't want to do anything to upset his mother.
  8. Just a wild guess here - did they call it an "eggs-travaganza"?
  9. "The only part I enjoyed were the two clips from a few years ago of the army bride and Randy's mom on a motorcycle." I thought I remembered a controversy about that military bride - found this article from the Washington Post. (She certainly seems to like publicity.) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/reliable-source/wp/2016/03/21/who-is-the-woman-who-was-offered-a-job-by-donald-trump-in-the-middle-of-his-press-conference/ I then saw that that she filed a lawsuit, which was dismissed, against WaPo for defamation. I guess there is such a thing as bad publicity.
  10. Since the show is too long, I saved the last half to watch the next day. There was a section missing near the end, thought maybe my cable went out or my DVR messed up. (US not Canada). I saw them taste all the cakes, then it jumped to the beginning of the bottom 4 challenge. Diidn't show them announce the winner.,
  11. Misogyny, sexism, and harassment has been a big issue in Esports. Many women have found it to be a toxic environment. Hopefully the situation is improving.
  12. Late 50s, early 60s, my family would occasionally travel to a neighboring town to shop for clothing at Robert Hall. I don't know if would be considered a discount department store, a big box store or a warehouse store. I was an impressionable little girl. Going with my mother into their big communal dressing room was my introduction to what grown women's bodies looked like, in all their diversity.
  13. I had to go poking around as well. Found this on Amazon - free on Kindle for y'all! (One used print copy.) I looked up the name of the publisher - couldn't find it on the interwebs. Vanity press?
  14. Chef Nyesha is quite impressive. Leading a cooking competition in the Masterchef Kitchen Wednesday night while at the same time serving as a judge in FlavorTown!
  15. Chef Nyesha is quite impressive. Leading a cooking competition in the Masterchef Kitchen Wednesday night while at the same time serving as a judge in FlavorTown!
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