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  1. kirklandia

    S08.E03: Episode 3

    The original post actually said "deification" - not to be confused with defecation (especially on a show set in a religious community)!
  2. kirklandia

    While You Were Out

    So, only 4 episodes?
  3. kirklandia

    Spring Baking Championship

    As a kid, I always begged for that job! I prided myself in knowing the precise angle at which to whack that cylinder against the counter and get the dough to burst out on the first try.
  4. kirklandia

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    We arrived at our B'nB in downtown Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard - I was instantly charmed by our funky little room at the back of the house. The feeling lasted until the first morning, pre-dawn, when the garbage truck parked in the alley beneath our window and sat there, engine running, while the driver ran around the entire neighborhood, dragging each garbage can to the truck and emptying it. And (commercial district, tourist season) they collected the garbage every day. Sigh.
  5. kirklandia

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Aw geez, now I'm picturing some kind of dragon glass killer dildo, and imagining how it could fit into the plot. There are a few characters who could legit use it...
  6. kirklandia

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    I could really get into a Project Runway International (NOT that last bogus "international" season of AllStars). Samoan survival wear! Syrian street wear! Bring it on...
  7. kirklandia

    House Hunters International

    I am always drawn to the open-air living homes they show in warm climates. However I also react badly to the bites of tropical insects. Then I think about - curious monkeys, hungry birds, snakes and lizards on the move, pesky rodents.... Humans with bad intentions.
  8. kirklandia

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    I had done that, but the photo left a lot to be desired. I guess I am a "safe" person, always left wanting to see more of those looks.
  9. kirklandia

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    I was curious about Tessa's skirt/pants, but never got a good look at them.
  10. kirklandia

    Home Town

    I love it when they get down and dirty. Roaches, pissants, ancient wads of chewing gum!
  11. kirklandia

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    And I'm not buying that Evie came up with those pairings herself. As someone mentioned upthread, we are constantly being reminded of the geographical origins of each kid. And as the kids were being interviewed while getting to work on their cupcakes, it just so happened that one pair after another saw fit to mention again where they were from - the same region. Bogus.
  12. kirklandia

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    "Little Chef Ivy" is a bit of a ringer - an online personality. The fedoras are part of her persona - you can see her wearing them in YouTube cooking videos from 2016.
  13. kirklandia

    S10.E04: Motorcycle Mama and Tropical Travelers

    Those fabulous hats deserved better.
  14. kirklandia

    House Hunters International

    Taking deep breaths, repeating the mantra - "it's not a documentary, it's entertainment".
  15. kirklandia

    While You Were Out

    I found Hilary and David much more likable here than on their own show.