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  1. Cait Fairbanks is absolutely stunning and has a beautiful voice. Courtney Hope is also very stunning and has an amazing body. Courtney works very hard to keep her body in shape. When you get a chance, Google Courtney Hope Workout to see all the rigorous training that she’s able to do. RB and EB are very distinguished looking. IMO opinion, it’s the gray hair that does the most to make them look that way. I always told my kids that Grumps having gray hair is better than having no hair at all. Now I digress: Victor’s security is just as inept at the palazzo as
  2. It’s LA, don’t TIIC think that people lock their doors? Maybe not in upscale neighborhoods 😜 but definitely where Lurch has his apartment. Is Ridge that thick headed? Rhetorical question. Of course he is. It’s been at least a week and Ridge can’t wrap his head around Eric’s decision. Ridge, rake two weeks two months even two years and you wouldn’t be able to wrap your head around it. Paris, were you asking Zende if he was ok with Lurch as a roommate or telling Zende that Lurch was your roommate and get use to it? Can someone please tell me why Eric doesn’t reprimand Ridge f
  3. Katie and Ridge stop beating a dead horse. Eric made the decision but they have trouble understanding Eric’s decision. Katie it’s not your place to understand but it’s your place to support Eric’s decision as a “friend”. Ridge, if you look deep down in your minuscule brain you would realize that Brooke is drawn to Bill as Quinn is drawn to Carter but not sexually at THIS TIME. Did anyone notice that Paris’ puppies are more prevalent today. Paris now has three men to eye fuck with Lurch being the latest. I will now refer to Paris as Paris the Eye Fucker. If all three of them were i
  4. It must be wonderful to wake up in the morning fresh as the dew and in full make up with no morning breath. We go from the sublime with Sally and Adam to the mundane with Banana Breath and Rodan in a heart beat. What’s with Tessa? She is sitting there with Summer who she really can’t stand but is making faces at Sally who she hardly knows personally. Or was that look Tessa gave Sally because she was giving Summer grief. Are capes the dress of the day? If that’s the case, than Rodan should wear hers over her head. It looks like Summer’s cape only covered her ass and not he
  5. Phyllis, Summer, and Lauren air the puppies on a regular basis. Sharon and Abby have their moments.
  6. Are you sure Bill is Liam’s father. He sounds a hell of alike Ridge. Zende you actually know nothing but hearsay about Deacon. So STFU. No Forester has the right to complain about Deacon. Deacon has done nothing personally to them. Nosey Rosy aka Paris once again has to be in the middle of things. Today Paris is flashing her puppies to Zende and Lurch but more so to Lurch as they became more and more noticeable just in time for Lurch to find he’s not moving out. Fantastic move Lurch in getting Paris to live with you. And a big big fuck you goes to Liam. How many times has Liam hur
  7. Lily somebody should have warned you about getting involved with Nostrils the Weasel. Nostrils the Weasel told you everything Lily? Did that include revenge sex with Summer? The more Lily is with Nostrils the Weasel, the more dense she becomes. How can Lily stay with Nostrils the Weasel when she knows that his still madly in love with Olive. Sex couldn’t be that good. The look on Nostrils the Weasel was priceless when Olive ripped him a new nostril. He actually look flushed or did the put extra red make up on his oily face and neck. If you watch on DVR I recommend pausing on Nostrils
  8. Does Liam now have Brooke/Ridge syndrome? Hey Liam, do you have a perfect father? Should Hope try to keep you away from Bill. Should Finn try to keep Brooke/Ridge influence from Stuffy and Hayes. Hays might grow up to be an elitist judgement piece of shit like them the same way you influence Stuffy into being an elitist judgmental woman. Liam, you would have been a hell of a lot better if you were raised by Bill. If you were you would have been a sniveling waffling ping pong ball with the spine if a jelly fish. Liam, STFU and trust Hope to know what she is doing.
  9. Yesterday Victor threatened Nostrils the Weasel to leave or get thrown off the property but yet he’s still there. I guess it’s because Olive, Ashland, and Victor really rather humiliate him to his face. No Nostrils the Weasel, you didn’t loose Jesse, he just has his own agenda but it’s going to be nipped in the bud by of all people, Olive. So they hired a new Noah but TIIC were too cheap to hire a Reed. Reed is a son and Noah is just a nephew. I like the old Noah better. Old Noah looked a lot more boyish and the new one looks too manly. Did Leslie make a dialog fopar when she re
  10. Yesterday: Rodan is in a room yet she and Banana Breaking are still invited. Nostrils the Weasel and Jesse the Rat are able to sneak into a room without any detection. Wouldn’t you think that Victor has security guards at the Palazzo? Now Jesse the Rat are turning bold in trying to confront Ashland in front of Victor. Banana Breath, you clueless ignoramus. In a way you’re no different than Ashland. You may not changed a will but you exploited your father for a half a billion dollars and than when you supposedly gave your money, you stole from your fathers company to build yourself
  11. SweePea, Passports are not required just like bathrooms 😜. Where are Johnny and Katie? Were they upstairs with Jesse the Rat? Olive is in Italy and Lily is in California so a nanny is going to watch Johnny and Katie until Lily gets back? What if there’s an emergency and they are all out of town? Mariah, although it’s misplaced, won’t go to Italy because of Bowie might need her. Now that’s being responsible and a “parent” protecting a child. Nostril the Weasel knows as much about how to protect his children as he does as being human. Zilch, nothing, nada, zero etc.
  12. Drama for the sake of Drama. Did Nikki actually get Ashland to back down? Did Olive Oyl fall out of love that quickly with Ashland? I’m thinking no matter what Olive says, I believe that she is more in love with NE than with Ashland. The marriage will go on for business because Olive’s head over rules her heart. I don’t know about anyone else but, for me, true love conquers all. “Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus” amori”. I had to laugh when Ashland said to Olive that she would do what’s morally right if she was in his position because she’s a good person. Maybe just maybe Olive would
  13. Another day and another day I have to put Brooke and Ridge on mute. I can’t stand their condescending and bloviating way in their view on other peoples’ lives. Liam is on mute also for it’s his father that is no saint either. Sorry Bill, I love you but I’m stating a fact. Ridge calling Deacon a criminal is rich because Ridge is calling the kettle black. Ridge has not been to jail but he’s committed a few crimes himself. I wasn’t around than so I’m not sure but wasn’t it Brooke that did everything she could to keep Deacon away from Hope? So predictably predictable that Sheila and
  14. How amazing would Stuffy think that Paris is if she knew Paris moved out because she was fantasizing about being with Finn. Paris is just like Zoey. She can’t make up her mind who to eye fuck. For Zoey it was Carter, Zende, and Lurch and for Paris it’s Zende, Finn, and now Lurch. I thought for sure Zoey was going to show up at FC but it was Deacon who showed up at Hope’s. More ammunition to feed the Brooke’s and Ridge’s rage. Brooke’s dialog was the same except Sheila’s name was lined out and replaced by Deacon’s name. Fuck you Liam. You’ve turned into another Stuffy
  15. I just can’t help myself is saying that the city they call Tuscany is a fake photoshops picture of a real city, Montepulciano. The city is in the Tuscany Region of Italy and is known for its wine vineyards and red wine. Can someone please tell me the difference if Ashland and Olive Oyl get married or not? That really doesn’t make a difference if Nostrils the Weasel prints the story and puts a dark cloud over NE. The bigger issue is that Nostrils the Weasel will just piss off Olive, Nikki l, Ashland and especially Victor. As I said, there will be no hole deep enough or cave dark enough
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