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  1. The more Lurch tries to act sincere, the more phony he becomes. I’m quite sure his shit ass acting has a lot to do with it. Yes, Brooke, you nailed it. Your choice is marriage or forgiving Lurch. Ridge wants his cake and eat it to. Stuffy woke up and smelt the coffee in Lurch weaponizing Douglas. I get the feeling that Raggedy is more in love with Douglas than Beth. After all that lost time, with Beth, that Raggedy was just irate about, in just a few months she’s ready to go back to work.
  2. Poor poor Banana Breath, he’s having trouble peeling his Chiquita. Now, Banana Breath is pleading his case against Adam to Devon. Banana Breath wants Chiquita to turn her back on Connor like he turned his back on his children especially Faith. He became over fatherly to keep Christian away from Adam as he did to keep Faith away from Sharon. Banana Breath loves being in control more than anything. Abby, you dumb shit. You don’t fire someone you know has a whole bunch of information that they can use against you. That’s how J. Edgar Hoover lasted through 8 Presidents. Phyllis and Banana Breath the stand-off it’s all about me-ism. The King and Queen of the movement. Phyllis agrees with Banana Breath about Adam’s motives, but she actually places the blame on Chiquita of her wanting to be there. Phyllis is planting the seed in Banana Breath’s simian brain that she is better for him than Chiquita. The answer to Connor’s problems is sugar; lots and lots of sugar. The jewel thief is Abby. Who would have thunk it. 🤔🤔. I’m sure Chance will turn a blind eye as Rey did with Mia.
  3. We usually comment about how the women of GC dress but what the heck was Theo thinking in wearing that suit. It made him look like a country bumpkin trying to be a city slicker; sort of a Jethro Clampett. Get real Elena, your residency should be far more stressful than what ever Devon is doing. I think that Elena is very selfish. Knowing what my daughter went through during her residency, TIIC are treating Elena’s residency as a joke. Just a 9 to 5 job with very little responsibilities and time to bitch. Cane set up trusts for Charlie and Maddie but I haven’t heard Sam mentioned. Plus Cane is chasing Colin but its like Sam never existed. Could they say, at least, Sam is with his grandparents. On the same note, Olive Oyl brings soup for Katie and a sandwich for Nostrils but Johnny gets nada. Elena bores me to tears and yet she gets a heck of a lot more airtime than Mariah. I’ll even take Tessa over Elena. Mariah and Tessa are fun and vibrant. Elena is a Debbie Downer. To bad Wisconsin doesn’t legalize Marijuana. Nostrils can grow a lucrative crop in his nose.
  4. I guess TIIC fast forward to the present in the space time continuum. Go fuck yourself Stuffy. You are a stone cold killer who intimidate Ivy to keep quiet about your so called self defense in killing Ally. Stuffy, how about trying to cover up pushing Ivy and almost electrocuting her. Stuffy and Lurch are like Katherine and Sebastian of “Cruel Intentions”. They do what they want and let the consequences be damned. Wrong Stuffy, it’s Lurch trying to manipulate Raggedy and you know it. Lurch is the one to manipulate Douglas into making him feel it was his mother. It was Douglas, at the behest of Lurch, who played on Raggedy’s heart strings. It was Lurch who put the idea of Raggedy as mommy in Douglas head. Now that was HFTF; but why did TIIC, show Ridge, Eric, and Stuffy looking at Lurch’s designs that were high fashion.
  5. Are they confusing an old man? Why is the timeline from Nov 27th when it’s Dec 4? What did I miss? The episodes are not off, just the day.
  6. Ridge is not a cheater 😂😂😂. Boy, Eric knows his son very well. Is there someone else 😉. Of course there is. It seems Wyatt is through with Liam’s sloppy seconds. Flo is absolutely on the horizon. Yes Shanna, the love of the rest of Ridge’s life or the next six months. Ridge will go on to another love of the rest of his life. Quinn would be living vicariously via Shanna if she beds Ridge. Go for it Shanna and don’t forget to press record on the video camera.
  7. I’m wrong in comparing Connor and Faith. Faith was just precocious, Connor is off the rails. Wisconsin is prone to all kinds of storms which cause power outages, so why are there no generators especially at NE, Adam’s penthouse and Banana Breath’s house. I can see not having a generator at the dive bar. The electronic lock, in Olive Oyl’s office, should have a manual release or battery power backup if the power goes off. A letter opener and a shoe would not do the trick. Hey Rey, an insufficient air conditioner is mostly caused by low freon. Fixing the air conditioner just by taking it apart is highly suspect. Phyllis singing Banana Breath’s praises and Banana Breath singing Phyllis’ praises 🤢🤮along with Amanda and Nostrils chatting about life as well as Chiquita and Adam. Adam/Chiquita and Banana Breath/Phyllis reflections on things past. Are we really suppose to care? Are we to care about Rey and Olive Oyl and their totally random scene. Nostrils and Amanda drive home, no mention of cabs, after drinking. Where is the PSA like we got after Reed and Charlie?
  8. Brooke is becoming as sour as Stephanie. Brooke holds everyone accountable but herself. The 3 “Queens” think that Shanna wormed her way into the guest house knowing Ridge will be there. WRONG, Shanna was there before Ridge. But knowing Ridge, they should be more worried about Ridge pitching than catching. Yes Brooke, Shanna is taking advantage but Brooke doesn’t have faith in Ridge shutting Shanna’s advances down. Has Bill and Justin gone soft? What happened to the vendetta against Lurch? Sally is designing a new line for Stuffy? What happened to Sally’s line that was being hawked but some unmentioned celebrity? It would have been a lot worse if Sally called out Liam during sex. It looks like Wyatt will be going back to Flo. I think Wyatt was looking for an excuse to do so.
  9. Come on Olive Oyl you know what makes Nostrils’ heart race. GAMBLING! Pocket Pool is next and than her. Amanda is the typical lawyer that would actually check the payment to make sure Nate was paid in full. Chance is off the case which now leaves Devon to find Colin. Is Jill gone also? I wouldn’t put it past her to horn in on Colin’s new ill gotten gains. Jill probably feels short changed in Katherine’s will What is Elena’s malfunction. Its not her money. It’s not her that felt betrayed. Elena has become the harbinger of moral perpetude. Banana Breath get over yourself. Chill out eat some bananas and scratch your ass. You too Olive Oyl, you can STFU and concentrate on Nostrils’ self destruction. What part of Adam and Chiquita looking out for Connor doesn’t Banana Breath understand. I guess all you needed to know about Banana Breath’s parenting skill is how he treated Faith. Banana Breath’s relationships came first and Faith be damned. Saint Banana Breath. He sits at the left hand of god. Does anyone else see a little Lily in Elena?
  10. Thursday: Abby is an idiot in believing the two scam artists. Victim shaming says Abby, yeah right. No video of the robbery, yeah right. Can’t describe their jewelry, yeah right. Another robbery, probably by the two scammers. The pages were legitimized by someone who Jill hired but who’s to say Colin didn’t get to the person who authorized those pages. Cane’s gift to Devon is that he will track down Colin and get the money back. Yeah right squared. Chance’s and Adam’s mutual admiration society. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? I hope not but that’s the way it looks so far. Kudos Devon Kudos but a verbal beat down of Cane is not enough but a kick to his groin would be a start. The only thing that rings true is that Colin has been freed by transport agents he has paid off. Friday: I hope that Sharon and Rey washed their hands before handling the plastic ware. Banana Breath, the world doesn’t revolve around you you you. Adam is concerned for Connor but of course he thinks Adam is using this to his advantage. No Banana Breath, its you that doesn’t comprehend the concept of fatherhood. 4 kids and one indentured servant, who’s working on Thanksgiving, is watching them around horses who, probably has very little experience with horses, is trying to keep them safe. Horses generally are chill but a thousand pound animal could get fidgety. I guess the kids survived the horses and moved on to a pinball machine. Victor says he loves the grandchildren running around, playing, and laughing 🤔. I wonder how Chiquita got Connor to go without Adam? Nostrils and Banana Breath are doing nothing so I guess they have the time to go to Switzerland; but Olive Oyl and Abby can take time off from their high power jobs without consequences. After all Newman is self sufficient 😜and Abby can leave Chiquita 🍌,Chloe 🐿, and Phyllis 🐍in charge.
  11. Faith is at boarding school and Connor has taken her place as a major ball buster and manipulator. I find it quite amusing that TIIC have decided to have more scenes between Lola/Theo than Lola/Kyle lately. Kyle/Summer is a given since they work together. Chiquita still hasn’t told Banana Breath that she had Calvin’s ill gotten gains in her possession. The only one Chiquita told was Kevin and Kevin told Chloe. Banana Breath is shooting Chiquita dirty looks because she chose Connor over sex and leaving him with “blue balls”. Banana Breath tells Olive Oyl that he and Chiquita are moving in different directions. Of course they are. Banana Breath only gives a 💩about himself and is outraged that Chiquita has anything to do with Adam. Banana Breath thinks that he’s better for Connor than Adam. Does anyone give a 💩about Nostrils feelings, self discovery, and therapy sessions. What a waist of time. Theo is hired and Jabot all of a sudden has a social media team with day players. Just yesterday, Summer was the social media team and Theo was a consultant. I’m a little miffed that Theo has become TIIC’s cat’s meow.
  12. Just like that Ridge leaves Brooke but not really because Ridge feels that Shanna is waiting, for him, in the wings with open “arms”. Ridge is nothing else but consistent. Shanna sounds like she’s protesting but she’s just being coy. It is also possible that Shanna only wanted Ridge when he was unattainable. Scratch that. The kiss sealed the deal and for Shanna, it becomes damn Brooke and all speed ahead. Liam brings a sense of clarity to Raggedy and brings things into perspective about Lurch. One thing is absolute in that Raggedy never has to be afraid of Liam.
  13. Brooke, you owe Ridge nothing especially the truth. Ridge lies to you constantly. Lurch tried to teach Raggedy he’s not a bad person by being a bad person. More Forester logic. The way you reacted to Lurch falling off the bluff gave no credence that you would take Lurch falling into a vat of acid any different. It’s too bad that Ridge didn’t fall into the vat of cleansing fluid, but even If it was the full acid, Ridge would still be a grimy grease ball. And once again Lurch is moving at the speed of light. Malibu to Beverly Hills in the blink of an eye. Did you see the wanting look on Stuffy’s face when Lurch mentioned getting back with Liam. Stuffy flashed back to trying to set up Lurch and Raggedy, in Cabo, so she can be with Liam.
  14. Chloe if you want a lying conniving hacker, you may call Phyllis but, in my book, Kevin is a step above Phyllis. These two nut jobs saved a whole year to by authentic jewelry. Yes, authentic fakes. They were robbed? I smell a scam but hotels are not responsible for lost or stolen items unless they are in the possession of the valuable item like an office safe. Heaven forbid that the GP is caught up in more bad publicity. Abby is wetting her panties and Phyllis will once again come to her rescue with hallway cameras. Just as I thought, Jill couldn’t give 💩💩about what Colin has done. Didn’t give 💩💩about how Colin is paying for the room. Only broke a few laws? How about impersonating a federal officer? How about fraud? Yes, Jill you have this handled and Chance has no business being there. Colin scamming Devon into giving up his money wouldn’t have been found out if it wasn’t for Chance. Now we know Colin took the money from Cane and Jill fanes outrage.
  15. I find it very funny that in most cases characters move from scene to scene at the speed of light but now, so Shanna and Ridge can have a heart to heart, Brooke is coming to Ridge at the speed of a sloth. Leave it to Lurch to use this situation to his advantage. Once again I say, how could Lurch be teaching Raggedy (Lady Macbeth no longer as Lurch is alive) a lesson when he didn’t know Raggedy and Brooke we’re keeping a secret. Now Ridge is trying to use this to his advantage to disparage Brooke. Brooke and Raggedy only kept a secret for 24 hours but Lurch kept the secret for months. Leaving Douglas unsupervised, in a room, is child abuse. What if Douglas wondered off and got hurt. It was the same on Y&R when Billy Abbott left his daughter in the car and eventually was run over.
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