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  1. I beg to differ. Although it can be construed as self serving, the Logan witches don’t comprehend how much danger Raggedy is in with Lurch’s obsession with her. The are dismissing Lurch’s involvement in Shanna’s death, the death threats made against Flo and Xander, the arm twisting of Douglas, and Raggedy having to hide from Lurch when the truth was exposed. None are so blind than those who do not see I call them witches because they are closer to that description than being Charlie’s Angels. They are right about Flo and the rest but they do live in glass houses.
  2. The theme of today’s episode is Say No to the Dress. Lola’s wedding dress wasn’t half bad but the rest looked like they came off the schmatta rack at Fenmore’s Chelsea 2.0 collection. Mariah looked beautiful as usual, but that dress color was all wrong for her. Did Kyle warn TIIC not to mess with his marriage 🤔. I guess he wants his marriage to last giving continuity to a relationship unlike the other typical GC partner switch.
  3. The three Logan witches standing around their cauldron singing double double toil and trouble. They just don’t want to hear any explanation and of course nothing about Thomas’ involvement. We will see soon that the Logan woman will rue the day that they didn’t heed Shanna’s warning about Psyco Thomas. Flo, deservedly so, was read the riot act by Raggedy but to Raggedly’s credit, she allowed Flo to give her lame excuse and ask for forgiveness. I will bet against that Raggedy will forgive Flo anytime soon.
  4. Yes, but you can’t practice medicine until your residency is complete and you pass the MD boards to receive your license. You are called a doctor because you have completed 4 years of medical school. The resident can prescribe meds but it’s co-signed under the supervision of a licensed doctor. On to today: Summer has another one of her mother’s traits and that it using sex as a weapon. Can someone please tell me what was so important about Summer finding out what happened in NYC and why in the world did Theo have to tell her the story? What purpose does it serve? I guess it was the background for Theo crashing the wedding with the 17 year old party girl. Have to say Kudos to Summer for coming to Kyle’s defense. An outdoor wedding. I hope Kyle checked the weather report but if it does rain, it’s a sign of good luck in many cultures. Can we please please have the next big wedding to be Mariah and Tessa. They are one beautiful couple.
  5. Again with the drivers license. Ridge you can’t prevent Flo, Shanna, and Zoey from getting their licenses replaced. Xander speaks the truth about Thomas but it looks like Ridge didn’t really want to hear it. Kudos Zoey for speaking the truth and sticking up for Flo even though she was completely wrong to assist Dr. Shady. Ok, Ridge just gave Zoey and Xander the boot so does Ridge think that Xander will be so great full that he won’t tell the cops better yet Justin about Thomas running Emma off the road. Baby Beth acts better, with her beautiful blue eyes, than mostly the entire cast. Douglas excluded.
  6. It’s funny how PhoBeth woke up every few minutes with Stuffy but as Beth she slept through the night. So Ridge still has Flo’s drivers license but that doesn’t stop her from driving. A circle of waxing poetic and blame but the still two bright spots are Douglas and Beth. Physco Thomas is not a character it’s Thomas being himself for he does it so well.
  7. My Corvair was a red convertible with the Spyder package and a 4 speed manual transmission. Fun to drive but when the temperature was over 90 degrees, it had a tendency to get vapor lock. Is GC in The Twilight Zone or am I. The writing has morphed from stupid to beyond comprehension to an insult to the intelligence of Y&R watchers. I swear I can hear Rod Serling welcoming me to the Twilight Zone instead of Previously on The Young and The Restless. In addition, I can hear the Twilight Zone theme song at the beginning of each scene. Adam looses his visitation wrights and there is a restraining order against him just for telling Christian he’s his father. Beside how the hell was Victor able to pull that off? Yes, I know, money and contacts. Victor was his hypothetical self today yelling at Adam that he’s hurting Christian. Didn’t Victor sue for custody of Christian? Also, didn’t Victor sue to keep Connor in the US when Adam and Chelsea was going to move to Paris? Of course Victor doesn’t hurt his grandchildren only big bad Adam hurts them. Elena is in town like a few months and she doesn’t know Adam from Adam but she passes judgement on him based on everyone else’s opinion. In addition, what makes Elena such a relationship expert. Sure is resisted Devon but it took what a few seconds for her to fall into Devon’s bed. Elena moved from nurse to paramedic and back to residency in a few months. Residency programs just don’t pop up especially after the program has started. If a resident drops out of the program, in the real world, there isn’t a replacement. Elena would be behind in the program that has requirements that must be fulfilled to practice medicine. An MD is a degree. Residency is learning to be a doctor. Adam vs The Newmans. Because of how Adam is treated, I’m team Adam all the way.
  8. So Chelsea did marry Calvin for his money. Why am I not surprised. Also, Anita being involved is not a big surprise. Even Calvin being shady is no big surprise. Banana Breath was upset when Chelsea was hiding 250K in the bathroom wall, what he is he going to say about the 5 mil that Chelsea has to launder. I can’t state this enough that Summer has given Lola more than a piece of her liver. Though Lola’s IQ didn’t suffer, Lola received the “hots” to trot and an appreciation for the finer things in life. Lola wouldn’t accept a designer purse pre operation but now a wedding and honeymoon in the 10’s of thousands if not the 100’s of thousand. I bet her wedding dress is not off the discount rack. How stupid is Victoria? Claiming Christian is sick and than taking him out in public. She has no right to withhold visitation from Adam while giving Banana Breath unlimited access to Christian. Adam does need to go to the judge and than Paul to find out what’s taking so long with arresting Banana Breath for assault. Adam vs Banana Breath. Both reprehensible but I’ll take Adam over Banana Breath any day of the week. Just watching him with Connor and Christian shows Adam has a heart. As an aside: My step-daughter hasn’t seen her father in 35 years. She wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.
  9. Douglas is still the best thing to happen to B&B this year. The only bright spot in an otherwise drab storyline. Not to be overlooked, the adorableness of Kelly and Beth. Reunited and it feels so good is the theme of the day.
  10. Fuck Ridge. You can’t even bring up Thomas’ misdeeds but you can mention Flo and Zoey. What difference does a couple of days make? Stuffy still will be heartbroken no matter when. Why pretend Sally? You were going to take Wyatt back right after you found out Wyatt dumped Flo.
  11. Adam doesn’t want to mess things up but asking Chelsea to let Connor stay with him just threw a monkey wrench into the wheels of progress. Connor is very intuitive. He’s definitely smarter than the average bear. Conner already has his con artist mom and the knuckle dragging banana eating interloper figured out. Chelsea take my advice, don’t go one on one with Connor because he’s a much better actor than you. Maybe Abby is the naked heiress but it’s Summer’s tits that make her an influencer. Without her twin Yamaha 750’s, Summer is just a duck billed Platypus. I absolutely have no respect for Banana Breath. He thinks he’s the wise old owl giving his twisted outlook on everything and everyone but he’s dumber than a box of rocks with a far less personality than the rocks. I don’t know how much time Banana Breath spends on his knees begging and what not to get his “favorite son” status given the golden key to the executive bathroom. Victor, oh has the mighty fallen. 😔
  12. I’ve been on vacation for the past 2 weeks. No need to catch up because, after today’s episode, there is the same old shit. Banana Breath still hated Adam, Summer and Abby still think they are god’s gift to GC, and Chelsea still wants to feed Banana Breath his bananas along with Connor. One other thing, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull on Superman’s cape you don’t pull the mask off the ole Long Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Mariah. Mariah and Tessa still the hottest couple in GC. Love in an elevator. Where have we seen that before? In the real world Banana Breath is standing on banana peels. Being provoked is no excuse for assaulting Adam. Adam had to throw the first punch. Victoria literally doesn’t have a leg to stand on either. She can’t without visitation and she has done a hell of a lot more reprehensible things than Adam telling Christian that he is his father. J.T., affairs, corporate espionage, etc, etc. Father and son reunited 😢😢. I have to admit they brought tears to my eyes. Adam showed more raw emotion for Connor than we ever saw with Banana Breath and Christian.
  13. Two weeks on Vacation and there is no need to catch up. It’s like nothing really happened except the Beth reveal. Ridge is still the King of Ass Holes. Poor poor Thomas. Poor poor Stuffy. How about Raggedy and Liam? Ridge is trying to be happy for Raggedy. Yeah right! Now it’s Stuffy’s turn to cry and quite frankly Stuffy is a much uglier crier than Raggedy. Beth is what 6 months old? I’ll buy you a beer if you can remember anything that happened to you prior to being 3 years old. Stuffy has her own baby but she acts like she loves PhoBeth more than Kelly. PhoBeth gets a lot more mentions and airtime than Kelly. Back to Sally for Wyatt, what a surprise. Wyatt actually thinks he’s Liam but he’s only plays second fiddle to waffle boy.
  14. To mix things up, I would like to see Mandy Patinkin as poppa Rosales. Cuba has a large Jewish population that came to Cuba fleeing the Germans in the early 1930’s. Poppa Rosales could have shortened his name from Rosaleswitz. 😉
  15. Question: Didn’t Abby open Society with Devon being her partner? Now Abby wants to open another venue in “Phyllis’” hotel. Is Abby going to need Devon as a partner or did she move on? If Abby doesn’t need Devon, how did she all of a sudden get the funds for this new project? Society couldn’t be that profitable in a few months. Society has been draining business from the GCAC and another hotel would be also be direct competition with the GCAC. I’m pretty sure Devon can’t be too happy. Since Y&R has been preempted by Congressional hearings, I read the Canadian episode spoilers. I’m not going to comment because today’s episode will probably air tomorrow. I’m going to be on vacation, so I won’t be able to watch. I’m just going to say what I said about Adam and Banana Breath comes true and Sully/Christian comes home to roost.