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  1. I’m so hoping that Sally and Tara don’t concoct a story and put the blame where it belongs on Endora. Endora sent the message on Sally’s phone and that’s what they were arguing about because it was just Endora’s figment of her imagination. But will Kyle and Jack smell Endora’s gas and give her a shred of credibility. Once again I say Tara and Sally didn’t put a gun to her head and made her leave. Summer did what she wanted to do.
  2. How many men do you know that jog shirtless and do not wear shorts? How many men do you know that don’t sweat when they jog? Yes Nate’s body is glistening but there is no sweat on his brow 🤔. I thought Sally was banished from the Grand Albatross. Maybe the GCAC had no vacancies. Lauren admitted that Sally was doing an excellent job but she fell short of actually admitting that Sally was doing a much better job than Summer. Hey Abby, how can it be an invasion of privacy just to know where Mariah is and not contact her. If Mariah abs Tessa had I phones via my family, Tessa
  3. Am I wrong or did Katie loose weight? But Brooke is still obnoxious. In addition, Stuffy’s extensions have extensions. Please please Paris mind your own fucking business. Are TIIC making you an honorary Logan where everyone’s business is their business and feel free to discuss it. Paris and the Logans are all a Nosy Rosy. I know that B&B is only 20 min, that’s why Finn owns a transporter to get from FC to Malibu before the episode is over. As for Ridge, he’s probably using Brooke’s broom to get from Malibu to FC. Give me a break! Paris is at FC for about a hot second
  4. So Endora exposes Tara and Sally. So what!! Was that a crime? I don’t think that Rey and that fantastic DA, Michael would laugh in Endora’s face but they would behind her back. In GC, Sally has not committed any crime but wanting a job that Summer was a sure in. What crime did Tara commit? Was it moving in with the Abbotts? Both Endora and Summer have committed actual crimes but they always get a pass. I don’t care if Sally and Tara were Serial Killers, I still will like them a hell of a lot more than Endora and Summer. By the way, Endora just committed a crime today by “stealing” Sa
  5. Stuffy/Finn than Paris/Zende than Stuffy/Ridge than Finn/Paris. Boring quadrupled🤪. Is Stuffy realizing that Finn is pure boredom but you should be use to that with Liam. Stuffy is hedging with telling Ridge that Finn is a good father and she’s happy with him but what she doesn’t say is more revealing. In addition to not really being overly excited about getting married until Ridge was pushing for marriage. Stuffy are things that bad where you couldn’t get dress this morning or are you modeling a new FC line of sleepwear? Why is there a snake on Zende’s collar? Is that suppose to
  6. Once again Endora goes off the rails in dismissing Harrison as a tool for Tara to be welcomed in the Abbott home. Kyle started off to defend Tara but after Endora’s rant, he stands there, at first, with a blank look on his face and a thumb up his ass. Talking about blank looks, that’s why Kyle and Summer are two peas in a pod. Kyle sort of rebounds but Endora is badder than old King Kong and meaner than a junk yard dog. Because of that, Endora never looses an argument or convince her she’s absolutely wrong. If Endora knows Summer better than anyone than she should know that Summer wanted no
  7. If Paris is such a wonderful lullaby singer for Hayes than just record her voice instead of having her live with you and the possibility of Hayes and Kelly being stabbed by Paris’ talons. Paris is being very disingenuous. What Zoey has left about 3 weeks ago and she’s tired of living and eating alone? Paris acts like Zoey was always home and they cooked for each other? Zoey didn’t have a lease and she couldn’t afford the apartment alone so she had no choice but to brake Zoey’s lease? Hey Stuffy, didn’t you run away to Paris for virtually the same reason. You actually ran away
  8. Endora and Nostrils are like two vultures sitting in a tree waiting to pounce on a carcass. Where one of the vultures says I’m tired of waiting and I’m going to kill something. Endora’s and Nostrils’ life work is to make other people’s lives as miserable as theirs. Can Endora be more of a piece of shit with her dismissal of Harrison? Why shouldn’t Kyle and Jack as a little boy that needs their love. Endora wants Harrison ignored in favor of her shit ass daughter. Endora’s true color is not red. It’s black like her heart. Wow, Nostrils actually spoke the truth about Summer but Endora is no
  9. I can see it now. Quinn forges her own knife and Brooke counters with a sharp tongue.
  10. Riff Raff Nostrils? No Nostrils your the friggen riff raff. Your just a low life piece of 💩. Blame Adam all you want but you were the one that set DD’s demise in motion. Nostrils should go back to Endora because they have much more in common than him and Lily. FREE LILY!! Once more with feeling FREEEE LILY!!!! Nostrils is another person who transposes what he is on another person. Sharon looked exceptionally nice today while Olive Oyl’s knees are looking exceptionally bony. Imani vs Elena. Right now Elena is winning and she is showing it by allowing Nate to plant his “flag”.
  11. I had to laugh once again when Ridge holds Carter harmless by insisting that Carter did us a favor in showing who Quinn really is. Hey Ridge, did Bill do us a favor by showing who Brooke really is? Think about Flo whatever you want but Flo and Wyatt are a lot less boring than Finn/Stuffy, Brooke/Ridge, Liam/Hope, and Paris/Xende. But, for me, there is absolutely no boredom with Quinn/Carter. Quinn doesn’t need FC as much as FC needs Quinn. So STFU Brooke and take a spoon full of castor oil with your meds. Brooke says that Quinn is incapable of loving anyone but herself but
  12. They did sound so much better when I listened to them on YouTube with music background. As I said, a cappella was not there friend. I find that Cait Fairbanks (Tessa) sounds really good because she always sings playing her guitar. I have to say that Cait Fairbanks sounds even better than Tigirlily when you listen to Cait on YouTube. Remember back when Devon actually had a recording studio that was used to record “Good Goodbye” by Diana DeGarmo (Angelina). That was a real studio and the sound was of exceptional quality.
  13. Why should it cross her mind? It’s all about the benevolence of Paris and her rise to being the next best thing since sliced bread. To me, Paris is just another Buckingham opportunist.
  14. I’m trying to decide if I like Faith’s new hair do. Right now I’m 60% for. Faith is suppose to be 16 and the actress who plays her is 19. Now with the new hair do and increased applied make up, TIIC look like they are trying to make Faith even more age appropriate for “the next step”. I’m also wondering that TIIC recasted Faith because Alyvia is 13 years old and even though now playing a 16 year old, Faith’s story is revolving around possible teenage sex that TIIC weren’t ready to go there with a 13 year old. Either that or Alyvia objected to the storyline and opted out. TIIC could have wo
  15. Eric are you that forgetful? You say that your not interested in his personal life and not more than a second goes by and you want him to stay away from Quinn. Quinn is Carter’s personal life. I have to say that Carter made a good business move keeping Quinn’s line but it could have been a better move for Quinn if the line was terminated from FC. If terminated, Quinn could have picked up the contracts on her own and sold them once again under her own company. Quinn is the designer not FC. Paris acting all sweet and cutesy is giving me the shits. Paris is now going to forgo her job and
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