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  1. CRT

    Your Honor

    Either today or tomorrow (online sources vary) is the actress's 29th birthday. The actor who plays Adam is 26.
  2. Filming is set to begin in February. Presumably there will also be more casting announcements between now and then.
  3. By my count, this season's writers appear to have included 2 black women, 1 Latina, and 1 Indian American guy. I'm not sure who the 5th POC writer is; finding pictures and/or other online evidence of ethnicity/race isn't always easy.
  4. CRT


    It's not entirely a new storyline, but the new season does does begin with 80 seconds or so of "Last season on Homecoming" clips to refresh your memory. I didn't rewatch the first season and had no trouble watching season 2.
  5. In October 1993, Macy had recently got out of rehab and reconciled with Thorne, and because Thorne didn't support Sheila's marriage to Eric, Sheila spiked Macy's OJ with vodka.
  6. Marilyn McCoo was never on contract. She appeared in a total of 21 episodes over a period of 8 and a half months: 10 in 1986, 11 in 1987.
  7. The deaths were the people I figured they'd be, but the way they were shown, all taking place in the same spaces at seemingly the same time, surpassed any expectations I had, and is maybe my favorite scene from the season. I'm going to need to watch it again. "I've come up with a plan on how to kill our husbands." Beth Ann's a delight and I will miss her! When the show began, I assumed Simone (and Karl) were there to represent Marc Cherry's quippy, bitchy side, and . . . well, that wasn't completely wrong, but they also turned out to be a well-matched couple, if one can look past their mutual interest in men. It was also nice to see Beth Ann meet Simone; Simone meet Taylor; and Taylor meet the next killer woman (who didn't even unpack before she took action). There was certainly some wrap-up exposition involved, but getting to see the leads work with each other helped with that. Bring on season 2!
  8. Lindsey Kraft, who plays Rob's secretary Claire, is not wildly famous, but since her first appearance here, I've thought she was above a small secretary role and wondered if there was more to come for her, and now it has. I'm not sure I completely buy her confessing the truth to Beth Ann, but it was well-played. And now Beth Ann's bought a gun! We've known since the second episode that the 60s death involved a gun, and I'm happy to see it has arrived. Naomi smashing all the presents Simone ever gave her was entertainingly dramatic. But her exposing Karl as being gay and having AIDS was horrible on her part. Amy wanting Karl to keep away from the wedding was pretty nasty, too. I'm not sure where the best place to confront one's lover over her being a crazy criminal is, but I'm pretty sure it's not in the car while she's driving! I guess Eli and Taylor will probably be reuniting; it's nice that he's going to rehab, but while drugs (and Jade) played a big role in their problems, they do have other issues they need to work on. My guesses for the deaths next week: Beth Ann (or April?) kills Rob, but they (including Mary) kill two birds with one stone by framing Ralph for the crime. Karl, near death, asks for Simone's help to die, and she acquiesces, helping him to die at home, with his boyfriend also at his side. Taylor kills Jade, saving Eli (and Lamar, who we know witnesses the death).
  9. Maybe it's because I'm currently loopy from cough medicine, but I gasped at a lot of things in this episode: Taylor turning to Duke for help; Naomi seeing Tommy's tattoo of Simone; and, last but certainly not least, Beth Ann learning Rob plans to marry April after Beth Ann's "death". It's nice to see Taylor getting wise to some of Jade's shenanigans, and I want to see what Taylor does next. But her freeing Duke could create more problems than it solves. I knew that April wasn't getting an abortion, because the preview for this episode featured April telling Rob she was pregnant. Sheila calling out Beth Ann's plans as crazy was great! I've never wanted Rob more dead than I did when April revealed Rob had proposed to her. I don't care which woman does the deed: Beth Ann, April, Sheila, Rob's secretary! At the very least I think this episode killed any chance for Beth Ann and Rob to reunite, and for that I'm happy. I felt sadder about Simone dumping Tommy than I would have expected earlier this season. Also, Simone does not seem the kind of person who wants her man to have a tattoo of her! But I had forgotten about the tattoo parlor by the time Naomi was in Tommy's hospital room, and I thought Tommy was going to mumble something about loving Simone in front of his mom. This was better.
  10. In the second episode, Simone told Tommy she hadn't slept with Karl for years, so I'm guessing she and Tommy are safe.
  11. Loved the singers! Sheila posing as Beth Ann was delightful! And Beth Ann's reaction to the pregnancy was everything I could hope for. I knew she wasn't going to tell Rob the truth, but I wasn't prepared for faking cancer. For a brief moment I thought she'd fake a pregnancy! Simone stopping Naomi from reading Tommy's journal by revealing Karl's gay was a genius move. I had been wondering if the 80s story would get to AIDS and now it has. That perhaps explains Hector blaming himself for the death last week. But the title of the show requires a woman kill (though not necessarily murder) someone: perhaps Simone helps Karl kill himself? I'm happy Taylor knows about the drug problem now. But Jade having Eli to herself won't be good for anyone. Now he doesn't have to hide his drug use...
  12. So, according to the beginning of the episode, in the 60s, Mary knew the killer was going to kill the victim, "and I was so glad she did"; in the 80s, Hector felt responsible for the death; and in the present, Lamar isn't sure if anyone would've died if not for him. Interesting! (And, based on the outside observer from the second episode, the 60s death involved gunshots; the '80s death included a rumor that one of the rich people had killed the other; and the present day death showed blood and a covered body on the stairs.) Beth Ann and Rob's issues may stem from their dead daughter, but I'm still rooting for her to kill him! But now I fear that the person who dies in the '60s is Mary's abusive husband. It can't be as simple as that, with Mary spitting on the grave in the final scene, can it? Karl couldn't keep himself away from Hector for one already stressful dinner with Amy's fiance's family? As soon as they revealed the family was Southern Baptist, I guessed they were soon to learn Karl was gay, but revealing Simone's affair with Tommy plus the sister being gay made me laugh and laugh. The throuple seems to be suffering from problems many regular ol' couples face, in particular, poor communication. They should have hashed out "who can do what with whom when" before this. And I'm not sure when's the proper time to tell the third person in a throuple about serious drug addiction, but it was before now! Also, Jade was clearly triggered when Eli said he'd take care of her. I'm reminded that in an earlier episode Jade said she grew up bouncing between foster families who only cared about getting the government check. She seems to have deep-seated issues, and feeding Eli's drug addiction isn't going to help her.
  13. "If he tells you that he's got to work Tuesday, I will vomit and you will have to mop this floor up all over again." I love Sheila! It appears that Rob and April are dunzo, but the season's only half over so we know there's more story to come from them. I wonder if April's going to learn she's pregnant? Beth Ann has wanted to be a mom since she was a little girl, and then she became one and then her daughter died, and I wonder how Beth Ann's friendship with April would go if April got pregnant. I'm happy Karl knows about Tommy! I also enjoyed seeing Christine Estabrook (Mrs. Huber from Desperate Housewives, among other roles) as Joyce. Jade clearly has some issues just below the surface, and I'm assuming her suggestions for Eli's script were semi-autobiographical. I'm glad that Eli didn't unrealistically manage to finish his script by the deadline, as I thought was going to happen; pills can only do so much! I've never been in a throuple, but I'd think for it to work each person would have to be OK with the possibility of the other two sometimes being alone together, or else why bother doing a throuple?
  14. CRT

    Grand Hotel

    I'm glad that Gigi's not the killer, but she was an accessory to manslaughter, and I feel like the show glossed over that pretty quickly? What does Danny tell Jason now to explain why he's given up on looking for Sky? I had seen a promo pic of Ingrid seeing Javi with Jessalyn Gilsig, and that's some nice casting because even from the picture my thought was, "That's her mom!" The last 10 minutes or so were really emphasizing the "Everyone has reason to want Santiago dead" angle, so by the time the cliffhanger arrived I was just waiting for it to happen.
  15. Vivian burying Carly alive is a well-remembered story, but the less remembered part is that in the weeks leading up to that, Vivian killed a couple of Carly's patients by injecting them with cleaning fluid; her plan was to frame Carly for their deaths.
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