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  1. CRT

    Why Women Kill In The Media

    Many of the reviews are positive (possible spoilers at the links): TV Guide: "These scenes, and many of the scenes around them, are pulpy and downright delightful. Why Women Kill is able to find balance by imbuing its darkest moments with absurdity. What results is a tasty little slice of entertainment." Paste Magazine: "The tongue-in-cheek tone can be tricky. But beginning with the opening credits, which is set against the Frank Sinatra classic “L.O.V.E.” and pulpy comic book scenes, Why Women Kill gets the tone just right." CinemaBlend: "Why Women Kill is also instantly rewatchable due to the darkly comedic writing, which retains genuine emotion even as it puts its characters through howl-worthy situations that would floor normal people." Observer: "The most fun is within the mystery—I’m dying to know how the murders will occur—and the breezy satire that Cherry so excels at." Forbes: "Why Women Kill is a lot of things. It’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s humorous, it’s off-beat… but most of all, it’s interesting."
  2. It's being written by Stephen Tolkin, the co-creator of the WB series Summerland. The other co-creator (and star) of Summerland? Lori Loughlin!
  3. CRT

    Sunnyside Anticipation

    The show's other creator/showrunner, Matt Murray, has written for Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place.
  4. CRT

    American Soul

    American Dreams was created by Jonathan Prince, who's a co-creator of this show.
  5. That is exactly what it was. It was originally titled Sleeping Together, and it was going to be a feature film: https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-sleepingtogether-idUKTRE77F74O20110816
  6. CRT

    Spoilers And Shockers

    By today's standards that seems like a nothing of a story, but I've read articles from 1965-66 about the show's start, and the idea that a girl from a good, upper middle class home could be a juvenile delinquent was considered shocking. Pearls were clutched!
  7. CRT

    The Spoiler Collection

    I've seen a casting notice from this show for a newborn baby (possibly played by twins or triplets), with filming set to begin this next Monday.
  8. I was pleasantly surprised to see the flashback. Until recently, using a flashback featuring actors not in the episode would've required paying Susan Flannery and Betty White the same fee they got for the original episode, but as of July 1, the actresses only have to be paid the daytime minimum fee for use of the flashback.
  9. Donna and Thorne were briefly engaged, but never married. Donna's been married to Eric, was engaged to Thorne, dated Ridge, was involved with Nick, and I think she and Bill just kissed the one time? Katie's had a crush on Eric, is married to Thorne, was engaged to Ridge, was engaged to Nick, and was married to Bill twice. Brooke's been married to Eric twice, was married to Thorne, has been married to Ridge several times, was married to Nick, and was married to Bill.
  10. Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Rick falling off the roof after fighting with Ridge, and today is the 10 year anniversary of Brooke having doubts when Ridge put the blame on Rick. The more things change...
  11. In February 1997 John thought he was marrying Kristen but it was Susan in disguise as Kristen; when the truth came out that summer, John had to ask Susan for an annulment (which Susan was happy to give because she thought Elvis was in love with her).
  12. They kissed for the first time in mid-June, in the same episode where she and Wyatt broke up. Thorne's proposal to Katie was quick, but it's not even the quickest moving relationship Thorne's had with one of the Logan sisters, as he met up with Donna at a bar on July 26, 2007, and proposed to her on August 8.
  13. In April 2017, Shapiro signed a multiyear deal with A&E Studios (which produces UnREAL) to develop and produce new shows, which I found weird, because after season 2, I would've assumed both parties would've wanted to move on from each other.
  14. When Brooke said that, I had to pause the episode so I could laugh! And she said it so sincerely!